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Her Blood Stained Dress - No Longer Empress - Chapter 1 by Champi_07 full book limited free

No Longer Empress No Longer Empress original

No Longer Empress

Author: Champi_07

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Chapter 1: Her Blood Stained Dress

"Your majesty the dresses have arrived which one will you like to wear?" my lady in waiting asks me while displaying three gorgeous red dresses.

"Hmm I'm not sure."

"Your majesty it is a very important event tonight I think you should wear the most extravagant red dress your empire has to offer, how about this one that was made just for tonight?" she points to the one on the very right.



"I wear red too often." she points out.

"But your majesty you had this dress made just for tonight!" she reminds me.

"I know but I've changed my mind." I give her a light smile.

Tonight I'm announcing my marriage to Count Pollux I don't want him to slip through my fingers like last time...

"Okay your majesty what color would you like?" she sighs.

"I want a white one."

"As you wish your majesty..."


Titus called to his younger brother in a playful voice


"hmm?" I barely acknowledge him.

"Why do you ignore your older brother when he's calling to you?"

"I don't think I quite understand what you mean I was not ignoring you Titus"

"Oh playing dumb now are we, you haven't forgotten what tonight is have you or do I need to remind you again"


"Haha... What's with that look Pollux"


No matter how hard I try to forget what tonight is Titus just keeps reminding me

"I think you've mistaken Titus I've had the same face on when you arrived"

Titus smirked and let out a cocky laugh

"Okay Pollux I guess you would say that since tonight is the night I take the Throne"


Pollux was stunned to see his brother talk so openly about there plan

"Pollux you already agreed to be my pawn there's no turning back especially not now"

"Titus I've done what you asked please"

Titus let out a snarky laugh following a smirk

"Oh Pollux please I will rid the empire of this god forsaken Empress just you wait"


Titus snickered seeing the horror on the young count's face

Pollux was furious that his brother was still planning on killing the empress but soon his face darkened no longer giving his brother the amusement from his reaction he glared at his brother with fiery eyes lowering his voice

"Titus I advise you to leave before I kill you myself"


Titus was stunned to hear his brother say such things to him he thought his younger brother was joking but the expression on his face steamed with anger and violence

"Damn it Titus must you make me repeat myself" he now yelled at his brother

The young count looked more serious then before that Titus quickly fled before his brother finished drawing his sword


Night fall came quickly


The hour finally fell upon Pollux

He grew anxious as it was almost time to head to the ball room with Noemi, his heart grew heavy considering the fact that he would be held responsible for the young empresses death, he could not bear the guilt just thinking about it made him sick, for he truly loved Noemi he did not want her to die but his lu...

"Your excellency the people are waiting"

Pollux was so deep in thought that he hadn't noticed one of his knights was standing by his door.

"Ah yes I'm coming was Noemi waiting long"

"No your excellency her majesty has not arrived yet"

"I see well shall we head out then"

"Of course your excellency"


Knock Knock

Achaius waited anxiously outside Noemi's bed chambers as she was already five minutes late.

Lael opened the door surprised to see Achaius standing ever so handsomely outside.


"Is her majesty ready to be taken to the ball room Lael"

Lael quickly hid behind the door so Achaius would not see her face for it would be another reason for him to hate her.


"Lael is everything alright?"

I knew it she can't even look me in the eyes she must really find me revolting

"Oh yes"


"Right her majesty is..."

"Is what?"

"S-sorry her majesty is done let me go get her"

"Lael is there something bothering you?"

"Huh what no I'm fine I'll be right back with her majesty"

Phew that was a close one I can't let him see my face right now it won't end well if he found out that I like him.


"Her majesty Knight Achaius is waiting for you outside the door"

"Thank you Lael... um and one more thing why is your face so red?"


Is my face really red?

"Haha... it's okay no need to tell me your secretes safe with me."

"... Please don't tell him your majesty he already hates me enough."

"Haha it's alright I won't tell him also I don't believe he hates you Lael"

"What do you mean your majesty"

"How do I look?"

"As beautiful as ever your majesty"

Why did she suddenly change the subject

"Oh you flatter me to much now is it time I make my grand entrance"

"Indeed your majesty his excellency is already waiting for you"

"Oh my I hope Pollux wasn't waiting for to long"




"Oh your majesty are you ready?"

"Yes I am so sorry to keep you waiting we shall head now"

"Yes your majesty his excellency is already waiting for you"

"So I heard I hope he wasn't waiting to long"

I hope Pollux understands why I'm late I want to make this night special this is the first time I've ever felt this way about anyone after what happened years ago

"Your majesty what's troubling you"

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize we were still at my chambers my apologies"

"No need for that your majesty I understand you might be a little nervous but don't worry it won't happen again not on my watch"

"Okay enough about that tonight is all about me and Pollux let's forget about him and head to the ball room"

I can't wait to see Pollux and what he's wearing tonight I bet he's going to look as handsome as ever

"Yes your majesty right this way"


"Your excellency Her majesty has arrived"


Pollux beamed with happiness as he saw his soon to be bride head his way

"Pollux I'm sorry for keeping you waiting" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Noemi had a sad but happy expression written on her face

"I will always wait for you so no need to apologize"

"How did I know you were going to say that"

"I guess you just know me so well"

Achaius cringed at the sight of the two love birds that he had to come in between the two of them

"Um pardon my interruption but there is a crowd waiting for your excellency and Her majesty"

"Oh yes how could I forget"

"Haha come on Noemi lets not keep them waiting for to long"

"Oh wait Pollux when do I get to meet your brother?"

"Don't worry Noemi you will meet him tonight"

The doors flew open as Noemi and Pollux headed down the stairs the crowd was struck to see such a lovely couple head down their way to claim their seats

Once the Empress and her fiancé took their seats the party begin


As Noemi made her way down to one of the Grand Dukes from Donovan

He introduced her to the duke of Debronious.

"Her imperil majesty Empress of Debranchion, I present to you the Duke of Debronious"

"Your majesty it is an hon..."

"Stop I don't want you to ruin my evening please leave me alone Enzo just for tonight"

"Noemi I'm simply doing this for old times sake, I don't know why you have to be so harsh on me"

Noemi scoffed at the words of Duke Enzo

"Really Noemi why must you be like this I just wanted to catch up on what was new with you"

"Enzo I've had enough you have been gone for years and now you show up here acting like nothing happened please leave me alone"

"Noemi I'm not saying we should go back to the way things were, but you engaged really Noemi after what happened between us you marry someone below me"

"Enzo nothing went on between us and yes I've moved on I'm in love with Pollux and if you can't accept that then leave"

"Really it was nothing you say well then if that was nothing then I guess this is also a heartless love for Pollux, it was nice seeing you again Noemi but I won't bother you any further tonight since you still have resentment towards me"

Noemi wanted to bark back at Enzo but she just bit her lip for she knew deep down it was true

"I can't believe he would show up like this and pretend to act like nothing happened" she mumbled to herself

"Your majesty pardon my rudeness I did not know you and the Duke of Debronious had such bad blood"

"No it is I who should apologize I didn't mean for someone else to get in the way of me and the Dukes hate for each other"

"No no your majesty it is quite alright if I had known I would have not been so eager to introduce you to someone like Duke Enzo I just thought you would have enjoyed meeting such a bright young man"


"Please excuse me your majesty there is some old friends I would like to caught up with"

"Of course I don't want to hold you up to long"

Noemi smiled but it was a heartless smile she still couldn't get the bright and happy smile Enzo had when he was being introduced to her even though her and Enzo used to be so close she still couldn't seem to forgive him for what he had done

The night went on after one or two drinks Noemi seemed to be enjoying her self forgetting all about Enzo


Titus approached his younger brother cautiously as he was still worried that his brother was still angry with him from earlier

"Pollux the plan has been set in motion soon you can take the empress the room has been set up and no one will be there this part of the palace, it has been closed off for years"

Pollux had a sad expression on his face his voice was soft hearted

"Titus I'm doing this for her you know if only it was her right now and not the empress If only this was our engagement party and not me and the empresses no matter how much I love Noemi I'm still full of regret"

"Pollux don't worry you will soon have your revenge you won't bear the guilt any more"

"I hope your right Titus"


Sooner or later the young empress became hammered she was laughing and enjoying herself that she didn't even realize the scenery around her and then Count Pollux approached

"Noemi come with me you need fresh air"


Noemi wrapped her arms around him having a bright smile spread across her face she couldn't help her emotions

"Noemi I seriously think you need to get out of here"

"Okay were do you want to take me"

"Just follow me please and don't go any where else"

"I won't"

Noemi linked arms with Pollux beaming with happiness

Pollux's heart grew heavy and weighed him down he did not want to see this happen to his dear Noemi but then he suddenly remembered that the face she was making reminded him so much of Aurelia he no longer felt pity for the empress after thinking back to his former lover he made his way to the room that Titus had prepared earlier letting Noemi rest on the couch he turned around locking the door he had a small dagger hidden in his coat

"Pollux am I meeting your brother here"

Noemi beamed with excitement

"Oh Noemi you already met him"

Noemi's happy expression soon turned to puzzlement

"What do you mea..."

"Noemi your stepping all over your dress"

Noemi didn't realize that she had been jumping up and down out of excitement

But Pollux interrupted the empress not out of concern but simply because he had to hurry up and get this over with before she could make things more complicated

"Huh what do you mean" she looked down at her once so beautiful and elegant dress had now been ripping at the bottom

"Here let me help you"

Pollux bent down slid the dagger out and stabbed Noemi's foot she screamed in agony she looked down but only to find burning pain Pollux had slit her face when she looked down Noemi was screaming and wincing in pain begging him to stop

"Pollux please"

Noemi cried as the fresh blood and choppy pink flesh slid down her face, but he had no remorse for her what so ever, he looked totally different from before the sweet and innocent amber eyes that once swept Noemi off her feet were gone,. They were now blood thirsty cherry red eyes that were full of anger he pulled her head back with a smirk on his face.

"I'm sorry Noemi if only you weren't so naïve I would've really enjoyed being your husband, but I just can't seem to forgive you, and also haha.. one more thing my names not Pollux." he gave her a vicious smirk after seeing the horror in her eyes

Champi_07 Champi_07

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