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59.42% My Second Life as a princess / Chapter 41: Revenge List

Revenge List - My Second Life as a princess - Chapter 41 by Oya_Dawish full book limited free

Chapter 41: Revenge List

'What was that !

What a cold, non respectable reception!

It was.. it was.. it was offended.

A prince can never be received that way.. Never ever!

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Even the youngest soldiers returning from the war are better received than this.

we were our creatures sneaking around like thieves.. No protocol, the bride was absent, the king absent, and even the maid they were absent! Just the queen with her personal guard !' Noah thought.

Even though he was all the way here tried to motivate himself positively and even though he was preparing himself carefully, everything was facked up.

What a sad situation.

But Noah was not sad, he was very angry. The situation was so personal. 

"There is no woman who can say NO  to me. There is no woman who can play hard for me.." Noah said in a loud voice.

The door knocked with one of his guards, at first Noah didn't want to answer as he told the person that knocked to leave.

But the door knocked one more time that main that the person that knocked insest.

"It's me sir.. " a male voice came from outside.

Noah opened his eyes in shocked to hear the voice, and fast harry up the door

" Kuromo.." Noah said 

"sir .." Kuromo said

Kuromo was captain of the guards that wasn't share the princes Noah and Leo in there  trip because he was in a special mission, after he finish it he rode the horse day and neight to catch the princes, but even prince Noah ouder to take that rest in that camp, he was hope that Kuromo could catch them.

Now he was here.

Kuromo wasn't only the captain of the guard but also the best friend to prince Noah. Maybe he was the closest person to him.

Of course Kuromo missed all the fun in that wired camp, and the cold reception, but here we go. He could get what he missed.

" I heard what happened," Kuromo said. He arrived so late so he was standing at the back even his class to be beside the prince, but he preferred to hear the side take the gerd with himself.

Of Course he wouldn't tell prince Noah that the guards were making fun of him, because nobody received him, and that did mean no one respected him.

They whispered because they knew he wouldn't hear them. But they didn't know the chief /cabtin guard was behind them.

The Guards were unfortunately more afraid of the Chief Guard than the Prince himself.

A prince who spent all his time with beautiful girls was always less prestigious than a guard chief who spent his time with a sword.

The canton who never fell in love, soldiers never knew his girlfriend.

"As the Queen said the princess is sick in her room," Kuromo said to the princes without the prince even asking him to help him in his anger.

Noah's face expression turned to anger face, 

"No she maint it, she maint it totally ! Is that her way to say NO to deal without respect!" Noah said and the anger made him like crazy men.

Kuromo kept silent and said nothing as he knew that the prince would never ever change his opinion even if he talked with him.

"I will use my Revenge List, " Prince Noah said.

Kurono knew what the revenge list was because all that time they used to be together, the list was a step that he used to make a girl fall in love with him and then he tried very hard to break up her heart.. Left her with a broken heart.

The steps were easy to him in that plan "do whatever she wanted, act like a crazy person about her then.. Left her for no reason.

His effort at his past now a day would be today useful, hw used to treat every thingel note about woman in a book so he could use it later.

Noah moved to his books that he brought with him and pointed to Kurono to the left, then started to read his notes..

Save your body sexy and keep it ready to be involved in love. The princess stood up and walked to the mirror to look at himself in admiration.

Don't be an angry man, try to be tolerant and generous. Noah looked one more time to the mirror and found his face very angry and very bad looking.

Be a gentleman and act like a prince. Noah throw out his book from his hand 

" Gentle with that woman that didn't accept me!" Noah complan

There were seconds passed before he biked up the book one more time.

Be good at something. Noah looked to himself at his private area and smile , evil smile

" of course i am god in something," Noah

Don't show up. "What!" Noah is angry and his smile disappears.

  Talk to her . at this moment Noah throw the notes from his hand 

"I can't believe that I should do that silly stuff for a damn princess that didn't receive, respect me," Noah said.

The case closed to prince Noah.

AFTER Kuromo got out from the prince Noah room he went to the room that the queen gave it to their guard to rest at it.

When Kuromo entered the room with a very strong kick foot, he kicked the door and stood up looking at the guard.

All the guards freeze. The guard stopped in the middle of their action. All of them looked at him in afraid.

The look of terror in their eyes says everything.

How could the captain have followed them?

They had been messing around without fear, , because the Captain wasn't here. At that moment...

The captain has come and that means the doors of hell have just opened.

He standed up looking at them without a word. One of the soldiers collapsed in the back.

" Please forgive us," the young guard said

The kid was talking instead of everybody.

They had all made a mistake worth killing for, but they stayed silent from terror.

A soldier detained a village girl, interrogated her without authority and tried to hunt her down, without permission, distracting his colleagues from doing their jobs.

The other one attacked that girl's privacy because he grabbed her arm and he was about to hit her.

The other one tried to run after the girl to keep her from escaping.

The other guard got involved with two villagers.

Bring them to camp. And one of those villagers who was unconscious may have been sick or infected what could be passed to the prince.

Instead of standing at the gate to protect the camp, the other two soldiers argued and argued with an escaped doctor, followed by a murderer!

That killer could have leaked into the camp without knowing when they were talking from the doctor.

Doctor, killer, cart driver!

messy everywhere.

Kuromo looked at them and asked himself who didn't commit a sin/ mistake .

The look of terror in everyone's eyes meant they all made mistakes.

  They all not responsible 

That was annoying for their Captain.

What kind of soldier/ guard are those who can only fuck up every thing when there's no control over them?

All those mistakes his Captain hasn't heard about yet, but there's one mistake they had all ridden in front of him. They didn't know Kuromo was in the back.

When they entered the gate, they did not remain silent. They made fun of the prince.

The prestige of the older Prince and the bearer of the throne, inevitably of the King himself.

But none of him is seriously looking at a prince.

Kuromo take a steps between them looking to their faces

" ATTENTION,"kuromo said in very strong voice 

The soldiers panicked and moved from their frozen positions, and they stood in two lines awkwardly.

Some of them were already getting undressed, standing half dressed.  standing with his hair on his shoulders, he was about to sleep, another in his mouth was something he swallowed, and one of them was topless. 

"There's an old tale of a king walking through the fields, do you know that tale," Kuromo said.

Nobody's answering. You can't hear them. You can hear the man's voice if he swallows.

Of course everyone knows it was a popular tale that ends with the king killing his guard.

Since no one answered, I had to cut it myself.

That story tells of a king walking in the fields with one bodyguard. It was a wonderful summer, and at sundown when the king was walking, he found a field in which flowers he had never seen before.

That field had flowers that looked like magical flowers. Flowers can be magical no one knows, even the king himself didn't know.

"Since no one answered, I had to say it myself," Kuromo said, looking at them in challenge. 

"That story tells of a king walking in the fields with one bodyguard. It was a wonderful summer, and at sundown when the king was walking, he found a field in which flowers he had never seen before.

That field had flowers that looked like magical flowers. Flowers can be magical no one knows, even the king himself didn't know.

The King stood by her," Kuromo said

And take a breath like the path of the story was going to change.

"Come from afar a man who looks like a simple villager. The man  was cursing and cussing and cursing. That man was cursing and smelling the king himself, but the simple village man didn't know he was the king," kuromo said before take time in silent walking between the guards.

"The guard behind the king was laughing at that situation. The guard saw that day someone making fun of the king and smelling him. The King looked at the guard without saying," Kuromo said before someone tried to interrupted him, 

"Sir.. " the guard said, the guard said because he was afraid, and the end of the story was a bloody end. The poor man thought that the cabinet would react at the end of the story.

Kuromo didn't even look at him, and continued his story, so the man stopped talking.

"The peasant has reached them with an acrimony defending his field. The wonder of the King slipped away from the field and spilled with obedience.

"Sir, we didn't intend any harm," the king said

"Get away from here!" the villager said

The man kept yelling.

For the guard , the king has been humiliated. For the king, he has just known that in his kingdom there is a field with magical backs from which something miraculous can be made.

The next day the king sent soldiers to take the field and ordered the killing of his guard.

That guard he made fun of," Kuromo said

Moment of silence…

Everyone understood what Captain could mean by a story like that.

Even if the Prince was humiliated or treated with respect , that does not negate the benefit that he would benefit from that kingdom.

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