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35.36% Mysterious Doctor is a Beastly Wife / Chapter 29: Chapter 29

Chapter 29 - Mysterious Doctor is a Beastly Wife - Chapter 29 by Claire_Carnable full book limited free

Chapter 29: Chapter 29

This was simply a pleasant surprise! This spiritual lake had already become an extremely good place for cultivation.

"This is the spirit water produced by the Multicolored Stone. It's called the seven-colored Xuantian water, a rare treasure in this world. If others were to find out that you have a lake here, I wonder what they would think." Xiao Ling Long said as she appeared beside Yin Man Feng.

Seeing that Xiao Ling Long was boasting so much about the seven-colored Xuantian water, Yin Man Feng humbly asked for advice: "What's the use of the seven-colored Xuantian water?"

Xiao Ling Long looked at her in disdain: "How many books have you read in the Compendium Pavilion?"

Yin Man Feng said helplessly: "Didn't you say that we don't have time? It's the same with you. Can't you just tell me directly? "

Xiao Ling Long looked at her in disdain, then explained the use of the seven-colored Xuantian water: "The Multicolored stone is a supreme divine tool used by an ancient demon god, it contains the power of the five elements of heaven and earth.

Heavenly Dao?

Yin Man Feng's eyes widened. The Heavenly Dao could let everything grow, and if the Heavenly Dao was produced in the Exquisite Space and formed a natural law, one could imagine the heaven defying existence in this space.

"The power of the five elements should be in five different colors, why are there seven different colors in this spiritual lake?" Yin Man Feng asked suspiciously.

I don't know about this, maybe it has been dormant for ten million years and the Multicolored stone has turned into a Rainbow Stone. In any case, this spirit stone already possesses the Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Wind and Lightning Attributes. Xiao Ling Long said.

Seeing Yin Man Feng looking at the seven-colored Xuantian water with a conflicted expression, Xiao Ling Long continued to speak: "The Rainbow Stone's seven-colored Xuantian water not only can help people cultivate, it can also help cultivators comprehend the power of the heavens, and is also a sacred healing treasure. In the future, if you use it to refine pills, the success rate and effects will increase by 30%."

Thirty percent?

Yin Man Feng was dumbstruck, he actually had such a high success rate, and even increased the effects by so much, if that was the case …


Yin Man Feng smiled widely.

Thinking about how her pills would be 30% better than others' pills, Yin Man Feng was so excited that he couldn't calm his heart down.

"Master, it's time for you to train." Xiao Ling Long said in a serious tone.

"Got it!" "Got it!" Yin Man Feng waved his hands, still watching the Rainbow spiritual lake become extremely excited.

Xiao Ling Long was speechless, and said helplessly: "You have to drink the seven-colored Xuantian water's marrow cleansing everyday, so it's best for you to take a bath, this way you can speed up your cultivation and increase the toughness of your meridians, if not, with your seven spiritual roots, who knows how long it will take for you to reach the Great Spirit realm."

"En!" Yin Man Feng agreed, then held up the spirit water and gulped it down.

But as she drank, why did she feel the strength in her body skyrocketing?

Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and lightning elemental powers were all increasing at the same time. With a boom, she advanced from first rank to second, or third rank.

She had only drank a few mouthfuls of the seven-colored Xuantian water and directly advanced from a first rank Spiritual Scholar to a third rank Spiritual Scholar?

So fast? Even riding a roller coaster wouldn't be this fast, right? Yin Man Feng couldn't help but worry for his own foundation.

"Master, please do not worry. The seven-colored Xuantian water's power is very strong and will not affect your foundation at all. Your foundation is real!" Xiao Ling Long said in a timely manner.

Only now did Yin Man Feng feel reassured. Thinking of what Xiao Ling Long had told her about bathing, she planned out a swimming area on the other side of spiritual lake. She planned to directly take a bath there.

"I'm going to soak in the bath now. Avoid peeping!" Yin Man Feng said to Xiao Ling Long.

Xiao Ling Long looked at her from beginning to end with disdain, then rolled her eyes and said: "What's so special about a little body like yours?"

Yin Man Feng choked. Her body is only eight years old, alright?

Little kid! Understand what?

Humph! Xiao Ling Long arrogantly snorted as she left the spiritual lake with a red face.

After confirming that Xiao Ling Long had walked far away, Yin Man Feng then started to take off her clothes, and with a beautiful diving motion, she directly submerged into the Rainbow spiritual lake s.

Yin Man Feng originally thought that he could perform a few beautiful swimming moves in the spiritual lake, but he never thought that the moment he threw himself into the Spirit Water, he would feel pain.

Mist Grass!

The seven-colored Xuantian water in the spiritual lake also had the same effect of Purification?

This effect was several times stronger than before. The pain was not that painful, it directly caused her to sink into the water. It was fortunate that she already had water-type spiritual energy, otherwise, wouldn't she be drowned by the spiritual water?

Yin Man Feng didn't know how long he had been in pain for. When she floated up from spiritual lake, his temperament became even more nimble, and he directly leveled up from a Rank 3 Spirit Scholar to a Rank 1 Spirit Master.

He became a Spirit Master just like that?

It felt like a dream. It seemed that this time, her pain was not in vain.

He jumped up from spiritual lake, and after Yin Man Feng was dressed, he asked towards the sky: "Xiao Ling Long, what time is it outside?" She could only stay in the General's Estate for the night, and had to return to the Academy the next day.

"The sun has just risen!" Xiao Ling Long's voice sounded from the space.

Yin Man Feng's eyes moved, and his body flashed out with Exquisite Space. seven-colored Xuantian water's effects are so good, why not let her family enjoy it? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Walking out of his own room, Yin Man Feng avoided Qian Chang and Qian Ju and quietly went to his grandfather's study. He changed all the water in the study into seven-colored Xuantian water s.

After doing all of this, Yin Man Feng directly went to Yin Ruo Feng's courtyard.

"Eldest Brother, I will bring you to meet teacher!"

Yin Man Feng's arrival surprised him. He asked in astonishment, "Why are you here so early?" He thought that Yin Man Feng would sleep lazily at home, and would not be able to get up until late in the morning.

"Let's go quietly!" Yin Man Feng said. He still had yesterday's assassination in his mind, she did not want to cause any trouble at all by going to an academy.

Knowing why Yin Man Feng had done this, Yin Ruo Feng said, "Man Er, do not worry. Grandfather will send someone to protect you."

Yin Man Feng shrugged his shoulders. She wasn't afraid, he just felt that it was troublesome, walking out and being protected by a group of people.

Yin Ruo Feng saw that Yin Man Feng was adamant, and compromise: "Alright! Let's go now! "

"Yin Feng!" Yin Ruo Feng shouted to the courtyard.

As Yin Ruo Feng's words fell, a tall and straight figure appeared in front of the two of them. Looking at Yin Feng whose temperament was somewhat similar to Eldest Brother, Yin Man Feng thought of Yin Zuo, who was beside second brother.

Yin Feng pushed Yin Ruo Feng's wheelchair and walked toward the big gate of the General's Estate. Just as he was about to go out of the door, he happened to meet the butler of the Elder Mu. Seeing Yin Ruo Feng and Yin Man Feng's attire, he asked: "Eldest Young Master, Third Young Master, do you guys want to go out? Just a moment, please. I'll send someone to protect you. "

"No need!" Yin Man Feng said.

"This …" The Elder Mu was a little hesitant. There were many families in the imperial city looking at the General's Estate.

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