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76.25% Mythologies: A Devil Prince's Revenge / Chapter 60: Chapter 59: Unknowable Dreams

Chapter 59: Unknowable Dreams - Mythologies: A Devil Prince's Revenge - Chapter 60 by SabergKeys full book limited free

Chapter 60: Chapter 59: Unknowable Dreams

"Seriously Haruki, what happened to you? Did you have a nightmare?" Asking me that, Luna was worried about me.

When I looked at the window it was already the next day.

But that doesn't mean anything though, from what I heard from Lucifer and my souls, made me keep thinking the same question if I'm right or wrong.

Even if the pain hurts a lot, I still moved to check... Wait, pain? What pain? Where did it all go? I'm sure that I had an uncontrollably painful sting from the swords that Milicas used, but where did it all go?

Did I perhaps fell asleep for a week? No that's not possible, if that were to happen, everyone would come here to always check on me.

"Luna, how long has it been since I woke up?" I need to confirm it, if my dream really did take about a week or 2 for me to wake up.

Luna was confused and worried from what I asked, she replied. "What do you mean Haruki? You only fell asleep for a day. Lugh came here yesterday remember?"

"Yesterday..? Then, how did I recover quickly?"

"What do you mean Haruki? What are you even talking about? I'm confused."

I looked at my chest on where there were lots of bandages and touched it.

Expecting it to hurt a lot since it's where I've been stabbed through, I was shocked that not even a single feeling of pain came.

I knew it, but how though? Then let me check my body.

Without even thinking about what I'm doing, I stripped out and destroy the bandages on my body.

Seeing me, like a mad man who's acting tough, Luna was shocked and trued to stop me. "Haruki! What are you doing?!" Luna was in a panic to stop me from making my injuries worst, but I was fast enough to remove all of the bandages.

And when the bandages are gone, it let made the two of us speechless, when we saw my stomach.

Not a single bits or sign of injuries can be seen, but more like there were no injuries at all.

"How is that possible? Milicas' swords has many curses in it, but for your stomach to heal quickly..." Luna went closer and touched it to confirm if it's real. "Does it hurt Haruki?"

"No it doesn't, it feels like normal."

"*Sigh* I'll message Millie and Faust to investigate more about this." Not a moment of Luna messaging Millie, a portal immediately appeared, and Millie with Chizuru came out.

"*Sigh* I heard about the situation, so bug brother are you okay?"

"Uhmm... Yes, nothing seems odd about my body at all."

"Stay still for a bit, and I'll check on it." Millie closed her eyes, and used some sort of skill on me to check on my body. "You're right... Not a single bit of the curses or at least a single cut from the swords are on your body. Big brother, do you know what could possibly do this? Or do you remember something happening to you last night?"

Something that happened to me last night? Perhaps, there could be a cause on how this happen, and if it's true then it's not something to worry about. "Well, me and Lucifer talked on my dream last night, and he helped me do something to clear out my mind."

"So then Lucifer, might've have done this to you... This could be troublesome..."

"Troublesome? Why though? Me and Lucifer get along really well, so how would this harm me."

"I guess you don't know this yet big brother, but to tell you this... Milicas is actually Lucifer."

"Wait what?!" Wow, that was completely unexpected.

Milicas is actually Lucifer? Then how did that happen though?

"To actually make it clear, Milicas is actually a clone of Lucifer, we found out about this when we went to Camael's base. And that's where me and Lilith found out that Milicas is just a clone with the same soul as Lucifer. So to clarify this, they're the same person but not the same entity."

That's make things more clear, for the second there I thought I was talking to Milicas on my dream.

I thought that it was like El all over again.

But if he's a clone of Lucifer, then I can see why that he defeated us even if there's 5 of us combined.

Well, that teleporting skill he has is already a cheat, which is why we were easily defeated.

"You don't need to worry about Lucifer Millie, because of him I got to know more about myself and Hell."

"Sure whatever you say, but big brother, you still need to be more careful around him, since he might be pretending to you and playing an act to you."

"Well he almost did kill me once..."

"*Sigh* Okay then, now that you're okay, I'll leave you to do what you want, but before that big brother, if possible you can continue your training again, so that you'll improve more."

"Don't worry Haruki, me and Dawn will help you." Luna said with a smile.

"Yeah sure..." Considering that it's already day and I'm already okay, there's one thing that I want to do.

I still haven't checked on Akemi and Shota, so I have to do it now.

"We'll start our training tomorrow then Haruki."

"*Sigh* Okay, bye then, me and Chizuru has to go back to the lab."

After everyone left to do their own business, I finally decided to go and visit Akemi and Shota.

Since Shota doesn't have a room here, I'm guessing that he's at Sora's room, and so I'll go there first because it's the closest from my room.

When I finally got to Sora's room, I saw Talya who was holding Flint, and Lucas inside.

"Yo, hows Shota doing?"

"Haruki?! What are you doing here?! Aren't you injured?!" Confusingly seeing that I'm standing okay, made him panic by the sight that I was here.

"Something happened today that made my condition way more faster to heal, so don't worry about it, I'm okay."

"If you say so, but be careful okay?"

"Okay..." When I went closer to Shota's sleeping body, I got to see Talya with a worried look on her face.

Well I guess it's normal to be worried, cause I myself is also worried about Shota and Akemi.

Just by thinking that they won't wake up, is making me...

"Are you okay Talya?" I asked her softly.

Talya nodded at my question slowly. "Big brother Haruki, will he and big sister Akemi wake up?"

"Of course, don't worry about it Talya, with the intelligence of your big sister Millie and her scientists, they'll soon wake up. So smile okay?"

"Sure... But Talya hasn't met the Gener of Gluttony yet, do you think that Talya will be friends with him..?"

"Of course, Talya is gonna be friends with big brother Shota, I promise that. Even if he doesn't look like it, Shota's a funny guy."

After talking to Talya, I went to Lucas and asked him. "So has something unusual that has happened to Sora?"

"Nothing unusual really... But there were sometimes that Shota's body is twitching and moving, because he's dreaming about something. We did ask Sora to check on his dream, but he can't find a reading that he's dreaming which is weird because his body shows that his having a nightmare."

Shota's having a dream that Sora can't take a reading on? I remember Sora telling me that he can make people go to sleep on their will, and he can also see what their dreams are, but if he can't see the dream of Shota. Could it be something else other than a normal dream?

"Has Millie or Faust checked on Shota's condition about this weird dream that he's having?"

"Yes, but even some of their machines can't take a reading on it. But actually this phenomenon about his body dreaming seems familiar to what happened to you, Haruki."

"Familiar to me? What do you mean?"

"Actually, when you dreamt about Lucifer, Sora can't read your dream, so that's why I think that there's a connection." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-revenge_19386459505180005/chapter-59-unknowable-dreams_55024465465112925">;s-revenge_19386459505180005/chapter-59-unknowable-dreams_55024465465112925</a> for visiting.

If what Lucas is saying is true, then could Lucifer be talking to the two? Because when I woke up, I talked to him. Well it's normal since I have contacts with him now.

But if he's talking to Shota and Akemi, why didn't he tell me? I know from looks that Lucifer isn't the type to tell a lie.

"Then do you think that they might be talking to Lucifer then?"

"Possibly, but I also have another idea on what might be happening. Because my theory is that Akemi is talking to original Leviathan and Shota talking to the original Beelzebub, but we'll only know about that if they woke up and tell us."

Talking to the original Archdukes huh? That's a good theory that Lucas made.

Lucifer has a good reason to visit me, not because I inherited his name, but because I'm the current King of Hell, and since that Lucifer has no connection to Akemi and Shota, only the original Leviathan and Beelzebub has connections with them. Then that theory could actually work.

But I'm worried about their safety, I remember when Lucifer almost killed me, but my father came and saved me though.

If that were to happen, who would save them? Father? Mother? Their parents? Or someone else?

I remember Lucas and Chizuru telling me how every General except for Lucas, Milicas, Mammon, and Satanael suffered.

So that means that Akemi, Shota, Sora, Ruri, Talya, and Chizuru suffered tremendously? Could it be about the war? Or something else besides the war?

Sora doesn't want to talk about what happens to him, and I remember making Akemi cry when I asked her about how she got her position as a General of Envy.

If they've suffered from something else besides the war, what could it be? Abuse from their parents? Possible. Abandoned? Maybe.

All those endless possibilities keeps crossing my mind.

But if I asked them how they got their position, it's like intruding their privacy that they're hiding.

And as of now, I only know how Lucas and Chizuru got theirs, while the others I don't. Well for Ruri, I think that she got the position as a General of Vainglory, because of her beauty and achievements, and she has insane pride for it.

Akemi is Envy, who or what could she be jealous of that she got the position? Sora is Sloth, is there a reason why he hates working a lot? Like some kind of trauma from working? Shota is Gluttony, what happened to him that makes him crave for more food? And lastly Talya, what happened to her that makes her very depressed that not a even a slight hint of joy can be found?

Even as their King, I don't know the problems that my Generals have been through, which makes me feel... Bad...

After that roller coaster of thinking that I've done, I went to Ruri's room to check on Akemi. Because like Shota, she doesn't have a room here, and only sleeps at Ruri's room.

I entered the room and saw Ruri who was sitting at a chair and holding Akemi's hand whilst crying.

And when I knocked on the door to let then know that I'm here, like Lucas and Talya both if them were shocked that I was here.

Who wouldn't be? Since I was just laying dead on the bed, and the next day I'm walking? "I know that you're all surprised that I'm walking, but let's forget about that now, cause I'm not here to answer questions concerning about me."

Ruri replied with a slow. "Okay..."

"*Sigh*" I went closer to where Akemi was laying and looked at her.

Like Shota, Akemi was sleeping peacefully.

"Has something weird happened here with Akemi? Like a dream or nightmare that Sora can't read?"

"Oh that, yes that has happened to Akemi many times, so that's why I'm a bit worried on what's her dream is." Ruri said to me with a sad and worried voice.

"I see..." So it's the same with Akemi, a dream that no one knows.

"What about you Haruki? What are you even doing here? And for the looks of it, you're finally okay... Which is impossible..."

"*Sigh* I talked to Lucifer on my dream and he healed me up."

"I see... For some odd reason, my uncle Lucifer took a great liking to you."

"I guess so... But it's been really a hussle that he always visits me, well he did helped me many times but... It's kinda annoying now."

"But at least if we have an ally like my uncle then that's good, even if his help is not direct, his knowledge is something important."

Right, Lucifer's knowledge is precious that I need to get more from him sometimes, but not only with his knowledge that he helped me. Both my physical and mental state are both okay thanks to him.

"But... Ruri, if you have any idea at all, what do you think are the dreams if Akemi and Shota? That theory that Lucas told me is actually believable."

"What do I think? Hmm... Well nothing really, I just think that it's a normal nightmare."

"But why can't Sora see their dreams though, if it's normal?"

"For someone as stupid as Sora he might've just misused or forgot to use that skill."

I definitely predicted that she'll insult Sora somehow.

It might be because I got used to her insulting everyone. Well except for the girls, and someone higher than her though.

Also now that I came here, I got to see Akemi's face again... But for the looks of it... "Hey Ruri, I thought that Akemi and Ryou were twins, but why don't they look identical?"

Ruri was dumbstruck from what she heard. "Are you really an idiot Haruki?"

"Now that you're saying it, maybe I am." It's better to just play by her for now.

I guess being called stupid and idiot by her is making my masochist side satisfied.

"*Sigh* They're fraternal twins, not identical."

"Oh so that's it..." I could've known that if I try to remember.

"*Sigh* How stupid..."

"Yes, yes, I'm stupid..." My masochist side is coming, please insult me more. No if possible, punch me in the face.

"Hey you..." Ruri was giving me a disgusting look. "Don't tell me that you're thinking some disgusting stuff right now..?"

"Yes, yes, I'm thinking."



Good thing that I stopped her from almost killing me, that was scary.

Even the masochist side of me ran from fear.

Why can't she take a joke? This is why it's fun to tease her.

"*Sigh* This is like the third time you almost killed me... Seriously, I still don't know what your personality is..."

Day by day, I get to see many sides of Ruri, her angry side, her princess side, her tsun tsun side, her embarrass side, her ojou-sama side, and many more.

"What can I do?? You're always saying some stupid things!"

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry okay?"

"*Hmp!*" She's looking away from me while pouting, seriously how cute.

"I-it's not my fa-fault..."

Wait, what's that? Both me and Ruri were surprised from the person who talked. But that voiced was Akemi's.

We checked on Akemi to see what was going on.

Akemi was twitching from a nightmare and saying repeatedly. "It's not my fault."

What is she saying? Did something happen to her on her dream?

"Leviathan... Help me..."

SabergKeys SabergKeys

i'm sorry if I have not been posting new chapters, I was on vacation and there's no internet and bad signal.

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