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79.22% Mythologies: A Devil Prince's Revenge / Chapter 61: Chapter 60: Hungry Orders

Chapter 60: Hungry Orders - Mythologies: A Devil Prince's Revenge - Chapter 61 by SabergKeys full book limited free

Chapter 61: Chapter 60: Hungry Orders


That what he was doing before he talked, he was drinking his cup of tea and eating a large portion of food.

Before he started eating the guy introduced himself to Shota Beelzebub who was right now in a familiar place that he has been before.

The tall grass, and a civil twilight sky that doesn't change.

It was the place where he and his friends were trapped in by Satanael before.

At first Shota was shocked to see that he was in this place, and thought that he was trapped by Milicas when they were fighting.

But at the right moment, there he came. A guy with many armor on and even has an armor to his face so that no one won't see his face.

Even if the armor plates are covering his face like a mask, he can clearly see well and even speak clear.

That man introduced himself to Shota. "It's nice to meet you, the 3rd victim of Gluttony. My name is Beelzebub, the original General of Gluttony."

That what's he the original Beelzebub said, before summoning a whole table with a lot of foods on top of it.

And as of right now, Shota Beelzebub was just sitting at the other side of table, not even moving by an inch due to the fact that the person he admires and his predecessor is with him right now.

It was a nerve-wracking situation for Shota right now, that he can't say anything to Beelzebub, in fear of saying something disrespectful.

"What are you doing Shota?" Beelzebub asked. "Aren't we the same? Both as the embodiment of Gluttony? So why aren't you eating? Are the food not in your liking perhaps?"

"No it's not that..." Nervously replying to Beelzebub. "But, I was just surprised and happy that I'm talking to one of the Greatest Archduke on Hell and also you're the person that I admire a lot... So I:m ju-just really nervous right now... I'm sorry." Bowing his head slowly to Beelzebub, Shota apologized to him.

Seeing the apologetic Shota, Beelzebub couldn't hold out his laughter. "Don't worry, no need to be polite Shota, you can talk to me normally like anyone of your friends. If possible, think of me as a friend too, okay?"

"I'm grateful Beelzebub, but if I may, can I ask you why I'm here?"

"Why perhaps..? It's because I want to talk and hang out to you, Insect Lord Shota Beelzebub."

"Hang out..? I'm okay with that, but why me though..? Aren't there anyone better than me? Like Haruki perhaps? Or even Millie."

"*Chuckle* No Shota, you're the only person I wanted to talk to the most."

"Really? I'm very grateful to hear that Beelzebub."

Sip. He sip on his tea again and ate a spoonful of meat. "So I want to discuss something about you Shota. Actually, when I heard that someone as young as you became a General and inherited my name, I was shocked to see you; very young and timid at first, grew up to be someone strong."

"Yeah... Now that I think about it, in the past I really lack confidence on my ability, because of the state that I was in at that time."

"As I remember, it was about 800 years ago in the timeline of Hell, which means you were just about 700 years old on Hell Time, so which means that you were just 7 years old at that time on Earth Time when you became a General. How young, I think you're the second youngest devil to become a General, and the firt was the current General of Melancholy Talya Purah, because she turned into a General at the age of 6 which is close to you as the second. Thinking about it, being that young and chosen as a General was frightening isn't? Because didn't even have any idea about fighting at that time."

"Yeah... I didn't have a single clue about things as such Generals, Archdukes, Kings and Queens, or even being an Archduke myself. Because I didn't have anyone too teach me about those things and not even the slightest idea on living at that time... Because, I've suffered... Because of the angels, my parents abandoned me when I was just young, and I lived all alone on the dirtiest cities on Hell; malnorished and dirty that I can't even moved because of hunger... Since the angels did a massive blow to us devils, even killing you all Archdukes... It was scary at that time, because I was all alone on the darkness waiting to die from hunger... But thanks to them, King Jarren and Queen Xuntea, I finally got the place that I belong to, and friends that I can rely on. Thinking about it, if my parents didn't leave me when I was just a child, I wouldn't be here talking to you..."

Seeing that Shota was holding his tears from coming, Beelzebub smiled. 'It must've been hard for you Shota Beelzebub, living you're entire life as an outcast was painful isn't? But, now that you're eating well and more healthier than before, how does it feel to enjoy eating with all your might? How does it feel that you won't have to scavenge your own food again?"

"I'm happy... Really happy... Because of King Jarren and Queen Xuntea I get to know what joy really is and how much value it really holds... And with the power as the General of Gluttony, I made many childrens happy by not making them suffer as the way as I does. The devils who suffered from the angels at the war; both young and old wouldn't suffer anymore like in the past. Because I believe in him, Haruki Hotaru. I know that him ruling is gonna make Hell rise again, even if it takes hundreds or even thousands of years for him to build up Hell, I'll always be by his side. Afterall, him along with my colleagues are friends that are irreplacebale..."

"I see... But what are your impressions with them as of now? The angels? Because of them Hell was almost destroyed right? Because of them many devils both young and old were craving to put foods on their table. And because of them you Shota Beelzebub, suffered an endless hunger that made you crave for food day by day. But despite that, you smiled with them right? You played with them, fought alongside with them, and achieved victory along with them. How does it feel? Being allies with the people who made you suffered and tormented not only you, but everyone with you." Asking Shota that question, Beelzebub proceeds to continue eating the food on his plate.

Whilst Shota, not even a single portion was eaten by him.

Hearing that question that Beelzebub asked him, Shota couldn't answer his question. No, more like he doesn't know what he truly feel yet.

Are those smiles that they've done together fake or legitimate? The dream that the Archangel Zadkiel wanted to achieve reminded Shota that question.

Is it fake or not? Which is it? As a devil that question will be fake, but as himself what would that answer be? "Yes, what do I say? It was fun being with them, it was truly memorable. Devils having fun with angels is really ironic for most people, but... What is it perhaps that made not only me that forget about what happened, but also the others? Is it because we really need their help? Or is it because we need each others help? That dream that Zadkiel told us that he wants is implausible to convice many others, but due to my stupidity I supported him. An angel that was suppose to be my enemy..."

"A dream for peace to both angels and devils huh? It's stupid, really stupid. Anyone who'll think of that idea has either their sanity or mind. Being enemies for hundred of years already, an idea of peace is impossible don't you think? Anyone who's conviced on that idea of peace is stupid, really stupid."

"....." Shota was silenced from what Beelzebub said. Having heard of what Beelzebub has said, he was quick to agree that it really is that stupid of a dream.

A dream that's unachievable? But some people like that dream? They really are out of their minds.

"But." Beelzebub continues. " I guess I'm one of those, I'm nothing but a stupid dead body that love this dream of peace that Zadkiels wants."

"*Tsk* You made me worried there for a sec... I thought that I disappointed you as your successor for believing on that dream of his. For believing on one of the angels that I can call, a friend..."

With a snap of his finger, the food that he finished appeared again on the plate. "Want some, I promise you it's delicious."

Shota let out a smile and took a chicken leg on the plate; biting it Shota was astonished that he cried from joy. "Yes, it really is delicious..."

I was at Ruri's room alone watching Akemi sleep, we were excited that she talked because we thought that she was finally starting to wake up, but as hours pass she hasn't woke up yet and has stop talking.

I held Akemi's hand tightly and whispered to myslelf. "Don't worry, I'm here..." Akemi has helped me a lot, everytime I wake up from a coma she's always there for me.

She gets me food that I want and feeds it to me, she helped me soothe down the pain that I feel whenever she's with me, and everytime she has supported me on what my decision is. So I'll stay here as a token of my gratitude for her.

The door creaked when it opened and Ryou appeared with flowers on his hand. "Oh, so you're here Haruki, I guess that's why Ruri was at the lab." Ryou came closer and took the vase on the table; putting the flowers there. "Even if I say this again Haruki, I'm grateful that you're making Akemi smile."

"Well, she was always with me and was always taking care of me, so this is the least I can do to thank her for everything she has done to me for the past couple of months."

"*Sigh* I heard from Ruri about what happened here with Akemi, and actually at that time I was at Shota's room and the same thing happened to him."

"Really?! What did he say?!" If what Lucas has thoerized to be true, then my anxiousness would rise.

I don't know if both Leviathan and Beelzebub are as nice as Lucifer, but there's still some things that I haven't trust Lucifer with.

"Like Akemi he said the name of his predecessor Beelzebub. But instead he said. "Thank you Beelzebub." Has a difference with what Akemi said right?"

Akemi said "Help me Leviathan." And Shota said. "Thank you Beelzebub." There's no sign of danger on what they sad except for Akemi.

If Akemi is in danger, then what type of help could she need from the original Leviathan? Akemi is strong, but if she's fighting something that she needs the help of Leviathan; I'm worried on what's happening to her right now.

"I guess it makes you worried about what Akemi meant by helped me right? But don't worry, I remember our mom saying that Leviathan is a nice and charming beauty of a devil that lovves to helps the devils, so no need to be worried."

"*Sigh* If you say so, but what you're saying is that your mother have met the original Leviathan right?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-revenge_19386459505180005/chapter-60-hungry-orders_55069548377864775">;s-revenge_19386459505180005/chapter-60-hungry-orders_55069548377864775</a> for visiting.

"Yes, as most of the second gen General do. Eira Leviathan that's her name, she's the second generation General of Envy."

"Really that's cool! But aren't you sad? Because everytime I asked Akemi about her past, she doesn't want to answer it, and there was one time that I made her cry because of it."

"Well I guess I can tough it out, I'm not like Akemi who's mentally weak. But concerning about what happened to her past, I guess it's normal that she doesn't want to talk about it. Being jealous of someone to the extent that want to destroy their life is not something you can avoid as the General of Envy, due to the unremovable curse that the General has, it's been hard for Akemi and the other Generals."

Jealous to the extent that she wants that person too disappear? Is her envy that strong? I guess so since she's the General of Envy, but... "Curse? What are you talking about Ryou?"

"Wait you don't know yet about the ability that the Deadly Sins has?"

"Nope, no idea." More like, because I was really busy doing things at my life that I never even know about the purpose of a General. I'm such an unworthy King.

"*Sigh* I guess I'll tell you then. Actually, if you represent a sin you'll get tremendous power and unique skills that based on that particular sins, example of this is Sora making people fall asleep and Mammon stealing and getting things he wants easily."

Then if those skills are unique to only them, it must mean that those skills are strong right? It's like in a video game, well this whole skill things is already a video game at this point.

"But, with those strong skills and powers that you'll get from the sins that you represent, a great threat will come to your life that'll affect you until your death. A curse so great that even the Gods can't even break it. The curse of the sins depending on what you represents, Wrath: A curse that fills you with tremendous anger that's unable to be ease up. Greed: A curse that will force you to want anything you want, and it'll even force you to steal. Pride: A curse that will put you in pleasure for being superior among everyone who's lower. Lust: Will drive your sex drive very active to anyone or anything, even if you're not attracted to that person. Envy: Will make you envious of everyone around you, even if you don't feel jealous to that certain person, you'll soon be jealous of him. Sloth: Even if you want to work, it'll force you not too. Gluttony: A deep hunger that can't be filled or satisfied. Evilness: It'll force you to commit any sins that you don't want to do. Vainglory: Will make everyone around you know about your vanity even if small or big. And lastly Melancholy: It'll make you feel deep agony and depression that you'll only feel single bit of joy."

The sins that my frineds has got them this such unbelievable strengths and talents, but I was blinded by those strengths to even know how they truly felt about their position.

In exchange for power you'll get a curse that's unbreakable and will make your life worser day by day.

It's scary to think how my friends remained strong from this curses that made their life wrose, and as their King I couldn't do a thing.

There are things that I haven't known yet about Hell and my friends, so as their King It is my duty to find and solve that problem that I have.

Even if that problem is small I'll do it, I can't be losing right now. I have to show them that even if I'm weaker to them on many levels, I can still stand beside all of them equally.

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