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56.66% New Reality / Chapter 17: Inheritance (1)

Inheritance (1) - New Reality - Chapter 17 by Ordki_Hozei full book limited free

Chapter 17: Inheritance (1)

[Warning: There are some words that are related to torture here…so yeah.]

Gin can only utter one word to O. "Yes."

[Now, now. Don't be surprised yet, because this is only the beginning. Do you still remember what I said to you that I will be giving you a gift?]

Gin just nodded but on the inside, he really is damn expectant of what O will give.

'Is it some kind of manipulation like Kisha? Or a weapon mastery like Nash? Hmm… I'm really excited… geez. I felt like a kid receiving my first cellphone.'

[What's with your face? Pft. I know you're excited so at least respond to me with an excited tone. Anyway back to the topic, this gift I'll be giving you is perfect for your eyes.]

Gin widened his eyes, seeing the screen. "Perfect? Is there really a perfect partner for my eyes?"

[Yes, and not just your eyes but from any other things you will get in the future. First, you have to listen to me. What I'm about to tell you will be still explained outside but I need to explain it right now.]

Gin nodded and O began to explain what lesson he will teach Gin. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[What will I explained to you is called Inheritance.]

[Inheritance comes from the Attribute. It's like an Attribute but it is called Inheritance from the story I will tell right now— Gin?]

Gin had a surprised expression on his face while looking at the screen. His eyes are glued when the word Inheritance showed before shrieking.

"What?! Then Rulla…" Before he could speak, O interject.

[I said to listen first right? The questions are later… sigh. I'll promise to answer it truthfully.]

Gin calmed down for a second and it's the first time he voiced out what's on his mind. "I'm sorry. Please continue."

Seeing Gin had calmed down, O began to explain.

[Ok, the history of Inheritance is when some lunatic tried this crazy idea. Hmm, He forced the victim to give his attribute in exchange for wealth, power, and lands. Of course, the victim is unwilling. I mean it's your own attribute and giving them is like giving yourself to them.]

[The lunatic has been thinking about this experiment in the past and right now, he only needed one thing, a test subject to do it. After some persuading the victim and not accepting his proposal, the lunatic could only resort of using some terrible and terrifying methods.]

[He asks his men to kidnapped first the victim and next are his whole household. Successful, The victim is enclosed in a room tied up, different from where his household is.]

[When he wakes up, he is shocked and saw in front of him are his family members crying, pleading for help, and getting tortured right in front of him. He saw some nails and fingers scattered and many more torture methods. That hellish event continued every day until one day, the man gives up.]

[The victim said he can take his attribute. The lunatic smiled and prepared anything that needed to be used. The lunatic told the victim to sign a system contract first. The man agreed like it's nothing and asks a favor to leave his family after getting his attribute.]

[When the contract has been formed, the victim just said he will be giving his attribute to the lunatic, and what comes after? Both of them had a searing pain, entering every part of their body.]

[A few hours passed the lunatic wakes up, feeling powerful. The lunatic laugh maniacally for a whole hour because of his success. He then called his people to bring him some people with good attributes and test subjects. When his men saw this, they either throw up or stood there like a statue.]

[The victim had died from giving his attribute but the lunatic didn't mind. The household of the victim had been killed to avoid his secrets from exposing his success. He just said to the public that the household had died due to some illness. It's shitty I know, but you need to know it.]

[The Demonic and Divine Beings are shocked but continued to watch the lunatic from afar. The system rewards him for his achievements and that is where the name Inheritance formed in the SW. He published his work to the public and showed them to it.]

[Many first think that this is ridiculous but because of their greed for power, many people sponsor the lunatic for his brutal experiment. They're thinking is no matter how many sacrifices, as long as they're strong they will do it no matter what.]

[After abducting many people, He repeated the same process of his brutal process to another victim. This time instead of 'give' their attributes he instead writes to the contract only 'half' of it and he is successful. Both the test subject and victim are alive this time.]

[After that, he showed them to the public that anyone can have an Inheritance and many more are astonished by his talents. But because only half is given, it's logical that the received power is also half.]

[The lunatic then announced to the public that greater sacrifices have great meanings. He said that they should inherit the attributes 100%. This time many factions have strongly disagreed, even some sponsoring him have left him calling him 'lunatic' because this is not experimenting anymore. It's a massacre.]

[They're all shits and bastards, I know that. Now that they have power, they're now feeling that the lunatic is wrong or something like that, but fuck them.]

'Eh? O? A god can curse too? How funny.' Gin said inwardly while said smiling faintly.

[Why are you smiling?] O asked but O really knows what Gin is thinking.

Gin speaks with an innocent tone. "Nothing. Please continue."

A moment of silence before another screen popped up.

[Then small talks turn into a quarrel, quarrel turns into fights, fights turn into a battle, battles turn into a war. The war between the lunatic and the people, who opposed him, is called Anti-Inheritance War for short AIW.]

[AIW has only had one goal: To stop the lunatic from his experiment. Thus, the lands that have been given to the lunatic have been taken away. His fame for the greater good turns him into a destroyer of the world. Battles from different places happened and millions of people have died from it.]

[When his experiment shows that it hit the wall. Many factions from lunatic have left him or betrayed him because they're only at the side of this lunatic for his experiment.]

[But then, he had another idea had a mind that leads him to his demise. He experimented that it is time to have a second inheritance.]

[When he finds a good test subject, he began to experiment using the same process. His victim had given up. He put the condition of the contract, allowing him to obtain once a full 100% attribute.]

[When he does that, the pain he felt before has reminiscence once again. The lunatic thought that he is successful. Alas, when the pain is getting stronger and stronger, he is feeling strangeness in his body.]

[First, his legs are shaking alongside his arms. Second, his brain had started to feel worse like someone eating it from the inside, and Third? He clutched his heart really hard and died alone.]

[It's a very anticlimactic ending. Why can't he just die in the first place? Sigh… After some time. The Ant-Inheritance Alliance or AIA had known that the lunatic had died like that.]

[After that, they put another system contract. AIA has put the condition to never used this method again and only allowed for the Inheritance to inherit when someone is old or has a sickness that can't be cured.]

[The majority of the faction had agreed and some had disliked it, but the majority wins and put the contract of what did they all talked about to each other.]

[The Divine and Demonic beings we're very proud by what the lowly human has been doing. Thus, the higher beings had formulated a wonderful idea. They began to bribe the lowly beings about lending their power. Of course, only 50% of it will be given and they will control their bodies anytime they want.]

[But the lowly beings didn't know that the higher beings are only using them. But hey, there are some higher beings that are good and not all of them bad.]

[Kuhum back to the topic, The goal of higher beings to is only one: To spread their Influence.]

[For the Divine beings needed positive energy, that's why they are many churches from every different race.]

[For Demonic, they needed negative energy and even one person could do the job. They will just say 'this is the will my god that will destroy you all!' and say the name or similar to that. Now, what word is that in your world? Ah! An Apostle.]

[Now it's done. Why would I tell you—huh? Gin, what happened to you?!]

When Gin saw the word 'done', his brain had short circuited for a moment while holding his head. 'Inheritance? Lunatic? Influence? Different Races? An Apostle?! A War…'

] Forced Task Applied [

[Are you alright? We can still continue this tomorrow, you know.]

"N-No I'm ok. Uhm… O. Are you sure telling me this information? Isn't telling me this will take a toll on you?"

] Forced Task Applied [

[Of course, it's taking a toll on me! And you should be grateful that I'm doing this much favor to you. Repay them back…ok? Back to the topic. Why would I tell you something like this? Think for a reason Gin. You're a smart ass person, so you'll know it.]

After that message, Gin calmed down a bit and began to think what the reason for O saying all of this. Recalling what O said. The experiment, inheritance, the lunatic's life ending, about the beings, and the word apostle.

Connecting the pieces together, Gin speaks in a shocked tone. "The gift you will be giving me is called Inheritance and this Inheritance is only a one-time thing?"

] Forced Task Applied [

[Correct! You really are smart. Inheritance is only a one-time thing. Well, the safest but there is a certain condition to be met if you want to have another Inheritance. This is only possible if a higher being is the one who gifted the Inheritance and if that being had died.]

Gin read the last part with ridicule. 'A god dying? What a funny thing to say. Even O is making a joke, huh.'

When no screen had appeared, Gin takes it that O is done. It is now his time to ask questions.

"So, can I ask questions now?"

] Forced Task Applied [

[Sure, go ahead.]

Gin nodded and began to ask some questions. "Do you guys also have Status Window?"

] Forced Task Applied [

[Yes. In fact, we have also had strength, vitality, and many more. The Divine or the Demonic beings have at least 4 or 5 attributes and giving one of our attributes is no problem.]

"Uhuh…But O you…giving me two… well, later if you answer this question."

] Forced Task Applied [

[Sure, go ahead.]

Gin then began to speak in an anxious voice. "In the story you just said… Won't you die that way?"

After Gin had said that, neither the screen appeared nor any sign that someone is speaking to him. It's a complete silence.

Still nothing, Gin was about to clean his room when he heard a burst of laughter on his mind. You can't even tell whether it is a man or a woman who is talking and laughing.

'Pft. HAHAHAHA, me dying? You're really funny Gin … really funny.'

"What the?!" Gin blurted out loud again and the mirror on his hand, falls off the bed.

'Relax, Relax. I know you're surprised. It's annoying to send you a message every time. Oh. Be more careful of the mirror, we're not finished yet and I know you still had many more questions to ask. Now continue the questions.'

Gin had many questions he had to ask, but another one formed in his mind and it needed to be answered in this instant.

"You can talk in my mind?"

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