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29.26% Mysterious Doctor is a Beastly Wife / Chapter 24: Chapter 24

Chapter 24 - Mysterious Doctor is a Beastly Wife - Chapter 24 by Claire_Carnable full book limited free

Chapter 24: Chapter 24

The little girl that Yin Man Feng had neglected was just about to watch Yin Man Feng make a joke out of himself. Seeing that she could activate the fire and wind elemental spiritual powers, his little face became sinister.

Damn it, this guy had stolen her limelight.

"Instructor, he is just an impostor, a lowly commoner. I absolutely cannot let him pass the test!" The little girl said coldly.

Yin Man Feng looked at the little girl speechlessly. At such a young age, there were already so many expressions on his face.

Seeing that Yin Man Feng's gaze fell on the little girl, Qian Ju knew that she did not remember anything from the past, so he explained for her: "She is Chong Miao Zi from Chong Mansion, the current Empress's niece, with both the fire and wood elements. Now that she is a Spirit Master of the first rank, Chong Mansion intends to raise her to become a pill refiner, so she is favored by both Chong Mansion and Empress!"

Yin Man Feng smacked his lips.

Speaking of apothecaries, she had to study them when she was free.

Yin Man Feng did not plan to care about what Chong Miao Zi was doing, she directly gave his teacher his identity jade plate.

Within the circle of aristocrats in the Cang Li Country, every disciple of every clan would own an identity jade tablet, and being able to have their own Qi on the jade tablet was impossible to create. When the instructor saw Yin Man Feng take out the jade tablet that belonged to the General's Estate, he instantly changed his attitude towards Yin Man Feng.

Yin Man Feng was General's Estate's darling, if he is not well, General Yin and Yin Cheng Feng will not let this go easily.

Seeing the instructor politely bringing Yin Man Feng in, Chong Miao Zi's face was twisted in anger.

Why was it that when she, a trash, was the focus of everyone, she, Chong Miao Zi, was the only one that was truly favored by the heavens, and the one who should be the center of attention was her?

Damn you, Yin Man Feng!

That damnable piece of trash is no longer a piece of trash, ugly and ugly are no longer ugly and ugly!

Chong Miao Zi did not have the time to find trouble with Yin Man Feng, when she was attracted by the cries coming from the other side.

"Spirit Master of the three elements! He actually has three spiritual roots! "

"Why is he eight years old? Same as Yin Man Feng, we were two years late in reporting! "

Yin Man Feng who was walking far away heard the commotion of the crowd and could not help but turn back to look. He saw a cold boy expressionlessly accepting his teacher's test.

The boy felt Yin Man Feng's gaze and turned his head to face her.

What a cold gaze!

Yin Man Feng couldn't help but exclaim. Being so cold and heartless at such a young age, what about the children of this world?

Yin Man Feng was not too concerned about this matter, she retracted his gaze and followed his teacher into the New Heart College.

Outside the courtyard door, Chong Miao Zi glared hatefully at the cold boy as another person who had stolen her limelight appeared.

"Miss Chong, this man doesn't have any status or background. We just need to kill him quietly." Beside Chong Miao Zi, a boy with dog legs said obsequiously.

Chong Miao Zi looked at him with praise, then said to the people beside him: "Let's go!"

In the crowd, Qian Chang and Qian Ju looked at each other. After confirming that Yin Man Feng had entered the New Heart College, the two of them sat in the beast carriage and returned.

In a short period of time, the news of General's Estate's Yin Man Feng possessing two types of Spirit Root had spread throughout the entire city.

It looks like Yin Cheng Feng had been giving Yin Man Feng a lot of chances to find one during these past two years!

For Yin Man Feng to have such a family, this kind of brother must be envious to the point that a large group of people would die. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

However, those who were lurking in the shadows and thought of the defeat of the General's Estate could no longer remain calm.

If Yin Ruo Feng did not die, then Yin Man Feng could start cultivating.

She followed her teacher and entered the Academy's plaza. All the new students were gathered there, and because the recruitment was not over yet, they could only wait here.

After the instructor sent Yin Man Feng away, Yin Man Feng swept his eyes across the crowd. They were all a group of brats, standing in the middle of a pile of kids, feeling weird.

"Huh?!" Yin Man Feng suddenly realised that there were three children his age in the crowd.

She didn't expect that there would be people like her who only came to school when they were eight years old.

Yin Man Feng had not been standing in the plaza for long, and that cold and detached boy was also brought in by his teacher. He looked at the crowd, then walked to Yin Man Feng's side and stopped.

Yin Man Feng looked at him curiously. The place was so big, why did he have to stand by her side?

The boy ignored the scrutinized look from Yin Man Feng and only gave her a side face that was expressionless.

Yin Man Feng curled his lips and retracted his gaze, intending to wait for the arrival of his mentor.

Unfortunately, the teacher did not arrive. Instead, he waited for a group of people to find fault with him.

"You are Yin Man Feng?" When the originally furious Li Wen Chi saw Yin Man Feng's face, he asked in disbelief.

How could this be? Had the ugly bastard really become beautiful?

When the surrounding people heard Li Wen Chi's words, they all looked at Yin Man Feng in shock. She was that trash from the General Yin's Palace?

The cold-looking boy beside Yin Man Feng couldn't help but raise his eyebrows when he heard Li Wen Chi's words. A trace of curiosity flashed through his ice-cold eyes.

Yin Man Feng recognized Li Wen Chi instantly, and looking at his furious expression, he asked indifferently: "What's the matter?"

Seeing Yin Man Feng's indifferent face, Li Wen Chi almost vomited blood in anger.

She killed his brother and asked if he was all right?

"I came today to avenge my brother." Li Wen Chi said angrily.

Yin Man Feng looked at Li Wen Chi sympathetically. Although he was the same age as second brother, he was not as calm and wise as him. Forget about strength and talent, how could someone like him challenge second brother?

"Do you have any proof that I killed your brother?" Yin Man Feng asked coldly. From the way the Li brothers treated her, she could imagine how badly the original owner had been bullied by them in the past.

"Who else but you? Back then in the Cloudfall Mountains, he was chasing after you. " said while looking at Yin Man Feng with hatred. In the entire Li family, only the two brothers were direct descendants, he brought his brother out to train, but was unable to find the Divine Beasts. He even lost his brother's life.

Yin Man Feng sneered, he really dared to say it, why did Li Wen Da chase after her back then?

"Scram!" Yin Man Feng did not want to tell him anything, so he asked coldly.

Li Wen Chi's face changed, she actually dared to use such a tone to talk to him?

Even if she had awakened her spiritual roots and recovered her looks, she would still be a rookie that had just started cultivating. How could she have the courage to speak to him in such a manner?

Relying on Yin Cheng Feng's protection, he dared to be so lawless in front of him?

Today, he would let everyone see that he was fearless against Yin Cheng Feng!

"You're courting death!" After Li Wen Chi finished speaking, his figure flashed, and without even thinking about using his reputation of bullying the weak, he directly rushed towards Yin Man Feng.

The surrounding people all stared wide-eyed at this scene, was Li Wen Chi that shameless?

He, a sixth stage Spirit Master, had actually attacked a person with recently awakened spiritual roots.

Just as everyone was feeling regretful for Yin Man Feng, they heard a bang sound, and Li Wen Chi flew out.

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