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47.47% My Unconventional Delivery System! / Chapter 47: Jealousy?

Jealousy? - My Unconventional Delivery System! - Chapter 47 by Charlottes full book limited free

Chapter 47: Jealousy?

[[Hatenko Meru's PoV]]

Dragons, a fantasmic creature, or so I thought. I have heard of it many times, too much even, whether it be in games or in real life. Dragons were always synonymous to power. I've also fought dragons before, although they weren't real ones.

The dragons I fought were either the Boss Monsters from an RPG game or the dragons of my school, titular ones. Dragons; they were the symbolification of power, only the strongest deserved said word's acknowledgement, and with it the pressure of maintaining its glory.

I for one never actually believed in the existence of such creatures, they were myths, stories made up by crazy fanatics or ancient otakus as I liked to call them; there weren't exactly any proof of their existence either and I, being a believer proven facts instead of blind faith, didn't believe in them, I also didn't hope to meet one… okay, I confess I did imagine what it'd be like to actually meet a real dragon. It didn't take anything to have imaginations so I did.

But that was only that.. my imagination. Now however, all my beliefs were crumbling due to the sight before me. A huge ass dragon had appeared in front of my apartment flying, something that was not unlike a scene played out from a fantasy novel. Unfortunately, instead of excitement or even fascination I dreamed I would feel at a moment like this, all I could feel was unrestrained horror and fear, because the fantasmic beast was glaring at me, its eyes a hollow pit of blood red, when I glanced at them all I could see was the madness and savagery swirling incessantly, and all of it was directed at none other than me.

Dragon; my first encounter with it started to feel like it would also be my last, not because I wouldn't see it again, no, but because it may be the last sight I would see before said creature erased my existence.

A-am I… really about… to die!?

[[Completion of PoV]]


"Bitch! I'll fucking annihilate you from existence!" the dragon of chaos roared at Meru with its booming voice full of cataclysmic might, her tone revealing her intentions; to kill.. to murder.. to destroy, and its target was none other than the blonde haired gamer loli.

It was only a few hours ago, Tohru was in the mansion doing her everyday chores, cleaning, cooking, washing the clothes, sniffing Kyle's clothes and underwear, yeah she was doing her daily routine. Done with them she decided to take a break, she saw Kanna watching a drama series on their OLED TV and decided to join her.

Time passed slowly, but something unusual happened today making her anxious. Kyle hadn't returned home yet, usually he would be inside the mansion around this time. She was a bit anxious but she reigned her worries in, she thought him to be running late for some reason and would be arriving home soon. That thought went down the gutter when, even after an hour of wait there were no signs of Kyle arriving. Her anxiousness turned into desperate agony.

She fidgeted a bit, hesitating at what to do, another fifteen minutes passed, then she snapped. She immediately went outside to find him, her gait portraying urgency. This was a new side of her that surfaced after that date between her and Kyle, her affection, adoration and love for Kyle had increased so much that it was now downright fanaticism. Just her affection alone had far surpassed, anything and everything the loli version of Esdeath had felt for Kyle.

It could be said that presently, among the girls Kyle had interacted with, Tohru held the highest amount of affection and adoration for him, which was justifiable since Kyle had spent the most time with her alongside the fact that Kyle was aiming for Tohru himself, resulting in the present dynamic of things. The draconic maid in her worry however, had missed one tiny but extremely important detail. Kyle had actually already messaged her that he was going to be coming home late at night today. She had even read it, but due to the pseudo love induced delusional state she was experiencing these days she couldn't rationally register the meaning of his message, she was just happy that Kyle had messaged her, forgetting everything else written in said message.

So the event named, The Search For Kyle had officially commenced. She left Kanna alone without saying a word. Kanna was sufficiently perplexed at her actions, she pondered carefully about the reason of her sudden rush, but in the end she didn't think much of it and just returned to watch the Drama, it was on its climax, also she was sure if there were any problems her elder sister was more than powerful and competent enough to solve them, she had absolute faith in her after all. She returned to enjoying the drama staring at it intently in a cute posture, her hands cupping her cheeks with her mouth slightly open, without a care about anything else from thereafter. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_16437869705935105/jealousy_52521138659584605">!_16437869705935105/jealousy_52521138659584605</a> for visiting.


Tohru was now searching for him in her dragon form, but of course she didn't forget to turn herself invisible. She didn't mind letting others see her true form, if only to terrorize them, but Hina and Kyle had strongly advised her to always turn invisible in public when she was in her dragon form, they said that it would lead to needless trouble and Tohru unwilling to trouble the two people she cared about the most in her life, obliged.

(A/N : From now on, Kobayashi San aka Kyle's aunt will be called Kobayashi Hina)

She scanned the entire city of Tokyo using her draconic senses, which was simply mana sense taken to a ridiculously stupid height, offering absolute precision and an enormous range. After searching only a bit, she had picked up on his mana signature, he had been found, his location now confirmed; Tohru sighed in relief at finding him, his mana signature revealed him to be safe and sound so that also added to her relief and happiness.

Actually, if it were to be Kylie before he became a Minor God, it would've taken her far longer to locate him. She would've had to go through every single Mana signature in the range of her senses and filter out his signature. It would've been utterly time consuming, but now that he had obtained 'Divinity' it was far easier to find him. Gods had their own mana signatures which were unique to every God and locking into it was far easier for her than the random search and filter.

Flying to his destination happily, she had arrived at an apartment complex which had 69 floors in total, bar the roof and the underground parking. She was about to land on its rooftop and enter the apartment in her human form, through the door of course like a normal human would, before she could though she heard something, words that had drowned her happiness straight into the gutter.

"I love you…"

"Huh? What did you say again? I couldn't hear you properly. "

"I said, I love you!"

She froze, her entire body turned rigid, she couldn't believe what she heard. But the next moment she registered those words to be real and her expression fell. She snapped then and there. Gone was the bubbly airhead of a draconic maid, what replaced it was the one thing she suppressed most of her life. Her mind was consumed in the chaos that was her origin, her strength, her bane, she growled deeply, its tone underlying the absolute madness and desire for annihilation she now felt. 'That bitch! How dare she?! I'm gonna kill her! I'M GOING TO F*CKING ERASE HER FROM EXISTENCE!!!'

Lost in the cocktail of chaos and madness she blew up half of the 69th floor of said apartment, the only thing holding her back from completely erasing said building from existence was the remaining dregs of her sane mind registering the fact that Kyle was also there!

And that's how we were in the current situation.


Kyle was deeply shocked by this unexpected development. He stood unmoving on his spot, not able to move a single muscle from the instinctual fear he felt from this situation.

Meru on the other hand was trembling from the fear, anxiety, helplessness along with horror she was experiencing from being exposed to the full brunt of the dragon of chaos' boundless killing intent, tinged with pure chaos energy, Tohru was unintentionally emitting. It was still contained within herself otherwise wherever Tohru travelled would've been laid in a ruin of non-existence.

Finally not able to withstand further, her legs gave in, and her butt fell on the ground with a pah sound, dust swirling around her. Even with her iron will the full brunt of Tohru's draconic aura was not something a normal human could withstand, that she was still conscious was testament to her willpower.

Tohru's eyes turned colder, each second her desire to destroy Meru rising like a voluminous tide, all she wanted now was to blast Meru into non-existence. She opened her mouth, the Mana in her body gathered and turned into an orb of red, swirling within it was the pure chaos energy of her origin, the orb's destination was a secret to none.

Kyle finally snapped out of his instinctual fright based stupor, his eyes widened in horror as he saw what Tohru was about to do, he immediately used the full brunt of his breathing technique, overloading his body with strength and appeared in front of Tohru in a flash.

"Tohru! Stop! Why are you trying to kill her?!" Kyle shouted, his gaze never leaving the bloodshot ones of Tohru.

"Kyle! Move aside I'm going to kill that bitch!" It was evident she was dead set on exterminating Meru.

Seeing that she didn't listen to him, Kyle just sighed, a sigh full of melancholy directed at his own incompetence, he was sure he wouldn't be able to stop Tohru now, he was racking his brains but he had no idea, he felt defeated. "Sigh...I see you don't want to huh?"

His eyes turned terrifyingly listless, his dead fish-like eyes turned hollow, looking exactly like the ones seen on a dead man's lifeless body, he stared at Tohru's red draconic eyes as he whispered in a choking tone, continuing his words. "....If that's what you want then…don't blame me for what would happen after…Tohru, you are going to kill my friend, know that, and as much as I like much as I adore you, I won't ever be able to forgive you for doing that, some part of me however small it may be will always loathe and hate you for this."

He stopped shielding Meru and moved away from her spot, he knew that even if he kept saying there Tohru would just remove him and proceed to do what she wanted, this way he would be able to play a last gamble at saving Meru from her, though what he uttered and felt now was still all true, he continued gazing at Tohru never taking his eyes off from her's, his eyes still listless and hollow. "Now do it, what are you waiting for?"

Kyle's words, his actions and gaze terrified Tohru, no, Kyle suddenly didn't turn almighty and overpower Tohru in power and aura, like certain cliché's in shounen manga. Nothing changed about him, except for the gaze that Kyle was directing at her. His eyes which always looked at him with affection were now looking at her without any emotions, it was as if to him she didn't exist and this horrified her more than anything anyone ever could.

Tohru had lost all her intent to kill, she was now afraid, deeply afraid. Her whole body started trembling from the fear she felt. She didn't want him to look at her like this, like she didn't exist anymore, her worst nightmare was suddenly becoming true, the fear and pain she was feeling now was almost suffocating her.

"What? You're not going to continue?" Kyle stated emotionlessly, his gaze still unchanging and looking at Tohru but inwardly he held hope, his gamble might just have paid off.

"I-i…" Tohru stuttered, the longer she felt Kyle's lifeless gaze on her the more her trembling began to increase in intensity. She was now on the verge of crying. The worst feeling though was that she knew this was completely her fault. She had lost herself to the jealousy letting her chaos act up on its own, making her believe that the only way to solve this situation was to kill Meru. But she never would've thought that what resulted in her foolish thoughts were her beloved's lifeless and emotionless gaze resting on her, directed towards her. She didn't want that, she never wanted that!!!

She immediately transformed back to her human form, her eyes were now unlike before, instead of the madness and chaos, they were now filled to the brim with tears, her whole visage was one of a pitifully frightened individual as she looked at him, her body trembling in the fear and anxiety she felt.

Meru gawked at this unbelievable sight, and because of this she now understood why she felt like a prey before Tohru, it was because she was a genuine bonafide dragon! She had blanked out before due to Tohru's aura and didn't register anything they talked about.

Because of the tense atmosphere, none of them said anything, the only sound being Tohru's agonized whimpers and sobs as she kept trembling and looking at Kyle with tears falling out of her eyes, she was scared, incomparably so, she didn't dare to go near him, frightened that she may end up making him hate her more than he already did due to her reckless and senseless actions.

Kyle just kept looking at her, eventually though, he just sighed deeply, he couldn't bear to look at her crying face, and trembling sight, it was too much, his heart was clenching in pain, he knew it was her fault that all of this even happened, but he adored her too much to torture her further. And deep down he knew that even he was to blame for this sudden situation.

"Tohru..come here." Kyle whispered, his gaze slowly changing back to normal as he looked at Tohru.

"E-eh…" Tohru hesitated after being called by him, but her hesitation didn't last long, she loved him and to her that was all which mattered.

She at first took slight quivering steps, slowly gathering her resolve. She ran full speed to Kyle and tackled him with a tight hug, she buried her face in Kyle's chest and started to bawl out her emotions. "Sniff~ I was scared…of those lifeless eyes..I thought that you started to loathe me…I was afraid, I'm sorry I'm really sorry I promise I won't do that again...please just don't hate me! Don't hate me! I can't bear it, please I'll do anything just don't hate me....Uwaaaaaa!"

"....You promise?"

"*Sob.. Mhm! I pwoumise!"

"Alright, then let's forget everything that happened today.. *sigh~ was it really necessary to blow up Meru's apartment? Now I have to pay for it..hey Meru sorry about this!" He glanced at Meru with a helpless smile.

Hearing that, Meru came back to reality and replied blankly, she was perhaps still out of it. "O-oh it's fine..? I guess?"

She didn't really know how to respond in a situation like this, suddenly Tohru gave a plausible suggestion. "*Sniff~ Oh about that *sniff~ I can repair it using my magic sniff~"

Her eyes were still wet from crying, Kyle kept on patting her and stroking her hair and horns to calm her down, he suddenly remembered that restoration ability of hers. "Oh that's right! Then will you? It's your fault in the first place..oh and about the people who might have seen this?"

"Sniff- don't worry I can alter and remove their memories."

"Oh! That's convenient, you should really teach me magic! It'll help."


"Wait seriously?"

"Mhm..then what about her? Should I remove her memories too?"

Hearing that Meru immediately retorted. "No way! I have no intention of forgetting this!"

Kyle just nodded, acknowledging her demands. "You heard her, don't alter her memories."

Tohru immediately agreed as she started to restore Meru's apartment and simultaneously altered and removed the memories of the involved individuals effectively putting an end to this chapter.

( `END` )

Alternative Title : How To Make A Yandere Dragon Accept Harem


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