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45.29% My Unconventional Delivery System! / Chapter 53: A Goddess?

A Goddess? - My Unconventional Delivery System! - Chapter 53 by Charlottes full book limited free

Chapter 53: A Goddess?

Kyle teleported back to his original world, after his arrival, he silently drove to an abandoned alleyway to obtain his rewards from the system.

[ Congratulations, Host! You have received a 5 star rating from Tuka Luna Marceau! ]

[ You have received, Lottery Ticket (Silver-Tier) x1 for being successful in delivery! ]

[ Congratulations! You have received 1 Bronze Tier and 1 Platinum Tier rewards! Which would you like to open first? ]

[ Ding! You have gained one hundred elven, fanatic believers in your recent delivery service, each fanatic believer is equivalent to 1,000 normal believers, as the elves worship your name and pray to you, you will receive 1000 faith points from each elf everyday. ]

"Wait a minute, I get it that I will receive 1000 faith points from the elves but how do I determine the current quantity of my faith points?"

[ You can use status Host. ]

"You have that?" Kyle, a bit astonished, asked, he didn't think that the system would have a status function, believing that it's functions were limited to the lottery, the delivering orders and the inventory space. Now that he pondered a bit about it, he felt extremely stupid and frustrated, every system no matter which variety it would be, should have a status board attached to it, he felt like killing himself at the stupidity of him not thinking about it earlier.

[ Certainly, do you wish to see your current status Host? ]

"Yes, please do that." He uttered with a tired sigh, lamenting at his poor mental capabilities.



Kobayashi Kyle,

Age : 18

Race : Human (God)

Deity Title : God of Delivery

Deity Rank : Minor God (1,282,050/1,000,000,000)

[ Faith Points required to become a High God ]

Skills : Esdeath's Combat Experience, Esdeath's Dagger Mastery, Shinobu's Medical Knowledge, Slayer's Breathing Technique

Magic Skills : Physical Enchantment Magic, Spiritual Eye

Items : The Promise (Rare), Kuro's Tooth (Rare - Approaching Unique)


"....I kind of expected this much..1 billion faith points to be a High God, huh? Wow...hey system, tell me how many years would it take for me to reach that rank?"

[ Few years with the current amount of believers you have. ]

"Few years? Is it long?" Kyle inquired, feeling intrigued, he wanted to know if his progress could be said to be good enough or not.

[ It's already very fast, normally it would take thousands of years to become a High God. Even becoming a Minor God normally requires more than five hundred years of worship at the minimum. ]

"Then, let's wait for a few years! I'm not in a hurry anyways, plus I'm basically a semi-immortal being though.. I still need to do something for my family to achieve longevity like me…" Kyle remembered that he hadn't informed his aunt of his identity yet, he had to do it soon. He didn't want to keep her aunt in the dark, well not entirely since he still can't tell anyone about his system. He was paranoid, he agreed, but it was his core secret, the core of his being, this was the only information he couldn't divulge to anyone.

If he could, he would like to take this secret with him to his grave, or perhaps keep it a secret for eternity, as he was already semi-immortal and he wouldn't die as long as someone didn't kill him.

In the midst of his contemplation, a sudden question passed by his mind, it made him curious so he asked the system, hoping it could answer. "Hey, system, who became a High God the fastest?"

[ Host, I'm a delivery system not an information system, so I don't know. ]

".....yeah, I thought as such, anyhow, now open my rewards!"

[ Congratulations! You have received a skill ( Tuka Luna Marceau's Bow Mastery! )

[ Congratulations! You have received an item ( The Bow Of The Archer God Liya ) ]

[ A Message From Tuka Luna Marceau :- Lord Kyle, forgive me for giving such meager rewards. I could only present to you my archery skill and my race's most valuable treasure. Well, even though we call it our most valuable treasure, in truth we ourselves are unaware of its exact origins. It is a sacred weapon that has been passed down to us from generation to generation and in the midst of it the real history behind it was lost. I ask for your forgiveness for my lack of knowledge. That's all from me. We, forevermore, hope for your well being. Goodbye, my dear lord Kyle. ]

A bow, ostensibly made out of pure wood appeared in his hands, he however, could tell that the wood was anything but ordinary, the unique aura permeating from it matched his own, confirming his speculations, which led him to contemplate its origins. 'A spark of 'Divinity'? Even though it's barely noticeable there's indeed a spark of 'Divinity' being emitted by this this perhaps because the previous owner of this bow was a God?'

He glanced at the bow's description attached to said item.

<The Bow Of The Archer God Liya>

Rank : Unique (Legendary) {Sealed}

Details : A millions years ago before the current elven race was reduced to its current state, there was an elven kingdom that, with absolute might, once ruled the entire world solely because of a single individual, she was called Liya, first princess of the elven kingdom and also the greatest prodigy of the high elves in the entirety of its history, through her effort and talent she became a God, without the power of faith, solely relying on her terrific talent in archery; she managed to create her own 'Divinity' with said talent; later on she started conquering kingdoms, which was of course successful but she was dissatisfied with one thing, her weapon, her bow couldn't keep up with her talent, so she desired a suitable bow for herself; she also knew just what material was required to make a bow suitable for her; the branch of the world tree, said tree was also considered a God to the elves of that era but even so she still desired to make a bow out of it.

Many were against it, but they couldn't do anything as Liya was also a God and only a God could be worthy of welding the weapon made by using the World Tree as a material, this was considered a taboo to the elves but Liya broke that taboo and succeeded, making a bow out of the the World Tree and with it in hand she successfully conquered the world, afterwards however, she simply vanished without a trace, only leaving behind this bow as a testament to her legacy.


"...I have several questions about the origin of this bow but I better ask the most important one... isn't this story similar to a cliché plot of a Xianxia genre novel? Regardless, even though the story is like a plot from Xianxia, since the system said so it probably did happen, that Liya, did she perhaps ascend after she conquered the world or something?" It took him a few moments to digest the story related to the bow, he had to admit however, that this bow was fantastically made. It was even harder than diamond if he had to take a guess about its sturdiness.

He tried to grip it as hard as he could, but the result was that, as he expected, he couldn't break it; for the moment, he didn't have any use for it, so he placed it inside his inventory.

He would probably use it occasionally to hone his newly acquired archery skill, he already had 3 weapons in his possession yet he didn't use any of them which made him think. 'Next delivery service, I'll try not to rely on my one time attack enchantment, I'd like to know what I am capable of, relying too much on that enchantment will do me no good, if I suddenly meet someone I can't kill with that enchantment I'll be screwed'

Afterwards, he went towards the MgRonald's shop to end his shift.


MgRonald's Restaurant :-

Sadao immediately asked if he used his spatial magic again, which ended on Kyle responding truthfully. Sadao didn't ask for any details afterwards, he was understanding and knew that Kyle didn't want to talk about it.

Besides, he just wanted to confirm if it was him or not, with that done, he didn't bother to pry anything further.

Ending his shift for today, he went to his house, arriving inside the mansion he was immediately greeted by his beloved cute draconic little sister Kanna, this was an everyday routine for them, she was the only person who wasn't affected by his change. She was the only person who treated him as usual.

Kyle gave her an affectionate hug, satisfied with his action after a few moments of hugging, he finally went inside his house with Kanna in tow, only to notice someone besides Tohru and his aunt.

It was a tall, fair-skinned mature woman with an hour-glass shaped figure complemented with enormously large breasts. She had long, wavy blonde hair which faded into a turquoise and green color at the ends and tips. She had heterochromic pupils where one of her iris had a different coloration compared to the other. Her left eye was navy blue on the outside and yellow on the inside, with a green, slit pupil. Her right eye was green on the outside with designs and black on the inside with a yellow, slit pupil.

Kyle instantly knew who this person was, and at the same time he was deeply attracted to her eyes. It was very beautiful, he also noticed that the 'Divinity' around her was on a whole other level compared to his, it was like comparing a baby to an adult.

Tohru's sudden exclamation filled the room as she noticed Kyle's presence. "Kyle! You're finally here let me introduce you to

Quetzalcoatl-san! She's a friend of mine."

Quetzalcoatl turned her gaze to his body, she was inspecting him, albeit for a brief moment only, then she smiled at Kyle as he instantly gained her curiosity and interest. "Nice to meet you, Kyle you can just call me Lucoa."

( `END` )

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