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62.06% My system can take others MC Cheat / Chapter 18: Creating a technique?

Creating a technique? - My system can take others MC Cheat - Chapter 18 by Itachi101 full book limited free

Chapter 18: Creating a technique?

Ling Han went on to return to the city. He rushed to the Feng Clan and started off taking everything there, unlike the Ling Clan. It took a whole 30 minutes before he could take the vast amount of treasure the Feng Clan had.

Next, he moved on to the next 3 clans. He went on to do a soul search on the clan head before he took their Treasures and left.

Altogether, he spent more than 2 hours taking the treasures. With the resources he took, it was enough to allow him to reach the Saint realm.

He quickly left the city before entering the city. There he went to meet with Feng Yang, who had reached level 6 Houtian. the fox was much faster as it had reached level 9 Houtian

(every time he appeared before his disciple, he changes his appearance to a middle-aged man)

"Master." Feng Yang quickly stood up to pay his respect to Ling Han. Ling Han waved his hands as heads fell to the ground. Feng Yang was taken a back at this but as soon as he saw the faces. He fell to his knees.

"Thank you." There were no words to explain what Feng Yang wanted to say. He could only say thank you, at this moment, the respect and admiration he had for Ling Han had reached the peak.

"since this is over, this should place or grow demons within your heart... now, why do you want to cultivate?" Ling Han asked calmly,

"... as a kid, I always dreamed of becoming the clan head. But now... I want to stand at the top. I want to rule the world." Feng Yang said as Ling Han frowned

"ruling the world? Throw away this goal of yours. What is being a ruler of this small world worth?" Ling Han asked as he turned and left, leaving a stun Feng Yun behind.

'then I will rule the bigger worlds out there. with this technique master gave me and the boost of talent, I will bring shame upon you if I can't repay you.' Feng Yang thought as he looked at Ling Han back,

Ling Han went to sit by The fox, The fox which was cultivating opened its eyes open sense Ling Han. Ling Han held his hands out as the fox jumped into his hands.

"you are not from this realm, right? I'm guessing you know why the immortal realm was cut off right?" Ling Han asked as he looked at the fox eyes. The fox seemed to hesitate before a moment before nodding its head before shaking it.

"I can guess what happened. Immortal Qi is weakening?" Ling Han asked lazily

The fox was shocked at Ling Han's words as it nodded its little head.

"so, do you know how I could ascend to the immortal realm?" Limg Han asked as he rubbed the fox head. The fox nodded its head again, which made Ling Han smile

"then let's start cultivating, with your talent. your speed of cultivation might even reach mine." Ling Han said as spirit stones, herbs, pills, weapons, and other items fell down before them.

Shocking Feng Yang, who was cultivating.

"When you break through to Xiantian, tell me, and I will help you tamper your body." Ling Han said as he looked towards Feng Yang, who nodded and continued cultivating.

Long Han also began cultivating, with the fox also cultivating at his side. As they cultivated, in the outside world, the workd was in chaos as letters from Ling Han were found in the 4 great clans of Sailor moon city were found at their empty treasury.

The King himself even stepped forward, announcing Ling Han as an evil criminal who should be brought to justice. The act of killing elders, doing soul searches, and steal all the resources the clans had was highly looked down upon by the world.

In just a few days, Ling Han went from 9,000+ on the demonic cultivator chart and finding himself with a rank within 6,000 places.

But now his wanted posters did say died or alive, but in stand said wanted alive.

In a faraway land, Ling Han's father could be seen running as a hold woman ran after him with a shoe in hand.

"damn bastard, the fuck is did your blood do to my grandson. First, you steal my little girl. Now you somehow turned my grandson into an evil cultivator going around destroying clans... and he is only 14." She yelled in rage, as the people just acted as if they saw nothing.

"I been here for 13 years. How could I have turned him into what he is today... I blame you for taking me away from him." He said helplessly, only for the shoe to be sent flying, hitting him on his head. Making him fall to the ground.

"you said what? are you by chance saying I'm a bad mother and grandmother, and that's why my daughter always tries to run away since she was 2 years old." He said as he grabbed his legs.

"those worlds didn't even leave my mouth." He said in a panic, but deep down, he was nodding his head. that was what he meat, 100%

"pack your bag. We shall go search for that brat. I shall teach help him return to the path of good with this shoe." She said as he grabbed his shoe

"This is precisely what Mu Qingyun didn't want." He said helplessly

"Are you questioning my great teaching? Pain is the best way for one to learn. It has been passed down for hundreds of thousands of years through the Mu Clan. be it a belt, stick, or shoe. these are great teaching items that shall help one learn." She said seriously, making him feel sorry for Ling Han.

Back to Ling Han, he ignored the outside world as a month went by. in these months, he only broke through from level 4 Nascent soul to level 7 Nascent soul.

As one cultivation grew, the amount of Qi needed and the time between break-throughs would increase, but it was still shocking that Ling Han broke through 3 levels within just 36 months was amazing.

Feng Yang had reached the peak of Houtian long ago, the whole month train his sword skills as he waited for his Ling Han to help him tamper his body.

"Alright, let's start on your body tampering." Ling Han said as a furnace appeared before him. Herb appeared in his hands as he waved Feng Yang over.

Feng Yang, although confused, walked over as he sat next to Ling Han, waiting to hear what he had to say.

"you are only about 10 years old. your willpower is weak, this way of tampering the body is painful, but it's the best and fastest way to tamper one body and mind." Ling Han said as he looked at Feng Yang, who was closely listening.

Ling Han really didn't have to worry about his willpower. He had the willpower of two MC who would go through hell for their dreams, and even more for their loved ones.

"what are you saying?" Ling Han asked in confusion

"I will throw you into this furnace. Your goal is to cultivate The Indestructible Heaven Scroll. If you wish to have your dreams come true, simply wanting it isn't enough. If you are fearful and are not able to go through something like this, then turn around and leave. you will no longer be my disciple." Ling Han said seriously

"... it's just pain. I'm ready." Feng Yang said as he forced the fear away and calmed his heart down. Ling Han nodded as he threw him into the furnace along with some herbs.

At first, the heat was nothing, Feng Yang was able to cultivate as his body was slowly behind tampered.

The fire increased, making Feng Yang scream in from the pain.

"cultivate or else this will be for nothing. if you waste my herbs, I will give you a beating." Ling Han said calmly. The fox stood at the side as it watched this in confusion.

Why can't Ling Han just give him a pill which would tamper him? But it just watched without doing anything.

After a few hours, Feng Yang's body had reach metal a level before his body. Ling Han pulled him out as Feng Yang used a drop of Indestructible True Fluid to heal himself instantly.

"alright. go and rest before you garden to calm yourself down." Ling Han said as Feng Yang nodded and left to go to sleep.

As he left, Ling Han went to train. Ling Han went on to sit in a lotus position as Qi came from his body, gathering at his side.

The Qi slowly took space as it went on to look like him. after which Qi had fully taken shape to look like him. He stopped giving it Qi as he watched it slowly disappear.

"creating a clone technique is going to be hard, but once I do. It will be hard. The first step should be how to make the Qi stay in its shape without it losing energy over time." Ling Han said calmly as he continued doing this after an hour.

He was able to make it so that energy would stay for 20 seconds before it disappeared. at this moment, he stopped as he entered the mysterious space to think about this and how he could improve

After which, he returned and began to work on the skill. a Day went by before he stopped when Feng Yang reached level 3 Xiantian.

After helping Feng Yang, Ling Han returned to creating the skill. For the next few days, Ling Han spent his time like this, and after two months. He had formed the basics of the come technique.

The clone no longer disappeared, but now he had to find a way to make the clone move, attack, think, and more.

The clone also had more drawbacks which were that it was easy to destroy. Just a normal punch was enough to make the clone disappear.

But at this time, Ling Han didn't feel like working on this skill. So he felt the black tower to explore the world, with Feng Yang and the fox at his side. They flew into the sky on top of a cloud.

"where are we going?" The fox asked happily since they finally were able to leave the black tower.

"let's just travel and have fun." Ling Han said with a smile, which made everyone node with a smile. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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