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"Fanta don 't go there, we'll take care of it." Its zemio. I do not think he followed me, I just nodded leaving them. Then chandler, rashdy and leila followed me. We just looked at how zemio, chandler and zaroh separated the two persons were fighting now. Fortunately, they were also stunned.

Zemio spoke to them calmly, until they returned and took their places back. Fortunately, no professor was found and by any chance, they might be expelled from the university because of the scandal they were committing. Except for those who watched the fight earlier here.

I understand what they are thinking now that they might get involved in the trouble, so they just watch the fight. It is also one of the policies of conrad university that a person's wrongdoing. So, they should be careful with what they do here, since the bullying of chandler the policy has changed, the manager of the academy has become strict, it is better that way than to tarnish the name of this university.

"Who will come with me, lets malling?." Said rashdy.

We all turned to him in the middle of the silence. We stand by here in the canteen first. "After class." He continues.

"Why, are you going to take us?." Leila asked. "All right, if all of you were coming?." Rashdy agrees. It had a lot of money, but we still couldn't answer when leila spoke again. They don't seem to be coming.

"No, I'll just come with you and I'll be free anyway." Leila said to rashdy. I know Leila is just joking, so I almost laughed, I can really sense her humor in the tone of leila's voice. Rashdy could not speak but I could see the grin on his face. "Just kidding rashdy!, as long as we really come.." Said leila. There I laughed softly. I bowed my head so as not to see my smiling face.

"Why are you laughing fanta?." Rashdy asked confused. I refrained from laughing. "Nope, do you see me laughing?." I said seriously. I looked at leila who simply winked at me.

"Okay fine, I'll come then, I don't know if chandler, zaroh and zemio will come." I said. "We can't do anything, so we will come." Zemio agrees. "I'm coming too because I'm not a busy person, I also want to go out from time to time." Zaroh said. "That's nice!." Said leila.

Now it's chandler, it looks like it's been quieted for a while. So, I asked him. "You, are you coming with us?." I asked chandler. "But it's okay if you do something important." I will continue.

"No, I'm coming too." Said the chandler. So, we are completely friends to go out. Except for alleah who now looks like a lizard that clings to zemio. But shewill probably go with us because of zemio. No choice if alleah's presence will not be tolerated. When we got home, we walked out of the university together, but we did not expect the next event, when we passed by the corner, five men approached us.

They stood when we could have approached or passed by, but they blocked. It looked straight at us, glazed eyes staring in our direction. They are a normal people, but I do not think it is because of its hobo looks or looks like a scoundrel hanging around the corner. But I was immediately taken aback when I remembered something.

I looked at the man in the middle. And it was he, I was not mistaken, who beat up chandler. But surprisingly, its companions are different. "How's the university?." He question, he's the one who beats chandler before.

"Why? Do you miss university? Do you miss beating an innocent person?." I sarcastically asked back. But I felt rashdy grab my arm, as if to stop me. The man smirking.

"Who are they fanta ?." Rashdy whispered.

"The one in the middle, the one who beats Chandler back then, he was one of those fired by the dean." I answered. Rashdy gapsed.

"What do you need?." Zemio asked.

"I just wanted to do something, all of you." He said sparingly, still smiling while smoking a cigarette. After smoking a cigarette, he threw it on the ground and stepped on it. Zemio knew the man because he was one of those who expelled him. "Don't be silly anymore, you already know why I am here in front of you." He says.

Of course, we are not fools about what he really meant, he wants revenge. Well, if that's what he wants, I won't miss it. After all, there are many of us, but I don't want to hurt my friend!

"I'm probably what you mean." Zemio said. The man who beat Chandler nodded, what is the name of this idiot? I turned to zemio as he approached the man standing. I would have stopped him when rashdy stopped me too. I looked at alleah with fear plastered on her face, why didn't she stop zemio?.

"Fanta, don't do that!. Maybe zemio will talk about that, remember we are not looking for a fight here."

"Yes, we are not looking! But they are the ones who wanted it and will deliberately fight us, we are quiet in our own but the idiot is back. I cannot allow anything bad happen to all of us."

"Its even, They're carrying a something like.., they were going to whip us! We can't handle them!." He added. But I did not listen, I withdrew my arm. "The three of you just stay here." I said then approached zemio. I grabbed my cellphone, but someone grabbed it. Someone took my cellphone and no one but the man's companion.

The companion of its snakes. "Give me back my cellphone." I said to the man conceived by the frog. "I don't want you to text the police, we might get into trouble here." He pretended to be to kind, and then smiled.

"There will be no commotion if you will not be rush and find a fight here." chandler said. I did not realize that chandler was close to us. They leveled the stance. That's how brave the man was. "I guess you're the reason why nixel was expelled, right?." Question of the conceived frog.

"I don't care besides I'm not the one at fault." Chandler replied.

"Your courage, I do not think there is a fat brave ---."

"Cut the dirty lames of yours, instead give me back my phone and stop talking cause your saliva so stink." I said irritably. "Then you have the power to insult, don't you see yourself?, you look like a frog."

I notice its annoyance but he seems to be forced to sarcastic smirk. "You, the other one, I heard you are a brave woman and then you also love to fight. Then I will give you any chance to fight me." The man said I was swallowed by what he said. Will I fight him?

Okay, I don't care if I get beaten up now as long as I beat him up too. I looked at zemio who now talked to the man who beat chandler before, nixel was the name of the idiot. I noticed that at any moment zemio would beat that man as well. Based on its expression. But I will not allow it, I will fight them.

"All right, if you want trouble, leave my friends. And you will deal with me, if you do not want us to leave you. This place is not yours."

"Why, is this place yours too?."

"Why?, did I tell you that it is mine?."

"Fanta." Chandler stopped me. I motioned for him to return to his stand earlier but he was shaking his head, he said that i dont want to argue with that idiot.

"I don't care about this place anymore, the better thing is we will hit all of you until you lose your life." The frog-like smiled crazily.

"What happened here?!." The baritone voice echoed around us. I turned to the speaker, I knew that voice. His face looked startled at all of us.

"Professor Jonas!, Someone wants to fight us!." Rashdy complained. It pointed to the opponents.

I sighed and seemed relieved, we were saved by the presence of professor jonas. Fortunately, he saw us all here. Our professor nodded.

"Stop what you are doing. If not, I will drag you over to the police station." Said the prof calmly but with authority in his voice. While looking at the five men now and seriously they look at us. I don't think their faces are just like that. Then i noticed that they bowed there head.

I raise my eyebrow that the cellphone was presented to me when he looked worse. I rolled my eyes and snatch back my cellphone from looks like a frog. But I heard it tell me that was just a whisper. "Don't just feel relieve right now because we will still come back, you will remember that." He says. They turned around, and we just turned our backs on our professor.

"Thank you very much sir jonas, for letting them go." Said rashdy. Our professor nodded and then told us to go home to each othet house which we immediately obeyed. We could not continue our destination because of the event earlier. It's really good and that's the scene where prof jonas arrives, if not here, maybe we will all be beaten. I would like to tell sir jonas that the man tried whispered earlier that they would come back. But I can't say I don't know the reason.

There is a part for me that they will only deal with me, not just my friends. If that's what they're looking for, I'll let them see me again. They will only deal with me, no one else. I no longer need to tell my friends what I will be planning in the end, as well as who knows my abilities. Rashdy, he is the only one who knows except my other friends and acquaintances.

In other words, I will not approach them first, when the time comes because I will not do that to them first. When everything is over and the field trip, then I will stay away from them and make my plan. Zemio is currently giving me a ride, after he drop alleah to its house earlier. I don't have time for that woman. I was stunned by alleah's styles, she didn't do anything before and just stared.

"It's really good, prof. Jonas came if by chance there was, we probably killed against nixel's groups." Said zemio while driving.

"Why did they come back?. I mean the man who beat chandler before. That bastard nixel." I asked to zemio. I noticed that zemio tightened his grip on its steering wheel and then took a deep breath.

"I'll admit it to you, fanta." It says sparingly. I was surprised.


"When they were fired by the dean before, they even tried to return and take revenge. They said they could not agree to be expelled from the university. I do not remember what they said, when they talked to me. I thought, they just tried me to scared, but they confirm what they said. " Zemio explained.

I was also completely worried about what I found out from what zemio was saying, I don't think it even reached this scene. They are too crazy to take revenge.

"You don't tell our professors everything?." I asked zemio and he was just shaking his head.

"In that case, you should tell the university administrator that those bastard tried to threatened you and they will come back, for what? Will they cause trouble again?. I am sure if we do not say it or keep it all secret, they will definitely rush at any time." I said and think the plan.

"Our professors need to know this, because I have something to do with them as well." I continued. I was looking at zemio, the look on his face made me wonder.

"What are you going to do, fanta ?. Don't tell me you're going to fight with them again?." He asked.

I know zemio worried about me as a friend that he treats me. I was immediately shaken, I no longer glanced at him.

"Of course not." I lied, because it was up to me to decide.

"Yeah, you should, fanta. Because you only worry me more when you do a prank that you can be harm with yourself, our situation now adds to it." he says.

Its not a prank, i'll take it seriously, I rested deeply, as if I wanted to be happy with zemio remembering me, but that was just a real best friend nothing more. My heart immediately softened every time he worried about me, one of the things I did not like because by chance, I relied on him. I hope he likes me too, but I know in myself that it will not happen. if I let go of myself, I will be hurt even more.

"Don't continue what you are planning, fanta. When you do, I will ignore you and never recognize you as a friend." he said like, if its he's serious. he is serious and not just a threat.

I'm not afraid that he won't pay attention to me anymore, if he wants to, I don't care. He thinks of me as a friend, but I don't just consider him a friend, so he better stay away from me, but not yet, I still have a chance to be with him.

"I mean it fanta." He said, he noticed maybe I was silent and could not speak immediately. I sighed and nodded at what he said.

"What? so, will you just agree, I will ignore you?." zemio repeated. 'yes, but not yet, give me a chance to be with you, even for a moment, because after that I will leave you too ... '

"Why can't you answer?, you know silent means yes." he added. why is this zemio speaks over and over again, maybe he won't allow our friendship to be broken either.

"Of course not. I can't agree." I still seem to have difficulty speaking.

I just swallowed, I noticed his big smile, in just a little bit, I think zemio likes me too, but I will assume, of course I also hope even if zemio does not act maliciously.

"Thats good, I know there is also a solution to our situation." He said, somehow I smile.

But one day I will also lose my happiness when I stay away from them. difficult to do but necessary. After zemio took me home, I noticed that there was a light there in our house meaning that my mother had arrived, and that she had just returned home from work this morning.

Then there was a fancy and dark car parked outside the house, but as soon as I entered the house, chandler appeared to me, sitting in the living room talking to my mother. What is he doing here?. He must have come home, and I noticed that he was still in uniform, does that mean he has not come home yet?.

has he been here before? and the car I saw outside was his?.

"You're already there, fanta, your friend is here." mom greeted me. I continued to enter, chandler and I met our eyes. I moved towards him and sat in the opposite chair.

"All right, I'll leave you first." said my mother. turn it away. "What are you doing here?, you should have gone home." I said to chandler but I was not angry because I was really surprised and why he was here.

He was silenced and swallowed. "I just want to know that you got home here well, but you haven't been here before so I just waited." I was stunned for a moment, I blinked twice, unable to believe what he said.

Chandler is fine too, I should have come home first and not him, as if he was still waiting for me. "Its zemio, the one who drop me here, so you have nothing to worry about." I said. He nodded while confusing look, what's with him right now?. I stood up and then spoke again.

"You're here to eat, chandler." I told him. "Sure but is it okay ?." He asked making me smile. "Why not ?. I can visit you, I'll just get dressed for a while and then I'll go out to cook." I said in dismissed. He nodded.

After I left with chandler, I hurried to cook the dinner, so we could eat. Then I thought of chandler's reason, I couldn't help but smile, he was also concerned about me, as long as he was really a friend.

"Can I help you there?." I almost jumped in shock. I did not realize that he was here behind me.

"No, its okay. I'm almost done." I said to him. But he did not listen, he helped me with the cooking. I no longer interfered with him. He insisted to help. He also helped me prepare the food on the table, and with that we also finished easily.

When it was ready we also started eating, well, I did not expect him to be so helpful to me, what did he eat and he is no longer ashamed of me?. It's good though, somehow he also gets used to it. At the dinner table, my mother was not there because she said she had finished eating, she went to bed first because it was still early tomorrow at work, I was supposed to take care of my visitor.

"Have you been here before?." I asked chandler. "About half an hour as well." He said.

"Then I have another reason why I am here." Chandler continued. I wondered. "What is that?."

"Can we just meet on you here in monday?, I'll just fetch you here." He seemed to be still stuttering when he said that.

"Thats nice, I will not refuse." He smiled at what I said and I was shocked when I saw his smile, I stared and stopped eating. Its two dimples on both cheeks do not escape my sight every time he smiles and speaks. "Stop staring at me." He said.

He was not angry with his tone but seemed embarrassed.

"Why, is it bad?." I pretend to be innocently asked. "No." I laughed softly, His face getting redder. "So, if it's okay, can I stare at you every time?." I casually asked. "Well, yeah but...uhm..." He could not look, his face was like a tomato. He was so ashamed of this.

Then I remembered that he liked me, I just didn't know I was friends or chandler's view was more than friendship and I dont know either. He just seems to want us to be close, like rashdy. "Well, its good. You're cute when you smile sometimes, so from now on, don't be shy to smile." I casually said to chandler. "Thank you, you too, you look even beautiful when you smile." He says. I did not expect that. Only now have I experienced being told that. I thanked chandler and smiled sparingly. Then he set aside food, and he helped.

Then chandler will go home and I will accompany him outside the house. "I'll just wait for you here." I said. He nodded. "So, good night and see you again next week." I said.

"Wait, can I have your number, so I can contact you." He said. I gave it to him and saved the number on his phone. Then it hurriedly turned around as well. I sighed and then entered the house. I will also prepare my things for next week.

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