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4.57% My Summons Are All Gods / Chapter 8: Metis! Hercules!

Metis! Hercules! - My Summons Are All Gods - Chapter 8 by Zhang Qing Tian Xia full book limited free

Chapter 8: Metis! Hercules!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Name: Ancient Greek phalanx infantry soldiers

Dynasty: Ancient Greece

Category: infantrymen

Achievement: Ancient Greek phalanx infantrymen (or "Greek Phalanx") were a tactic used by early infantrymen in combat. Before Before Homer's time, infantrymen fought like a swarm of bees in disarray, so an ancient Greek phalanx with a strict array could easily defeat an enemy with superior force but messy organization. This was a tactical innovation at the time.

Tactics were as important in ancient wars as they are in modern ones. The Greeks' victory over the Persians in the Marathon Battle depended largely on their tactics.

The heavy infantry in the phalanx, with a round shield of about one meter in diameter in their left hand and a spear of about two meters in their right hand, advanced in a dense and orderly formation, shoulder to shoulder, like a giant hedgehog. A Greek phalanx usually consisted of eight soldiers in a single column, and then extended to the left and right sides according to the total number of soldiers. If the total number of soldiers was 10,000, the front of the Phalanx would be made up of more than 1,200 soldiers, and its length would be about one kilometer.

The shields in the hands of the soldiers in the phalanx protected their left side while also protecting the right side of their neighboring comrades. Once the soldiers in the front row fell, the soldiers in the second row would quickly fill up the gap left by them. The essence of the phalanx tactic was that all the soldiers were united, attacking and defending like one person. The deserters would receive the most severe punishment.

[ Note: This ancient Greek infantry phalanx is not an army, but a military branch. After summoning, the souls of the ancient Greek phalanx soldiers will be drawn into the master's army. ]

Simply put, what they received was not an army, but the inheritance of an army! What he summoned was the souls of the ancient Greek infantry formation soldiers.

Jerry could merge these heroic souls with his own army!

The transformation would end in an instant upon contact. His army would become a true ancient Greek infantry phalanx!

Of course, it would only give them the strength that the ancient Greek infantry phalanx should have; it wasn't a not soul possession!

But Jerry also noticed that there was a hidden attribute to this function!

The army that was fused with the heroic soul army would be totally royal to Jerry, just like the summoned characters!

"Good stuff! I only saw the mythical characters and didn't flip to the back!

"I can not only summon an army but also key organizations and departments!"

Jerry was thrilled.

If he could summon them, he would obtain an entire organization. After that, he would only need to find people to fuse with those heroic soul.

In other words, Jerry could skip the training! This would allow his empire to be established even faster.

After all, if he wanted to obtain the strength that was great enough to conquer the world, he'd need at least one year or even years to train his army!

In that case, Jerry would be happy if he could occupy Qingzhou and establish an empire in his lifetime.

However, things were different now. He could directly summon the heroic souls of the powerful armies in history and fuse them with his own army.

Getting all kinds of powerful troops without training them would save him a lot of time.

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"3,000? But the ancient Greek infantry phalanx only had tens of thousands of soldiers.

"And 30,000 is better than nothing."

Jerry muttered to himself. He'd turn his 3,000 troops an ancient Greek infantry phalanx.

"Fuse the heroic souls of the ancient Greek infantry phalanx with the 3,000 soldiers under my command!"

Jerry said so.

Instantly, Athena, who was heading towards Skyfire City, trembled. She had been summoned here, so she was connected to the Eternal Roster.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Streaks of white light descended from the sky!

In the white light, there seemed to be heroic souls wearing bronze armor. Then, they slowly descended into the bodies of Jerry's soldiers.

Instantly, Jerry's army changed.

Their armor turned bronze suddenly! They even had new weapons and shields in their hands!

This was a gift from the Eternal Roster. It was really considerate.

Most of the three thousand ancient Greek infantry soldiers completed the fusion.

Because of the previous three attacks, Jerry's army had naturally suffered some small losses. Hence, some of the ancient Greek infantry solder's souls had yet to complete the fusion.

However, this wasn't a problem. He only needed to recruit more soldiers and fuse them with the remaining heroic souls. It would save lots of time for training.

"Ancient Greek infantry phalanx? Is it a type of army that appeared after my time?"

Athena looked at the phalanx that appeared like a miracle in front of her. She didn't look surprised.

This was because they were from the Eternal Roster. Strictly speaking, they were only souls that had been recorded in the book. The Eternal Flower Register had bestowed them with a physical body.

The souls of the ancient Greek infantry soldiers had completely merged with the soldiers of this world.

However, Athena and the other mythical figures had the opportunity to reconstruct their physical bodies.

"Very powerful infantrymen. This battle will be very easy.".

Athena laughed out loud, her eyes filled with battle intent.

She looked at the Skyfire City in the distance, and then looked up at the sky.

"Before dawn, I'll take down Skyfire City for you, my lord," Athena said.

Jerry, who was in Sky City, looked at the two people who had suddenly appeared in front of him, his eyes filled with surprise.

Other than the ancient Greek infantry phalanx, he had not summoned any other troops or forces for the other two summoning opportunities.

Instead, he had summoned two figures!

Jerry was really excited about the two people in front of him!

He was surprised that he had summoned a super figure!

"I'm Mertis. Greetings, my Lord!"

That's right, the figure in front of him was the very famous Mertis.

One of the ocean goddesses, the goddess of primitive wisdom, Zeus' first wife.

Jerry even thought that Mertis' wisdom was above that of her daughter, Athena!

With her helping him manage the city, Jerry would have a easy life!

"I'm Hercules. Greetings, my Lord!"

Another god paid his respects to him.

He was the greatest hero of the ancient Greek mythology. The son of Zeus and Alcmene, he was born with great strength. But because of his origin, he was detested by Hera, Zeus's wife, and was cursed by her, which led him to kill his children in a frenzy.

To atone for his sins, he completed 12 "impossible" missions. Along the way, he also rescued the bound Prometheus. He hid his identity and joined Jason's heroic expedition, and helped the latter obtain the Golden Fleece.

There was no need to elaborate his deeds.

All he needed to know was that this person was terrifyingly brave. His power was no less greater than Athena.

However, his intelligence was not very good. But it did not matter. He had Athena and there would be more gods of war in the future.

Such a powerful god was also a terrible deterrent on the battlefield.

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