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83.33% Not All Heroes fight against Evil:The Hero's Grandson / Chapter 5: New Journey In Another World(i)

New Journey In Another World(i) - Not All Heroes fight against Evil:The Hero's Grandson - Chapter 5 by Nomed_Forcraziness full book limited free

Chapter 5: New Journey In Another World(i)


(Note- Current year of Exofillia is Period ll 73. > meaning the year is 2073< Period ll stands that 2000 years has passed. In Exofillia if 1000 years has passed then it becomes Period l. And if it increases another 1000 years then Period ll like the current year and so goes and on. Then the numbers written after the Period are the ongoing numbers that changes after every single year. Example, now it is Period ll 73, the next years becomes Period ll 74, this goes on and on until it reaches 1000. If it then reaches, the numbers are reset and becomes like this 'Period lll 1' and so on.

The months go like this:

1. Janerous- The first month of the year

2. Febel- Second month

3. Machi- Third Month

4. Aerius- Fourth Month

5. Miltory- Fifth Month

6. Juan- Sixth Month

7. Jualy- Seventh Month

8. Augatine- Eighth Month

9. Sepber- Ninth Month

10. Octolomus- Tenth Month

11. Novalier- Eleventh Month

12. Debermanta- Twelfth Month of the Year also the last month of the year

The months has 30 days each except for Juan which has only 15 days.These months are written in the 'Ancient Language of Exfollia' but if translated its basically only January, February, etc.

While the days are written as:

1. Sepda- First Day of the Week

2. Moda- second day

3. Xuda- Third day

4. Wenda- Fourth day

5. Thorda- Fifth day

6. Trida- sixth day

7. Sesta- Seventh day of the week, Also the day where the holy ones give offerings to their 'Gods'

Like the months, these are written in the Ancient language.)


Period ll 73, Aerius 5, Xuda.

'I slept well' She thought stretching her body after she had woke up from her sleep. She has a blonde hair, her skin was fair, and yes she was the elf that Miracle had saved yesterday. She is a total beauty by appearance but though being a beauty, most of the humans can't tolerate other races such as the dwarves, demi-humans, elf, etc. And she belonged to the elf race. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-grandson_18589189906409905/new-journey-in-another-world(i)_50209965771644583">;s-grandson_18589189906409905/new-journey-in-another-world(i)_50209965771644583</a> for visiting.

She found Miracle still sleeping peacefully, she was grateful to meet him. She could still remember the event that had occurred yesterday. Though she was a slave, she requested Miracle for something which a slave shouldn't be asking. But right now she noticed something which shocked her. Nana was sleeping besides Miracle, clinging to his arm. She had a light brown hair which can be mistaken as dark orange, and not only that she has fox-ears and a tail, she was also saved by Miracle (actually he was searching for food to be honest). Seeing them sleeping together peacefully was quite a scene for her. She couldn't help but smile. But why does she trust Miracle so much?

Yesterday when Miracle meet them, Baba (the man whom Miracle had first killed) questioned him and he answered him honestly but Baba accused him of lying and tried to kill him and eventually he himself ended up dead. Now how does she know that Miracle was being honest here? The answer was simple; she was contracted with a spirit named Aerial which has high wind element magic and the spell to detect lies. Aerial has two forms; one was astral form while the other was her physical body (which is commonly found on spirits). And not only that, after Miracle collapsed on the ground after defeating (technically killing) those people from yesterday. Shasha decided to take this chance and run away with Nana, but Nana stopped her telling her that he (miracle) smells like a good person. Which was actually strange but Shasha believed her as she knew about Nana's skill of smell. So they both stayed and helped him eventually, but during the fight Miracle was injured so Shasha tried to tend his wound but she was shocked to find his wound already healed. 'Self Healing' she thought, seeing the healed wound. But she wasn't sure whether he really was a good person or not, but she was determined and resolved to do something after Miracle wakes up (which was to request Miracle).

Shasha sighed a breathe of relief as was thinking what had happened yesterday, she requested to give her to Duke so that Miracle can get a great reward while he take Nana to her elder sister and free them. But Miracle denied that and told her that he will come up with a plan to help them. Shasha believed in his words cause she knows his strength which was shown yesterday though it was only a glimpse but also a strong mana leaks out of Miracle, to her it is like he filled with high man and is overflowing with it but also at the same time she feels uneasy with it as it gives a strange vibe about it.

"Hey Aerial, are you awake?" Shasha asked to her contracted spirit softly so that she won't disturb them (referring Miracle and Nana).

<yes I am up> Aerial responded through telepathy.(In her astral form she can reside herself within Shasha)

"Good morning"

<Yes good morning Shasha>

'I guess I should wake Nana up without letting Miracle know' she thought as the morning sunlight was slowing gazing upon them.

She approached them then looked at them for the last time like a mother who adores watching her child sleeping.

<My they're sleeping so peacefully> Aerial gave a response noticing them.

"Kaori..." Miracle muttered, which startled Shasha and Aerial.

<Kaori??? Maybe he is missing someone from his hometown>

Shasha nodded on Aerial's statement as an agreement.

Then Shasha reached her hand out to wake Nana without disturbing Miracle but...

When she tried to do so, she was pulled by Miracle.

Now Shasha is on top of Miracle with her boobs against his chest while her face was close to Miracle's face, close enough that their lips were only an inch apart.

Shasha was flustered upon this. Not only because her face was close enough for a kiss but she was only wearing a shirt while her lower was covered with garments of clothes, she wasn't wearing her robe right now. Plus she wasn't wearing any inner garments on the upper part of her body or in simple words; she's not wearing a bra, except she still has her panty.

Well in one way this scene was erotic. Shasha realising this, she was embarrassed, as she was trying to get off.

"I will marry you in the future.. so please don't go.." After these words came out of Miracle's mouth, Shasha was bright red hearing it. Then Miracle grabbed Shasha by her face then pressed his lips against hers. Shasha was kissed by Miracle, this made her face even redder than before.

Then after Shasha's lips were released, she wanted to get off soon, because that was the only thing that crossed her mind as she was flustered. But she stopped and stared at Miracle's face, she seemed to be dumbstruck. From Shasha's point of view, Miracle was looking at her with half opened eyes with tears flowing down his cheeks.


There was a little boy sitting near a woman in her late 20s, she was lying on the bed. By her looks she seemed to be pale and weak. The boy who was sitting beside her had a sad look, and then he slowly reached out his hand to hold her hand. The woman noticed what the boy was trying to so she gave her hand to him. They were holding their hands together now. Then the woman spoke.

"Thank you for always being with me when I was alone... "

Hearing this, tears formed in the boy's eyes. Then he spoke.

"No... I should be the thanking you, Kaori"

Kaori, that was the name of the woman. The boy despite being young he called her by her first name because of a reason. The boy's mother after she gave birth to him, she had passed away, then he was taken cared by other family members and Kaori was the younger sister of his mother. After the boy grew older he found out that Kaori who had always been busy with her works was sick so he went to take care of her as no one took care of her, the other family members didn't bother to do it nor had the time to do so. Kaori lives only with her mother, which is the grandmother of the boy. But his grandmother was so old that she couldn't help Kaori much. Kaori's health grew worse day by day, then the boy sometimes would skip classes just for her, despite being only 8 years, the boy was very helpful. Then Kaori teased him that he acts like her husband (Kaori isn't still married) so she decided that the boy should call him by her first name. She was actually joking with the boy, but the boy knew it and just went with the flow by calling her Kaori. A year had passed but Kaori's health wasn't better. Though taken to hospitals and given treatments, her health only grew worse.

So right now they are in a single room of a hospital. Kaori knew that she won't be cured. She knew it was her time.

"It seems that I will be going somewhere far from here" Kaori spoke.

Hearing this, the boy tightens his grip holding Kaori's hand.

"Then I will follow you" The boy responded.

"But I am sorry, I can't take you.."

"Why?!" The boy responded with teary eyes

"....Because unmarried women can go to that place" She joked, though it was a bad timing for a joke, she didn't had the answer to his question. So she said that in order to escape.

"Then.. if you get married, you won't go?" The boy asked.

"Ah.... Yes... If I can get married then I guess I won't go..." Kaori chuckled as she found it quite funny for her. Then she continued "But you see.... no one would like to marry weak women like me"

"That's not true!" The boy shouted. Kaori eyes widened as she was surprised.

"But.. you see..." As Kaori was about to give her reason, the boy drew near her and said with shaky voice while tears were flowing down his cheeks.

"I will marry you in the future.. so please don't go.."

Then the boy gave a kissed on Kaori's cheek.


'It was only a dream huh?' Miracle thought as he woke up, but he was shocked at the same time.

As he realized the situation, and what he had done to Shasha who was on top of him.

He wanted to apologise to her but when he was about to do it so he heard a squeak. He turned to where the sound came from; Shasha did the same after hearing it. They found Nana covering her mouth and was blushing bright red. Then Nana spoke.

"I-I-I ...didn't se-e... you-u t-t-two k-k-k-k-k-kisssinnng... I-I didn't h-h-hear t-the p-p-proposal for m-m-marriage ..t-t-too..."

Shasha was struck by these words. She felt her hearting beating fast.


Then she glanced at Miracle. Now she felt her heart racing.

<Congratulations! You got yourself a husband!> Aerial teased Shasha.

But that added more fuel to her embarrassment.

Miracle wanted to apologise but he knew now wasn't the best time as the girls weren't in their right minds. (If there was a third person, they would say 'wasn't that your fault to begin with!')

It sure was a lively morning and Aerial had enjoyed the commotion.

After that, Shasha prepared breakfast. (Actually she can't cook well but she knows the basics)

(Breakfast? Leftover meat and bread.)

Miracle wanted to cook something but there were no utensils.

Moreover, when Miracle tries to call the girls to apologise, Shasha would answer 'yes dear' then blushed then look away while Nana would go bright red and squeak.

Miracle sighed and thought that it would be best to let them calm down first then he would talk to them.

After they had packed their things, Miracle used a spell called [Aestore] (a spell used for storing items, -similar to an item box- ) and stored all the things in [Aestore].

The girls were shocked by this but when their eyes met Miracle, their face turned bright red and they averted their gaze.

Now that they are ready (but still the girls are mentally disturbed by this morning's incident).

They began their journey.

Thus for Miracle, it was the beginning of his 'New Journey in Another World'.

Nomed_Forcraziness Nomed_Forcraziness

If you have ideas for my story please share.

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