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83.87% My Young Vampire Man / Chapter 26: Narcissistic Nabi

Narcissistic Nabi - My Young Vampire Man - Chapter 26 by Book_Pen full book limited free

Chapter 26: Narcissistic Nabi

Olivia left the room with joy, uttering that she would then leave the lovers alone.

Sighing, Nabi got up taking the newly brought night suit and headed towards the bathroom. The dress wasn't her style. It was a light blue cotton shirt with the same colour pyjamas. Both of them had kitten images and the word 'meow' written all over. She hadn't wore such a cute dress in her life.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she was awestruck. The night suit, which Beau selected was perfect for her. She looked mesmerized, watching herself in the bathroom mirror.

Recalling all the shopping scenarios of her 20 years, she didn't select at least a single top. Most of the time, it was her mom who shopped to make her little girl pretty. It was the first time that she selected three shirts. Though it felt like a proud moment, there was some uneasiness and doubt if her choices were good. However, the girl in the mirror was the only thing she could now put her concentrate on. She was also delighted to wear a dress selected by her boyfriend

All the self-confidence, which she didn't possess on her appearance, came back with lightning speed. After posing in various angles, her confidence rose to peaks. Deliberately she decided to try a new thing that day.

She undid her messy bun and combed the hair with the detangler on the bathroom rack, which was left unused most of the time. Taking the right partition with her fingers and leaving some hair in the front over her shoulders, she took a look at the mirror after spending the longest time on her hair.

The girl in the mirror appeared like a different person. The long hair brought up a cute and girly look to her.

[Why haven't I tried this before? I look much beautiful than any other girl in the class... Naaa... in the whole university.]

Smiling to herself, Nabi wondered why Beau wasn't calling her yet as she spends almost thirty minutes in the washroom. Moreover, she wanted him to look at her and praise her.

[Will he kiss me as soon as he sees me... Or else will be doing something else?]

As her mind wandered and imagined various intimate things, her face turned red as if all the blood in the body gushed over on her face. Tapping her cheeks and washing her face, she told herself to get hold of her dirty mind. She walked towards the door, trying her best to maintain her coolness.

Alas! There was a note in place of Beau on the bed. The little bit of horny feeling that she had, was now replaced with anger.

"What the hell was that urgent for him?" she rushed to the note, cursing Beau.

"I am going for the hunt." - the note said.

A spike of guilty ran through her.

[How can I be this selfish? I didn't even care to ask him if he ate. And now, despite knowing everything, I want to tempt him. They say that a vampire senses are at peeks near their partner. It must be tough for him.]

Realizing that she was completely self-absorbed and neglected his feelings, she sat down to decide what she should do to help her love.

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Beau was running and hopping through the woods with wrap speed. The trees in the pitch dark forest rumbled as he passed by. His eyes were turning redder second by second, and his nails and canines protruded. He was sniffing hastily as if he was a police dog searching for clues.

In a few seconds, his nails landed on a rabbit stomach while his tooth was feasting on its neck. He was quenching his thirst awfully and was also whiffing. As soon as be completed, he ran through the bushes and abruptly stopped. His beautiful eyes, which are scary now, glared at a deer gracefully sprinting.

As he traced the deer, his breathing gradually increasing. He seemed like he was enjoying the meal with his eyes. But why?

The deer slowly disappeared as Beau watched whilst he knocked to the ground. His tears were crushing the ground as he slept to his right, hugging his legs, and his knees were touching the chin. He almost squeezed himself in the tiniest way possible.

The ruby coloured eyes were fading, exposing his hazel-green eyes still filled with tears. He got up slowly but with great difficulty. The significant weight loss was visible, he appeared lifeless with almost zero energy.

[No!! It's not going to work. I can't approach Nabi in this state.]

Panting briskly, he hastened in the direction of the deer. The poor animal whose speed wasn't a match to that of a vampire turned spiritless in a blood pool.

Beau turned fleshy after slaughtering a deer and feeding on its blood. He stood upright instead of trembling upon satisfying his body. Remembering his girlfriend, he galloped much faster and jumped into her room.

Nabi yelped as Beau showed up suddenly. In a jiffy, his right palm was on her mouth and uttered calmly, "It's me." Nabi wide-opened eyes relaxed as they glanced at Beau. Before she could ease her heart, her eyes fell on Beau's shirt. Observing the blood patches and spots, she swallowed her tension and told her brain to maintain a friendly expression on her face. Nevertheless, neither her eyes nor lips could succeed in hiding the fear.

Gazing in the direction of Nabi's staring eyes, Beau sighed and instantly removed his shirt. Nabi's eyeballs enlarged, viewing Beau's flawless skin and muscular body that he had been concealing. Her eyes traced his abs, and her dirty mind started counting 1..2..3..4..5..6... "Six Pack!!" she exclaimed loudly and continued looking a little lower.

Beau has been enjoying the look on her face, which he had last seen barely on the terrace. He smiled to himself, watching her lustful eyes and her chest, which was rapidly moving in and out.

Observing that she was lowering her eyes, he teased, "You can enjoy the lower part next time." Nabi instantly closed her eyes and covered her face.

She turned red as Beau approached her left ear, "It's yours! You don't have to be shy."

[Ehhhh!!! Forget that scene!

But how could I? That body.....Ahhhhh!

No!! You mustn't make it difficult for him.

His is all ours; you can have him!

Yes!! He is ours in the future too. Be a good girl!! You can't be narcissistic again.]

After a debate between the angel and the devil, Nabi composed herself and walked towards her cupboard. Inspecting every top, she drew the largest one and gave it to Beau before she slept.

Beau, who has been looking at her, was perplexed. He fit in the tee that she gave with difficulty. His mind wandered, thinking why she was suddenly off.

"What happened? Did I say anything wrong?" he asked humbly.

"No, not all!" Nabi answered immediately.


"I didn't want to make you uncomfortable."

"Me...Uncomfortable?" Beau repeated in dismay.

"Hmm... You will have difficulty controlling in case if I continued that moment."

Beau chuckled, "You know what? I am always controlling my urges and thirst beside you, but it isn't distressing because I love spending time with you. Moreover, I don't take a step because I am afraid that my hand or mouth might reach your neck in that process. Nabi, you don't have to do that too." he remarked as he patted her hair sitting beside her pillow.

Nabi thought, biting her nails but was muddled with various thoughts and questions.

"But, can't you reach my neck if I know what?"

Beau grinned, "Just be a good girl and sleep."

"But how?" she pleaded innocently.

"Maybe later", Beau responded firmly.

Twisting her lips, she inquired annoyingly, "What will you do while I sleep."

"Sleep," he responded casually.

"What?" she shouted as she sat facing him.

"Haaa...Movies... Got it!!... We aren't robots. We sleep too, but a little rest compared to humans. Answered! Now sleep!"

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