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26.59% My Unconventional Delivery System! / Chapter 25: Good Girl (Edited)

Good Girl (Edited) - My Unconventional Delivery System! - Chapter 25 by Charlottes full book limited free

Chapter 25: Good Girl (Edited)

The inside of the house was far more luxurious than the outside.

It was fully furnished with modern home decor, soothing colors, comfy floor mats and an earthy atmosphere giving it a feeling of home. There were various modern appliances installed in the house, the likes of which even made Kyle, the owner of the house feel like a country bumpkin ignorant of the outside world. It wasn't his fault, most of the items were things he and never seen before nor knew the functions of. He may have to study about them before the items became obsolete and educate Tohru and Kanna of their uses while he was at it. His aunt was more than capable of doing those things herself so he did not need to worry about her.

The house was big enough for 10 people to live with ease.

In the living room, there was a huge 75" OLED TV, modern furniture made of leather and fitted for comfort, a big coffee table, a stylish divan big enough for 3 persons to relax in and bean bag chairs for comfy seating.

Though most of the house was designed with western architecture, japanese elements were still present here and there, an example of it would be the artificial open air hot spring situated at one side of the huge backyard. 

His aunt, Kobayashi San immediately fell in love with the artificial hot spring in their new house.

Not just her, even Tohru felt the same. The prime cause was that the hot spring was massive, so big that Tohru could fit her draconic body perfectly and still have room to swim a bit, it was a pool with hot water at this point. If he had to guess Kyle would say that even Kanna could fit in with Tohru and still have room to move and play a bit.

Despite his aunt's apparent happiness, Kyle noticed that there was a hint of worry on her face. Actually, she had been touching her forehead from time to time. It was a persistent habit of hers, whenever she was worried or anxious about something she would unconsciously touch her forehead and ponder.

Kobayashi San herself didn't notice this habit of her's, only Kyle and his elder sister had noticed her habit, it was strange that none of his family members knew about this and the only reason his sister noticed it was because he pointed it out to her.

Kyle decided to ask her about what's bothering her, not wanting to see his dear aunt worried. "Hey, Oba-san what's wrong? You look worried about something… can you tell me about it? I might be able to help."

"Eh? A-am I that obvious? Haha…" Kobayashi San gave him a wry smile.

'Well not really, it's because of that obvious habit of yours that's why I was able to figure it out easily.' He thought inwardly a bit amused.

Kyle didn't clarify and pressed her to reveal her worries. "So, what's in your mind Oba-san? Tell me, I might be able to do something about it, the least you can do is inform me, worries lessen if you share it with your family you know."

Kobayashi San hesitated for a moment, but she ended up informing him anyway. "Actually… it's related to this house.. I mean it's a good house but I'm a bit worried about the taxes… I don't know if I or we can pay it or not..." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_16437869705935105/good-girl-(edited)_51972183873868676">!_16437869705935105/good-girl-(edited)_51972183873868676</a> for visiting.

Hearing that Kyle finally understood why she was worried, he suddenly laughed as he heard the reason for her worries. Because it wasn't really a thing to worry at all.

"AHAHAHA! Don't worry about it Oba-san! Meru would pay for our taxes, so you don't have to worry about anything related to the house!" Kyle ended up using Meru again, but this time he did it more naturally, he was mastering his Dao of Lying with this.

"Ehhh?! Wait what?! Seriously?! Just what is your relationship with that Meru, really?! Are you guys dating?" 

"What no! We're just friends!" Kyle replied immediately, he could already feel the intense bloodlust coming from Tohru!

As soon as he said that, Tohru's bloodlust disappeared instantly, like it didn't exist in the first place. Kyle looked at Tohru who was smiling cheerfully at him.

Kyle smiled forcefully at her, to him her smile looked more like the smile from the devil, than that of the cheery smile of a maid that she was portraying, he was partially right...

"Are you sure? I mean this Meru is far too nice to you… I can't help but feel a bit suspicious, you know… hey tell your oba-san okay.. are you really not datin-'' He didn't wait for his aunt to finish.

"No, no we're not dating okay? We are just friends, she's just a very nice girl with too much money to spend." 

"Hmm… is that so?" Honestly Kobayashi was a bit suspicious about this, she felt that something was off, but she couldn't pinpoint what it was.

So she decided to forget about it.

Once again on the highest floor of a certain building, Meru started sneezing. "A-chou! A-chou! Damn! That person has been using my name for some means for a few times already! Just who is it?!"

After some pondering, she just shrugged and resumed her gaming session.




The issue of the taxes was temporarily solved, though it was actually permanently solved but Kobayashi San would never know about it, unless Kyle would tell her about him being a billionaire that is.

The house had a total of 3 floors, each floor had at least one bedroom, there were 3 bedrooms on the first floor, 2 bedrooms on the second floor and the 3rd floor only had a single bedroom.

The first floor had the artificial hot spring, the living room and the kitchen, the second floor had the bathrooms with toilets attached to them, the gaming room and some other rooms which did not have any uses now. The third floor had guest rooms along with the single huge bedroom.

After exploring the entire house, they picked a bedroom to sleep in, Kyle didn't even hesitate to pick the first floor, he chose it for very simple and ordinary reasons.

The artificial hot spring was near, the kitchen was near, and most importantly the exit was near so why the hell would he even think of going on the upper floors; when all you needed was here on the first floor?

After Kyle everyone picked their respective rooms, surprisingly or unsurprisingly everyone chose the first floor bedrooms.

Kobayashi San had the same motives as Kyle, so it wasn't that surprising, on the other hand Tohru's incentives were much more simple than the Kobayashi duo's. She simply wanted a room that was close to Kyle's.

Lastly Kanna, unsurprisingly wanted to be in the same room as Kyle, which was just as unsurprisingly was strongly opposed and rejected by Tohru.

Nobody other than her was allowed to be in the same room as Kyle. Not even a child, she would never relent on this front. Kyle didn't mind though, being the sis-con he was it didn't come as a surprise. Kobayashi San was also fine with it since she saw it as a little sister clinging to her dear brother and lastly we have Tohru who was extremely against it! She threw a tantrum which the Kobayashi duo had zero desire to entertain.

In the end Kanna had no choice but to take the same room as Tohru, though she was still reluctant, Tohru just won't accept it unless both of them were sleeping in the same room; be it with or without Kyle!




Present Time, Nango-Kuren High School :-

Though he changed his place of living and became a billionaire, his life was mostly the same. What, surprised? Don't be. This isn't a CN, nor was Kyle a Xianxia/Wuxia protagonist who's whole character was based on offending various big shots, they had taken offending someone and irritating readers as their way of life.

Kyle didn't want to become arrogant after getting rich, he was the same, so was his surroundings, nothing changed… probably… maybe not.

Kyōka was currently staring at his face in a daze-like fashion, it was very uncomfortable, she had been doing it for some time now and he had enough of it. "What is it? If you want to 'talk' privately, then no, I don't have the time nor the energy to accompany you."

Kyōka shook her head and replied, still looking at him. "Though I'd like to 'talk' privately with you, I won't be doing it today."

"Is that so? That's a relief." He said sarcastically.

"But… did something happen to you?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean... unlike before you look more pleasing to the eyes… did you put on make-up or something?" Kyōka asked, her face told him that she was damn serious and not in a joking mood.

"Wha-?! No I didn't!" Kyle took out his phone, and looked at his face on the camera app, he didn't see a change though.

Kyle stared strangely at Kyōka and asked, half jokingly, half serious. "Did you eat something weird today?"

"No I didn't."

Kyle was suspicious of that answer, but it wasn't his problem, the school bell rang and the teacher arrived and started the lessons.

Kyōka continued to look at Kyle, pondering intensively. 'But his face did change… he looks.. looks… more charming? Oh gosh! What am I thinking, this average guy with scary dead fish like eyes is charming? I'm totally going crazy! F*CK!' 

She stopped staring at Kyle shifting her gaze towards the teacher who was conducting a lecture, she was confused about something, her thoughts continued. 'Why was I pleased when I was talking with him?'




World of Akame Ga Kill, Side Esdeath :-

After separating with Kyle, Esdeath continued on her original course of journeying to the capital.

It didn't take her much time to arrive at that place, as she entered the capital, what greeted her sight was the lively and bustling scenery of the capital city.

Or she thought it to be like that which broke when she saw the guard of this place beating a poor kid at a corner.

Esdeath was indifferent about this, she didn't feel pity or any emotions for that matter, she just felt nothing, pure indifference.

To her, who's whole ideology was based on strength, it was the kid's fault for being weak, so she decided to ignore the kid. However, the words of her beloved echoed in her ears at that exact moment.

'You just have to be someone good' that's what he said, that's what she agreed to become. Hence, she immediately stopped in her tracks and went towards the filthy guard.

"You there, stop beating the kid!"

"Huhh?! Who the hell are you?!" the guard was about to get angry at Esdeath for ruining his fun time, but he immediately froze as he saw Esdeath's goddess-like appearance, even if she was a child.

His expression immediately turned lustful, he was a Lolicon and a mass rapist. He liked to hear the screams of the children he raped and then killed. He stared hungrily at Esdeath's lith childish figure. "Ohh~ hey little girl you got a beautiful face there~ want to have fun with me? I assure you that it's going to be super fun!"

He wasn't worried that Esdeath was a noble, because clearly she wasn't. There wasn't a single noble that had blue hair nor were they nice enough to help anyone, after all the nobles of this place were worse than scums! He was still a saint if compared to those.

The guard totally forgot about the kid that he was beating up till now and went closer towards Esdeath, while looking at her lewdly, already thinking of the scene where he made her scream in bed and he wasn't thinking about the lustful kind of screaming.

But little did he know, Esdeath had already listed him on her kill list, she was practically looking at the guard as if he were a dead corpse walking towards her to be handed its inevitable fate.

Esdeath opened her mouth speaking in a voice filled with the coldness of an icy hell, "Looking at me, with such lustful eyes… even 'he' hasn't yet looked at me like that, nor is anyone other than 'him' is allowed to look at me like that…"

The guard didn't even listen to her words, too mesmerized in his own filthy thoughts, and was about to touch Esdeath, when he abruptly felt something drop from his body.

"Eh?" He slowly looked down at his pants and by extension on the ground and saw his 'thing' rolling on the ground.

Then his pants turned red stained by the blood spurting like a fountain from his severed nether that couldn't and wouldn't stop bleeding, he finally realized that the little girl in front of him had cut off his precious 'thing'.

With the realization came the indescribable pain of his nether being severed permanently, he was about to scream in agony when…

Esdeath sliced his throat, just enough for him to lose his voice but not to kill him, not even willing to give him the satisfaction of having a voice to plead her to at least scream to release some pain that he felt. She wasn't going to kill him, she had yet to finish his punishment for looking at her lustfully, for looking at her like that before her beloved did, for giving her a look reserved for the one she truly loved. NO ONE WAS ALLOWED TO LOOK AT HER EVEN A SINGLE BIT WRONGLY EXCEPT FOR HIM!!!

By her right hand a dagger was drawn, it was dripping with blood, this was just an ordinary dagger that was made from ordinary metal, as she already gave her treasured dagger to her beloved for keeping.

The guard didn't have the lustful expression that he had before, right now he was looking at Esdeath with fear and horror.

His butt fell on the ground, because he began to lose his balance due to blood loss.

Esdeath went closer to the guard, and pointed her dagger in his eyes. "I'm going to take away those eyeballs of yours, yeah those with which you looked at me lustfully, those eyeballs don't need to exist because they have taken the right of looking at me the way only my beloved can look at, and things that take away the rights of my beloved have to be DESTROYED!!!" She snarled absolute madness intertwined with love and longing flickering in her visage.

The guard couldn't even scream as Esdeath took away his eyeballs… slowly… very slowly… from his eye sockets.

It was an utterly painful experience, the guard died from the shock receiverd from the extreme pain that fried his neurons and laid on the ground, horror and agony still plastered on his eyeless bloodsoaked face. Esdeath didn't even spare a glance at his corpse.

The kid was simply frozen in fear from what she saw, Esdeath stared at the kid for a moment and left her without wasting any more time.

While walking she muttered with the same longing voice she made whenever she spoke of her beloved. "Kyle… I did a good thing right? I saved a kid and killed the person who is beating the kid... I'm a good person now..? Right? You'll come back to me now, right? When will you come back? I'm so lonely, so very lonely without you."

"W-wait!!!" The kid finally our of her frozen stupor shouted at Esdeath.

Esdeath stopped walking, and glared at the kid. "What?!"

"N-no, I-i... Thank you! Thank you very much for saving me!" 

Esdeath paused for a moment, a slight smile hanging on her face as she replied towards nobody. "Is that so?"

Then she left the kid at the corner, realizing that saving someone felt really nice. It felt refreshing to be good. Thinking maybe this was what Kyle wanted for her all along. To feel this feeling he may have felt when he helped her.

Thus the seed of Esdeath's change was sown at this moment.

( `END` )

Esdeath won't change at her core. She'll just not have the conviction of seeing weak people as ants. This will help her to understand people better.

She will also not be that big of a sadist like the original, but she will still kill without blinking.

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