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100% My Yin turned Yang! (BL) / Chapter 57: Relationship between mother and son

Relationship between mother and son - My Yin turned Yang! (BL) - Chapter 57 by Take_the_Moon full book limited free

Chapter 57: Relationship between mother and son

For two years Chu Peng stood by Chen Daiyu, but she only felt some friendship, of course, some sexual desire, but that was it. She wouldn't let herself get involved with this thing called love again.

After two years, the mysterious master came back and actually came to take Chen Daiyu away. He returned to take her to a powerful sect and there Chen Daiyu could shine more and more.

"But you will have to abort this child in your belly," said the mysterious master. Thus, Chen Daiyu discovered that she was two months pregnant with her first child.

Chen Daiyu once again had to make a choice that would totally change her life. The last choice wasn't so wise since the result was love as weak as a dry autumn leaf.

Funny, Chen Daiyu thought for a moment, she didn't hesitate when she refused her master's offer. Although she is happy that her master has returned for her and still wants to help her. Unfortunately, there were some things that Chen Daiyu couldn't give up.

"Why is that? Your life isn't so good here. This family even took the resources from you. They're afraid of you. This Chu Peng is a weakling who doesn't stand up to his father. So, why don't you just abandon everything?" asked mysterious master curious about Chen Daiyu's decision.

"I thank the master for taking care of me for so long and still remembering me today. But I can't kill the child in my womb. This child isn't to blame for my choices," Chen Daiyu said with a soft smile. This paired with her fairy beauty, made her look like a beautiful and untouchable deity.

"Are you sure about this?" asked the mysterious master once more. He really didn't want to let Chen Daiyu's great talent get lost in this little place.

"This student greets the master one last time," said Chen Daiyu leaning deeply towards the mysterious master. That was her final answer, and she was cutting ties with the person she most admired.

"I accept this last bow. I hope you are happy little girl Daiyu" said the mysterious master stroking Chen Daiyu's head regretfully.

"Master, the words you said earlier. I finally understood them," Chen Daiyu said as he turned around to leave.

"What words?" asked the mysterious master a little confused. He looked at the slender back of Chen Daiyu, who didn't want to look him in the eye.

"One should not trust the words of men," said Chen Daiyu with a smile and touching his belly. Of course, the mysterious master couldn't see the sad smile of this disciple of his.

The mysterious master was silent, but Chen Daiyu didn't look back again and continued walking forward.

Chen Daiyu knew she would never see the person she most admired. However, even this mysterious master wasn't so different from ordinary men, as they wanted to force her to follow the path, they want her to follow the steps they planned. Never asking what she would like or if she was happy with it. Even the master at that time was no different from ordinary men in ancient times.

Could the master have suggested that she have the child and even take the child to the sect, there she would not shine at all? However, the master didn't suggest this and Chen Daiyu can only smile bitterly at the ancient society in which she lived.

Everyone had strong opinions about how Chen Daiyu had to tread this "good" path to her life.

Well, Chen Daiyu decided to choose her path. She chose to give birth to this child in her belly.

For other people this was foolish, it was better to have followed with the mysterious master and lived a life of glory and reach the top, but Chen Daiyu had become tired of following the path that others wanted for her.

Of course, Chen Daiyu got lost in the way she had chosen for herself and became a person she would not recognize in the future. Only recovering a little of what she was, when her eldest son began to walk the same path as her in the Martial Dao of the Masters of Matrices.

Of course, the story of her life would never be known to her children. All this would be part of the long river of history.

Chen Daiyu and Chu Jiayi began to have a harmonious relationship, not mother and son, but teacher and student. Chu Jiayi deeply admired his new mother who was so intelligent and so capable but felt sorry in his heart that such a good woman had been buried in the harem and had to fight for her husband's favor.

If it were in the modern world, Chen Daiyu would have been one of the captains of his technology team, she would have been brilliant and acclaimed in academia and in the technological circles.

She would appear in the media shocking everyone with her beauty and shrewd intelligence, causing men and women to bow in admiration. Chu Jiayi could even see how glorious she would be if she had been born into the modern world. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!-(bl)_11787746206521105/relationship-between-mother-and-son_50934862550453689">!-(bl)_11787746206521105/relationship-between-mother-and-son_50934862550453689</a> for visiting.

Too bad such a good woman was born at this time so bad for women. Of course, Chu Jiayi didn't ignore the fact that his mother was suppressing the other women and their half-siblings.

All to gain more resources for himself and his younger sister. Although, that now be unnecessary given the importance of Chu Jiayi current. However, Chu Jiayi had other ways of concerting these relationships and softening his mother's icy heart.

However, this is for another time.

Returning to the current situation of Chen Daiyu having hopes of holding a grandson earlier and that Fen Yue would become a concubine of his eldest son.

Chen Daiyu was "shocked" when her son brought Tao Kang home and announced their loving relationship to the whole family. Well, she wasn't as shocked as everyone thought she was.

She was an adult woman who came from a local noble family, she had seen and heard much, besides, she was trained by a mysterious master who had already left this world and explored the so-called "empty world".

How could she not know about homosexuality?

Of course, she knew. Chen Daiyu knew that his son would be different from other men, soon after Chu Jiayi turned twelve. As Chu Jiayi was getting more and more beautiful and increasingly frivolous, he rivaled the beautiful young women in charm and appearance.

Chen Daiyu in the background already knew that Chu Jiayi would not follow the traditional pattern, but she had hoped that even if he had a male wife as the main wife, that at least he had concubines to generate an heir.

Well, things didn't work out the way she wanted them to. Chu Jiayi actually took for himself a male wife but decided that he would be monogamous and wouldn't have concubines.

Chen Daiyu was disappointed with her son in this regard, after all, she wanted to hold her grandchildren.

Make no mistake, Chen Daiyu was the proudest person for Chu Jiayi than anyone in the family. Even Tao Kang couldn't rival how much she esteemed Chu Jiayi. Not only because she was Chu Jiayi's mother, but because he fulfilled her old dream when he did become a Matrix Master.

Although Chen Daiyu never outsourced how proud she was of her eldest son. She was taught that women should not show their emotions, whether of joy, pride, sadness, or anything because it was hideous and men didn't appreciate this kind of thing in women. Such action could tarnish her child's reputation. In addition, it would raise suspicion of the men of the family. After all, Chu Jiayi was the heir. Men were more concerned that women would control their children when they came to power.

If she were to be happy and proud, she would be seen as a boastful and fickle woman, so she can only look from afar at her eldest son.

Anyway, Chen Daiyu had hoped with Fen Yue being brought in by Chu Jiayi to be a teacher for his adopted grandchildren.

Of course, the cruel reality showed that she was very wrong.

"This son-in-law is very domineering!" thought Chen Daiyu as she listened to some gossip from the servants, who seemed to gossip in shame. They had heard many noises that seemed very promiscuous coming from Chu Jiayi's room.

Well, Tao Kang was jealous that his mother-in-law thought of Fen Yue as a future concubine for Chu Jiayi, at the end, who had to pay the "bill" was Chu Jiayi himself, who had nothing to do with his mother's thoughts.

Of course, there was one day that Tao Kang intimidated Chu Jiayi too much, at least in the view of Chen Daiyu, who as a mother felt she should protect her eldest son.

That day Tao Kang learned that there was an ever-higher mountain, but how could he have imagined that the strongest person in the Chu Family was actually Chen Daiyu?

A transcendent master in a small family in a place forgotten by God?

Wouldn't that be something like a strong disappointment?!

Oh, but that's another story.

Take_the_Moon Take_the_Moon

Hello readers! How is everyone doing? I hope everyone can be healthy!

Thank you for your support!

Some must be wondering how did Chen Daiyu not realize that the original Chu Jiayi died and is someone else in the place? Well, anyone who reads many novels or historical books should know that mothers in ancient times only stayed with their children until they were five or eight years old, afterwards the children would be handed over to tutors and nannies, especially if they were heirs. Since men feared that the children's mothers would use the children as a puppet or that it would have too much influence within the family.

For this reason, the first intimate encounter with Chu Jiayi was when he had already migrated. Chen Daiyu would not think much if, after almost dying ill, the son had a change for the better and became more diligent.

Okay, explained this now, what do you think of Chen Daiyu's story? Just warning that the mysterious master will make an appearance in the future of the novel.

See Ya!

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