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Chapter 71 Return to Konoha - Naruto God Level Modifier - Chapter 71 by ABBAS_HAJJI full book limited free

Chapter 71: Chapter 71 Return to Konoha

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Hiro and Tsunade joined forces in this battle, which made the Konoha ninjas exhale, they were relieved, after this battle the war between Konoha and Sand should come to end.

But in fact, the battle between Hiro and Tsunade severely inflicted Sand, Chiyo was injured and escaped, Ebizo died, so no one was Hiro and Tsunade's opponent. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Unless the fourth Kazekage come in person or send the whole Sand ninja army.

"At present, Sand's one-tailed beast Jinchuuriki still alive, the old monk in the original..." Hiro shook his head. Whether it is one-tailed beast Jinchuuriki or the fourth Kazekage, they won't come to the battlefield.

After all, the power of Tailed-Beast cannot be fully controlled, it is easy to cause chaos on the battlefield, which is uncontrollable.

Also, the fourth Kazekage can't come to the battlefield. Because now the fourth Kazekage has just taken this position, he must focus on stabilizing the current situation, otherwise he will not be the Fourth Kazekage. If they lose the war, he, as Fourth Kazekage, will bear all the responsibility!

So after defeating and injuring Chiyo, Hiro determined that this time the sand-hidden village frontline will collapse and which means Sand Village will lose the war.

Facts have proved that Hiro's thinking is good.

About three days later, news came that the sand hidden ninjas retreated, Chiyo evacuated sand ninja troops!

At the same time, Sand's senior management decided to temporarily truce with Konoha!

This decision means the sand hidden battlefield can be temporarily stopped, and finally, it is about to truce. When the news broke, Hiro and Tsunade were preparing to return to the village.

Sure enough, two days later, Third Hokage sent part of the Konoha troops from the sandy border defense to the village, including Hiro and Tsunade.

The two are also important figures in the village now, and of course, they should return to the village.

"I'm finally going back. If it wasn't for your help, I'm afraid it's hard to say who loses and who wins." Tsunade whispered.

The words were full of appreciation for Hiro. Tsunade now gradually no longer treats Hiro as a student, but treats him as a powerful Konoha ninja, this a change brought by Hiro's strength.

Of course, it was also a manifestation of the relationship between Hiro and Tsunade becoming more subtle.

Hiro smiled and said, "even if I didn't come for me to support, Konoha would send someone else, the result would still be the same."

"Don't be humble, you just covered up your smile," Tsunade said.

"Cough cough."

Hiro and Tsunade were chatting while packing up their things, bringing the Konoha ninjas back to Konoha.

Galloping all the way.

Hiro finally could return to Konoha.

It has been more than a month since he left Konoha, Hiro is indeed a little bit homely.

From the border of Land of Rivers to Konoha, under normal circumstances, it takes about two or three days, but Hiro and others rushed all the way, it only took less than two days to enter Konoha. From a distance, they can see Konoha.

Looking at it, a circle of red walls standing high. The walls of more than ten meters high, plus defensive measures, this is Konoha's village walls.

Looking further away, you can vaguely see the erected rocks. There are a total of three ninja sculptures, it is Hokage Rock.

Finally arrived at Konoha.

Soon, Hiro and others arrived at the entrance of the village.

The entrance to the village was guarded by two special jounin. When they saw Hiro and the others, the two were was a little wary at first, but as soon as they saw Tsunade, they immediately relaxed, the two said in one voice: "Tsunade Sama !"

The two ninjas are very respectful, which is the benefit of Sannin's reputation.

When the two ninjas looked at Tsunade, they glanced at Hiro again, their hearts were stunned, Hiro is so young...

Hiro's record spread throughout Konoha, everyone knows that there is such a powerful ninja. , But now when I look at Hiro's age, they were surprised.

The upright and straight body and handsome face give people a special feeling, Hiro's temperament and impression have changed completely.

Moreover, the killing experience on the battlefield has made Hiro's temperament calm and cool.

Of course, this is also related to Hiro's charm value.

The two special jounin glanced at each other, watched Hiro and Tsunade leave, and said at the same time: " Naruto-sama said he wants to see you as soon as you arrive."

Hiro and Tsunade nodded and walked towards the Hokage Building.

When Hiro and the others walked away, the two of them looked at each other before each secretly sighed, and said: "Unimaginable, is he less than nine years old..."

"Yes, he is the first ninja using the legendary Mokuton style after the first Hokage sama..."

The two special jounin talked in a low voice. , Obviously, Hiro left a very deep impression on them, this impression made them very surprised.

...... ... ...

Hiro and others walked into the village, but they saw countless civilians crowded in front of them, they were all greeted by the road, looking at Hiro and Tsunade.

"Tsunade-sama, really beautiful, worthy of the legendary Sannin. Ninja flower, the idol of female ninjas."

"Yes, and Tsunade-sama's disciple, Hiro-sama!"

"So handsome. So handsome..."

"So handsome."

There are countless little girls who look at Hiro with stars in their eyes. Hiro is overwhelmed. These little girls are also really enthusiastic.

At present, Hiro's reputation is very high.

When Tsunade saw this scene, he glanced at Hiro and said with a smile, "You are still very popular among these little girls."

Hiro felt a jealous smell, and immediately said righteously: "they are just little girls."

As expected, Tsunade's face turned cloudy and clear, she and Hiro went to the Hokage Building, facing Sarutobi!

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