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14.28% Not a Normal High School Life / Chapter 1: NOT A NORMAL HIGH SCHOOL LIFE

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»Why! Why did Monday come so soon!?«

»Because you slept through the whole weekend?!«

»Awwww man!«

Today is Monday a normal workday for all members of society. The guy complaining, yes his name is Oliver and he is my best friend. My name is Shin, I'm your average high school boy who is only a slight otaku. I always hang out with Ollie and we get along great. Oliver is into fencing and history, he also enjoys playing games(they are all about ancient civilizations tho).

»Ollie quit your whining we are almost there.«

»NO! Please no I don't want to go to school!«

»Yeah me either but it's not like we have a choice we've already skipped too many classes this year.

At this rate, we'll repeat a grade! So no more complaining and start moving! Got it, Ollie!?«

»Yeah, yeah I got DAD!«

After 5 more minutes, we have arrived at school. Ollie and I always walk to school together and we've known each other since we were kids. Even our birthdays are only a day apart(we are 15 years old soon to be 16). We go to private high school filled with smart kids(even tho we are definitely not). Both of us are in class 1 B. It's already February so we've been going to school for about 6-7 months. We haven't really connected with the class all that well but we are friends with a few people.

»Hey! You guy made it just in time.«

One of them is the class president, Benjamin.

»Hehehe sorry prez I can't get up on Mondays.«

»It's not just on Mondays that you are late. Hahaha.«

»Sorry Ben, I even got up earlier but waking Ollie up is impossible.«

»Don't worry Shin I can see you're a pain.«

»Step step step. It's so early and you guys are already at it huh.«

This is Lucy, she likes Ben like a lot.

»Well well well if it isn't Lulu.«

»Benn! Don't call me that!«

»Hahaha, Fine I'll stop…For now at least.«

Lucy is quite good looking so her being friendly with Ben attracts a lot of unwanted jealousy from other boys, I don't really care tho since I'm good friends with her. I, her and Ollie often hang out after school. Ollie is into guys and girls I've known that for a while now. He also likes Ben. Lucy knows that but surprisingly they have been no issues. She's what we otakus refer to as yandere, she believes that none stands a chance with Ben aside from her. Ben is not into guys so Ollie has already

given up anyway so it doesn't really matter.

»Hey Shin did you watch that anime I told you about yesterday?«

»Yeah I watched a few episodes and I'm already hooked.«

»Right! It's totally a hidden gem!«

Ben is also a slight otaku which makes me happy every time I remember it.

Distente shout…»Hey, you guys class is about to start getting in you're sits already.


And that is my very normal high school life…

Shake! »Is it an earthquake!«

Panic! »No! It's something else!«

A bright light suddenly appears on the floor! »What is this!!!«

»I don't know! Everybody get out of the classroom!«

White light has swallowed the classroom and everybody in it. On That day 31 students disappeared…


»Where are we?«

»What is this?«

»Is everybody alright?!«

»Yeah I think so…«

»Wait! Where is Shin?!«

What is this… I feel sick. What happened? Am I dead?

»Welcome, Shin. I am the one that called you here.«

»Ugh… Where am I?«

»Nowhere. This is the space between the space dimension outside of existence. You are at the same

time everywhere and nowhere.«

»Who are you?«

»I am what you would call a GOD! Well more like an evil god so I guess I am the devil.«

»Did you summon me here?«

»No, a god named Ukko summoned you and your classmates. I just pulled you here.«

»Where are my classmates?«

»Probably meeting Ukko right now.«

»I see…and why am I here?«

»Because I have a mission for you. You see Ukko summoned you guy to help the humans defeat the demons. I pulled you here because I want to exterminate the humans and I am planning on sending you to do the job.«

»Why do you want to exterminate humans and what makes you think that I'll help you?!«

»I figured as much. Well, I'll tell you why. You see Ukko created humans in this world and I created demons there are also other races but that doesn't matter right now. Humans are disgusting they are selfish, ignorant, arrogant with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Do you know how many genocides they have caused? They even kill their own. The rich enjoy while the poor suffer. Ukko is planning on using your classmates, do you really wish for your classmates to kill innocent beings. Humans started the war to begin with and all they are looking for is more territory.«

»Alright, I can see where you're coming from and what is your angle…« Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

What should I do? If I say no god knows what he'll do to me and I don't really think that he is lying. But exterminating all humans is a little extreme also I don't want to fight my classmates, especially Ollie. What should I do?!

»I will help you stop the war, but I won't exterminate all humans, also I have no wish to kill any of my former classmates.«

»Hahaha, fine. You stopping the war and protecting the demons is enough for me. Ukko is going to grant 1 skill to each of your classmates, he can only grant 30 skills in total.«

»Wait, but there were 31 of us!?«

»Yes he was planning on leaving you without a skill so I pulled you here instead. I am currently not as strong as him so I can only grant about 15 skills at most, luckily there is only one of you.«

»So I'll get all 15 skills?«

»Yes, well it depends on the skills themself, if you pick really strong skills then I'll only be able to grant you 8 skills.«

»That's plenty! And I can choose them myself?!«

»Yes, just tell me what you want and I'll grant it.«

Hmmm, what should I pick? Something that will grant me further development…

»As my first skill, I want 2x growth, I get 2x the exp I'd normally get.«


»Next is Great sage! It's like google in my head, It can map the area and search for things…It also has knowledge about that world and stuff!«

»Hmm…Alright, granted.«

»Next skill is appraisal.«


»Are there things like skill points?«

»Yes, think of it as a game. You get 5 skill points each time you level up, to max. Out a skill you need 10 SP.«

»Then I want 2x SP, I get 2x the amount of SP.«


»Alright! This one is gonna be a big one! I want superspeed recovery!«

Shock. »Yes that is definitely a big one, It will take 3 skill slots. Are you sure?«


»Alright, then granted.«

»Then I'll also choose thought acceleration.«

»That is another 2 slot one. Granted.«

»I'll need storage so I'll pick the item box skill.«

»Granted. You have 4 skill slots left. What will you pick?«

»I want the cooking skill dismantle!«

»Fine I won't even bother to ask. Granted.«

»For my last skill, I saved up 3 skill slots. I hope you are ready or this. I pick….GLUTTONY! The skill to

get stats and skills from the beings that you kill added onto your own. It's the best possible skill!«

»And that is 15 skill slots. You have picked your skills and now I'll send you to the other world. If you have any questions great sage can answer them. Good luck!«

I'm…I'm losing consciousness.

I_J_Hard_Sword I_J_Hard_Sword

This is the first chapter of the first novel I have ever published I hope that you like it. If there are any questions let me know!

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