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100% My Secret Matrimony / Chapter 5: Chapter 5- Moving out

Chapter 5- Moving out - My Secret Matrimony - Chapter 5 by Aprillaries16 full book limited free

Chapter 5: Chapter 5- Moving out

♛Amanda POV♛

       I sigh hopelessly bouncing Jayden on my hip trying to stop him from his constant cry. He didn't even once stop asking about his daddy when will he be back to visit them. It already a week since Jason's last visit and he had the audacity to promise when he doesn't even fulfill it. It just makes me furious when I think about it. If he didn't plan to visit them, why must he say his promise that he dont manage to fulfill. In the end, it was me who have to deal with my son's heartbreak, not him.

I feel so grateful when Janellson didn't throw his tantrum as his brother would. He just sometimes asks about Jason, other than that he just watches his brother crying and clinging to me. It always Jayden who always causes trouble among the two of them. This little son of mine understands me when he sees that I have to deal with Jayden, then he will go play by himself or spent his time with his grandpa and grandma. For a toddler who just three-year-old like him, I just grateful, because where can I find another kid like him.

A deep frown attached to my face staring at Jayden who is hiccuping on his bed fiddling with his blanket. His face flushes after all the crying he made. He knows that I dislike it when he throwing a tantrum with his cry. I know that he finally stops his crying because he was drained all his energy.

"Are you done now?", I ask him with a serious voice. He just continues to stare at me, didn't say anything. I sigh, I beckon him to come to me. He scooted to me before I engulf him in my hug. He knows that I never get at him.

"Don't do this again Jayden, mommy never like to see you cry okay, it makes mommy hurt, do you want to see mommy see hurt", I peered at him saying this softly only for me to get a meek 'no' from him.

"Do you promise", I ask again moving him out from my embrace. I show my pinkie finger at him, to keep our promise. Jayden looked up at me before tangled his small pinkie finger to mine. I instantly smile. Peeking his forehead lovingly before I embrace him again. I will never tired to his them.

"Shall we go and find Nell?", I ask him and feel his head nodding from my embrace. I smile slightly, standing up from the bed with Jayden hugging my neck.

"Let's go", I said happily moving out from the bedroom to the first floor of the mansion.

"Mommy..", he calls upon removing his head from the crook of my shoulder, still hiccuping.

"Yes, sweetheart", reply to his call I carefully descend the stair.

"Will daddy come and see us?", he asked for the hundred times of today with his quivering voice. I mentally groan hearing his question. I guess Jayden really like his father after their first meet. If not, he will not ask about Jason all the time.

"He will Jayden...daddy just busy right now", I lied to him didn't want him to cry. The truth is that I didn't know if Jason is busy working or not right now. Or he just avoids meeting us to clear his head after all the secrets I let out to him. Maybe, he was just shocked after hearing the news that I told him. No, that wring, he is petrified with the news. After all, he just knew that after all these three years that he is a father. I can't blame him though.

I strode to the kitchen effortlessly with hiccuping Jayden in my arm. He completely didn't have an ounce of energy after his tantrum just now. Janellson and Adler figure into my view, talking rapidly on the kitchen counter, didn't realize my presence in the dining room.

"Hey", greeting both of them I made a b-line to the barstool beside Janellson and swiftly sitting on it moving Jayden across my lap. Both of them turn to me, Adler just smiles and replies to my greeting.

" Momma!", the little fellow grins cheekily at me, making me melted seeing his 'famous' eyes smile. I can't deny it Janellson does have a cute smile. When he smiles not only his lip spreading wide but also his eyes that will curve beautifully. That often makes people adore him.

"Hey baby, what did you talking about with uncle Ad?", I ask him with a sweet smile stilk hugging Jayden close to my body. I let him calm down after his continous crying, I'm sure he will back to his usual michevious and bubbly self again.

"We are talking about car momma,uncle Ad also tell me that he love car, he also promise me to bring me to see his car", he ramble to me excitedly with his hand moving around and his eyes rounded along with his exciment.

"Oh really,that awesome", matching along his exciment I smile widely at him. He nodded happily with what I said.

      " Aden okay now?", Janellson expression turn somber realising Jayden on my arm, titling his head a little to right looking curiously at his twin.

"Emm..I think he is now, are you okay now Aden?", I made a thinking face, peeking at Jayden face that is hidden on my chest. His face look sad.Jayden turn his head a little to look at me with his pouted lips.

        "Aden is otay now momma", he talk to me with audible voice. I kiss his now red cheek from his constant crying.Gosh, I love this chubby red cheek of them.

"Good then", smiling back at him, I rub his back comfortingly.

"Oh! Momma, Aden also can join me and uncle Ad go see his car", Janellson say once again back to his bubbly self. I just smile at him, didnt mind to correcting his wrong word.

"Good idea you have there Nell, we can go see it now, do you want to come with us Aden", Adler turn to Jayden who is sitting silently on my lap. Jayden move gaze to Adler before slowly nodding. Both of us exchange look with smile a big smile attached to our lips, happy that Jayden showing interest.

"Lets go then", Adler stand up from the barstool,helping Janellson down from the barstool on the floor. I put Jayden down on the floor, pecking his forehead, watching me with a sad face and his jutted lips.

"Be a good boy crying", I ruffle his hair and he return me with a nod.I turn to Janellson, he nodded quickly indicating that he listen to me. I watch their cute waddle leaving with a soft smile. Finally, I'm free from the grumpy Jayden.




Entering my room a tired sigh left me when I reaxh the comfort of my room. It was long and hectic day just like the day before with nagging and grumpy Jayden. For once he didnt cry,because he was distracted by playing with Adler and Janellson. Giving bonus to my little brother he had a talent to babysit a toddler. Jayden and Janellson lost themself with him, giggling happily until they lost their breath. That what Adler to you, fun and funny guy.

Just when my butt want to sit on the edge of the bed, a knock rang through my silent room make me stunt. A frown embelish through my forehead, before walking back to the door to open it. Mom face comes to my view with her famous warm smile. I smile back at her, opening the door wider for her to step inside my room.

"Hi honey..there someone want to talk to you", she said peeping on her phone in her hand.

"Who is it mom?", I question her making a brief glance to her phone only to make her smile broader.

"You'll know sweetheart", she hand over the phone to me before strutted away from my bedroom. I close my bedroom door slowly,focusing the phone that is still on call. Mom love to make me suspene. I pursue my lip when I see the unknown number but nonethless I hesitently press the phone to my ear.


            "Hello", my greet sound more like a question,listening whoever on the phone to reply. It just silent that make me frown harder, once more looking at the unknown number. I will end the call when the caller didnt say anything this time. What the point to call someone when they didnt talk.

"Hello..anyone there?", I try once more raising my voice a little just to make me startle when a certain deep husky voice clear his throat.

"Who the hell is this", I thought.

"Amanda?", the voice call my name with a hesistation on his tone. I stay still a few minute trying to absorb whose voice is this. My eyes widen when I realize the caller is. I gasp silently.

"Jason is that you?", I ask for his confirmation.

"Yeah it me", he say. A silent follw after that.

I pursue my lip waiting for he to talk, aftet all he's the one who calling. I decided to take the chance to open my mouth when he's didnt even talking after the pregnant silent among us.

"So...why are you calling me?", I ask while playing with the hem of my shirt, distracting myself from become nervous.

Cant lie, I always nervous when he around.

"I want you and the kids to move in with me", he said that make my hand automacticly stop playing with the hem of my shirt. The frown that dissapear from my forehead come back. I swear I frown too much this day.

"What?", my mind went blank for a while. He sigh from the otherside. "I want you and the kids to move in with me", he said once again, pressing the word you and the kids firmly this time.I bet the twin will be estatic when they know this, finally united with their father. I know they yearn for their father love all this time. It make me sad the the both of them watching longingly at other kids with their father. Often they ask after him, I can see their exciment when their eyes brighten when I told them about their father.The moving in thing with him totally slip my mind when I have to dealing with a grumpy toddler that confirm make you forgot anything important. How can you remember when the only thing on mind finding a way to make to toddler to stop crying.

I can't be selfish on this matter. Its not about me this time, its about them. I will not separate them with their father. I have to forget my dislikeness about him and be civil toward each other for the sake of our sons. My happiness is their happiness too, I cannot see when they are sad, it break me.

"Amanda..are you still there?", Jason voice break through my thought.

"Yeah,yeah", I say in hurry." So...",

"Okay..when do you want us to move in with you", I cut off his word nodding along my head like he can see me.

"As soon as possible, tomorrow can you, I will come to get you and the kid tomorrow", he said sound a bit irritated. Jason dont like when someone cut off his word whenever he talk. My eyes bulged out a bit.


"No but, Amanda I dont want any excuse. I already missed three year of their life, I dont want to waste it anymore", his voice sound all serious, clearly leaving me no chance to argue with him. I bit my lip, the guilt swam back to me.

"Fine , but dont come to early, I have a lot to packing", I tell him with defeated voice. Pouted,looking over to the walk-in closet. It was a bit lie, I just dont want to see him early. I need to prepare.


"Prepare? Prepare for what...a war?", my stupid consious ask.

"Shut up!", I yell back annoyingly.

"I will come at lunch, make sure you ready by then", Jason say autoratively. I rolled my eyes, feelung annoyed. Of course we are talking about Jason here, arrogant bastard.

       "But..I dont have your number", mumbling the word when I realise that I dont have his number.

      "Just send your number using your mom's phone", his voice sound more irritated with my dumb question.

"Okay", my voice small, flicking my own forehead for my stupidness. I can be a bit dumb when I'm nervous. He just grunted, answering me.

"Where are they?", he ask with audible voice but I can hear him clearly.

   "Oh..they already went to bed, tired after playing with Adler this evening", I tell him with a small smile on my lip.

"Oh! How are they?", he continue, quickly this time. I can sense his eargerness from his tone.

"They are fine,just Jayden...he's been crying, asking about you", I tell him hesistently. I want him to feel guilty because he didnt fulfill his promise to his sons. When Jayden throwing his tantrum no one can calm him like I do. Even that I do all my trick tk stop him from his crying. Hotheaded just like his father.

"Oh!", all he said.

"I'm forgot to tell you that I have business meeting at LA for week, that why I dont come to visit them", he continued feeling guilt lacing his word, with how small his voice is.

Good, he should feel guilty with his action. Jason never feel guilty to anyone just comtinue to be in his arrogant facade and stuborn self. I guess that  where Jayden get the stuborness.

"He growing really fond of you in short amount of time you know, he never did that to anyone", I tell him the truth about Jayden. They always take time to like someone but when it come to Jason, I never ecxpected they to like him. I guess that because Jason is their father, that why they warm up to him more quickly.

        "I got lucky I guess", I can sense he is smiling over what I'm telling him.

"So...night then I see you guys tomorrow", he continue decided to end our conversation.

"Yeahh...goodnight Jason", I smile a bit before ending our call. The first I do after ending the call is send my number to him. I just realise that we have a civil conversation after all these year. My smile faltered when I rember that I have to packing tomorrow make me groan tiredly.




I sigh exhaustedly, standing on my leg trying to soothe crying Jayden once again. Its been three hours straight that he did not once stop crying. His voice become hoarse because all of his crying, shrieking when someone trying to take him from me. Mom and dad also lend their hand to tried cheer him but their effort all gone waste, he didnt even acknowledge them,turning his head to the other side when they tried to talk to him.

Meanwhile, dad just shaking his head, amused with Jayden's stuborness. He just chuckle at me when I apologize to him, saying that Jayden's attitude exactly the same like Jason once he was young.

When he realize that Jayden did not pay attention to him, he decided to play with Janellson and mom at the gazebo leaving me yo handle this little rascal. Mom already giving up while ago trying to cheer him up and left with Janellson to the gazebo. One thing that I despise the most is that he will become clingly and he will not allow me to sit down. Just sometime he allow it.

Tired? Its really drained all my energy when I can even sit down for once. Can you imagine standing on your leg without rest with load on your arm. It feel like that my arm and leg will be off from my body. He will scream when I want to sit down,thrashing all over that make me instantly on my feet again. I admit, it does test my patient,but what can say, I love him so much.

Glancing over the clock on the wall, it was half past 12 already. I become more irritated when Jason not yet calling me. He say that he will come during the lunchtime, but let alone his figure didnt appear at the front door.

My ringing phone on the coffee table avert my attention to it, relief wash over me when Jason's name flashing in the screen. Quickly take it, I press the handset to my ear balancing it between my shoulder when Jayden decided to shrieking loudly that make my ear ringing for a few second. My eyes close tightly. Opening my eyes, I glare at the crying toddler, but guess what he do.

Yes, he continue to cry but this time more loudly.

"Where are you? Can you came fast, I cant stand this anymore", I lashing at him without replying to his greeting. I startle when Jayden's suddenly slaping my mouth, dare to say a bit hard make my mouth sting from his slap.

"Jayden!", My voice high make him wince, my eyes wide staring at him. Disbelieve that he just slaping my mouth just now.

"Yeah sorry..traffic jammed, is everything okat over there?", his voice not really clear, mixing with Jayden cries that become loud when he sense that I was mad at him.

" not..just come fast please..I'm too tired to handle him anymore", my voice strain and I can feel that my body started to shake because of my hunger. I havent ate my lunch, when I tried to eat by standing Jayden will push the spoon away from my mouth. I tried to eat a few time, at the end he capsize my plate, take a chance to throw the spoon at Adler when I in shock by his action watching the pasta decorate the kitchen floor. With my aching feet and arm, I am in the point of breaking down right now. This is the worst Jayden's tantrum that I ever handle.

"Okay hold on", saying this he quickly end the call, clearly sensing my exhausted voice. After that, I slumped my body down on the sofa, did not care when Jayden hoarse voice screaming at me, his puffy eyes staring at me.

"Just stop Jayden...mommy is tired already, daddy will come soon", I say quietly to him, wipe his tear from his cheek. I hug his body close to my chest and he rest his head it. I didnt realise when tear rolled down my cheek.

I swear I will kill this man when he come.

Lost in my thought I didnt realise a pair of feet approaching me, jerking my head toward the direction when someone tap on my shoulder. Adrian wide crinckling smile greet me.

"Hey baby are you", he ask me taking a sit on the sofa next to me. Frowing a little when he see my tired face and crying Jayden.

"No..not good at all, I'm sure just waiting for Jason to come", I tell him.

"Yeah.. I can see that..oh mom told me that you are moving out with him', Adrian ask me and I just nodding tiredly. Just, he want to speak again the bell of the front door ringing, making the both of us turn our head toward it.

"I go get it", he rapidly stand from the sofa and went to open it. I turn to Jayden, his cries subside a little bit. It like he know that his father arrival eventhough I havent tell them that he was coming or we will be moving in with Jason.

"Daddy!", that loud shrieking make me flinch and gasp because of shock. I turn and gaze and lock it on Jason figure who is approching us along with Adrian beside him. Jayden body become upstraight with hand up, showing his wish to be pick up by his daddy.Jayden body become upstraight with hand up, showing his wish to be pick up by his daddy. His lip jutted out, with his glassy aqua eyes staring at Jason.

Fast approaching us, Jason immediately take Jayden from my arm, glancing a bit to my way. The little rascal clinging to him instantly like koala bear resting his head on Jason's shoulder. His whimper and hickup become quiet. Adrian and I share the same bewildred look while Adrian shooking his head, amused.

I huff, before standing up from the couch ignoring the father and sons and making b-line to the dining hall to sated my hungryness. Relief spread wildly through my fatigue self when Jason arrive and take over my job. The toddler clearly happy with his father right now without me hovering over them. I drag my feet to the dining hall as fast as I can with my tired and achy limb. My body need energy quickly and I one hundred percent sure that the twin will be more engernatic after meeting their father. And I need that stregth to handle them.


"You have'nt eating?", he ask me with a questioning expresion on his face, his brow quirk up. The often thing he do when he qeustioning someone or something they do. In my opinion he look funny doing something like that.

    "Nope...Jayden didnt let me", I mutter to him taking a bottle of water from the fridge while waiting for the leftover pasta in the oven to re-heat. I like to take a bottle than using the mug, because it more convient for me and I dont have to wash the glass after I done. Easy. Sipping from the bottle, I glance briefly over my oldest brother who is seem to be lost in his thought before I avert my gaze to the window watching the scenery from inside.

" okay", I ask softly toward closing the bottle cap again and place the bottlw infront of me, focusing back on Adrian.

"Yeah..I'm fine", he said absentmindedly tip his head to the marble counter top. He seem in trouble, but wont ask futher question if he unwilling to share with me. Probably something to do with the company. What can I say Adrian is workholic man. Most of his time he spent on his office and work. Mom always be noisy when it come to my older brother saying that he should be married soon. The middle age woman often nagging him, with the topic married as all kf his sibling already married expect for him. But the guy know really well to avoided mom when its come to that spesific topic.


           "Shouldnt you be at work right now Ryan?", this time I decided to asking him, copying the same way his questioning facada. I probably look like scary with my brow thrusted upward and eyes wide as saucers. Adrian laugh seeing my failed attemted to school the same expression as him. I just smile cheeckily at him, Happy that I finally success to remove his frown in his forehead.


"I work half day today...after all I nee to say goodbye to my sister and nephew", Adrian reply with a small smile. I just nodded with my mouth made an 'O' said. Among my sibling its only Adler and Adrian who is still staying in the mansion. Mom and dad often told us when we were teen that only the married one can step out of the mansion and that why the two of them still living with my parents. Plus, Adler is football player that require him to have his training so they reluctantly agree for him to move out from the mansion. But being the last children of the Austin, he choose to stay with them to accompany them. He do have his own apartment but he mostly stay with my mom, giving excuses that he dont want to be alone. We, as a younger sibling know that he is just to laszy to clean his apartment and he is a 'momma boy'. Cant deny the last statement.

Often when we were younger, he love to blame and accuse for something that we dont do and mom will lecture us for it. As a older sibling we should take care for younger sibling. God know us, when he always taken advantage of it to do something he like and blame us for it after then. That child is a devil child that love to cause trouble in the mansion when he young. We also said that mom love him more than us. The truth is that we just jealous that he receive more attention from mom.

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"To be honest Manda..I still can't believe that you are a wife and mother now", he said make me brought back to the reality. I purse my lip hearing his statement. Titling my head I ask him.

"Why though?",

"It just feel weird when your younger sibling were married and already have a child, while me still single and unmarried", he stated his opinion with caresless shrug looking intently on the marble counter top. I smile widely, more to playful smile.

        "Go and search for your wife is waiting forever for you to married, dont you want to settle down?", I wriggled my eyebrow playfully at him only to receive a glare and groan. I laugh loudly.

"I just saying, I dont want to get married", he groan, folded his brawny arm to his chest staring at me. I huff, feeling unsatisfied when he immediately reject my opinion to settle down. But soon, my frustated expession turn to srucnhing when I suddenly realize something. Shapely turn my head to him, I narrow my eyes is suspicion manner making his face written in confustion.

         "Why do mom and dad arrange my marriage to Jason, when it should be you the one they hand over to the Mthpercy", dissatisfied written over my face whispering to him.

"Why should it be me, they dont have a daughter", he argue with a bewildred look.

         "Eh..hello..dont your remember Britney, an oldest daughter infact", I sass at him rolling my eyes. For a PHD holder like him stupid sure doesnt suit him. How can he even forgot the smallest fact like that. Realization wash on his face,smiling sheepishly at me before its turn serious again.

"Jason is the heir of Mthpercy its not wrong for you to married to Jason", he answer smugly wriggled his eyebrow at me. I grimce, hissing at him like snake toward it prey when he just laugh at my face. The beeping oven cut our agrument over ' who should the married to the Mthpercy child'. I straight making my way to ths oven didnt forgot to grab the table cloth.

In cue mom and dad along his Jason and the twin walk into the kitchen.

        "Hi", Adrian greet our parent with cheerful smile, the corner of his eyes twinkle.

"Hey sweetheart", mom look suprised but continue her way to hug him. Adrian who is realize mom and dad confused expression immediately explaining.

"Before you guys ask...I work haflway today, I want to say goodbye to my sister and nephew", he stated quickly. Mom and dad have a knowing look on them before answering in unison.


Ignoring the commotion, I continue to shoving the pasta into my mouth like a homeless person who is just seeing food in month. But who care I love food and I'm hungry.

            "Slow down might choke", A voice whispering right on my ear, and guess right that person right. My eyes widen caughing wildly glaring at panic Jason sitting right beside me. Unscrew the bottle cap,he practically shoving the bottle into my face. I eagerly gulp down the content to soothe the ichyness on my throat. Jason look worry and guilt while the twin laughing at my misery.

      "Dont laugh at momma", my eyes narrow at them making them instantly clamp shut their mouth.

"Sorry momma", they apologize sheepishly smiling. Hiding their face in Jason chest, giggling happily when I widen my eyes and shoving my face toward their direction. Their cute laughter rang through kitchen when I started to tickle them. Their body wriggle around like a worm, making Jason hold their body tighter avoiding them to slip from his grasp. I giggle along with them.

  "Mo..momma...stop please", Janellson shriek when I tickle his belly, swatted my hand away wildly. I finally stop tickling them when they pleading nonstop for me to stopy assault. They pant heavily, short of breath because of the laughter.

"Cheecky little monkey", I whisper playfully before turn back to my uneaten food.

"You guys dont forgot to visit grandma and granpa..okayy",, mom remind them smiling at them and receive an 'okay' from them.




Jayden didnt stop bouncing on his feet while Janellson on the other side stay calm waiting for their father to buckle up the new car seat I get last new onto his car. I swear Jayden is on sugar rush by the way he moving around, if I'm not holding his hand I think he will running around the lawn. Mom, dad and Adeian just chuckle watching the excited toddlar.

Jayden reluctant a bit when Adrian grab him from me, whining a little reaching his hand for me with a pouted lip. Dramatic much Jayden.

       "Momma", he called for me with a hint of crying on his voice looking at me,his head thrown back making the trio in panic mode. Adrian with horror expression supporting his head with his hand.

"I'm here baby..its fine", I reassure him frim where I standing smiling at him. If not doing like this, the little rascal will surely burst crying. They trying to distract him by talking to him that instantly move his focus to them. Seeing him being comfortable interact with them, I turn my attention to Jason who is in the same time done buckling the car seat.

"Maa..", mom understand my action reach over to Janellson from me.Talking to him for a bit, pecking his cheek and forehead, his eyes glassy. Jayden being Jayden srunching his face they kissing him, looking annoyed when Adrian purposely kissing Jayden over and over his face making the toddler shove his face away frowning heavily.

Adrian just laughing. After hugging my parent and sibling we bit our goodbye.

Janellson just suddenly burst into crying when Jason strapping him in his car seat making the man panic. Just when he call for mom his panic turn to relief.

"Grandma....", he sob heartfully staring at mom.

"Oh boy..", mom approaching the car with her own glassy eyes. After some reassuring and comfort from his grandma, his sob finally stop, only his hipcup and whimper. Mom close the passenger door and bit us goodbye. Jason and I already seated inside the car when mom trying to soothe crying Janellson.

Waving over them from the window, their body slowly out from our vision when Jason drive the car through the gate and into the main road. The car just silent and only Janellson whimper can be heard through the quiet car. I turn to the passenger seat particularly on Jayden only seeing him asleep. Shaking my head slowly, I sigh.

"Is Jayden asleep?", Jason ask quietly with his gaze still om the road. The main road to the mansion is clear without any other car probably because it private site.

"Yeah..", I whisper back.

"Oh Manda. I'm forgot to tell you that all your thing in the penthouse, I already move it to my room", he inform that make me gasp silently. Whipslash, I looking at him,shock.

"Why did you move it though?", I answer curiously. The penthouse only got a three room. His room and two guest room. So, one of the guest room automaticly for the twin and the other one? Of course it for guest obviously. Its look like I have to sharing the room with him. Not that it wring, we are married couple. Just the awkwardness between us can be gone away.

"I turn one of the room for the twin room and...the other one is guest room..Britney always crash there when she didnt want to go back to the mansion", he tell me casually. I just nod understandingly, know the reason since the first time, just I'll like to ask anyway.

We arrive at the penthouse fast than I predict. He ask one of the worker to bring our luggage up while he carrying Janellson and sleeping Jayden on his arm. Arrive there I see that not many of thing change since the last time a saw it. Just a few thing and the there is still the same. Jason climb the stair and dissapear from my vision probably putzing Jayden to bed while Janellson sitting in the living room with me.

The day I spent with arranging my thing inside the walk-in closet own by Jason. He already put my thing in the penthouse at the assign place and I just have to tidy and rearrange it back. After I'm done with my clothes, I move to the twin room to rearrange thier thing while sometime getting distracted by the twin. Jason also spent his time on his office just sometime comeout to check up on us.

Because of tiredness of playing the twin easily fall asleep. I also come to bed early than normal ignoring the fact that I'm sleeping in the same room with Jason. I slip into the bed after having my shower and immediately sleep due to the fatigue.

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