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Chapter 25 - Mysterious Doctor is a Beastly Wife - Chapter 25 by Claire_Carnable full book limited free

Chapter 25: Chapter 25

Li Wen Chi flew out. Was there a mistake?

Li Wen Chi had not awakened his spirit root two years ago. Even if she had gone out with Yin Cheng Feng to cultivate, she wouldn't have been able to become a Spirit Master from a Spirit Scholar in two years, right?

Of course, Yin Man Feng had not become the Spirit Master, she was not even considered a spirit scholar. The only reason she could send Li Wen Chi flying was because of the Ancient Martial Arts he learnt in his previous life.

Li Wen Chi flew out and landed on the ground not far away, the powerful force of the palm caused all of his internal organs to move, he wanted to stand up, but he could only crawl on the ground and spit out blood.

He could not imagine, that it was one thing if he was not Yin Cheng Feng's opponent, but to be actually sent flying by Yin Man Feng.

This was simply a humiliation!

In his extreme rage, he was enraged to the extreme, and directly fainted.

There was a moment of silence.

The surrounding people could not believe what was happening, Yin Man Feng actually defeated Li Wen Chi?

When the people who came with Li Wen Chi to cause trouble saw that Li Wen Chi had collapsed, they looked at him in fear. With their status, they did not dare to fight him directly.

"Scram!" Yin Man Feng said to them directly.

Without saying a word, the group of people lifted the unconscious Li Wen Chi and fled. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After the people had found fault, their gazes towards Yin Man Feng started to change. If he was really worthy to be from the General's Estate, how bad would his talent be?

"That's right!" The cold-looking boy who was watching all this looked at Yin Man Feng with praise.

Yin Man Feng politely smiled at him.

— —

Not long after the new students were gathered at the plaza, several coaches appeared before them. The leading teacher said, "This year, the four coaches will lead your freshmen class. Teacher Yang is Spirit Master, Teacher Lang is a martial master, Teacher Feng is an alchemist, Teacher Yuan is an artificer, Student teacher is Beast Trainer and Teacher Xue is a professional.

After listening to the instructor's words, Yin Man Feng's mouth twitched, so what if Teacher Xue is a teacher? What was his occupation?

Alchemists, artificers, and Beast Trainer were all career masters. Did the teacher call him a career master mean that he knew everything?

If he knew anything, she was interested in visiting him.

However, if he were to be a pro, why would no one else choose him?

Also, why is there no formation spell master's instructor?

No matter what, he would just follow his own wishes.

Yin Man Feng directly walked in front of the Teacher Xue that no one had a choice in.

As he walked in front of the Teacher Xue, Yin Man Feng discovered that his exceptionally handsome face was pale white. His sculpted facial features were sharp and clear, and his deep eyes were filled with sorrow, as if nothing in the world could arouse his enthusiasm. Seeing Yin Man Feng walking towards him, he smiled and said to Yin Man Feng: "Why me?"

After which, he couldn't help but cough.

Yin Man Feng frowned, Teacher Xue's body was in a terrible condition.

Seeing that Teacher Xue was still waiting for her reply, she looked at him seriously and said: "I think you can teach me what I want to learn." Even though his eyes were deathly still, she could still feel his strength.

Teacher Xue was definitely a master at hiding his strength.

Receiving Yin Man Feng's reply, the Teacher Xue raised his eyebrows and said to her weakly: "Follow me!"

Yin Man Feng nodded, and followed the slender Teacher Xue out of the plaza.

After Yin Man Feng followed Teacher Xue and left the plaza, all the freshmen present had different expressions.

"Teacher Xue actually agreed to bring Yin Man Feng!"

"I wonder what it will be like for her to follow the Teacher Xue."

Everyone knew that the Teacher Xue's health was not good. Ever since he had become his teacher, he had only brought along one student, and this student was like a flower that bloomed briefly in the academy.

Everyone said that the Teacher Xue was a full-time career teacher, but no one had ever seen him display his strength. After a while, everyone started to doubt his ability, and when they saw Yin Man Feng become his disciple, most of them held the attitude of watching from the sidelines.

— —

In Teacher Xue, Xue Tian Yi brought Yin Man Feng to his own courtyard. Unlike the other instructors, he did not have his own church, nor did he need a martial arts arena. He asked Yin Man Feng: "What do you want to learn?"

"What do you know?" Yin Man Feng asked.

"Cough, cough!" Xue Tian Yi coughed slightly, then said indifferently: "I know how to learn anything you want to!"

Yin Man Feng raised his eyebrows, was he really full-time career teacher?

"You don't believe me?" I have a lot of things that I can learn, and that will depend on if you have the ability to learn them. " The words of the weak Xue Tian Yi was not weak at all.

"Then teach it to me!" Yin Man Feng said.

Xue Tian Yi shot a glance at Yin Man Feng, and said in a clear voice: "There is a seal in your body, and that seal has sealed all of your spirit veins, causing you to look like a piece of trash. Recently, someone had unsealed a corner of the seal for you, so you had to cultivate."

Yin Man Feng was surprised, the original owner was unable to cultivate previously because there was a seal in his body?

Does grandpa and my brothers know about this?

She probably didn't know. Otherwise, they wouldn't have said that she could cultivate because she had awakened her bloodline's power.

If the seal in her body had only recently loosened, she remembered the little boy from Cloudfall Mountains. Perhaps when he was about to leave, he hadn't waved her hand to awaken her bloodline power, but to remove the seal in her body. After the seal in her body was broken, her bloodline would also awaken.

Xue Tian Yi suddenly looked at Yin Man Feng with interest and said: "Seven element spirit root, special bloodline power, not bad!"

Hearing that, Yin Man Feng looked at Xue Tian Yi in fear. She knew that Xue Tian Yi was unfathomable, but she never expected him to see through her secret in a single glance.

Looking at Yin Man Feng's tiny defense, Xue Tian Yi laughed involuntarily, and said: "If I had any intentions towards you, you would have died a long time ago. Since you have already become my disciple, I will protect you."

For some reason, after hearing his words, Yin Man Feng firmly believed in him.

"Teacher, then what is the meaning behind the power of my bloodline?" Since he no longer hid it, Yin Man Feng directly asked about his suspicions. With his current body, even Grandfather wouldn't be able to explain it clearly.

Xue Tian Yi's eyes flashed, and said seriously: "Before your strength becomes strong, it's best for you not to explore the secrets in your body."

Yin Man Feng had a puzzled expression. She kept having the feeling that the power of his bloodline was related to his parents.

Perhaps, she had gone back to ask her grandfather about her parents.

As for the power of bloodlines, Teacher Xue said so.

"Teacher, what should I do next?" Yin Man Feng looked at Xue Tian Yi's courtyard and asked.

Xue Tian Yi's courtyard was extremely big, to the point where it occupied a corner of the academy. Other than the unique look of the courtyard, the surrounding air also had special spirit energy fluctuations.

Yin Man Feng faintly felt that this should be some kind of array.

He did not know what status the Teacher Xue had within the academy, which was why the academy gave him such a courtyard.

Seeing Yin Man Feng's question, Xue Tian Yi said: "You just awakened your spirit root, let's talk about it after you build your foundation. "Go to that pagoda and train there."

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