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Chapter 24: Chapter 24

Feng was naturally unaware of Kakashi's thoughts.

All he knew was that Kakashi was back. And he just stopped at the door, he didn't seem to want to deal with Kurenai and Rin at the same time after hearing them inside.

Even if he knew Kakashi's thoughts, Feng would just say it was "nonsense". He's only nine years old. Isn't he just overacting?


After sending Kurenai and Rin home, Feng went to practice again.

There are still three days left before the Chunin exam. It is impossible to improve his Hatake Swordsmanship to the second stage in just a short time. And also to develop an A-level jutsu on the same rank as the Chidori. What he wanted to advance is the Hachimon. He needs to open the Third Gate aka the Life Gate.

"If I can open the Third Gate then even if I don't use time acceleration, I should still be able to easily pass the Chunin exam."

Feng judged in his heart.

Time flies.

In the afterglow of the setting sun, it was the last day before the Chunin exam.


Looking at the setting sun, Feng stretched his body and finally stopped his training.


Tomorrow will be the Chunin exams, and it is also his first mission after becoming a ninja. He remembers a line that says…'it's better to be prepared than to get ready.'

Feng clenched his fists and showed a slight smile.

After tidying his things, he directly returned home. He did not activate his time acceleration. After eating dinner, he slept all the way to early in the morning of the next day.

He didn't see Kakashi at home, it seemed that he had left very early, and Feng didn't really mind it. After breakfast, he went all the way to the place where the Chunin exam will be held.

At this time.

There's already a large amount of people gathered in the Chunin exam grounds.

By rough calculations, there are about 60 people, most of whom are from Konoha, and only a dozen of people are from other ninja villages.

Feng, just glanced at it and he didn't pay much attention. His eyes are focused on the ninjas from Cloud and Mist Village.


Feng was slightly surprised when his eyes fell on a ninja from the Hidden Mist, because one of the three ninjas from a squad looked familiar to him.

If he's not mistaken, the other party should be-

Hoshigaki Kisame!

One of the future Legendary Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, a member of the Akatsuki Organization, and Itachi's partner!

But Kisame at this moment should be only about ten years old.

As if sensing Feng's gaze, Kisame looked sideways and glanced at Feng. His pair of shark-like eyes gave someone a cold feeling.

"A young Kisame huh? I wanna see how strong he is at this time."

Feng stared at him for a second, then retracted his gaze while muttering to himself, his gaze continued to sweep the ninja's from Cloud Village and the others.

He didn't know the ninjas from Cloud Village and the other ones, he has no recollection of them from his memories.

When Feng was observing them, they were also observing him.

"Who is that guy?"

"Silver that Hatake Kakashi?"

Some of the participating ninjas from Konoha looked at Feng and whispered.

Kakashi, who graduated at five years old and was promoted to Chunin at the age of six was well known to Konoha. Feng's hair and figure that resembled Kakashi immediately attracted a lot of attention.


Someone who knew Feng shook his head and said, "That's not Kakashi, his name is Hatake Feng, he's the older brother of Kakashi, he's far too lacking compared to his little brother"

An Inuzuka clansman next to him said: "When did that guy become a Genin, I have never heard of him... Is he here to take the Chunin exam?"

"It seems like it."

Someone sighed and said, "Although his talent is not that good, he's pretty brave to dare and take the Chunin exam at this time."

This is his third time taking the Chunin exam. He still remembered that he was almost killed when he took his exam for the very first time.

The Genin graduation assessment and the Chunin exams are not on the same level at all!

"Hatake Feng? Not from the Hyuga or the Uchiha Clans?"

"Just a nobody."

Two Genin from Mist heard the discussion on their surroundings and looked at Feng's direction.

The only people that their team leader warned them about were from the Uchiha and Hyuga Clans, whether it's their Sharingan or Byakugan both are powerful abilities worth fearing. Apart from those, there was nothing else for them to be concerned about.

"He doesn't seem to be just a nobody."

Kisame looked at Feng's direction, and said: "That guy noticed me as soon as he came in. He should have some abilities."


The Genin next to him eye's flickered, and he smiled coldly, and said: "If he had some skills then that's better, or this exam would be just too boring."

Just as everyone was discussing with each other, a group of people walked in.

And the one on the lead was a Ninja from Konoha.


Yamanaka Inoichi said in a deep voice, a kind of pressure belonging to a Jonin permeated in an instant, making the ninjas settle down in an instant.

"I am the chief examiner for the first test, Yamanaka Inoichi. After you've submitted your personal information form you will be given a number plate that would correspond to your seat. The papers for the first exam will be sent out soon."

Feng, who was leaning against the wall at the door, glanced in the direction of the proctor.

If he remembers correctly, this guy was Ino's father, one of the founders of the famous Ino-Shika-Cho Formation from the older generation. It seems that Konoha is really paying attention to this Chunin exam. That even a Jonin class ninja was made the chief examiner just for the first test.


After getting his number plate, Feng came to his corresponding seat and sat down.

Since his mission is to eliminate Mist and Cloud ninjas as much as possible in this exam, he already knew the contents of the test from yesterday.

It was almost exactly the same as the test taken by the "Konoha's Eleven". The first was a written test to test the ninja's knowledge, but there was no so-called tenth question. The second test would be fighting for the scroll of heaven and earth in the death forest, and the last test would be a one-on-one battle.

The examination papers were issued quickly.

After getting his test paper, Feng quickly began to answer.

Knowing the contents of the test in advance, Feng naturally had no difficulty answering. Even before entering the examination area, he had already made a shadow clone and used the transformation technique to change its appearance as a Chunin teacher, and followed those teachers that were together with the proctor.

Moreover, he can already answer most of the examination questions himself, and there was no need for him to cheat as he can finish the exam in just a moment.

"Handing-in your paper in advance?"

Looking at Feng who was walking over with his test papers, Inoichi glanced at Feng with a slightly amused look. He took his test papers and reviewed them. After confirming that there were basically no problems with his answers to the test questions. He nodded and said: "Okay, you passed." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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