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Chapter 116 - Naruto: Time control - Chapter 116 by Gunitlo full book limited free

Chapter 116: Chapter 116

"Really fast."

Erase whispered in your heart and sharply bent, avoiding a blow to the neck, immediately causing retaliatory punch.

In the eyes ... A flash of light.

Silver Flash is inferior to him in speed, but his reaction and dynamic vision are extremely good, so he was able to safely dodge the attack despite the difference in speed.


Hey swung his arm to block the blow.

The collision of fist and arm broke out arcs of lightning.


Tsunade swore, watching the clash of Erase and Eya, she didn't want the student to regain used this forbidden technique.


She was going to support Erase, but got in the way of Killer Bee.

"Ew, no entry, because there's a bro fighting there, deal with me first!"

"Get out!"

Hearing Killer Bi's ridiculous speech, Tsunade felt a headache and exclaimed in exasperation as she delivered a furious punch.

Killer Bee was affected.


There was a roar as the two fists collided.

While in Biju's Chakra Cover Mode, Killer Bi becomes much stronger and faster, but when faced with this blow from Tsunade, he still staggered back a few meters.

"Yew, what a strong woman, it seems like I should take the matter seriously....RIGHTON: Rariatto!"

After flying a few meters away, Killer Bi exclaimed loudly and without hesitation rushed back to Tsunade.

Although he hadn't entered Biju Mode yet, but Biju's Chakra Mode was quite enough to restrain Tsunade.

Tsunade got into a battle with Killer B, not having the opportunity to help Erase.

On the other hand.

Yeruashi, who was fighting with Ay, remained absolutely calm and unperturbed, seemingly oblivious to the difference in speed at all, a moment later, a chakra surged into his body, opening the Fourth Thunder Gate.

Arcs of lightning crackled between her hair.

The appearance of Yeruashi, who opened the Fourth Thunder Gate, differs from Eya only in that his chakra has a silvery-white color, while the chakra of the future Fourth Raikage is blue.


Blocking the next blow of the enemy, Erase pulled the Blade of Kusanagi and swung it sharply.

Slash, enveloped in flames, rushed towards Ey.

"...has it gotten faster?!"

Hey surprised, noticing the change in the state of Erase, and waved his hand towards the fiery slash.

He specializes in speed and has not so strong protection in comparison with the Third Raikage, but the Lightning Chakra Mode, in any case, provides him with a fairly powerful defense that can not be broken by an ordinary attack.


Destroying slash, Hey ran to Erase.

After opening the Fourth Thunder Gate, Yeruashi was able to keep up with Ei's speed, so he boldly rushed towards his opponent, ceasing to defend and counterattack.


Arcs of lightning flashed as they collided.

Shinku and other Shinobi, saw only silver and blue flashes, constantly colliding with each other....all that was clearly visible were the arcs of lightning that pierced the air at the spot where the collision had occurred a moment ago.

No one could tell which side had the advantage now.

Shinku Yuhi was well aware that he had no way to interfere in a battle of this level, after a little thought, he gave the command to the Konoha shinobi and rushed to the nearest Kumo shinobi, a battle ensued.

But neither side could fully focus on the battle, because everyone knows that the outcome of this clash will be decided by the battle of Tsunade with Killer Bi and Yeruashi with Ei!

At the moment, no one could clearly understand the situation.

Even Killer B couldn't tell if his brother had suppressed the Silver Flash or if it was an even battle.

"He's still a bit slower, but his reflexes and dynamic vision are better than mine...this guy..."

Hey got pretty grim.

Now he does not have an obvious advantage in speed over the enemy, in addition, the Kusanagi Blade causes a lot of problems!

Although he could use metal bracers to block the opponent's blade, but they clearly did not have enough strength, and were badly damaged after several collisions. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Once the bracers were completely destroyed, Ei would have to deal with Kusanagi's Blade with his bare hands, which would limit him too much.


Hey fiercely exclaimed, if things continue like this, his position will become very disadvantageous!

He is quick-tempered and straightforward, but by no means stupid, realizing the situation, Hey did not hesitate to change tactics, because he is not alone here!

Killer B, who was fighting with Tsunade nearby, immediately reacted, understanding what this cry meant, thanks to a perfect understanding.

"Even the elder brother is helpless in front of a Silver Flash...."

Although Killer Bi was greatly shocked, but this did not prevent him from understanding exactly what to do, he did not hesitate to give up the Cover of Biju's Chakra and transformed, attacking Tsunade with a giant tentacle.

Tsunade fiercely swung her leg to ward it off, but in the next instant, several tentacles rushed towards her at once.

"Full-Fledged Biju Mode?! The information turned out to be correct, he really is the perfect Jinchuriki, able to freely use all the power of Biju."

Tsunade visibly stiffened.

She is able to fight Killer Bee, who is in Biju Chakra Mode, but after switching to Biju Mode, everything is different!

Tsunade bit her finger without hesitation, and put her palm to the ground.


White smoke erupted, and a huge snail was summoned.


"Katsuyu, help me!"

Tsunade stood on a giant snail, looking at Killer Bee, who had already completely transformed into Hachibi, her gaze incomparably heavy and gloomy.

She is well aware of Biju's power, even if she summons Katsuya, it will be extremely difficult to restrain him!

"Ew, this monster is really cool, but I can't be held back by that!"

Killer Bee was well aware that Ei was really in serious trouble, since he was forced to ask to use Biju Mode, so it was necessary to deal with Tsunade as quickly as possible and provide support.

The huge Hachibi let out a furious roar and waved all of its giant tentacles in Katsuyu's direction at once.


Facing this fierce attack, part of Katsuyu's body shattered into small pieces.

A huge number of small slugs flew to the sides.

"Damn it!"

Tsunade gritted her teeth, facing Hachibi, she could only retreat helplessly, Biju's power was too great.

Shinku and the other Konoha shinobi fighting nearby felt terrified and felt incomparably fragile as they watched the rampaging Biju.

This monster can kill them all with any random attack without even noticing!

Humans are not capable of resisting such power!

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