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Another Believers? - My Unconventional Delivery System! - Chapter 52 by Charlottes full book limited free

Chapter 52: Another Believers?

A deeply shocked expression was etched on the faces of the surviving elves. They just couldn't fathom what transpired before them, according to their knowledge, even the gods of their own world were unable to do the things Kyle did, yet the unknown God before them had easily done it, killing the infamous dragon of flames, the very same dragon whose name was prevalent for being invincible, well nigh-invincible since the god in front of them pulverized it with just a few tap of his fingers. Of course, they would be shocked, if they weren't something would've been wrong with their mentality.

While the elves were frozen in their shock induced stupor, Kyle landed on the ground and glanced towards them, his serene voice filled with reassurance finally managed to break them out of their frozen state. "You guys can come out now, I have already killed the source of the problem."

As easy as it may have seemed, the actual act of killing the dragon was far more difficult and complex. He was only able to do it so easily because of the fulfilment of certain requirements.

1. It wasn't airborne.

As the dragon didn't fly and was attacking him from the ground he was able to use his extreme speed to get above his head to attack him, he did it by using the slightly burnt trees near the dragon, because of his speed to many it looked like he teleported, but he didn't.

2. Its arrogance.

The dragon didn't believe that even after being a god, he could defeat it easily. It got cocky and made the mistake of being on the ground also allowing him to get above its head to deal a sneak attack that couldn't be countered resulting in his death.

3. Its hostility.

Since the dragon had openly shown its enmity and attacked Kyle with the intention of killing him, the system deemed it to have met the condition to be targeted for the one time attack enchantment. Resulting in Kyle being able to invoke said skill and kill it.

It was obvious that Kyle had gotten lucky, otherwise killing it would really be a nigh-impossible task for the current him. Even if he did kill it, he didn't know what consequences he would have to face, he was grateful for encountering an arrogant retarded dragon; extremely grateful.

The elves slowly approached him, they were still shocked by the unfathomable scene that ensued moments ago, they didn't forget to thank their benefactor and savior for the help he provided in their time of despair.

"Thank you!"

"Kami-sama thank you for saving our race!"



Kyle smiled, scratching his cheek in slight awkwardness as he was subjected to this scenario. It was a new feeling, being the source of so many people's gratitude, this felt oddly nice. It was a part of his job anyway, and seeing their faces, their expressions full of gratification and slight devotion directed towards him he couldn't help but feel proud, of himself, of being a part of this world hopping delivery gig.

He was still a bit bothered for not being able to save everyone, but at the very least he was able to prevent the original destined fate from befalling on them.

The high elf Tuka, slowly approached him, arriving near him, she knelt in front of him, it was a half kneeling position, and thanked him for his help with her slightly broken voice. "Thank.. you kami-sama, for saving my people.. if it wasn't.. for you then I.."

Tuka couldn't describe with words, the gratitude she felt for him, without Kyle's timely intervention her race would've been subjected to the fate of annihilation by the hateful claws of that damnable dragon. They would've gone extinct as the people of the Koan forest were the last of their kind, the last few elves and high elves existing on the world of gate. Without him their extinction was a certainty.

"Hey, hey you don't need to kneel before me. It's my job to help you, so stand up." Kyle only felt awkwardness from this interaction.

"Even so, it's our tradition to kneel before our saviour so please allow me to do this."

"Uhm….if that's what you want then go on." He didn't stop her anymore, it would've most probably been an insult if he were to stop her now and he didn't want to do that. He was totally clueless about the so-called traditions of theirs.

After Tuka knelt before him, the rest of the elves followed suit. Such a sight, even though short in scale, was absolutely amazing. At this moment he felt like a king? No, something more, to be precise he felt that he was a God and they were his followers kneeling down before him, worshipping him, their expressions of devotion and reverence suggested so, but that shouldn't be the case...…. right?

Their expressions and gestures told otherwise though, the way they were looking at him with devotion while their hands were clasped in front… yeah, this seemed like what a devotee would do.. Kyle became confused at their behavior, he couldn't make sense what they were trying to do. Well, he didn't need to since after a while an elven female in between asked him a question, which would inevitably lead to the solution to his dilemma. "Can you please tell me your name Kami-sama?"

He smiled wryly, he definitely wasn't used to being called a god, he didn't know if he ever could, it felt weird. He was definitely a god yes, unless his system was pulling pranks on him, it didn't change the fact that he was just a mortal a few days ago, as he wasn't used to being called God, regardless of her reasonings of asking for his name, he still answered, it wasn't like his name was a secret anyway.

"My name is Kobayashi Kyle."

As soon as he uttered his name, every single one of the elves had engraved this name in their consciousness, Tuka was the one who inquired of him a second question. "Lord Kyle, what is your God title?"

Kyle froze for a bit, recovering at the next second, clearing his throat he answered, in a soft monotone voice. "My title….is the God Of Delivery."

He answered as normally as he could, he didn't want to sound awkward as he verbalized his title, no one other than him knew just how much he wanted to change that damn title of his with a cooler one, unfortunately it was already engraved in his 'Divinity', at least he didn't have to make do with the first nonsensical one, he would've surely died of shame if he had to bear that disgraceful name.

Nevertheless, it wasn't like that he hated his God Title, he felt that it was a perfect match for his job and nothing would fit him more as his present title did, Kyle's thoughts were subjected to a halt at Tuka's declaration, an unexpected one. "Then starting from this moment your excellency, Lord Kyle, the God Of Delivery, shall be our patron God, the god our race shall worship."

"Oh sur- wait what?! What are you saying? You want to worship me as your God?" Kyle was flabbergasted, completely shocked at her words, he didn't believe that he had done anything to deserve it, the only thing he had done was to save their race from their predicament. Wasn't this a bit too...nah wait, yeah forget it.

Kyle's thoughts took a complete 180° turn. He just remembered his origin, about how he had come to become the god he was now, if we were to put a comparison to what Shinobu and Kanae did to make a religion of him just from a slight misunderstanding, this would be nothing. On the contrary this was far more believable and logical in a sense, he saved them from extinction, he was a god, so it wasn't so unlikely for them to want to worship him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_16437869705935105/another-believers_52642961380398132">!_16437869705935105/another-believers_52642961380398132</a> for visiting.

Besides he needed more followers and believers to become a High God. If he was able to become one, maybe just maybe he could catch up with Tohru. He wasn't exactly clear about the whole God ranks as he was informed; his 'Divinity' just gave him miniscule amounts of knowledge regarding that subject.

His knowledge about the whole structures of the gods were extremely shallow, he however, knew about one major information regarding the High God rank. That he would be able to revive someone from death if he was able to become a High God. The limitations and the exact circumstances of said power though, still eluded him.

Nevertheless, it was a very important ability either way. It would come in handy on his line of work, moreover, it would also help him to revive those close to him, if they were ever to die. With that ability he wouldn't need to worry about losing his loved ones, at least he didn't need to worry about normal deaths. He held the desire to reach that stage, but he wasn't willing to go to any and all lengths to do so… yet.

Besides the elves themselves agree to worship him as their God, in the first place they didn't have a God to worship now.

The world tree was the last god they worshipped, but it had already died long ago, and with its death, the belief in it also vanished. So, they were happy to have found Kyle. He would be the object, the god of their worship now. As for qualifications, saving them from extinction was enough to justify that.


With the issue of accepting Kyle as their new patron deity ended with the agreement of all the elves, they moved on. Kyle felt lucky, extremely lucky since he was able to gain another source of faith from a world separate from his. The crux here was that the quality of their beliefs, every single one of the elven believers of his hailed him as a true God, every single one of them was a fanatic believer, so the quality of their faith was also exceptional.

It was unlike his religion from his own world where only Shinobu and Kanae believed him as a God, with the passage of time the only ones left in their religions were the shallow believers. His 'Divinity' had given him sufficient information about this, based on it, the more a believer believed in his Godhood, the more faith he would receive from said individual.

The system didn't issue him a return command yet, so he decided to mingle with the elves a bit, chatting with them, getting to know about their culture and lifestyle and information about their race as a whole, this resulted in him getting more information than he initially intended, information about their private life; intimate ones.

To say it broadly, about their sexual reproduction. He was extremely surprised to learn that the elves were hornier and far more decadent than humans when it came to sexual matters. It's just that, their control was strong enough to not showcase it in public. According to them once an elf had reached 200 years in age, they would be in a similar state equivalent to a human teenager experiencing puberty for the first time, only it would be at the very least one hundred times the intensity of their human counterpart. It was the horniest state of their lives.

It's basically the foremost reason why they had the tradition of finding a spouse before the age of 200, otherwise when they entered that age and that state they were willing to do anything and everything to calm their sexual urges, and if they remained abstinent, they would either die or lose their mental faculties becoming vegetables.

The female elves who had informed him about this blushed profusely as they remembered those times, they were, absolutely, both the worst and best memories of their lives.

He stayed with the elves , helping them in their construction process till morning, he also taught them how to cook simple dishes and some basic first aid medication just in case, if someone got injured. His care, concern and willingness to keep helping them made their reverence for him reach a new high, he didn't intend this outcome but as he benefited from it, he graciously accepted it.

Soon, the system issued for him to return, wishing his farewells to his first elven believers, he returned to his world with a smile hanging on his face.

( `END` )

( A/N : I'll add a power structure -

Mortal - High Mortal - Minor God - High God - Great God - Supreme God - Creation God - ??? I'll explain more of the details on the later chapters. )

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