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85.71% Not A Classic Wedding [English Version] / Chapter 12: 11. The look of Two Ambitious Guy

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Chapter 12: 11. The look of Two Ambitious Guy

At 17:00 West Indonesian Time, Briena Apartment


A sign that Briena pressed the apartment code correctly. The woman unsteadily entered her luxury apartment, turned left directly to the pantry to get drinking water because her throat was dry. One full glass of cold water slowly gently wet his throat.

Briena was still facing the refrigerator, back to the living room of the apartment. Did not realize that from the moment he had just entered this room until he walked towards the pantry, a pair of sharp eyes were watching him like hunting.

Until finally he turned shocked at hearing someone's deheman behind him. His heart almost jumped at the sight of a man sitting arrogantly on his luxurious couch with his arms crossed and his gaze pointing at him. The man sat in a dim light because the lights were not turned on.

"Why did you come home at this hour? Why didn't you pick up my phone? Didn't we make a pact after lunch. I went to your office and your secretary said you went out to lunch with your boyfriend. Because of you I have to wait for you 2 hours here," raving Vian walked to the pantry and immediately sat in a chair facing Briena.

Briena walked slowly to the chair in front of Vian and then sat there. "You! How did you get into my apartment? Do you know my apartment code?" Briena asked in surprise and also surprised. How could Vian dare to enter her territtority area that had even only been entered by her family and boyfriend? Ave hasn't even been here yet. She stared at the sharp eyes of the man who still showed her calm attitude. "Now explain how you got here? Who told you my apartment code?" Briena asked, emphasizing the sentence.

"You forgot that I was spying on you, so don't be surprised if I know the address of your apartment or the password. I even know how much and how your lingerie model is, so you don't need to be surprised," Vian answered casually and successfully made Briena heavy shock.

Gosh, did she say lingerie?

"Heh, this man!" growled Briena cursed Vian silently. Her sharp gaze still did not escape the eyes of the eagle before him.

"Besides, I thought you were a smart and conscientious woman, but apparently my guess was wrong. How can you use your date of birth for your apartment code? You're innocent or stupid. You clearly know that people like us often intersect with many people, your profile has even spread and is known all over Asia. But you gave them a chance to enter your apartment using a familiar security code. You fool. " Again, Vian scolded Briena at length.

Two times a day Briena had to feel annoyed because of the annoying attitude of Vian who was suddenly fussy like this. She suppressed the mounting anger to prevent a world war between him and Vian, it would be very funny if one of them was found lifeless the next day because he tried to kill each other the next night. She changed her annoyed expression as calmly as possible, facing this man was the same as facing himself.

"Get on with it. What do you want to meet me?" Briena asked calmly, trying to be calm.

"Tell me about Ares," Vian begged Briena, looking at her surprising.

"What did you say?" Briena make sure that her hearing was not misheard.

"I want to know everything about Ares. The nature, habits, background, things that are more detailed."

Briena smiled cynically at that. "You barged into my apartment without permission, just to ask this? Oh, man, Vi, you can hire the services of a famous detective to answer all your curiosity about Ares. Why did you just involve me and waste our precious time? "Grumbled Briena annoyed.

"Getting the Kenares info is easy, Bi. Just need a low-class detective to get whatever I ask for. I just want to hear it directly from you, how is an Ares in your eyes, so I can know how to deal with it," said Vian.

"You think I'll tell you," Briena replied sarcastically, not liking Vian's sentence just now.

"I think you can share information with me because you have no reason to cover it up."

"I also have no reason to tell you."

"Alright, how about we exchange information. You tell me info about Ares and I'll let you know about Kea," Vian offered, smiling meaningfully. He was one hundred percent sure that Briena would accept this offer.

They both are the same type of people. They are both interested in something beneficial. Briena agreed to an offer from Vian. The woman certainly needs to know everything about her future husband's girlfriend.

Certainly not because he felt rivaled or anything, he just wanted to know anything that was directly related to Vian. He did not want to look stupid and did not know what Vian's life was like. Likewise, what is being thought by Vian's clever brain, he must know anything related to Briena, including her lover named Ares.

Before meeting someone, the first step to be taken is of course knowing their background. After agreeing to their agreement and exchanging information about each other's profiles. Vian decided to return to the office before meeting with his client.


In a special room designated for guests who book a VIP ROOM, 2 men who use their national Armani sit facing each other. So seriously talking about the business they live and also the cooperation regarding the construction of restaurants in Singapore. The conversation between the two, which began at 7pm last night, seemed to be going well enough, even faster than they had originally thought. The agreement they have reached with the work contract that has been signed by each related party.

"I hope we can cooperate with each other well," said the wistful-eyed man shook the sharp-eyed man's hand in front of him.

"I hope so too," the sharp-eyed man replied to the handshake offered by his client just now.

"Alright, since our business problems are over. How about we leave our formal attitude? Then we can talk about other things that are outside the scope of business. Do you agree, Mr. Vian?" said Ares, smiling kindly. Offering a new agreement to Vian.

"I agree, just think of it as a form of self-approach," Vian replied in agreement with Ares's offer. "What do you think we need to discuss? Family? Hobby? Lifestyle? Commitment? Speaking of commitment, aren't you living a commitment?" Vian said calmly, investigating the change in his face. But the face of the man named Ares remained calm.

Ares smiled faintly in response to the first attack from Vian. Then he answered calmly, "My answer will be the same as you when I ask the same question. Ares remembers that Briena once said that Vian was the same type as her. The words of the woman were true, facing Vian was the same as facing Briena. Ares had to be smart in replying to all the arguments that man.

It seems that Ares's sentence just now made Vian a little annoyed, indeed from the beginning Vian had felt that he would not match the lover of his future wife. But he was still calm at least until their business problems were resolved. And Vian immediately discarded his cooperative nature, when Ares offered him friendship. At least the man can act as Vian and not the CEO of K.SA CORP. Right now the two of them are both abandoning their positions and acting as real men.

Vian recognized Ares' ability when he saw how he dealt with him. Oh, he should have known that the lover of someone Kalebriena was a tough guy and not a weak man who was easily intimidated. Vian felt that Ares was a worthy opponent. Certainly not in terms of fighting over Briena. It's about a battle of pride.

"If you ask the same question, I will answer YES. I am indeed committed and I will also get married soon. How? Are we the same answer?" said Vian, smiling meaningfully at Ares. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Ares's jaw hardened, feeling angry that Vian mentioned him as 'married'. The man normalizes the expression on his face, being calm is a way to intimidate your opponents. Ares knows that, so instead of being angry, he chooses to smile. "Of course it's different, he said later. I can enjoy my commitment without the need to get married. You know for yourself that today, love and status are not important. So why waste time doing marriage, otherwise we can enjoy commitments without silly ties like marriage People like us don't need Vian's bond, "the answer from Ares just now made Vian furious, now the two pairs of eyes are looking at each other sharply. Spreading animosity that is very obvious.

"At least the marriage will look better than an unclear commitment like what the ending is," Vian replied.

"Then what do you live with Kea? Fill in the blanks before marriage?" Ares once again quipped Vian.


"Damn it!" Maki Vian in his heart.

"Well, there's no need to answer. The woman who is going to marry you doesn't care about your commitment to another woman, so it's not my right to hear your answer. It's just a rhetorical question. Ares smiles dismissively.

Son of a bitch!

Vian more smoothly cursed the man. But the man acted like he didn't hear Ares's insinuation just now, Vian could control himself very well. "Didn't you have an appointment with Briena. I would be happy to let my future wife to have dinner with you. Enjoy your dinner," Vian said, choosing to make peace and not replying to Ares.

The man walked out of the room without even saying goodbye or looking at Ares. Seeing that a cynical smile graced Ares's handsome face, he felt that the drama they were going through would be very pleasant.

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