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34.14% Mysterious Doctor is a Beastly Wife / Chapter 28: Chapter 28

Chapter 28 - Mysterious Doctor is a Beastly Wife - Chapter 28 by Claire_Carnable full book limited free

Chapter 28: Chapter 28

Seeing that Eldest Brother treated her like a naughty child, Yin Man Feng helplessly said: "I didn't escape, it was Teacher Xue who told me to come back."

Yin Ruo Feng's hand that was placed on his knee trembled, and his expression flickered as he asked: "Teacher Xue?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Yin Man Feng said happily: "That's right! Teacher Xue Tian Yi, he is now my teacher too. He asked me to come back and bring a message to you, that you would come to the academy everyday to visit him, and that you would be filial to the point of being my disciple. "

Yin Ruo Feng's face was bitter. In his current state, what face did he have to face a teacher who had always nurtured him?

Seeing that Yin Ruo Feng was not moved, Yin Man Feng immediately told him the reason behind this.

Yin Ruo Feng knew that Yin Man Feng was doing this completely to treat his illness, and his calm heart began to feel moved.

"Alright!" Yin Ruo Feng said, for himself, for his teacher, for his family, he should cooperate with Man Er, maybe Man Er could really cure him.

Receiving Yin Ruo Feng's reply, Yin Man Feng beamed with joy. It was at this time that his grandfather's loud voice came from outside the courtyard of Eldest Brother: "Man Er! Man Er! Man Er! "

Yin Man Feng and Yin Ruo Feng looked at each other. What had caused Grandfather to be so anxious?

"Grandfather, what's wrong?" Yin Man Feng looked at the flying General Yin and said.

When General Yin saw the person he missed, he immediately picked Yin Man Feng up from the ground and asked excitedly, "Man Er, you're a dual attribute Spirit Master?" It was only after Qian Chang and Qian Ju reported the assassination attempt to him that he found out about the fact that Yin Man Feng was a wind and fire attribute Spirit Master.

Yin Man Feng bashfully sat in the General Yin's embrace and shook her head at him from afar.

"Aren't you a dual element? Could Qian Chang and Qian Ju have lied to me? " General Yin frowned and said unhappily.

Yin Man Feng shook his head again.

General Yin and Yin Ruo Feng were puzzled.

Yin Man Feng smiled and directly summoned the fire elemental spiritual energy in front of them.

"Man Er is a fire attribute Spirit Master. When you came back, you had already told grandpa." General Yin stared at Yin Man Feng and said.

Yin Man Feng did not say a word, and once again used the wind element.

Seeing the cyan glow on Yin Man Feng's finger, General Yin laughed loudly. Indeed, his Man Er was indeed a wind and fire dual-attribute Spirit Master.

Just as General Yin and Yin Ruo Feng were celebrating for her, she unleashed a third kind of color of spirit energy.

"Earth descent?" General Yin asked in surprise.

Yin Man Feng laughed but did not say a word, and revealed a different color.

"Lightning Element!" Yin Ruo Feng, who was sitting on the wheelchair, could no longer remain calm.

Yin Man Feng successively used the water, wood, and metal elemental energy, stunning General Yin and Yin Ruo Feng.

Man-Man Er! You are a Spirit Master of the seven divisions? " General Yin asked carefully.

"It's the real deal!" Yin Man Feng said slyly.

"Hahaha!" The General Yin laughed excitedly and threw Yin Man Feng up into the air.

Yin Man Feng, who was flying in the air, had a face full of black lines. Without waiting for General Yin to catch her, she nimbly somersaulted in the air and landed on the ground.

The General Yin puffed his beard and glared as he grumbled: "You little mischievous brat, how dare you hide this from your grandfather!"

Yin Man Feng rolled his eyes and said with misgivings, "When did I hide this from Grandfather? I thought that second brother had already explained everything to Grandfather. "

"What did you say?" That kid, Cheng, actually knows about it too? " The General Yin roared.

Yin Man Feng hurriedly nodded.

"Stinking brat!" The General Yin was upset.

Seeing that General Yin was about to cause trouble for him, Yin Man Feng quickly changed the topic: "Where is second brother? Why is second brother not here? "Where did he go?"

The General Yin glared at her unhappily and said: "Cheng'er entered the Nine Roughs, he said that he wants to get you a Holy Beast."

When they returned to the imperial capital, the second brother had already said that he would get her a flying beast. Yin Man Feng didn't think that he would enter the Nine Roughs so quickly.

Holy Beast s of level one to three were comparable to Spirit King, and level three to six were comparable to Spirit Sect s. Level six to nine Holy Beast were almost comparable to Spirit King s.

Thinking about this, Yin Man Feng's face turned pale white.

Seeing that she was worried for Yin Cheng Feng, General Yin soothed her: "Man Er do not need to worry, your second brother did not go alone. He brought a few of the clan's Spirit Sect s and Spirit King s, and also hired mercenaries, there won't be a problem."

Only then did Yin Man Feng relax and turn to Yin Ruo Feng, "Eldest Brother, remember to visit Teacher Xue at the academy tomorrow. I'll be returning to my room first."

Yin Ruo Feng nodded.

"Grandfather, I've advanced into a first class Spiritual Scholar at the academy. I'll first go back to the house to consolidate my cultivation." Yin Man Feng said to the General Yin.

The General Yin raised his eyebrows in surprise and waved his hand for Yin Man Feng to leave quickly.

After Yin Man Feng left, General Yin set his gaze on Yin Ruo Feng.

Yin Ruo Feng knew what the General Yin was suspicious of. He smiled lightly and said: "Grandfather, perhaps Man Er can really cure me?"

Hearing that, General Yin sighed, helplessly waved his hand, and directly left Yin Ruo Feng's courtyard.

— —

When General Yin left Yin Ruo Feng's courtyard, he immediately entered the study. At this time, a person was already waiting for him in the study room.

"How is the investigation going? Who assassinated Man Er? " The rough General Yin asked seriously.

"Reporting to General, it's the Li Family and the Chong Family!" The people in the study room said that these two families had been wanting to suppress recluse for a long time. They knew that Yin Man Feng was a genius of both elements, it would be impossible for them not to kill him.

When General Yin heard that person's report, his entire face became as cold as frost. He said: "Send a little more people to protect Man Er, we must definitely not let anything happen to Man Er."

"Yes sir!" That person replied.

— —

Yin Man Feng didn't know that the General Yin had arranged everything for her. After she returned to her own courtyard, Qian Chang and Qian Ju were required to guard the courtyard as she entered into the Exquisite Space in a flash.

When she became a First Grade Spirit Master, she clearly felt the changes in space. Because she was in the academy at that time, she did not pay much attention to space. Now that she came in, she was stunned by the appearance of space.

The spiritual energy in the space increased even more, and the area expanded by a few acres. The most astonishing thing was the spiritual lake that was formed from the spirit spring, the clear spring water of the spiritual lake had already become colorful, from afar, it looked like a gigantic kaleidoscope.

"How could this be?" Yin Man Feng moved to the lakeside in a flash, squatted down and scooped up the spirit water from the spiritual lake, realising that it was really multicolored.

Not only that, the spiritual energy around the lake was so dense that it seemed to solidify. Even if she did not deliberately cultivate, standing here, Yin Man Feng could still feel the colorful spiritual energy rushing into her body.

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