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71.42% Nexus War / Chapter 5: Caught in a blaze of fire

Caught in a blaze of fire - Nexus War - Chapter 5 by Sinquen full book limited free

Chapter 5: Caught in a blaze of fire

{Earth, about 500 Km away from Chris and Arthur}

A man stood up amidst all the chaos around him. He touched his chest near his heart where a small black pattern was left.

He headed over to a building and got himself properly dressed up. He was a Janite in the form of a businessman.

Unlike other Janites who had come down to Earth, the man picked the body of a corrupt businessman who used unethical means and traumatized many.

The man was about 168cm in height and had neatly combed hair. He had a slightly rounded physique. He had a moustache and rounded glasses. He changed into a brown suit with a red tie.

The man wasn't exactly a good person, but he did not like the motive of the Janites who planned to kill everyone on Monarch.

He wished he could support Earth and the rest of Janus and was similar to a spy, but was not associated with anyone else.

The man quietly followed the orders of the group on Janus who planned to assimilate Earth, who called themselves the 'New rulers'.

The new rulers were keen on having 'William' in their army as his skill was [Prediction]. His skill allowed him to predict any one person's future upto 5 days. His mana capacity was around 1050 units.

William sat down on a bench nearby and started predicting his own future for 2 days depending on the mana sources he followed.

He had 3 options, so he chose to split the future viewing evenly among the 3 so that his mana doesn't get wasted.

Within the 3 options he had, the first one was him going towards Maryot city. Over there, he would encounter a 'new ruler' who had a primary skill [destruction].

This new ruler would love William's company and would proceed to destroy 3 cities including Maryot city and head to the first main meetup location.

The second option William had was to head towards Callamest city. Over there, he would find a technical new ruler who was in charge of the assimilation device.

Further, he would proceed to the second main meetup point for the assimilation and proceed with the plan.

William didn't like these options as there wasn't much he could do. He preferred heading towards the technical member and killing him and then trying to stop the first main assimilation group.

He didn't have many options to pick from and they all seemed unfavourable. He felt a sense of hopelessness and continued looking into his future.

The 3rd option he had, was Starlite city. He was surprised at what he saw there, and watched the future until his mana depleted.

He had met up with a young girl who had a failed transfer. The young girl's original soul had stayed behind while the new ruler's spirit had faded away.

The girl had been possessed for a short while, in which time the new ruler who controlled her had wreaked havoc and destroyed the area around her.

When william had asked her why she was crying, she had told him that there were 2 boys who were a year or 2 older than her had approached her.

She told him that when she asked them who they were, they said they were people who had not been possessed by a person from Janus, and that both of them had their original personalities intact.

She told William that they tried to help her and wanted to make sure the transfer failed succesfully.

When william saw this in his prediction, he felt a glimmer of hope. There was a route through which he could find 3 people who had retained their conscience.

William looked further into the prediction.

He asked the girl where the boys were. She looked at him with a sad expression and spoke, "I killed them."

William was speechless for a moment before asking her the reason. She told him that when they were helping her, she tried to be very cooperative.

They tried to think of ways to have the transfer fail successfully when they thought that depleting all her mana would work the best.

She tried doing this by attacking empty areas with fire. She could feel the voice screaming in her head weakening.

She felt happy that the voice was getting weaker. It was at that time that she regretted letting her guard down.

The woman trying to possess her seemed to realise the girl's attmepts, and used the last of her conscience to take control of the girl.

The woman who tried possessing her would soon die, but she was able to possess her for a short while before dying.

She immediately raised her flames and burnt the boy who was wearing an overcoat and a black jeans.

The other boy who had a similar jeans and a black T-shirt who stood further away from the girl looked at his burnt friend and screamed "ARTHUR!"

While he looked at his friend's dead body, he went into a state of shock for a few seconds. In this time, the woman controlling the girl burnt the boy to death quickly.

The woman died shortly after and left the girl with the corpses of the two boys who had tried to help her.

[End of prediction]

The wood on the seat creaked as William shook where he stood.

He had found hope. There were 3 people who could help him. The girl was extremely strong as well.

He didn't want to let the boys die. He had a day left before they died.

He immediately stood up and tried to find a car as fast as he could. His destination, was Starlite city.


{At Chris and Arthur's location}

Chris and Arthur inched closer to the girl cautiously. They tried not to give away their presence as they had no plans of fighting her.

They chose to stick to their original plan of trailing her to their base. They could attack her through a combination of 'possession' and 'omnipresent' (which is what Chris named Arthur's skill) but Chris had depleted almost all his mana and almost half of Arthur's reserve as well.

The girl looked around the area and laughed creepily for a bit when suddenly, she bent forward and pressed her head with her hands.


The scream that came from the girl reverberated throughout her surroundings.

The girl suddenly stopped looking like she was in pain. She returned to normal, or so it would seem but now she looked around the area without laughing.

She looked like any normal girl seeing destruction. She suddenly fell to her knees and started weeping.

Chris was surprised and disgusted at the trojan who had taked over the girl's body. He was mad at the trojan for an unexplainable reason.

"Careful Arthur, we need to move really carefully. Don't be decieved by the trojan who took over the girl."

Chris warned Arthur while staying alert when he realised that Arthur was already a few feet from the girl.

"Arthur! Arthuurr!!", chris tried whisper- screaming but it didn't seem to work at all.

Arthur approached the girl and asked, "Are you okay?"

The girl was startled at the voice and looked up qucikly. She saw Arthur looking at her with a look of worry. She was about to calm down and respond when she sensed a large amount of mana around Arthur.

Chills went down her spine. She immediately crawled backwards and increased the distance between them.


The girl screamed at Arthur with hostility.

Arthur was surprised for a second before he slowly raised his hands and said, "I'm not a 'new ruler' or whatever you called me. I just want to help. Although before that, I want you to tell me, are you a person from Janus who has taken over the girl's body?"

The girl was confused by his question for a moment before answering, "New rulers are people from Janus who have taken over humans on Earth. And, I'm not a new ruler, this is my own body."

Arthur's eyes widened at her words. "Wait, you still have you're personality intact?"

The girl nodded. "I hear voices of a woman in my head though. She keeps trying to take over me. She destroyed the city a little while ago."

Arthur called out to Chris immediately and told him the situation.

"Arthur, she could be the trojan and she could be lying."

Chris didn't trust her immediately, but he hoped that it was true from the bottom of his heart.

"If she was the trojan, she would have killed us on the spot. She looked straight up crazy a bit ago."

'Arthur made a very good point.', Chris thought to himself.

"Alright then, let's try to help her. Since the transfer seemed to have happened to an extent, and the woman's consciousness has stayed in her, maybe if we deplete all of....her mana, then we should be good.", Chris said.

"Oh, my name is Lara Caldwell.", the girl replied after seeing Chris not know her name.

" I deplete my mana though?", Lara asked Chris.

Chris told her to utilize her skill. He gave her a rough Idea of how abilities worked and told her to try flowing the mana in her the way he described.

They moved to a slightly more open area and Lara tried using her ability. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The flames kept flickering at her fingertips, but never fully ignited. Her hands trembled every time she tried using her skill.

"Are you scared of your power?", Chris asked her.

Lara's eyes widened and she bit her lip. "I can't. An entire city was covered in flames because of my power. I don't want to use it."

Chris looked at her and a gentle smile appeared on his face. "That wasn't you, nor was it the power. If you own a car, and a person steals it from you and runs people over, then it is the thief's fault. It isn't your fault, or the car's fault."

Tears started to form in Lara's eyes. She wiped them away before they could flow, and smiled at Chris with a determined look.

She tried using her powers again. The powers are like a car. The one who controls the car determines the actions done through the car as 'good' or 'bad'.

A fierce fire ignited on Lara's hand. It flickered and swayed with the wind but kept burning steadily.

Lara looked at Chris with a nervous and happy expression.

Chris smiled back at her and gave her a thumbs up.

"WHOAAAAA, THAT'S LIT!", Arthur screamed.

Lara nervously glanced toward Arthur. Arthur kept looking at the fire and said, "Try firing it or something maybe."

Lara nodded and looked at the fire burning in her hands. She could feel the flame moving around.

She concentrated on the fire even more and tried to shoot the fire toward the wall in front of her.

The fire burst forward in a flash and hit the wall. Once the scattered flames dissapeared, cracks remained in the wall.

Everybody looked at each other and shouted with happiness at the success.

Lara kept firing at the wall, more cracks started to appear and cracked the wall further.

The woman's voice in Lara's head started to weaken. The plan was a success. Lara kept firing at the wall.

The woman knew her death had arrived. She thought that if she would die either way, then she would kill someone else along with her.

The woman used up all her remaining consciousness and took over Lara's body for the duration of a minute.

Lara's expression changed immediately. She turned towards Chris, her hand burning with the strongest flame they had seen.


William rushed out the car and ran to the empty area where he had seen the girl in his prediction. Without his intervention, the future would not change.

He had to stop it. He had to save them before it was too late.

He arrived at the place and found the girl in the middle of the debris in an empty area.

The girl sat ahead of him, screaming while tears rushed down her face.

'Oh no.....', he thought. 'I was too late'.

He looked beside the girl and spotted the burnt corpses of Chris and Arthur.

He fell to his knees and said in a sad tone.

"Damnit, they're dead..."

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