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Chapter 120 - Naruto: Time control - Chapter 120 by Gunitlo full book limited free

Chapter 120: Chapter 120

Raikage had no intention of killing Yeruashi, as he was well aware that the significant difference in speed made this task extremely difficult.

Just enough to cover the retreat of Eya and Bi.

Silver Flash is a Ryton user, not a Fuuton user, so even though he has superior speed, it will be difficult for him to count on anything in this battle. Raikage was going to drain the chakra of Erase for a few minutes and quietly retreat.


Yeruashi, bathed in silver light, stared at the Third Raikage, under his control, the lightning attribute chakra enveloping the Kusananga Blade began to thicken, the sound of Chidori birds chirping became quieter, the chaotic crackling arcs of lightning became more cohesive and condensed!

At the same time, the Third Raikage raised his right hand in front of him and slowly bent his little finger, the density of the lightning attribute chakra concentrated on his fingertips increased dramatically.

Hell Of A Penetrating Punch, Three-Finger Nuke!

Raikage didn't have the slightest feeling of disdain or disdain for Yeruashi, who had surpassed his son in speed and was able to suppress Hachibi, he treated Silver Flash as a shinobi of his own level.

Due to the increasing momentum of the chakra, Shinku Yuhi and the other shinobi standing nearby felt a strong pressure, and cold sweat broke out on their forehead.

Third Raikage!

The strongest Raikage in history!

The first Raikage was one of those who ended the Warring States Era along with Senju Hashirama, beginning the village system. The second Raikage was extremely good at Raiton, at the cost of exhausting training and his own health, he managed to create a Lightning Chakra Mode, Tempering the Flesh with Lightning Chakra, and so on.

The Third Raikage inherited the techniques created by the Second, and developed them to the peak, surpassing the creator himself!

On the other hand.

Yeruashi, bathed in silvery light, emitted a powerful chakra pulse that was not inferior to the Third Raikage, causing others to feel a tremor in their hearts.

Such a terrifying chakra, Shinobi Konoha never felt such a powerful impulse from Orochimaru or Jiraiya, such a feeling was given only by the Third Hokage!

Chakra at the level of the Third Hokage!

Combined with the Kenjutsu and speed that Yeruashi demonstrated by suppressing Hachibi...a shocking thought flashed through the minds of Shinku and the rest of the shinobi, perhaps he was no weaker than the Third Hokage!

Based on this, the fight between the Silver Flash and the Third Raikage can be safely called a battle at the peak of the shinobi world!


Tsunade clenched her fists.

She hadn't felt this weak in a long time.

She could still interfere in the battle of Yeruashi and Hachibi, but interfering in the battle of Yeruashi and the Third Raikage is unlikely to work, because they are both peak speed shinobi!

All she had to do was get one of the snails to climb on top of Yeruashi's body and hide under his clothes, so she could transfer the chakra or heal him with the snail at any time.


Erase looked at a snail, crawling on his chest.

It wasn't very pleasant, but having been Orochimaru's disciple, he could take something like this absolutely calmly.

But isn't Tsunade overly protective of him?

The mood of Erase improved slightly, he calmly looked at the Third Raikage.

This is just in time.

He will simply experience the last results of practice on the Third Raikage!

Under the gaze of Tsunade, Shinku, and the others, Yeruashi's figure shuddered and instantly disappeared, a silver flash flashing.

In the next instant, he appeared behind the Third Raikage and swiftly swung the Kusanagi Blade wrapped in concentrated lightning.

From the side, you can see how a silvery-white trace was left in the air.

But it wasn't the material trail left by Yeruashi's attack, but the afterimages created by too high a speed that the optic nerves can't normally respond to.

The third Raikage abruptly turned around and swung his palm towards Kusanagi's Blade, the terrifying chakra of the Raiton attribute condensed on his fingertips, forming a transparent blade around them.


The blade of Kusanagi's Blade collided with the blade of lightning, and many arcs of lightning flew apart.

In the eyes of Erase light flashed on the Blade of Kusanagi, compressed in his hands, left a series of residual images.

"Atomic Cut!"

The third Raikage froze in place and abruptly flew back, his figure bathed in lightning, many straight thin lines of silver light appeared, like a fishing net.

The ground under his feet was instantly cut into small pieces, as if the figure of the Raikage had been cut countless times in an instant, as if it was a Jinton that had been weakened several times.


The third Raikage stabilized his position by retreating a few meters, a light flashing in his eyes.

The speed of the Silver Flash at this moment, was too great even for him, only managed to parry a small portion of the attacks, but fortunately, although the speed is extremely great, the power of these attacks was not enough to break through his defenses.

"Even Kusanagi's Blade couldn't break through the defenses? The third Raikage really deserves its glory."

Erase remained calm.

Although he can avoid the Infernal Penetrating Strike by directly attacking the Third Raikage's body, relying on the speed and sharpness of his blade, but the power of such an attack is not enough to break through the opponent's defenses.

And if you use Getsugu Tenshou, the Third Raikage can meet the attack with a Hellish Penetrating Blow, softening it and not allowing it to break through the cover of the Lightning Chakra Mode.

To put it simply.

A more powerful attack is required.

"In that case..."

Erase said and slowly raised the Blade of Kusanagi, the blade rushed copious flow of chakra. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

It wasn't a Chakra Flow or a Form Transformation.

Erase just in a rude manner sent a huge amount of chakra, violently surging through his body, the Blade of Kusanagi.


Lightning Chidori abruptly flared and vanished, followed by the blade poured an irresistible stream of the raging chakra, forcibly concentrated Erase.

The White Fang Blade would have already collapsed when faced with such a fierce and abundant lightning attribute chakra, but the Kusanagi Blade is able to withstand it!

From the outside.

Blade of Kusanagi, compressed in the hands of Erase, flared monster and a terrifying momentum.

The raging lightning attribute chakra affected even the surroundings, a huge number of small crackling arcs of lightning extended from Kusanagi's Blade, piercing the air around Yeruashi.

Yeruashi continued to pour the raging chakra into the blade, the blade spewing out several massive arcs of lightning that rushed towards the ground and left several small potholes.

"Things are bad..."

The third Raikage became very gloomy.

He instinctively sensed danger, sensing the terrifying amount of raging lightning attribute chakra concentrated in Kusanagi's Blade.

Without hesitation, the Raikage flexed two more fingers and rushed forward, striking towards Yeruashi's chest in an attempt to interrupt the preparation of this terrifying attack.


Erase turned into a silver flash, evading the attack, and continued to pour chakra into the Blade of Kusanagi.

Soon, he felt that the carrying capacity of the Kusanagi Blade had reached its limit.

At this point, the blade has turned into a lightsaber, emitting a bright white light, and in all directions there are many, gradually dissipating, arcs of lightning.

"This is the correct use of the Kusanagi Blade."

Erase slowly raised his hands, poised over a dazzling bunch of chakra attribute of lightning, and looked at the Third Raikage.

Then he took a step forward, and abruptly lowered the blade.

A wisp of white light shot out from the blade, illuminating everything brightly.

Shinku, Tsunade and the rest of the shinobi involuntarily narrowed their eyes, unable to look at the blinding sun that flashed right in front of them.

The whole world seemed to be engulfed in white light.

This is the strongest attack of the current Yeruashi, because of the fear that it will create too much noise, it has not yet been fully used, it has only been confirmed that it can be used.

The name of this attack is Heavenly Flash!

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