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Chapter 194: Years pass by...

Chapter 194

Title: Years pass by...


Next day, after having a very nice breakfast with my family, I just go towards my office for my Hokage duties… well honestly I am just going there so I can have some nice time with my lover. Ah cheating on my wife has a certain thrill to it. 

My clones already took care of everything after the Uchiha Massacre, I people will most likely think that I was up all night taking care of everything. But in actuality my shadow clones took care of everything and I had a nice sleep and even fu*ked my wife with no problem while the Uchiha Clan was being massacred. Thankfully Shiori is still beautiful enough, as soon as her physical appearance starts deteriorating… I will kill her and find me a new wife. Honestly we have a very good s*x life, and she is a moderately happy wife (most of the unhappiness comes from me cheating on her repeatedly)... but her looks are the only reason I didn't kill her after I got a son. She finished her job, I got the son who will replace the current Daimyo and be the leader of the Land of Fire… with me pulling the strings obviously.

I walk into the hospital 'alone'... I was surrounded by my anbu guards. Who are around me most of the time, I honestly don't need them. I could kill them all in less than a second. But whatever, they are mostly here as an aesthetic.

I arrive in front of the hospital rooms. I open the door and see the kid Sasuke with dull eyes looking in front of him. 

Yep, soon the emo will develop. I mean fans of the Anime in my first world used to say that Sasuke was just emo, but I mean he had his whole family killed in front of him by his brother. 

Anyway, gotta say something comforting. 

"Sasuke…" I call out to him. He doesn't seem to listen. But I know that he is listening. Me being the best medical ninja isn't just a title. I can easily tell something like when a patient is listening or not.

"What Itachi did was unforgivable. I can't say that I understand your pain or something like that… but I can promise you that Itachi will be hunted like a dog. Though I can't predict his motive or if he had someone to help him." As I say that I notice that Sasuke comes out of it. He looks at me.

"He had no definite motive." Says Sasuke with a broken voice. "He just said that… he wanted to test himself… he also let me live because he wants to see if I will be a challenge in the future and then he..."

Oh wow… he just starts to tell me his whole life story and how what Itachi did all along was just an act. Ohhh… this is gonna be a long story isn't it.  I guess I will just make a shadow clone and have it listen to him. No way am I listening to this sh*t. I don't care about his life story or his relationship with Itachi.



So two years passed since the Uchiha Massacre, and here I am. In my office relaxing. Time passes really fast when you are relaxing, being Hokage isn't that hard really. It's just that somehow ninjas forget to use the shadow clone to do their paperwork.

Honestly that is like most of them have high intelligence but no wisdom.

Suddenly as I reminiscing about this, out of the shadows one of my shadow clones comes out and gives me a document.

I read it and it's just Kakashi leaving Anbu. Not that big of a deal really. Anyway, I better be at my daughter's academy graduation. I didn't let either of them graduate before being twelve years old. I trained them as good as I could, so at the age of twelve, Hana is about Chunin level, Yoruichi is at low level Jounin. Kiba is still in the Academy, and my other son Nari is studying in the Fire Capital… though I use Hiraishin to bring him back home every day.  Nari is gonna be the Daimyo soon, so that is why he isn't in the Ninja Academy. 


I look at my daughters after their graduation, I just wave at them when I see them with their headbands. 

"Yo! Dad." Says Yoruichi casually, and points towards her headband. "Looks cool right? Except the whole shining which pretty much says 'Come Kill Me', I don't even know why they make them like this."

I just smile at this and pat her head. "C'mon now Yoruichi don't be so mean. But this is like another test to see that when they become Genin if they dull their headbands. That is actually why most Genin don't make it to Chunin, it's like the secret criteria."

Hana just walks with her three puppy wolves like ninken. "Dad, isn't that kinda mean."

I just smile and put my hands on their shoulders, and using Hiraishin, we all teleport away in a dark flash.

When we arrive at home  Yoruichi just shrugs and says. "Well you have to be smart to be a ninja. If they die because of that then they die. As long as it isn't family why should we care for anyone else."

I smirk when she says that, but Hana seems a little angry. "Hey! Don't say things like that. What about our ninken and the nice people of Konoha."

Yoruichi yawns at this. "Yeah, ninken are just dogs. And the other Konoha citizens are simply strangers. I could care less about any of them."

When I hear that I burst into a full out laughter. "Hahahaha… Yoruichi you truly are my daughter." 

Then I look at Hana and pat her head. "Hana, never forget. Family is everything, these people will turn your back on you as soon as it suits them."


-General POV-

Two months later, the news of the Daimyo and almost all of his successors died. It was a family gathering dinner, but an accident happened with some explosion tags being transported and everyone on the Daimyo's Castle was killed. It was a tragedy of the highest calibre..

When news reached Konoha, it was big news and it was published by the Inuzuka News Paper. 

Shiori Inuzuka is just having an average day. Watering the flowers in her garden as  Wondering how much her husband has cheated today, and that is when the news paper kid drops the newspaper. 

Shiori decides to open and read the paper like usual… but her eyes widen once she sees the front page.

'T -This…' She looks at the first headline. 'Daimyo and his family are dead due to an explosion accident.'

Her mind is going through countless memories of her family, her father, mother, sisters and brothers. Though she and her family didn't always have the best relationship, to her they were still family. 

Suddenly she stops… 'Who will be the next Daimyo the.' Finally like a lightning bolt it hits her. 

'YAMI DID THIS.' Madly thinks Shiori… immediately she turns around, and goes towards the mansion, her face filled with rage.


Shiori isn't stupid so she figured the likely culprit of the 'accident' when she came to the conclusion that her son will actually is gonna be the next Daimyo.

P.S: Sorry about the late updates lately, I am currently having some Exams to take in College.

HolyJoker HolyJoker

There are 23 chapters in adavance for Naruto: Dream to Immortality and a bunch of other stories that I write and publish in there:

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