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Chapter 186: Shiro Settles Down...

Chapter 186

Title: Shiro Settles Down...


Just like this four years passed, Yami is now at the age of twenty seven. Konoha is a whole different place from it looked more like a modern city with all of the high buildings and dozens of skyscrapers. The Hokage was one of those skyscrapers with 130 floors. Konoha has already become something of a powerhouse on its own, even without the Land Of Fire.

Its economical power has become terrifying, its Hokage, Yami Inuzuka has been credited to it. The Hokage now has as much power as the Daimyo has. Thankfully there seems to be no conflict between the two or the people might be worried… well they DO know who will win, it will be Yami Inuzuka, he has a 91% approval rating. He has put so many nobles out of power and put 'smart' people in there that have risen the local economy by over 900% in just four years.

Konoha's army has also never been stronger, many new talents have come out, though most of them are from the Inuzuka Clan. But no one questions that… and if they do… they usually suffer FATAL 'accidents'. 

As the son-in-law of the Daimyo, Yami has had one child with his wife. Though there are rumours of him sleeping around, in the eyes of the public they are just that… rumours.

On inside of the skyscraper Hokage Tower, Yami is currently drinking something that looks like wine (grape juice) he just looks at Konoha below him, who even though it is still called a Village, Konoha is NOT one, it is a city with decades above its peers. It is the Nr.1 Village in economy, army, population, growth and anything else anyone can think of. 

'Finally… finally… I have everything under control.' Thinks Yami, as a smile appears on his face. 'The five great ninja villages are only so in name, Konoha is above them all.'

His plans gone perfectly, no one here is to oppose him. No hidden enemy, he has hundreds of plans for the future. Everyone is dancing at the palm of his hand, everything under control.


The people love Yami, as he has improved Konoha in such a major way that some people call him the Perfect Hokage, and no scandals have ever been revealed. Also his power (political) has grown to something unrivalled.

Secret organisations like YMCA have been taken care of from Yami having the organisation infiltrated from the inside. He didn't wipe it out, after all he would have an organisation 'against' him that he can control than one he can't. 

Hiruzen and Jiraiya are running the organisation, Orochimaru having pulled out, in order to concentrate on his experiments. The YMCA organisation never accomplished anything, and didn't limit Yami's power at all. When Orochimaru saw that, he immediately figured out that these 'technical difficulties' and 'delays' he immediately left. He already figured that Yami already is under the control of it.

Orochimaru is currently in one of his labs. He is actually outside of the Land of Fire, on a 'mission', knowing that anywhere in the Land of Fire he will be under Yami's eyes and control. 

*tch* 'I should run away from Konoha soon and become a missing ninja. No other choice left, I am already pressured to go into the new Research Department.' Thinks Orochimaru, as his brows frown, he needs to hype himself to get the courage to run away from Konoha. He knows that Yami will immediately start hunting him down. 

'If he starts hunting me, I am not even 10% sure I can escape him. Yami will become like a mad man, he will chase me to the ends  of the world. But… if I keep down my head for  four years after escape, he should let his hunt dissipate. I can only hope that he will get bored of chasing me. Or I will have to run for the rest of my immortality.' Contemplates Orochimaru… trying to predict if he will be able to outrun Yami.


On the other hand, even with all of this scheming going around. In the slums of the city, where usually the lower income families live, there is a surprisingly high quality strip club, called Shiro's Fur Smells Nice.

There is someone who is living his life leisurely, not worrying about plots, plans or assassinations. He is just a simple white furred dog, he is just standing on a cushy couch. There were a couple of dog and cat girls all around him. 

Shiro just seems to be drooling. They are actually all cats or dogs who can use the transformation jutsu. So people with… furry tastes cone here. Shiro already made a deal with the Cat Summons… When he wants to he can be surprisingly convincing.

'When you live with Yami all of your life, you pick up a couple of things.'... 'wait… I can think straight again… I need some more alcohol in my system then.' Thinks Shiro, as he is slightly sobering up. He hasn't been sober in two years. The last time he was suber was at the time he had to ask Yami for a small loan of 50 Million Ryo to open up his dream strip club.

Of course he spent 40 Million in a one year spree of hookers and cocaine but after that he was ready to leave behind his wandering ways and settle down, he was getting quite up on his years… so he settled down by opening a strip club. So he doesn't have to be sober anymore when he has to ask for Yami's monthly check, he is self sufficient now.

'Ahhhh… this is the life… I am living the dream.' Thinks Shiro.

"Hey! Chikuba come and lick some honey off my tits." Calls out Shiro to some cat girl.


But on the other Elemental Lands, in the Hidden Rock Village, the Tsuchikage and the elders have all gathered here to discuss the topic of Yami Inuzuka and Konoha's recent rise in power.

Onoki just looks at the elders and takes out a scroll throwing it towards them to read it. 

"This is the latest information our Konoha spies sent us." Says Onoki as he has an extremely annoyed look on his face.

When they open the message the elders immediately frown as they read the letter.


Hey~ Yami here

Anyway, this spy was killed and tortured for information too. This one lasted three days…. Ok who am I joking, he lasted like two minutes. We had a Yamanaka on the scene.

P.S: Still open for a trade deal? I am that's for sure. Just imagine… Konoha having Iwa under its foot… I mean we as equal allies.






The letter continues with half a*sed written messages. There are even some food stains in it. Showing that Yami was writing this while he was eating most likely.

They immediately think of attacking Konoha and starting another war. But that thought is quenched as soon as it comes. Konoha is WAY more powerful now that Yami is in charge and attacking it would he dumb. As unlike Hiruzen, if Konoha wins the war, Yami will be ripping apart the other lands like he was cutting a cake, he definitely wouldn't be polite about it.

This is the fear that keeps them from starting another war. They know that with Hiruzen, they just need to act angry and Hiruzen will give in, because he doesn't want to continue the war. But… Yami is a WHOLE different story.

A/N: Time is passing and Shiro has finally settled down… in his own way. At least he is living his own life. Also the other Elemental Nations are a joke to Yami, he spends his time fu*king around with their spies since he has nothing better to do. Next chap we will see Naruto and… Yami's plans will advance by another step.

P.S: I know it is a BIG time skip... but I DO want to finish this story soon.🤣

P.P.S: Like always, you get +1 chapter for that day if the story reaches 1000 power stones.

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(23 chapters in advance)

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