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1.75% My Power is Upgrading Anything / Chapter 1: Prologue! (Rewrite)

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My Power is Upgrading Anything original

My Power is Upgrading Anything

Author: Amateurcreator

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Chapter 1: Prologue! (Rewrite)

(AN: I'm Rewriting this chapter!)

(This fanfic was my first attempt to write the story in the English language!)

(Maybe I will make some mistakes because I don't have enough skills!)

(Btw, Enjoy The chapter!)

--- Chapter 1 ---

''Uwah... Uwah!!''

A sound of a crying baby was echoing through the hallway!

In the hospital, we can see a person hurriedly running, and that leads us toward one room!

[Delivery room]

Looking at the sign of the door, that person slowly opening the door, and we can see his hand trembling!


Walking into the room, the person could feel a sharp chill in his hand!

''Doctor...'' The person quietly said while looking at the familiar middle-aged man.

Hearing the voice of a man, the doctor then turns his body and then staring at the person while only shake his head helplessly!

''I'm Sorry...'' Said the doctor toward the person!

The person was a man around his mid-twenty with short black hair and black eyes that was very common in this country and staring at the man, the doctor sadly said, ''I'm sorry, we...''

''Doc-,'' The man asked! He got a bad feeling when looking at the doctor's dark and sad expression.

''We can't do anything to save her...'' He said with sadness in his tone.

''If Only...'' He added while cutting his own word while shook his head with more regret.

Hearing this, The man faces losing its color and then transforming into white pale while looking at the person behind the curtain.


Opening the curtain, The man can see a beautiful woman with long black hair and a pale face of exhaustion!

A baby covered in blanked got hugged by the woman, and we can see the similarities between this baby and the man.

''Linda!'' Said the man while tried to grasp his wife's hands.


''Uwah... Uwah!!!''

Hearing the shout, the baby starts crying loudly, and we can see his new-born eyed that reflecting the dim light of the room!

''Linda...'' The man muttered.

Coldness piercing through his body, and we can see his body shaking, tears flowing furiously through his black eyes!

''Uwah... Uwah!!!''

(You! Because of You!) The man thought while staring at the baby.

Looking at the man, he then sighed, ''Sigh, if only she didn't push herself too hard!'' The doctor regretfully said, Even though the woman externally looks healthy, but actually, she has a weak heart disease from her birth!

''She has a weak heart, and We only this news when we check her when she about to give birth!'' He added.

''During pregnancy, a woman's heart function changes quite a lot, and pregnant women who have heart disease at high risk of dying.

Cardiomyopathy is one of the heart diseases that can cause the death of pregnant women, and this disease makes the heart bigger, thicker, or stiffer.

Cardiomyopathy can make the heart weak, so it can't pump blood properly around the body. Ultimately, cardiomyopathy can cause problems, such as heart failure or fluid buildup in the lungs!''

(and she still wants to give birth, even though she has a weak heart!) The doctor thought while thinks that this kind of situation was so rare, and unfortunately, this happens right now!

''Doctor...'' The man said while wiping the tears in his eyes.

''What is his name...'' The man asked with a calm tone!

''Putra.'' The Doctor replied.

''Your son's name is Putra!''

''That was your wife's last word for her new-born baby!''

''Linda...'' The man quietly said while closing his eyes.

--- Five years later ---

We can see a kid with loose clothes playing in the house!

The kid has short black hair and glistening black eyes while staring at the ants on the floor.


''Two, Three...''

''Hmm, How nice... they have three people...'' The kid muttered.

''Tch...'' a sound of tongue clicking from behind the kid.

Hearing this, The kid turning back and looking at the familiar figure in front of him!

A towering figure of a man standing behind the kid, he has short black hair and eyes that very similar to the kid.

''F-F-Father...'' Putra said while expectantly staring at the man!

''Don't dare you to call me father, you bastard!'' The man said in a harsh tone.

''If only you weren't born into this world...'' The man disdainfully added while looking at the kid!

Hearing this, Putra starts shivering and then becomes quiet, and now, we can see some bruise on his skin that got covered by his loose clothes.


The man keeps staring at Putra and then turning his back with a huff while walks toward the door.

(Linda.) The man thought, After these five years, he can hold back this severe and angry feeling in his heart, and every time he looks at the kid, his dead wife faces always coming into his mind.

With a briefcase in his hand, the man then opening the door while walks away from the house.

''Father!'' Shout Putra!

Putra's eyes narrowed when he saw his father leaving the house, even though he knew that his father usually went to work and left him alone at home.

But somehow, Putra felt like he was going to lose his father!

Running toward the door, Putra can see a black car and a black-clothed man standing next to it.


''You!'' The man said while stopping his step and coldly staring at Putra!

''Hiik...!'' Putra starts shivering, but then he tried to grab his father's leg only to be kicked by his father.

''Uugh, Father...''


The black-clothed man, silently watching this horrible scene but, what he can do, he only a servant!

''Sir, why don't we bring the kid!'' the black-clothed man said, but when he sees a cold light on the man's eyes, he was fastly closing his mouth.

''Huh! Just start the car, or I will fire you, right now!''

The black-clothed man can only hurriedly enter the car and start the engine.

''Father...'' Putra quietly said while struggling on the ground, and he was trying to stand back but, his body was weak, and he can only silently watching his father!


Putra was crying on the ground, and after the car was gone, many people were watching him!

Water then start pouring from the sky, and then the rain got started!

One by one people, were leaving Putra but, only one remains, and that was a woman.

With a gentle smile on his face, and she then approaching the kid with an umbrella to protect Putra from the rain!

''Do you want to come with me!'' She asked.

''I-I, Uwah...'' Putra said while keep crying in the middle of the rain.

The woman then starts hugging Putra, and a warmness comes into Putra's body.

''What is your name?'' She asked.

''Putra...'' Putra replied.

A shock expression formed on that woman's face when she hears Putra's name, but then a slight smile appears on his face.

''Do you want to come with me!'' She asked again with a warm tone.

''Mm...'' Putra nodding his head.

Two of them then walk together under the umbrella.

After a few minutes, they arrived at the orphanage!

''This is your home...'' The woman said with a proud and warm tone.


--- 24 years later ---



A handsome man with black hair, opening his eyes, showing us his black eyes.

''Sigh, That dream again...'' The man murmured while remembering his childhood.

Getting up from his bed, Putra then opened the window while watching the sunrise and then turned his gaze to the desk in his room.

''Mother...'' He said while looking at the picture.

In the picture, Putra can see a woman around mid-thirty with a warm smile on her face hugging a kid with short black hair.

After coming to the orphanage, Putra's life becomes more colorful and warm, and that because of his mother!

His mother was the founder of this orphanage, and with her love, he can grow healthy in this world!


At first, he was scared, but after a few months and years of living with the woman, he finally can comfortably call her, '' mother!''

He once asked why she, adopting him, and her answer was,

''you're very similar to my dead son...'' She longingly said.

''But, Hmm, I adopting you Because I want to do it, that's all...'' She added with a smile!


She gave him a warmness, a home, a family, and finally a mother love but, like a curse that always comes, his mother died of cancer, and the sadness that hit him harder than the last time when his father left him alone!

Putra was only twelve at the time and can handle the pressure of feeling his loved one for the second time.

He starts to close himself from the outside world, and when he found out about manga, novels, and other fictional stories, that were the only way he could forget the loss of his loved ones.

One year later, He finally got out of the cage, and then he continued his study until college and set up his own business!

And after a lot of hard work, he finally able to become one of the rich people in the world, but he doesn't know why.

He rarely used his money at all because he donated it to hospitals, schools, and orphanages.

''Money can't fill my heart...''

Now he was 29 years old and still doesn't have a wife or a family, because all this time, a woman who is approaching him only, wants his wealth!


Right now, Putra is walking in the park and enjoying the view until he sees a child running into the street chasing his mother, but a truck comes over to him

A memory about one scene, then flashing into his mind! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!-(rewrite)_46570398405419343">!-(rewrite)_46570398405419343</a> for visiting.

''Mother, why you, adopting me?'' Putra asked.

''Hmm, I adopt you? Because I want to do it, that's all...'' His mother replied with a smile!

That word echoing in Putra's mind, clenching his hand into a fist, he then runs as fast as he can toward the child.


We can see Putra arrived in front of the child!


Even though Putra managed to save the child, but his life must be the price but,

Putra never regrets his decision at all.

---- ??? ----

Feeling pain in his stomach, Putra was confused, and that because he should have died!

Opening his eyes, Putra can see a beautiful blonde woman in her late twenties with worried looks on her face looking at him.

''Hao'er are you alright...'' she asked with a hurried expression on in her face, she then hugs him tightly... ''It's my fault, I shouldn't let you out at duke mansion!''

He was feeling confused with my current situation, but new memories appear in his mind, which makes me sure that he got reincarnated into another world.

(So I reincarnated as Huo Yuhao?) thought Putra, who sighed because this world was very dangerous because you need great power to survive

''I'm Fine, Mom,'' Huo Yuhao said, and makes his Mom relief a little because her son was alright.

"I will bring porridge ... so wait and don't go anywhere," said Huo Yun'er, who then went to the kitchen to make a porridge.

"Because I want to do it, that's all, Huh,''

''In this second chance, I will live happily," murmured Huo Yuhao, who accepted his second opportunity gratefully.

And that's how the Putra reincarnated as Huo Yuhao and started his second life!

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