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37.16% Mythologies: A Devil Prince's Revenge / Chapter 40: Chapter 39: Informational Task

Chapter 39: Informational Task - Mythologies: A Devil Prince's Revenge - Chapter 40 by SabergKeys full book limited free

Chapter 40: Chapter 39: Informational Task

As for me, Sora, and Lucas were headed back to Sora's room.

The three of us stumbled upon a happy Faust pulling a tired and crying Chizuru while shouting. "Stop! Stop! Stop!"

When we saw the two in the hallway running, we three were all dumbfounded when we saw them like kindergartners running for snacks.

The moment we saw them, Faust saw us too, and he shouted filled with excitement. "Prince! Sora! Lucas! We have good news to report! So let's call Akemi and Ruri!"

"Ahh Faust is excited, is he like this?"

"*Groan* To be honest, this is the first time I see him like that, what about you Lucas? You worked with him, right?"

"Hmm... Well, he's happy, and when that happens, that means either A. He created something that'll benefit us or B. He found something that'll benefit us, but either way, it's still the same."

And yet again, all of us except for Talya and Sora has another gathering to hear out the good news that Faust was saying.

Well... The two are with us because we all decided to have a gathering here in Sora's room.

"*Cough* Then let's start! Actually, the good news is..! Shota has received a message that we created using Anya's mind and a machine that I created last night, that can be used to open up a way to use Thought Owl."

All of us were in complete silence from what we heard, because even If I don't know about skills a lot like them.

So I asked him. "How did you know that it was a success?"

"Well I tested it before, and it worked!"

"If you say so... But what did they say? Or did they even say something?"

"Well... That's the one problem about the machine, we can't receive a message from now, but don't worry, Chizuru and I are gonna work on it after this."

Raising his hand, Lucas asked. "But we still have the telephone that Millie created to contact the ninth floor right? So what are we gonna do with it?"

"We can put it in with the machine that I created so that we can receive messages from them, but I'd rather not take the risk of losing it, because that's the only device we can use to contact the Archdukes on the ninth floor."

Hitting the table loudly, Ruri stood up in excitement, when she heard the word phone. "Wait phone? Is that the device that all of you used to make contact on the ninth floor? Wait... Can you show the phone to me?! No, I demand you to show it to me!"

Wow, seeing Ruri excitedly jumped like that is funny to look at, she's like an eight-year-old who's happy that she received an expensive gift from her parents.

Actually, that's like me when I'm still young...

"The phone is back at the basement hidden, so I'll get it, but what are you gonna use it for Ruri? Millie and I worked hard making that phone, so what are you gonna use it for? And please don't use it to show it off."

"Huh? That's rude! I'm not like that! *Cough* Can't you see? I'll use it to talk to Phenex and Gremory about Haruki's sword because Phenex knows a lot about the Phoenixes, and Gremory is an expert at spirit-based skills right? So if we can get information about the feathers and santelmo, then we can get rid of the sword easily!"

"Hold up! What do you mean get rid of the sword?! That's my father's sword which is now mine! There's no way I would get rid of the one thing I can have as a memory of him!"

"Oh sorry, I guess 'getting rid of it' is not a good word to use, then! Let's destroy it!"

"That's far worse than getting rid of it! Let's just find a way, so that I can use it!"

"*Tsk* Fine!" Ruri said in disappointment "So Faust can you get the phone for us now?"

"Sure, then excuse me, I'll go now."

After Faust left the room to get the phone, the room was now silent, it's like the feeling of going on the first day of school.

Nobody was talking or even whispering to each other, it's like they are expecting something or someone to do something to the room.

When it's now starting to get awkward, Akemi stood up. "Then, everyone I guess I'll prepare dinner now, so can everyone go to the kitchen with me? Except for the two of you, Haruki; Ruri, we won't need the help of the two of you."

Everyone stood up, except for me, Ruri, and Sora.

Seeing all of the people stood up like they know what's gonna happen made me almost cry because I know what Akemi wants to happen.

She wants me and Ruri to talk here alone without disturbance.

And when I looked at Sora who was confused about what was happening, he was giving me a look, and making eye contact saying.

'Haruki, I don't get it. Why is everyone except for you, me, and Ruri standing up?'

So I made contact with him. 'Read the mood.'

Akemi noticed that Sora doesn't know what was happening, so she instantly froze Sora and pulled him with her. "Okay, now everyone let's go!"

Then everyone has finally left, except for Talya because Sora forgot to undo the sleeping skill that he used on her; when Ruri and I were arguing.

It was just the two of us again all alone, but this time it was awkward unlike before when she pulled a prank on me.

Because, why would Akemi think that Ruri and I can just go back to normal after Ruri and I fought? D*mn, Akemi is scary.

"*Cough* Hey, I-I'm sorry... For calling your father a traitor Haruki. I guess I should've known what your gonna feel first before saying it. Don't get me wrong! even if I'm apologizing to you right now! I still think that your father and mother are still traitors!"

What kind of apology is that? You ruined it when you said that you still believe that my father is a traitor.

But I guess I can't blame her, it'll damage her vanity and make our relationship worse.

"Do-don't worry about that Ruri, I guess it's my fault because I shouted at you first, so my bad... I know that it's a hindrance and annoyance for you that the King your gonna serve next doesn't have the slightest knowledge about Hell, so I'm sorry."

"No don't worry, I know that it's annoying that you don't know about Hell, but I'll be patient for you so that you can learn more about Hell, and don't think that I'm rooting for you to learn! Because I just want you to learn! *Hmp*"

What is this? Wait, is this what people call a tsundere? Because that's definitely what she's doing right now.

Acting like a true tsundere, but I shouldn't get my hopes up, because like I said many times, luck hates me!

"Really? Thank you Ruri, then I'll do my best to study after we save Millie."

"Hoy, look at you! I just called both of your parents a traitor, and you're already calm!? Seriously, your the same as ever, you never change!"

"Wait... Same as ever? Change? What do you mean Ruri?"

Ruri was shocked upon noticing what she has said to me, and she started to blush extremely and shouted. "Come forth, Ventiacri!"

The bow and arrow that she used before in the fitting room appeared again, and just like what happened before, she's pointing the bow and arrow directly to my head.

"Wai- wai- wai- wait-! Ruri! Stop you'll kill me!"

She looked directly at my eyes with both anger and an intent to kill me.

Just by looking at her eyes made my spine chill in fear that I almost peed myself seeing her like this again.

She said slowly with a menacing voice. "Haruki... you didn't hear me saying anything right?"

"Ah-! Really?"

Bang! She shot an arrow right beside me and when it hit the wall, the arrow exploded loudly.

"One more time, you didn't hear me saying anything weird right-? Because if you did, this arrow wouldn't miss your head ever again, am I clear? H-A-R-U-K-I-?"

"Yes! I definitely didn't hear a single word you said that was off to me! I promise!"

Ruri let go of the bow and let out a deep sigh. "Good, because I would've killed you there."

This girl! I regret saying that she's a tsundere to me because she isn't one!

There's no way that a tsundere would kill the person she has a crush on, and there's no way that she's also a yandere, kuudere or any other dere! Because there is no dere on her! She's just a normal person who hates me!

Just like what I said many times! Luck hates me!


Wait, groaning?

"What was that-? Big brother; big sister Ruri is that you two? What happened here? Why is the wall destroyed?"

"Talya?! Sorry for waking you up, me and your big brother didn't know you were sleeping."

"Really? But I can see that you two made up already, I'm happy!"

"Don't worry about that Talya, me, your big brother, and everyone else would never fight ever again, I promise."

"Really..? Do you both promise?"

"Of course Talya, right Haruki?"

"Yes! Of course, there will never be more fights! No more... No more... Yeah..." Sh*t, I can feel the threatening gaze Ruri's giving me right now.

Ever since I met her, my life is now always in danger.

Just how can luck be very cruel to people like me?

Ruri, Talya, and I have finally got to the kitchen to meet the others, and when we walked to the hallway just the three of us, I definitely will have a nightmare about Ruri.

In the kitchen were everyone who left, and even Faust was there too waiting with the phone.

So upon seeing us three come, everyone immediately gathered, and Faust set up the phone to make a call.

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!


Just as I thought, it's the pedophile again, I better stay cool and talk to her, because she won't probably tell us what the feathers can do.

"*Cough* Hello! This is Haruki answering."

"Ha-ha? *Tsk* Hey You, can You give the phone to my cute Millie? Actually, give her the phone, because I don't have time to talk to people like..."

This f*cking girl! I can't wait to meet her, because the moment I do, I can't wait to show her my wrath!

"Actually I can't, because something called the heavenly ghouls that were created by Zadkiel; kidnapped Millie, Luna, Dawn, Shota, Master Ifrit, Lilith, Vladamir, and Hans."

"..." She was silent, not even responding to what I said.

We were starting to get worried about what happened, so I said to her as loud as I can. "Hello! Phenex you there? Turkey? Chicken? Duck? can you answer me?"

"Huhhh!" She shouted on the phone very loudly that it almost broke my eardrum.

Due to it almost being destroyed, I shouted back at her. "Hoy! can you shut the f*ck up!?"

"Millie has been kidnapped. They took my precious Millie... Faust! Immediately create a machine that'll break the barrier! I'll go there to save Millie!"

"My apologies Phenex, but when we investigated the barrier, we found out that it's created by Yahweh, so it's completely unbreakable..."

With a menacing voice, Phenex shouted. "Then try something!"

Faust was completely frightened from the angered Phenex, and seeing him completely frightened made me hate this pedophile more.

"Hoy you sh*tty Turkey! Can you shut up and hear what we're gonna say!?"

"Turkey!? You f*cking b*tch, who are you calling a Turkey!? I'm the immortal legendary bird the phoenix, so shut your mouth!"

"I don't care if you're a Phoenix, turkey! Just answer our question because we're already planning to save them from the angels."

"*Sigh* Now that I heard you're not leaving Millie I can rest, so what am I gonna answer? Make it quick because I don't want to talk to You."

This Turkey! I'm the next Ruler and she won't show me some respect?! I want to punch this girl if I meet her.

"Then, let's start about what happened recently."

And so, we began to tell Phenex about what I've dreamt last night; what happened there with Lucifer; what he gave me; about the materials that my father's sword is made of, which are the phoenix feather, and the fire spirit santelmo, and the possibility of my parents being traitors like Satanael and the others.

"Phoenix feather!? That's impossible... I sealed five of the six Phoenixes here on the ninth floor, just how..? Wait, but You also said that Jarren and Xuntea are also traitors because of the sword..."

"So Turkey? Do you think they've betrayed Hell a long time ago? And have been working with the Gods like Satanael?"

"Possibly... actually, yes, because even if Jarren got the phoenix feathers here on the ninth floor, it's still impossible, because A. Phoenixes are completely savages creatures that'll kill anything they see. B. The seal I put on them can only be destroyed by either me or the Gods. And C. If a person takes a feather it'll instantly explode and the feathers will disintegrate after the explosion, so them being a traitor is a yes for me."

Just like what I didn't hope for her to say, there are tons of evidence right now that points that my parents were traitors, but deep in me, I want to at least have a chance to prove that they're innocent.

And maybe even Millie might think that they're traitors too; because Faust and Chizuru told them about everything that has happened and everything that we have discovered.

Really... If luck was a person, I would've punched it right away. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-revenge_19386459505180005/chapter-39-informational-task_53845176967298504">;s-revenge_19386459505180005/chapter-39-informational-task_53845176967298504</a> for visiting.

For now, I need to stay cool even if it's very painful to bear right now because my priority of saving the others is the first thing I have to worry about.

"But Turkey, if you say that the feathers are untouchable, then who would you think created the sword?"

"Who created the sword is the reason why I think Jarren and Xuntea are traitors, because in my entire life, there's only one person who I saw fearlessly used a feather as a weapon, and if he really did create the sword, then that means the sword is destructive enough to destroy an entire continent."

"Who is it?"

"The Greek God of both Fire and Blacksmiths, Hephaestus."

Everyone was in complete silence when she said the name Hephaestus, and all of them besides me and Talya began to tremble from fear.

Lucas asked Phenex. "Then, do you know a way that can make Haruki hold the sword?"

"Well the feathers of the Phoenix explodes when it touches something, but it can't explode when the one holding it is worthy enough to battle the heat of the feathers, and even if the santelmos are hard to catch it is still a lesser spirit, so the santelmo is only important in making the feathers more powerful because of its heat. So if I were to have a guess on how to make that guy hold the sword, my guess is battling it with heat."

"Battling it with heat? Then I can just use Soul Bound, plus the Fire Manipulation skill that I have!"

"Also don't forget, seriously I'm disappointed as your senior that my juniors forget one thing about weapons."

"Really? If I may ask Phenex, what is it?"

"Seriously Lucas, even you don't know? I thought that you're the smartest third-gen General, but I guess I was completely wrong."

"Just tell us Phenex!" Lucas shouted

"Okay, okay, jeez! All of you forgot that everyone one of you Generals has an alive partner weapon right? So what do you think is the material that all of your weapons have that's the same as the others?"

All of the Generals first thought about what could be the answer, but all of them then immediately knew what the answer is.

And when they finally knew what the answer is, all of them laughed hardly at how stupid they can be.

Every General even including Sora and Talya all said at the same time. "A name!"

"Correct! So You useless of a Prince, go make a good name for it and battle it with heat, so that's all. Call me immediately when you finally save Millie!" And so she finally hangs up the phone.

Battle it with heat and give it a name, seriously now that I know what to do, I feel so dumb that it's easy as that.

So, what name can I give the sword?

SabergKeys SabergKeys

Thank you for still reading! And don't forget to add it to your library so that you won't miss out on new chapters!

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