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32.92% Mysterious Doctor is a Beastly Wife / Chapter 27: Chapter 27

Chapter 27 - Mysterious Doctor is a Beastly Wife - Chapter 27 by Claire_Carnable full book limited free

Chapter 27: Chapter 27

Yin Man Feng acknowledged his presence and asked tentatively, "Then, can I go back home every day?"

Xue Tian Yi shook his head gravely, saying, "The academy's rules cannot be broken."

Yin Man Feng had a face full of disappointment as he started to think about how he could sneak out of the Academy.

Seeing Yin Man Feng looking as dejected as a defeated rooster, Xue Tian Yi couldn't help but laugh. He said: "It's not like there is no solution to this matter."

Yin Man Feng was instantly filled with hope as he looked at Xue Tian Yi with bright eyes.

Xue Tian Yi said sorrowfully: "Ruo'er was once my student as well, ever since his dantian was crippled, he has never come to see me again, how about this! I made an exception and you can go back today. Tell him that it's time for him to visit me. "


Yin Man Feng's eyes opened wide. Eldest Brother was once a student of the Teacher Xue?

I really did not expect that she and Eldest Brother were actually from the same sect.

This way, she wouldn't have to go back and the Eldest Brother would be able to come to the academy to look for her?

"Yes!" I will definitely carry the message of the teacher. " Yin Man Feng said happily.

"Go!" Xue Tian Yi waved his hand.

Yin Man Feng bade farewell to Xue Tian Yi, and like a gust of wind, quickly ran out of the Academy.

Looking at Yin Man Feng's back as he walked away, Xue Tian Yi's eyes were filled with deep meaning. He had never seen a child who was so wise and steady.

Teacher Xue indeed had a special position in the New Heart College. When the guards at the school gate saw her, they actually did not stop her.

As he walked out of the school gate, Yin Man Feng indeed saw Qian Chang and Qian Ju already waiting for her in front of their beast carriage. She walked over and said: "You really came here, aren't you afraid that I won't be able to exit the school gate?" Previously, she didn't know the academy's rules, which was why she asked them to pick her up. She didn't know the school rules, so could it be that they didn't know as well?

Qian Ju said to Yin Man Feng seriously: "The Third Young Master is our Master, Master wants us to wait, so we must come!"

"Let's go back!" Yin Man Feng climbed into the beast carriage and said.

The three majestic Rank 8 Spirit Beasts, Wind Thunder Leopards, attracted everyone's attention. When Yin Man Feng's beast carriage passed through a narrow street, the astute Yin Man Feng had already sensed the killing intent.

Qian Chang and Qian Ju were both trained guards, on top of that, they were powerful, when Yin Man Feng detected the abnormality, they had already woken up, but, seeing Yin Man Feng's cold face, they were surprised that Yin Man Feng also sensed the killing intent.

The person in the darkness moved extremely quickly. Just as Yin Man Feng and Qian Chang noticed that something was amiss, a group of black-clothed men had already scurried out from around the beast carriage.

The noisy crowd realized that something was wrong and they all fled the scene while screaming.

A loud boom echoed out!

After the group of black-clothed men rushed out, they immediately rushed towards Yin Man Feng who was in the beast carriage. A beautiful beast carriage instantly exploded, and Qian Chang and Qian Ju managed to bring Yin Man Feng out of the carriage in time.

Looking at the brave figure of the driver, Yin Man Feng could not help but exclaim, "Mist Grass! I didn't expect her coachman to be so powerful. "

Seeing that there were more and more black-clothed men, Qian Chang and Qian Ju looked at each other, then wielded their weapons and joined the battle.

During the fierce battle, Xiao Ling Long, who was on Yin Man Feng's neck, spoke with a sound transmission, "Master, these two maidservants' strengths aren't bad.

Yin Man Feng took a deep breath. His grandfather really was generous, to actually let two level six Great Spirit be her servant girls.

"What about the coachman?" Yin Man Feng asked curiously. As he said that, he casually flung out a row of invisible needle s, immediately taking care of those black-clothed men who were near her.

The black-clothed man who was killed didn't even understand how he died.

Xiao Ling Long's divine sense covered the carriage driver as she said in shock: "That carriage driver is actually a Spirit King!"

Yin Man Feng smacked his lips. Grandfather actually sent a Spirit King to be her coachman?

Didn't they say that the stronger a person was, the more they would be proud?

How could a dignified Spirit King be willing to be her coachman?

"Master, your problem is here." Xiao Ling Long suddenly said.

"What's wrong?" Yin Man Feng looked around.

"Another group of experts has arrived." Xiao Ling Long gloated.

Yin Man Feng looked at Qian Chang and the carriage driver in the midst of battle. They could still persevere against these people for a while longer, but if there was another wave, they would not be a match for these black-clothed men.

Just as Yin Man Feng was requesting for them to retreat, Qian Chang said in pleasant surprise: "Third Young Master, our men are here."

Yin Man Feng was surprised, could it be that this group of people were from the General Yin Palace?

Very quickly, reality proved everything. After the people from the General Yin Palace rushed over, they quickly got rid of the black-clothed man. After settling this issue, they all bowed towards Yin Man Feng and quickly retreated.

From their well-trained movements, it was clear that they were a group of soldiers.

As expected of the General's Estate, the strength of these people was strong.

"Master, there are still a few experts inside the alley. One of them is Spirit Lord, she is paying attention to you." Xiao Ling Long suddenly said seriously.

Yin Man Feng suddenly looked towards the mouth of the alleyway and saw a white hazy silhouette. From the hazy silhouette, he could tell that it was a young woman.

When did a female Spirit Lord appear in the Cang Li Country?

"Master, she doesn't have any enmity towards you right now. Leave quickly." Xiao Ling Long urged.

Yin Man Feng concentrated and said to Qian Chang and Qian Ju: "Let's go back!"

— —

The moment Yin Man Feng left, the young lady in the alley asked the person beside her, "Who is that person?" Why did she feel a sense of familiarity?

The person beside her respectfully spoke to her: "She is the third young master of the General Yin Palace, Yin Man Feng! Before today, she had always been a trash. Two years ago, her second brother Yin Cheng Feng had brought her away from the imperial city.

"Young Master?" Is she a man? " The woman in white asked curiously.

"Yes!" Princess Yu! " The person beside the woman in white answered respectfully.

Bai Yu watched Yin Man Feng leave doubtfully. Could she be the Man Er she was looking for?

Man Er! Don't let me find you.

I'll kill you!

— —

Yin Man Feng, who had rushed back to General's Estate, didn't even know that he had just brushed past the Death God. The first thing she did after returning to General's Estate was to look for Yin Ruo Feng.

"Eldest Brother, I'm back." Yin Man Feng heard his voice first before seeing him.

When Yin Ruo Feng, who was sitting in the pavilion and reading, heard Yin Man Feng's voice, he raised his head in surprise. How could Third Brother come back at this time?

"How did you escape the academy?" Yin Ruo Feng asked curiously. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Guess?" Yin Man Feng's eyes were like bright stars as he looked at him with excitement.

Yin Ruo Feng laughed, only his Third Brother looked like a child!

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