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67% My Unconventional Delivery System! / Chapter 67: She's Here

She's Here - My Unconventional Delivery System! - Chapter 67 by Charlottes full book limited free

Chapter 67: She's Here

Tapping on the notification of his phone, he was redirected towards the group chat, what greeted his sights afterwards was the picture of a mansion, eerily similar in design to his, posted in said chat group by ButterflySword aka the modern day Shinobu. The shocking part about the picture was that, not only was it pretty similar, in design and aesthetics, to his own mansion but also the part that he knew where the mansion was!

He had seen it once, it was close to his own mansion, in fact it was situated in the same subdivision he was currently living at! Following his scrutinization of the picture and the subsequent musing of the details, he went on to read the messages interchanged between the rest of the members, which were in this case only Shinobu and Kanae.

[[ ButterflySword : I finally arrived in Tokyo! You see the mansion in the picture? I'll be temporarily staying there! ]]

[[ FlowerGirl : Nice! You finally arrived, I really want to tag along, but too bad I have something to do in college! Urghhh! I want to have a vacation in Tokyo too! ]]

Having read till here, Kyle decided to intervene and mingle a bit with the pair of sisters.

[[ Kai-kun : Wait, you're already here in Tokyo? Why didn't you mention it to me yesterday, when we briefly chatted? You should've informed me! ]]

[[ FlowerGirl : Oh, that's natural since it wasn't exactly planned and only me and her family know about this visit. ]]

[[ ButterflySword : That's right! Hey Kai-kun if I remember correctly you live in Tokyo right? Wanna meet offline? I want someone to guide me in Tokyo and you're a good candidate, also besides you, I don't know anyone in Tokyo, so I'd be grateful if you mustered the time to show me around a bit! ]]

Reading through the reply, Kyle was… surprised, scrunching his brows in a frown he contemplated. 'Isn't she trusting me too much? I know that we became close with all the daily chats and all, but it doesn't change the reality of the situation; which is me, basically being a stranger to her.'

Nevertheless, Kyle chose to agree, he had the time so might as well.

[[ Kai-kun : Sure, but are you sure you want me to guide you through Tokyo? Aren't you trusting me a bit too much? ]]

[[ ButterflySword : Okay.. about that.. I know that it may sound weird, but I have this certain… compulsive feeling... that I can trust you. Now, I know that it doesn't make sense, trust me it doesn't make any sense to myself either, but I also can't deny that I feel very comfortable when I chat with you. So, I opted to believe in that feeling. ]]

[[ Kai-kun : What kind of logic is that? Of course, it doesn't make any sense, it's completely nonsensical.. oh wait.. hehehe.. don't tell me you fell in love with me now, did you!? ]]

He decided to tease her a bit, he didn't have to wait long for her reply, in fact, he didn't have to wait at all as it was near instantaneous.

[[ ButterflySword : Stop dreaming, that won't happen ever!! ]]

[[ FlowerGirl : Speaking of this subject, I'm actually of the same opinion as Shinobu, I also feel the same, that I can trust you. ]]

[[ Kai-kun : **Audible Gasp**... Don't tell me you're in love with me too!!? ]]

[[ FlowerGirl : No way, why would I suddenly fall in love with a stranger that I haven't even met personally? Stop dreaming Kai-kun!! ]]

[[ Kai-kun : That… actually makes sense, alright. I'll accept being your guide tomorrow. It is Saturday, it's a holiday for me so I'm relatively free, plus I don't have any plans for that particular day so I can easily accompany you. ]]

[[ ButterflySword : Great! Then where are we going to meet? And what time? ]]

[[ Kai-kun : How about now? The location can be the mansion you posted previously. ]]

[[ FlowerGirl : ??????? ]]

[[ ButterflySword : Huh? How??? ]]

[[ Kai-kun : Let me explain, the mansion in the picture you posted, the one you are currently staying at, is actually really close to my place. If I remember correctly we are at best a few hundred meters away from each other, give or take a few meters. Funny coincidence isn't it? You just had to lodge in the same subdivision where I live! ]]


Standing in front of the gate of the mansion of the picture, Shinobu was adorning a look of surprise as she gawkingly stared at the screen of her smartphone. She couldn't believe the coincidence and the convenience of the situation, as how this internet friend of hers, she approached for help, happened to live so near where she would be staying for the duration of her work!

"What the?.. Is he speaking the truth? If he is then it's a very surprising coincidence..!"

Finished mumbling, Shinobu proceeded to hurriedly type out a message and reply to Kyle.

[[ ButterflySword : Really?! I didn't know you were rich! ]]

[[ Kai-kun : "Damn! What kind of reply is that? But hey I didn't know you were rich either, I thought you were working at a shrine to make money? ]]

[[ ButterflySword : Huh?! What gave you an idea that I'm working at a shrine to earn money?! I'm only working there because it's my family business! ]]

[[ Kai-kun : So you're telling me that your family owns the God of Delivery Shrine? ]]

[[ ButterflySword : Yes, that is correct. ]]

[[ Kai-kun : So your last name is Kōchō? ]]

[[ ButterflySword : That's right. ]]

[[ Kai-kun : I see, now everything makes sense, so basically you're Kōchō Shinobu, the current head of the God of Delivery Shrine? ]]

[[ ButterflySword : I wasn't exactly trying to hide that fact, but yes I am. ]]

[[ Kai-kun : So what about you FlowerGirl you're also a Kōchō? ]]

[[ FlowerGirl : Yes, since my cousin told you her identity then I don't mind telling mine, I'm Kōchō Kanae. ]]


The revelation was enough to surprise Kyle for a bit, he hadn't fancied the possibility that his online friends would happen to be the literal reincarnations of the duo that was the principal cause behind him becoming a God, also his first fanatical devotees. Coincidence? No, Kyle knew better, it was too good to be a coincidence. He had this faint feeling, a flickering one, that someone above was pulling the strings behind all the things that were happening to him and the people surrounding him.

The thought was equal part depressing and horrifying, if it were to be true, questions he didn't want the answer to would start surfacing in his mind, so he forcefully convinced himself to accept that he was only imagining things and everything was a coincidence. Deep down though, a part of him was silently assessing his true thoughts.

[[ Kai-kun : So anyway, do you still want to meet? ]]

[[ ButterflySword : Alright, let's do it.. for some reason I feel somewhat nervous. ]]

[[ Kai-kun : Hey, I'm the same, this is my first time meeting an online friend in real life, though I know exactly who you are and your appearance since you're somewhat famous in japan. ]]

[[ ButterflySword : I'm not that famous, I can't be compared to popular idols. ]]

[[ Kai-kun : You're actually complaining? ]]

[[ ButterflySword : Nah, you're just imagining things, get over here already!! ]] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_16437869705935105/she&apos;s-here_53040364520529346">!_16437869705935105/she&apos;s-here_53040364520529346</a> for visiting.

[[ Kai-kun : Okay, okay.. I'm on my way. ]]


Exiting his mansion, Kyle kept on chatting while being on his way to the mansion Shinobu was supposed to be staying at.

Few minutes of idle walk later, he had arrived at the assigned place. It was then when he saw her, Shinobu now in front of the mansion, probably waiting for him, hands holding her smartphone as she kept on tapping the screen. She was probably texting something in the group chat, most probably a reply to his previous message.

Seeing Shinobu, a plethora of complicated feelings assaulted him. He knew that the Shinobu he was looking at wasn't the original Shinobu, yet he still felt a bit nostalgic. She was a carbon copy of the original he had previously met, albeit a more mature version with her breasts and ass fully developed, sadly the same development couldn't be seen in the height department. She was still less than 5 feet in height making Kyle more than a head taller than her. But that was naturally compensated by the absurdly pleasant mix of mature and cuteness that her height allowed her to pull off. It also further emphasized the curves of her body making them seem larger than they originally were.

The vibe she emitted also starkly contrasted with the vibe of the original Shinobu. She had a modern normie vibe going on for her, superimposed by the rich ojou sama one showcased by her style of clothing.

The way she wore her outfit was like those rich JK girls around Tokyo, he mused as he gave her a long look. 'Wasn't she supposed to be wearing a Yukata or something? Since she's from Kyoto.. but this.. she's no different from those Tokyo girls, whatever, it isn't important or anything.'

Putting a stop to his track of thoughts, he approached Shinobu, still busy typing away, and greeted her with a cheery smile. "Yo! I'm here."

Shinobu, having heard him, immediately raised her head and saw him smiling at her, she immediately confirmed. "Kai-kun?"

"Yep that's me, also please feel free to call me Kyle, no honorifics needed."

"Oh, then nice to meet you Kyle, you look more handsome than I had initially expected you to be." They shook hands and Shinobu teased him with a cheeky smile.

"And you're a lot shorter than I expected as well." Kyle jabbed back, the same cheeky grin on his face as Shinobu's.

Shinobu's grip immediately tightened, her cheeky smile slowly turning into a creepy one. "I'm sorry, what did you say? I wasn't able to hear you."

She was actually very sensitive about her height, she did all she could, but no matter what she did, her height was locked in place. It was like a curse, nothing she did could cure it.

"I was saying that, you have a lovely height, just the right amount all girls should have, personally speaking I prefer girls being around that height, it makes them exceptionally cute." Kyle responded, smoothly changing his response while mixing a bit of a flattering note into the previous cheeky mix. Inwardly he was sweating, her creepy smile had made his soul shiver in fright, he silently decided never to mention anything indicating her height to her ever again.

Shinobu's creepy smile disappeared, a blush taking its place as her grip softened and she averted her gaze from Kyle's and responded in a slight quivering tone, coyness permeating in said note. "R-really?? It's good, then."

Thus was how the meeting between the God of Delivery and the descendant of his very first devotee transpired. The God looking at the short girl and said girl fidgeting, hesitating to make eye contact with said god.

A peaceful silence existed between them, waiting to be broken by their next exchange...

( `END` )

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