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60% My Secret Matrimony / Chapter 3: Chapter 3- Back Home

Chapter 3- Back Home - My Secret Matrimony - Chapter 3 by Aprillaries16 full book limited free

Chapter 3: Chapter 3- Back Home

♛Amanda POV♛

          I release a deep breath of relief, delighted that I finally landed back in New York after an eight-hour flight from London. All of my body feels numb for sitting too long on the flight. I walk past through the arrival gate pushing a trolley of luggage with the twin sitting on the space on the trolley. I maneuvered through bodies of human that comes and goes inside the airport.


         "Sit properly don't want to fall, do you?", I remind Jayden who is moving vigorously on the trolley looking around, astounded by the sea of the human body that moving around him. He snapped his gaze toward me, smiling brightly that make him look like his father a lot.


     "There a lot of people momma", he says enthusiastically moving his gaze around again continue to feed his curiosity. I just smile genuinely hearing what he says continue to push the trolley to find my sister but am disappointed when I can't find her. I resume my search looking around these sea of people when I finally found her silhouette not far from where I was. I quickened my step toward her with a big smile, and she still didn't realize my approaching.


        " Adlynne!", I call her exuberantly that make her snapped her gaze toward me. When she realizes it is me calling her a really big smile instantly falls on her lip before running toward me ignoring her husband behind her. She crashes into my embrace and we hug tightly pouring all our emotion into the hug. I guess three years during my absence take a toll on her.


     "Gosh...I miss you, Manda", she whispers to me along with her sniffle.


       "I miss you too big sissy", I replied using her special nickname. We broke from our hug, a big smile on ours. I laugh when I see her trying to wipe her remaining tears from her face.


       "You are heartless you know, how come you are not crying when you finally met me after three years, is three-year living in London turning you into heartless", Adlynne says narrowing her eyes at me when she sees me just laughing at her crying state.


             "No.... it not... it only makes me tough", I reply with a small smile. "Yeah, whatever... I'm just glad you finally come back home", she says to me,beaming at me.


" Momma", a small voice makes both of us turn to the trolley before squalling reach my eyes when Adlynne catches the glimpse of my sons.


            "Oh my this my nephews...Manda, they are so cute", she approached them with a wide smile. The twin just watches her with curiosity.


                     "Hi there, I'm your aunty Adlynne, what your name", Adlynne says excitedly to Jayden makes the little guy turn to me with a wary smile. I nod my head at him indicating it's alright. He looks back to Adlynne who is still lingering with her warm smile waiting for Jayden to say his name.

           "My name is Jayden", he says confidently after I courage him. He always likes that when he wary of something or someone he will look at me looking for my viewpoint. When I say it fine, he would be confident to continue.

                  " are so cute, and what about you, what your name", Adlynne pinch that chubby cheek of my son. Jayden's faces scrunch unpleasantly but didn't move his face away. Adlynne locks his gaze on Janellson.

               " My name is Janellson, aunty can call me Nell", he tells her shyly, moving his gaze to me. I chuckle softly, Janellson is always so shy when he met new people.

             "Awww...ohh...I forget this is my husband, uncle Maven", Adlynne look over her shoulder, finally remember her husband's existence. He just stands there with his famous smile.


             " Finally you realize me stand here Lyn", he joking that make burst out laughing. Adlynne just rolls his eyes.

              "Hi Manda, how are you, and hi to both of the little guys", he greets me and the twin with his soft smile.

           " I'm fine Maven, how about you", I reply warmly to him." I have been fine, going crazy sometimes dealing with your crazy sister", Maven says jokingly make me laughing once again. Maven is always a fun guy, he always finds a way to make people around him burst out laughing with his joke.

        "Heyyy... I'm not crazy", my sister irritatedly says shaping her husband's arm. Maven winces dramatically rubbing his arm.

           "That hurt honey", he says with his pity face and that only makes Adlynne rolls her eyes once more. Not falling into her husband's trap to get pity from her. I just chuckle softly watching their action.

              "Let's get going, I guess mom can't wait to see you", Adlynne says to me make me nod my head. I can't wait to meet my family, I miss them.

          "Let's me help you with that, take the twin", Maven offers to push the trolley which I gladly take. I pass Jayden to waiting for Adlynne and I hurled Janellson to my hip. The toddler instantly latches to me like a monkey. I look over to excited Adlynne who is chatting with enthusiastic Jayden. I wonder what are they talking about, they to so lost with their chit-chat.

We move toward the exit entrance to get to the car. We arrive in front of a white Range Rover. Maven press the car keys and the car bleep. He moves to the booted car to put the baggage inside while Adlynne and I struggle to put the twin on the car seat. I assume the car seat belongs to her son and daughter.

           "Done?", Maven asks us, already sit-in in the driving seat putting the car to life. Both of us nodded before climbing inside the car.

         "Let's go home", Adlynne says excitedly make both of us chuckle. Maven drives the car out from the airport compound to the highway, going home. I forgot about my worries to tell Jason about the twin.





We arrive home after forty-five minutes' drive from the airport. My body shaking with enthusiasm, can't wait to meet with my family. I guess if Adlynne didn't obstruct

them to come to the airport to fetch me, I think all of them will be there. After unbuckling the twin from the car seat and put them to the ground, an excited shriek rang through the air make me turn my gaze over my shoulder.

  My mouth spread to a wide smile when I see my mom's silhouette run to me also with her happy smile. My dad following close behind her along with my other sibling.

        Woah! Can't believe my family gathers to wait for arrival.

  Within a minute my body was engulfed in my mom loving arm. In instant my eyes become teary.

Oh! How much I miss her. We only contact through the phone to eliminate the longing of mother and child. And I finally in her embrace back after three damn years.

       Damn Jason to make me go on hiding. Yeah, I blame that asshole on this.

We are both sobbing right now still in each other embrace reluctant to let go of each other.

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           "My baby... I miss you", she cried rubbing my back tighten her hug in me, as I will go again.


           "Don't you dare to this to me again, do you hear me Amanda", she moves her body back a bit studying for my face wholly. I just nod my head, can't say anything right now. She hugs me some more. My family just watching our interaction silently, letting us have our time.

       "Momma don't cry", a small voice interrupts our hug make both of us broke from the hug looking down at the toddlers who are also looking sadly at me.


            " Oh!", mom says in shock when sees them. Her eyes are wide as a saucer watching them. I quickly squatting in front of them, smiling at them.


              "Momma cries because momma is happy, momma not crying because momma is sad", I explain to them because I know sometimes they see me crying because of sadness.

I smile confidently at them to show that I'm not sad like they say.


             "Come, let met your grandma, grandpa, aunty, and uncle", I beckoned them to my front facing my awaiting family.


           "Guys, meet my sons, this is Jayden and Janellson", I introduce my sons to my family. They are grinning widely watching the twin.


          "Hi momma family", they say together, waving their hand shyly to my family only make a chorus of 'aww' rang watching their cuteness. I admit it I nearly melted when they say 'momma family'.There was a bunch of cuteness there. I just chuckle when they clutch to my cardigan, become more embarrassed.


                "Come here, sweetheart let grandma see both of you", mom beckoned them with her hand to courage them to approach her. They look at my face, looking for my opinion.


      "Go on, it fine", I tell them and they slowly approach their grandma. My other sibling also approaches them and the twin watching their face with curiosity. Meanwhile, dad approaches me, and he engulfs me in his hug.

              "How are you sweetheart, your mom takes all the time to hug you", dad said jokingly make me laugh. I hug him tighter ignoring my family commotion, enjoying my time with my dad.

             "I'm fine dad, how are you", I exchange the greet and dad broke our hug. He smiles widely.


           "Never been fine sweetheart, I miss you", he tells me putting his hands on my shoulder, I lean to his shoulder smiling.

             "I miss you too daddy", I mumble softly watching my twin interact with my family. I smile widely when I see them bond with my family in no time.

                " sweetheart", dad call upon me makes me look at him. He watches my face for sometime when he finally asks me.


        "Did Jason know your arrival today", his question swiftly remove the smile from my face. I move my stare from him to my family. My worries come back when dad asks that.


" I don't know dad, perhaps yes or no", I replay dryly to his question. He just rubs my back comfortingly, didn't say a word about it. I exhale worriedly, happy to home with my family, worried about how to tell Jason about the twin.

What a life that I have.


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