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87.5% Needing to Breathe / Chapter 7: Facing The Monster

Facing The Monster - Needing to Breathe - Chapter 7 by Ms_she3p full book limited free

Chapter 7: Facing The Monster



Two days passed by with Adam, Thomas and I going out to shop. To put it short, I got a few clothes. Some formal and some not. I tried on a purple dress that Thomas picked out for me, but unfortunately I didn't get it because I don't like dresses.

Although, I got some other cool clothes that Adam and Thomas picked out for me. 

As those two days passed, I realized how much Adam and Thomas cared for me. Especially Adam. He was like a father I never had. So was Thomas. I thought about how they took so much action into making sure I was safe and loved. If I would say thank you to the both of them, I would've said it until I was 6 feet under. 

They were also preparing me for more questions and preparing me to face Michael. I felt ready To face him, but at the same time, I felt so scared. Just the look of him and hearing his name was enough to frighten me to the core, but I knew Adam and Thomas would be there to get me through it.

The day that I was set to face all the questions and Michael, and possibly my mom, was Tuesday, and today, is Tuesday.

"Harper?" Adam knocked on the door as I finished changing. I was wearing a white T-Shirt under a light purple cardigan that reached to my knees, and dark blue jeans with some sneakers. I let my light brown hair loose and fall down to my waist. 

Adam put a mirror in the room I was sleeping in so I could see how I looked.

Damn have I not looked more better than I have before. I remember my dark eyebags, pale, porcelain face when I was living with my mother. 

Now, I look so much better. I looked so vibrant and so beautiful. My eyes weren't a cloudy green, but a light hazel green now. I smiled at myself before taking a deep breath.

"You're ready, Harper," I whispered to myself.

I opened the door to see Adam standing in front of me, giving me a smile that reminded me that I'm safe.

"You ready?" He said softly.

"Yeah," I replied with a small smile. 

We walked side by side as he patted my back. 

"You look great, kiddo, and I bet you'll do great," 

I nodded. "Thank you," 

We walked a little more before we reached the interrogation room. 

My breathing slowed as I saw Thomas arguing with Michael. 

"It's okay Harper, I'll be in there with you. I'll have almost half of the detectives and officers watching behind the glass. Michael doesn't know about the glass, so don't tell him," 

Adam told me as I calmed down. 

"Yeah . . ."  

I could see a few detectives and officers behind the glass already as I walked in. I could hear Thomas shouting at Michael while he kept on saying "I don't know what the hell you're talking about". Now I really knew that I had to step up.

I stepped in and the room became silent as Thomas and Michael looked at me.

"Thomas, you can bring his attorney," Adam said. Thomas walked out and brought back a tall man who I assumed was Michael's lawyer. 

"Hi Ms. Conners. I'm attorney Jones, Michael's my client," the lawyer shook my hand and smiled at me before taking a seat beside Michael.

Thomas left the room after nodding at Adam and giving me a warm smile. 

Adam stayed next to me as I took a seat across from Michael who stared me up and down, the same look he had in his eyes that made me want to get out, but I stayed because I knew I had to stay. I had to stay and prove to others that what happened to me wasn't right.

I stared at Michael who smirked at me. I could feel Adam looking at me as my breathing slowed. 

Come on Harper, you got this. 

I took a deep breath out and averted my eyes away from Michael. I looked at his lawyer who was looking through meaningless papers before looking at me.

"So Harper, how are you?" He asked. 

"Fine," I replied shortly, looking at Attorney Jones and avoiding all eye contact with Michael. 

I could feel Michael looking at me but I ignored it. Adam was behind me, leaning on the wall. 

"Hm, okay well . . . I'm going to ask you a few questions regarding your mom and Michael's relationship," Jones continued as I nodded.

"Do you in any way know the relationship with your mom and Michael?" 

I rolled my eyes. 

"Yeah. I thought it was a one night stand like always, but I don't think it turned out that way," 

Jones cleared his throat and nodded before writing something down. 

"Okay, do you know if your mom had any other relationships besides Mi-" 

I cut him off, scoffing and leaning back.

"A bunch. If you're wondering how much, 5-8 a day," 

Adam put a comforting hand on my shoulder as Jones nodded.

"Can we get straight to the point, Jones?! I mean we all know I didn't r*pe or even touch this little girl. I'm all about her mom," Michael laughed, making my blood boil.

"No one ever said you r*ped her, Michael," Adam interrupted. Michael scoffed and shook his head.

I thought about how stupid that was, just blurting out a reason that you're trying to avoid being put in jail by.

No matter how much I was afraid of him, I had a right to stand up to him. 

I shook my head in disbelief as Jones told Michael to quiet down. 

While Adam told me it was alright, I could see Michael mouth out the words,

"No one would believe you".

I shook my head as my anger built up. 

"It's okay Harper," Adam whispered, which made me calm down. 

"Well, I would like to ask you Harper, if-" Jones started. I had enough of this, and gathered my courage. If I had to face Michael and show everyone what a monster he is, then I'll do it on my terms.

"I want to speak to him. Alone," I said sternly, Adam and Jones looked at me.

Jones stood up, his brows furrowed In confusion, "Ms. Conners, I assure you that there is no need to-"

"Harper, you don't have to do this," Adam interrupted. I looked up at him, seeing concern in his eyes.

"Yes, I do," 

"Detective, I cannot allow you to let your client sit alone with my client due to the circumstances that may affect the evidence in court-" Jones protested but was shut by Adam's stiff reply.

"Under the rules of the station, we can allow both clients to sit alone and have a conversation. This could benefit any of us. And let me remind you that you do not work here at the station and I will repeat myself, you do not work at this station so you will not tell me the rules that you have in mind for my client or yours. Do I make myself clear?" 

Jones looked taken aback, yet he sighed and nodded.

"Crystal, detective," 

Jones walked out before sneering at Adam.

"Harper, I can be with you here you know? You don't have to do this alone," He whispered to me as I watched Michael roll his eyes.

"I'm not alone. I already have you and Thomas by my side," I whispered back, Adam's eyes fell soft while he nodded. 

"I'll be outside. Give me two fingers if you want to get out of the room. You got this Harper," He whispered lower so Michael couldn't hear, before he left the room.

I took a deep breath and looked straight at Michael.

Don't be scared Harper. 

"So, little lady," Michael started. It was like I could feel him all over again. The name he called me as I yelled for him to get off.

Take a deep breath Harper. 

"How'd you manage to seduce two detectives into giving you what you want?" 

Michael smirked as I clenched my jaw.

I wanted to punch him so badly, but I had to keep it under control so they could see him doing whatever he wanted to. 

I felt scared, so scared just looking at him, but I had the upper hand. He still didn't know he was being watched by a number of officers and detectives through the glass. 

Michael leaned forward.

"I mean, your mom was more of a sl*t, but you . . . I can't imagine you really got two detectives by your side. So tell me Harper, how did you do it?" He asked slyly, looking into my eyes as he smiled.

His face brought shivers down my spine and made tears form behind my eyes. 

No crying Harper, don't cry. 

"Haha! Lost for words aren't ya?" He laughed.

Being in the room with just Michael, made me want to stick two fingers up and get out of there, but I couldn't. Not yet, at least.

"You know, back at your house, you were pretty talkative," He said quietly, standing up from the chair and walking towards me as I kept my eyes on the table.

I felt my hands shaking under the table as tears threatened to fall. 

Michael's shadow appeared on the table, I could feel him behind me, waiting for me to do something that would excite him.

"I remember a few words you said. I remember you saying "Stop it" or "get off me", and the funniest was "someone help me!" He mocked. 

I hated to remember but my mind couldn't stop. 

I remember his hands pinning me against the fridge as I helplessly flailed around. I remember trying to scream, but he put a hand over my mouth. 

"No one came to save you, right? I mean, why would you want anyone to save you? I knew you enjoyed it," He chuckled right next to my ear. 

I felt tears go down my cheek as I refused to look at him. 

I wondered if the people watching through the glass could see and understand my situation just by looking. 

I wondered if Adam was ready to barge in, or maybe he was being held back by other officers. As much as I wanted to get out, I still couldn't. I still had to show them more. 

I stood up and looked at Michael who was smiling.

"I had no pleasure whatsoever in what you did to me, you bastard," I growled while I saw Michael's hand creep up my shoulder. 

He was smiling again. Smiling so heartlessly. 

"Oh come on Harper, I'm way better than those two detectives. I could help you feel what it's like to become a woman," He whispered, taking hold of some of my hair and sniffing it.

"You're sick," I snarled, backing away from him as he scoffed.

I couldn't believe him. He wanted to r*pe me again in a police station. I have never, ever felt so much disgust from a human being. No, he wasn't even a human being. He's an animal. 

I moved towards the other side of the room while Michael shook his head.

"Little lady, you know that even if I'm gone, I'll still be with you. So let me at least have one more experience with you," Michael said, inching closer towards me as I hit the wall behind me.

Please, Adam, don't come in yet. I'm not done exposing this monster.

"Let me remind you about the things we did together just a few weeks ago," Michael said, his face in front of mine. 

He still reeked of alcohol and cigarettes.

"Remember when you begged me to stop? It got me more excited, Harper. It was like music to my ears. . .but your screaming was annoying. Hah, and I remember looking at your eyes, you looked so helpless with your tears falling down your cheek while you tried to talk. You were speechless for me, little lady," Michael said.

I began to feel myself cry more. I kept my face serious as I tried my best to stare at him with my hatred. 

He stared at my neck as he chuckled. 

"One of the best parts was when you went completely limp. No struggling or anything like that, it made it more fun for me and easier, did you know that?" 

I stared at his almost black eyes. So much evil. 

"Remember that, Harper? When you just cried and cried while I was busy having fun with you? Oh, and I loved the way you tried to scream when my hand was covering your mouth," 

"You're nothing but a low life bastard who likes to target children for their s*x life!" I yelled at him, pushing him away from me as I struggled to breathe. 

"Remember when you tried to punch me? Yep, but of course you failed. Ah, I remember when you tried to get away from me by running to the living room, stupid wasn't it? But my most favorite memory is when I saw you barely clothed as you tried to fight me. Your mom was hot, but you are more than her, Harper," He laughed.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I clutched the edge of the table, trying to calm down. 

I didn't realize that Michael was behind me until I felt his hands on my waist. 

"C'mon Harper, let's do it again," He whispered in my ear as I froze.

No, I'm not freezing up any more. I'm not taking this sh*t, I'm not becoming the victim.

"Get the f*ck of me," I said calmly as he chuckled, his hands still on my waist. 

"Wow, what a lady you've become. I love it," 

"You'll love it behind bars," I whispered in his ear. I held up two fingers as Michael ripped my shirt like he did before.

The door barged open as four officers rushed in, lightly pushing me to the side as they detained Michael. 

I could feel my heartbeat beating through my head as I let the last tear Fall from my eyes.

"Harper!" Adam shouted as he saw me slouched on the ground.

I looked at Michael who tried to struggle his way out from the cops, but failed. 

He looked at me as if he wanted to kill me. I managed to smile as he was being taken out of the room.

"Harper!" Adam called out again, hugging me as I blinked slowly. 

I caught my breath and brought out a dry laugh. 

"D-did everyone see?" I asked.

Adam looked at me, wiping my face with his sleeve. 

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Did everyone see?" I repeated.

I looked at him, his eyes were teary which made me furrow my eyebrows. 

"Yeah," He said gently before carrying me in his arms.

I laid my head on his chest as he walked out.

I could hear Jones shouting about how this was all a set up, but I ignored it.

"Harper-" Thomas called as soon as we walked out of the room.

"Thank you," I whispered as Thomas walked beside us.

I looked at Adam before turning my eyes to the crowd of officers and detectives looking at me, most of them crying. 

"You did it Harper," Thomas said as I nodded.

"Everyone who has witnessed this, will have a choice to speak up in court. If you remain silent, I hope that the guilt will stay with you," Thomas said seriously to the officers and detectives.

I looked at them and managed to whisper loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Now you know what a monster he is,"

Adam looked at me with sadness in his eyes and nodded at everyone.

He covered me with Thomas's coat as he carried me through the crowd of police and detectives. I saw all of their eyes of relief and I heard one of them say something that made me think.

"Detective, she's a brave one," 

I closed my eyes and let my body relax. 

Was I brave? I just tried my best to prove that Michael was cruelly inhuman. 

"When the day comes, those who want to testify as a witness, will attend trial," Adam said to everyone, before walking through quiet hallways, Thomas behind us. 

"Harper, are you okay?" Adam asked me as I opened my sleepy eyes. 

"Yeah," I mumbled.

"I'm sorry, I told you that you were safe but then-" he started, I felt a tear drop on my cheek. I looked up and saw a few tears fall from his eyes as he continued to walk towards a room. 

"No, it's fine. I did this on my own, and I got through it because you guys supported me," My voice was raspy but I was able to thank Adam and Thomas.

I heard Thomas sniff which made me laugh before closing my eyes.

"Didn't know that you guys cry," I joked softly while the both of them chuckled.

"Get some rest, Harper," I heard Adam say.

"Thank you," I whispered before dozing off in his arms.

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