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Chapter 6 : Enders Assemble - Nine Ender - Chapter 6 by joshualinton_777 full book limited free

Chapter 6: Chapter 6 : Enders Assemble

Kota sat in the bathroom for a few more minutes, sitting on the floor. He then stood up to his feet, and made his way to the mirror. He looked at himself, staring at his own face, and rubbed through his own hair once. He turned the sink on, he cuffed his hands under it to collect water, and he rinsed his face off one time.

He grabbed a nearby paper towel to dry it off, and he turned the fan off to the bathroom. He walked out, and Kadara was nowhere to be found. 

"Hm?" Kota said, trying to figure out where she went.

Suddenly, a fist with flames around it came darting towards Kota's face from the right, and he dodged it by ducking.

Kota moved back, and said, "Huh? Who are you?"

Kadara was standing a few feet from Kota, and she was wearing her mask. Her kitsune mask was white, and it had red and orange stitch marks on it.

Kadara replied, "It's me."

Kota stared at her mask for a second, then responded, "! What are you doing?"

"Since you know how to use the mask, I wanna duel."

"I don't! Back then...back then when I was fighting those guys, I just happened to know what to do. I was confused at first, but for some reason, I knew how to use it a little bit. I kinda blacked out, I don't know, it's hard to describe."

"Duel me."

"I don't even know how to bring it back out again!"


"Uh, yeah."

Kadara sighed, and her mask began to disappear, making its way back into her soul. The flames from her hand went away too, and Kota was amazed a little bit.

Kota asked, "Your"

Kadara responded, "Nah, it's ice."

"That wasn't ice."

"I was being sarcastic!"

"Wait, wait, I need you to tell me everything now. What's going to happen to me? I'm so damn lost right now…"

"Ugh, I don't like big info dumps. But I'll keep it brief. Come with me," Kadara demanded as she walked past Kota.

Kota turned to look back at her, and asked, "Where are we going?"

"The roof. Things are much better explained when two people are on a rooftop."


Kadara and Kota walked out of the room, and they were walking down the empty but large dark grey hallway.

Kota thought, "For an organization such as this, it's hella empty in here."

Kadara said to Kota, "If you're thinking about why it's so empty in here, other Enders and squads are out, probably doing missions, at their base being lazy, doing patrols, taking down small Ender villains that's trying to rob some place, or just anything."

"I'm sorry...can you read minds?"

"I wish. I just had the feeling you would think that, I know I did when I first got here."

"When did you join?"

"Two years ago, when I was 14. But that's a story for another time."

"Like on a date maybe?"

Kadara's face flustered, replying, "Hu - huh?! Fool!"

5 minutes later, Kota and Kadara got off the elevator that opened up to the rooftop. The sunset was still shining, and the birds were soaring at a distance. The roof was pretty big, and it was also a little empty at the same time. 

Kadara began to walk towards the ledge of the roof, and she stood there.

She said, "With you, they'll most likely want you to join the Association."

Kota replied, "Want me?"

"Yes. You may not have noticed, but millions upon millions of people saw your little performance a few hours ago. You showed some kind of strength and speed, which I commend you for. And you killed the Korematsu brothers, which I also commend you for. I still don't like you."

"Why? Did I do something to you?"

"You wouldn't understand even if I explained it. Anyway, do you know where your mask comes from?"

"No, no I don't. That's what I was trying to ask them - Korematsu brothers or whatever you call them."

"Raidyn has already explained what your mask is to the 7 captains. But he didn't tell them everything."

"Everything? I don't even know the first half."

"I'll explain it then."

For the past 2 minutes, Kadara was explaining to Kota how his mask came from a guardian of the spirit world, and also explained the reason why there were guardians needed in that realm.

Kota said, "Guardians?"

Kadara answered, "Yes. But that's not the full story to it. Your mask may seem like it came from a good guy, but the same one who wore that mask was a reaper. A reaper in the dark realm. Raidyn didn't tell the captains that part, mostly because he didn't want to make them suspicious of you. But Raijin knows as well."

"What's the dark realm?"

"In other words, it resembles the spirit realm, but it's full of things you would see in your nightmares. It's where evil resides, and they can be trapped or bound there by a stronger Ender. The man who was a guardian in the spirit world, was a Reaper in the dark realm who had the power to destroy or trap souls down there. He traveled among forbidden rituals, either done right or wrong, and he would take whatever he wanted from it, even if it was the people who did the ritual, they would get snatched down to the dark realm. Basically, that realm is basically soul imprisonment for bad guys and good guys."

"Whoa..that's...insane...don't tell me I'M HIM."

"Reincarnation does not exist, so you are not him exactly. You just have his mask."

"Which one came first? Was he a guardian, or a reaper?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Who knows?"

"What's his name?"


"That name is so shit," Kota laughed.

Kadara smirked, but then she quickly hid her grin.

Kadara started walking along the ledge of the roof, and Kota asked her, "How many more people know about this?"

"I'm pretty sure a lot more people."

"Then wouldn't the other captains besides Raijin find out sooner or later?"

"Yep. But I guess Raidyn is hoping that they find out later instead of the day you are joining. So, later is better, just to keep some sort of temporary peace between you and the captains. That way the captains can see what good you've done for the association, and they would most likely vouch for you."

"But if they find out, won't they blame him for not telling them?"

"Hell no they won't. Raidyn's abilities are seriously unmatched, they never get mad at him. He'll never tell anyone his origins either. This world is filled with Ender's and hundreds of Ender groups and organizations like we are in. We're the top rated one though, just wanted to point that out."

"Don't see how that's relevant but okay."

"Shut up, listen. I know you've seen what goes on down there. The Badgers popping out of nowhere, and bad Enders who try to pull small robbery jobs or act like villains roaming the city. Those so-called low class, weak ass villains literally free roam around the world, abusing their gifts by doing evil deeds. That's where we come in and put an end to them."

"Mmmm. What about the Badgers?"

"There's 5 ranked levels of Badger catastrophes. C rank, B rank, A rank, S rank, and Z rank. Z rank Badgers require a bunch of us to take down, or even one, two, or three captains. S rank is a little less difficult, but they can be defeated...expect to be beaten the hell up in the middle of it though, they're really tough. Someone like you, being new to your mask, could probably fight an A-rank Badger for right now."

"I wanna fight a Z rank Badger."

"LET ME FINISH! Anyway, about your mask…"

" do I access my mask's full potential?"

"That's easy. Training."

"Training? What about just getting into big fights with high stakes?"

"No. Because if you access a new move in the middle of a high stakes battle, that opens the door for a bunch of asspulling dues ex machina situations. It's proven that training is the only way to get stronger and connect with your mask and it's full abilities even more. Not getting into real battles."

"Hmph. Not fair. So how many moves do I get to have that correlate with my ability? Or it is like, unlimited?"

"Each Ender has 5 in total. For example, I use fire, and I haven't accessed all 5 of my moves for my fire attribute. I've only been able to use four of them, like fire armor, fire in the form of any beast I want, fireballs, and I can form any kind of melee weapon with fire. There are some Enders who have other supernatural abilities, like the captains, whose abilities are super unique, and who don't really have attack affinities similar to me and you. But they would have other single abilities that are less than or equal to 5 total skills for them, but those are for Enders who come from a really unique bloodline. Remember, no one can have more than one attack affinity. Like I have fire, I can't use any other type of affinity. You have darkness affinity, so you can't use fire or ice or sand or magma or poison or earth or water or anything like that. No other Ender can have more than one affinity either, got it?"

"Yeah, I think I got it. But what about the healing type of Enders?"

"If anyone is a healing type of Ender, they can't use attack abilities or affinities. Understand? So don't be looking for a medic to back you up in a battle. Understand?"

"Yeah, I think I got the hang of everything that's going on. I wanna fight the captains though."

"NO, YOU'LL EASILY DIE. Now, try to bring out your mask."

Kota closed his eyes, and tightened his fists. He tried to focus, focusing and thinking about the color and structure of his mask.

Kota gave up In a few seconds, saying, "I can't do it."

Kadara responded,"YOU BARELY TRIED. Ugh, once you get the hang of bringing out the mask, you'll be able to instantly bring it out when your in trouble. Come here."

"You want come to you?"

Kadara stuck her hand out to Kota, sticking it out in a way that said : "Hold my hand."

Kota walked closer to Kadara, and he grabbed her hand softly. Kadara's face turned red, but she got rid of it fast. She pulled Kota up on top of the ledge with her, and Kota's heart was beating fast.

Kota and Kadara looked deeply into each other's eyes, but then, Kadara pushed Kota off the ledge. Kota was yelling as he soared fast down the building, spinning long ways. 


As Kota was falling, Kadara was still on the ledge, waving at him. Kota was falling down closer and closer near the ground, and he thought, "Is this it..again? Was I too careless? Was she an undercover enemy? Did she work with the two guys who attacked me earlier? DAMN! WHY AM I SO DUMB?!"

Kota continued to fall, until he closed his eyes and said, "I can definitely do this...I can do this..come on, mask. I really REALLY NEED YOU TO COME OUT RIGHT NOW PLEASE!"

Kota kept his eyes shut, and he was 11 feet away from landing on the ground. 

Immediately, Kota hit the ground hard, cracking the ground and a strong whirlwind pushing out. A second after he landed, he shot out from the ground, leaping high into the air, leaving rings of dust behind.

Kota had his black and gold kitsune mask on his face, and his katana sword with the black smoke and aura coming out of it in his right hand. Kota landed on top of a building roof, his feet sliding across the rooftop, his sword in his right hand, and Kadara standing behind him.

Kadara said, "Oi."

Kota turned around to her, and he jumped back in a defensive stance.

Kota asked her, "Why the HELL did you throw me off?"

"You got some insane plot armor. How did you survive that fall?"

Kota answered, "My mask came on a millisecond before I hit the ground. WAITTT ANSWER MY QUESTION FIRST."

"Well, that is true. The mask gives its user more toughness than without wearing it….or maybe your just not a normal human. But your a different breed, I've seen you get punched through multiple buildings, and even got crushed multiple times. Of course, you were dying's impressive you didn't die on impact. I pushed you off so you could get another feel of putting your mask on. What did you feel?"



All of a sudden, Kadara started getting a call. She reached into her pocket, and pulled a red touchscreen phone. She tapped on the middle of the screen with her thumb, and she put it up to her ear, answering, "What?"

It was a couple of seconds of silence, then Kadara said into the phone, "Ugh. Really?...Fine...yeah fine I don't care….IT'S NOT FUNNY, I'M HANGING UP."

Kadara hung up the phone, and she said to Kota, "That was Raijin, the captain of the team I'm in. He said that Raidyn assigned you to us."



"That's cool. Now what?"


"I have to go back to my apartment and get -...MY APARTMENT! MY SKATEBOARD! MY FOOD! MY CLOTHES! MY SHOES! MY GAMES! They're all gone.."

"Raijin had all of that collected and put in a room at our team base. But, your skateboard, your console, and your games are all broken. Your clothes and shoes were the only things they could secure."

Kota sighed, and he gripped his sword.

Kadara tilted her head to the side, and said to him, "We need to get you a suit too."

Kota instantly smiled again, and said in his kid-like voice, "A super suit?!"

"I wouldn't call it that, but I guess. But first, you need to meet the rest of my team. Since you've already met me and Raijin."

"I don't even know your name."

"...It's Kadara."

"Kadara...I like it."

"Sh - shut up. Follow me, and try to keep up. We need to meet up with the others. I'm pretty sure he called them too."

"Okay, where are they?"

"Just follow."

" many people are in our squad?"

"Four. Not including captain Raijin. And now that you're here, it's 5 of us."

Kadara's kitsune mask began to form on her face, and a small whiff of fire shot from her fingertips. Kadara turned around, and started running to the edge of the roof. She jumped off, as a little bit of fire shot from the bottom of her feet, and she landed on the next roof. 

Kota prepared himself for a few seconds, then he ran forward to the edge. He jumped off, doing a backflip in mid air, landing feet first on the roof Kadara was on.

"Not bad," Kadara replied, and she started running again.

Kota followed her, and both of them were jumping from roof to roof. As they were running and jumping, down below on the streets, were civilians walking everywhere, people greeting each other, people eating outside in chairs, news van's riding around trying to find a good story, and detectives checking out small crime scenes.

As Kota was running, he thought, "A lot is definitely going on in this city, this is gonna get crazy."

Kadara said to Kota as she landed on the next roof, "You probably think there's a lot going on in this city, I thought that before too."

Kota landed on the roof next to her, and replied, "I'm sorry again, but ARE YOU ACTUALLY READING MY MIND?!"

"No. I can't read minds, dummy. Let's go, we're almost there."

The both of them kept jumping, then Kadara jumped off the roof and near the street. Before she hit the ground, fire bursted from the bottom of her feet, and she darted quickly through the air, flying forward as the fire behind her assisted her flight.

She made sure not to fly too close to the ground so people wouldn't get touched by her flames.

Kadara looked upward, and she saw Kota jumping from building top to building top, 

Kadara thought to herself, "He's keeping up with me? Just by jumping?"

As Kota jumped off the next building, he looked down and saw three guys dressed in all black, with kitsune masks on, carrying giant trash bags with money. The cops were stopping their police cars outside of the buildings. The police got out, and instantly started shooting at the robbers.

One of the robbers with a pink and black kitsune mask stuck his hand out, and a radioactive pulse began to scream throughout the area. Glass all over the place began to shatter, civilians in the street began to kneel and cover their ears, squinting their eyes.

Kota kneeled down too, covering his ears and squinting his eyes hard as well.

Kota was still wearing his black and gold kitsune mask still, and he said, "I thought the mask was gonna make me tougher, why the hell does this hurt so bad?!"

The scream pulse stopped, and people around the area fell to the ground, holding their ears in pain, even the cops. As soon as it ended, Kota got up, ran off the roof, did a 360 flip off of it, and he began to fall from the roof. His feet slammed into the ground, breaking some of the ground parts as he landed.

He was right in front of the three bank robbers.

Kota yelled to them, "Stop!"

They ignored him, and the three of them were about to attack. Kota hesitated, and he froze up. But before he got hit by anything, a wave of flames smacked all 3 of the bank robbers, smashing them back, and making them slam against a couple of dumpsters in the alley. 

Kota turned around, and he saw four people wearing kitsune masks walking behind him. The four people were Kadara, Bonnie, Tazai, and Rikuto. Kota knew Kadara, but he didn't know the other three.

Kota asked, "Who - who are you guys? Wait, just yall three, I know Kadara."

Kadara answered, "Kota, these are your squad members."

"Squad members? Them?"


Tazai looked down at Bonnie, and said, "Bonnie, go check if they're done for."

Bonnie gave a thumbs up, replying, "Alright."

Bonnie [Female, 15 years old, 5 feet tall, brown and grey hair in pigtails, brown eyes, baseball cap on her head, short sleeve red hoodie, jean shorts with sneakers. Abilities: Imagination affinity. Bonnie can use her imagination to make anything she wants in the form of pixels, and those pixels constantly change different colors. Most of the things she can make aren't as destructive as the real thing, but they frickin hurt. Her ability isn't unlimited though, too much imagining can wear her body out for the day. She's very tomboyish too. Likes to skateboard, play video games...but she hates junk food.]

Tazai [Male, 17 years old, brown skin, hair is in the form of black dreads in a ponytail, with one braid hanging down his forehead. Blue eyes, and a blue tattoo on the side of his neck. Abilities: Lightning, ability to manipulate electricity. Whenever he's fighting, he's serious as hell, but when he's not, he's always joking around and wanting to go on missions or be the center of attention.]

Rikuto [Male, 18 years old, short wavy hair, one side of his hair is black, one side of his hair is red, grey eyes. Abilities: a

Able to change into any animal he wants to. He likes flirting with girls, and he likes when he's getting interviewed by female reporters. Whenever he's about to fight a female, he tries to help them peacefully at first, no matter how many people the female enemy has killed. P.S, he only goes after older females.]

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