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2.11% Nine Tailed System / Chapter 3: Despair

Despair - Nine Tailed System - Chapter 3 by General_Paragon full book limited free

Chapter 3: Despair


Lucifina woke up in a bed, and found Marco watching her with a worried gaze, when he found out that she was awake, Marco's eyes widened and hugged her.

Marco: Mom!

Lucifina: What happened?

Marco: You fell unconscious in the kitchen… You even coughed blood, are you alright?

Lucifina: Huh? Y-Yeah… Just a little illness...I just need a bit of rest. 'I can't make my son worry like that… Damn you, Illias!'

Marco stopped hugging and nodded, then he said.

Marco: Then I will start cleaning…


*Special Quest: Clean the house*

Marco just ignored the System and walked out with a sad face, to clean the blood in the ground, meanwhile Lucifina was getting worried, soon the illness will kill her, and if she uses her angel powers then she will put everyone in danger, especially Marco.

Then she would need some time to heal herself from that illness since it is a magical one, and if during this time she is in her angel form while dying then she will be reincarnated as one once again, and this would make Illias be able to control her.


Marco was able to cook for Lucifina despite his short stature, he would make a chicken soup for Lucifina while he would eat something else.

Right now he was going around Illias Village to ask for help, or for some medicine…

...But no one helped him…

He continued to ask for help…

...But no one heard him…

He continued to walk around…

...But no one cared about him…

...No one… They just kicked him out from the shops or other places, not even the temple of Illias helped him… They just said that Lucifina and him should stay away from everyone to not infect anyone… Treating him like a plague…

Marco finally knew how Luka felt when he was denied of any help… His mother was slowly dying, and no one gave a shit about it… He couldn't go on like this… He kneeled in the ground while his heart was filled with despair.

He knew that no one would help him, because they were afraid of him and Lucifina, his mother…

Marco: Goddammit!!

Then he punched the ground with as much strength he could use at the moment, he could just raise some dirt from the ground now…

Marco: Then… If no one wants to help me… I will try to help her as much as I can…

Marco knew about Lucifina's destiny, but how could he possibly let her just die without even trying? At this moment, he head another sound.


*Special Quest: Help Lucifina as much as possible*

With the System giving him the quest, Marco was encouraged a bit and stood up before running towards a tool shop to search for some medicine for his mother.


Marco was in 'Start', a thin layer of red aura surrounded him, his senses were enchanted while he was looking between medicines and books about diseases, but he couldn't find anything about the disease he was searching for.

Right now, a man entered the shop, it was the owner of the tool shop and found Marco looking between different books while being surrounded in a red aura, the man was frightened but he didn't made any sound, so he picked a random hard item and used it as a weapon.

Then he slowly stepped towards Marco while wearing a blank face, ready to kill the 'Demon' child, thinking that Marco was a demon due to the aura he was emitting.

But he didn't knew that Marco could hear him anyways, and when the man made another step, suddenly Marco let go of the book and jumped at him, before the man could scream, Marco put an hand over his mouth and started to unleash his 1st Gate.

Even if he was in 'Start', his powers are comparable to that of a young man right now, but if he acquires a tail then his powers are enough to kill monsters.

The man's mouth started to burn due to the sudden heat that the 1st Gate brought in his aura, the man seen Marco's eyes and the tail that slowly came out from his butt, a pair of long ears made of energy came out from Marco's head.

The aura around him took the shape of a fox with long ears, frightening the man, whose mouth was getting too hot, burning him.

The man tried to release himself from Marco's grasp, while Marco's tail took shape of a claw and slammed in the man's chest, breaking a few of ribs, Marco continued to do that until the man died.

Then Marco grabbed the corpse and silently got out from the village, then he threw the body away and turned back at the shop to look at the books.


He turned back at home and started to cook once again for his mother, the he walked on the stairs and reached Lucifina's bedroom, where she laid there with closed eyes and a smile on her face.

Marco knocked the door to warn her that he will enter the room, the he opened the door and looked at his mother.

She had pale skin, completely different from how she looked when Marco was born, she had black spots under her eyes, and her lips were losing their color, she looked so weak in the bed, like she could die at any moment.

Marco: Here is the meal, mom…

Lucifina: Thanks… Marco… Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Marco brought the meal to Lucifina and started to talk.

Marco: I'm sorry, mother… I went out to look for a medicine, but there wasn't anything to help you… I asked the church too, but they said that Illias would save you… 'I can't tell her about what really happened… Especially about the shop owner…'

Lucifina frowned at Marco's words and said with a apologetic tone.

Lucifina: ...Marco, I made you do something painful. You don't need to go back there ever again.

Marco: But…

Lucifina: ...No… Marco, you must be a Hero…

Marco: But… Why…? They continue to say 'Illias will help you', 'Illias will save your mother'... Tell me… Why should I be baptized from someone who does nothing to be worth being blessed from? 'And the one who will try to kill anyone…'

Marco didn't said the last part because he was a bit afraid about what would happen if he did, then he started to cry, and every word he said made him more sad.

Meanwhile Lucifina smiled, she knew about Marco's behavior about Illias, he practically treated her as if she was just any other person unlike the treatment she should have with her status as a goddess, and this event would probably worsen his opinion of her.

Lucifina: ...A Hero is decided from his actions, not from being baptized from Illias. Just… Don't hold a grudge against the villagers… I know… You will… Help many people… Save many monsters… And be a good hero…

At this moment, Lucifina kissed Marco's forehead and laid in her bed with a smile while closing her eyes. Marco's heart started to break and kneeled in front of the bed while releasing a big amount of tears.

Marco: *Hic* Alright… I'll be a… *Sob* Hero… 'She will pay for it…'


*Special Quest: Be recognized as a "True" Hero*

*Special Condition: Don't get baptized*


*Special Quest: Achieve coexistence between Monsters and Humans*

*Special Condition: The coexistence should reach 'Friendly' level, if it reach 'Master/Slave' level the quest will fail automatically*


*Special Quest: Make Illias pay for everything she did to you*


*Special Quest[Successful]: Help Lucifina as much as possible*

Marco ignored the sounds and continued to cry in the ground in front of his dead mother

Marco: 'But mom… How can I not feel any grudges on those bastards…?'

He continued to cry for the entire day and night, until he started to sleep with his dead mother.


Marco was using 'Start' to be able to carry Lucifina's body in a wooden coffin, he took it at south, literally in front of the sea, it wasn't that far since Illias Village was literally some dozen of miles away, then he dug a hole in the ground and put the coffin inside it before putting back the dirt over it.

When he finished putting back the dirt over the coffin, he picked up a big stone and used 1st Gate to write in the stone.

"Here lies Lucifina,

Wife of Marcellus, a hero,

and the best Mother I could ask for."

Then Marco deactivated the 1st Gate and started to hug the stone.

Marco: I will promise you… I will return here only when I fulfil your wish for the coexistence between monsters and humans that you always wanted…


*Special Quest: Return at Lucifina's grave*

*Special Condition: Complete successfully 'Achieve coexistence between Monsters and Humans' before completing this quest*

Then he backed away from the grave and turned back at Illias Village.


At Heaven, Illias was really angry, she thought that Lucifina would use her angelic powers to save herself, but she didn't do that, and the one who really helped was Marco, Lucifina's son, but the villagers just treated him like a dog, and one almost killed him.

Illias: They will pay…

This couldn't go on, she was angry about Marco's treatment too, and this clearly worsened his opinion on her, if it was a normal person then she would not care, but Marco was both an important pawn and her grandson.

She felt insulted knowing that her believers almost killed him, if it wasn't for his strange powers then he would be really dead, so she decided to get revenge by spreading the disease she used at Lucifina in the Illias Village, leaving only a few ones alive.

She may be a goddess planning for controlling every creature existing, using people for her objectives, and killing her own creations… But she still has an heart, which trembled a bit after seeing Marco's face when Lucifina died in front of him.


1st. Kick Gabriel's ass

2nd. Be recognized as a 'True' Hero

3rd. Achieve coexistence between Monsters and Humans

4th. Defeat Illias

5th. Return to Lucifina's grave

General_Paragon General_Paragon

Hello guys, here is another chapter, I hope you like it, comment, put PS, review and bye.

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