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48.38% NOT YOUR'S / Chapter 15: Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - NOT YOUR'S - Chapter 15 by AJ_2810 full book limited free

Chapter 15: Chapter 15

*****Amy's P.O.V.***

     How am I even qualified to be a female?

     Who's genius idea was it to let me have a vagina!?

     I suck at being a girl. I can't do my makeup right, my eyebrows are not on point, I can't even dress cute!

     But I mean, I can put down some alcohol, and eat twice my body weight. And I might sometimes, you know. Only on rare occasions, have the type of vocabulary that would make a sailor blush.

     I'm a dude.... I'm pretty sure of it.

     Yep, you guessed it. Today is not a good day for me.

     To start this wonderful day off, I got a surprising visit from Aunt Flo, the kids woke up earlier then usual, and on top of that, Sky wouldn't stop giving me weird looks.

     They weren't 'fuck off' looks, more like 'I know' looks. Which was just plain annoying.

     "What?" I asked her, irritated because she hasn't stopped looking at me this entire class.

     She smirks, "Sooo, you and Christian uh?"

     My eyebrows creased together, "Me and Chris what?"

     For some odd reason, my heart fluttered when she spoke his name. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s_17734554306744605/chapter-15_51886812792156784">;s_17734554306744605/chapter-15_51886812792156784</a> for visiting.

     She breaks eye contact and leans in close to me, "Well he doesn't want me Amy, at least, not in a sexual way."

     I don't know what was worse, the fact that she is smiling at this news, or the fact that I'm overjoyed that he finally told her he has no interest in her.

     Geeze you're such a great friend Amy.

     "I'm sorry to hear that Sky, I know you really wanted to be with him," I tell her in a comforting tone, placing a hand on her shoulder for comfort.

     When really, my heart was doing jumping jacks, JUMPING JACK!

     She rolls her hazel eyes at me and pushes my hand off, "Come on Amy, you know I just wanted some dick from him. Don't act like I was madly in love with his ass."

     The confused look on my face was enough to make her giggle, then nudge my shoulder with her's.

     "Plus, I know what cookie jar he really wants to dip his fingers in," she says playfully, winking at me.

     This time it was my turn to roll my eyes at her, "Are you ok? You feeling alright?" I asked, placing my hand on her forehead.

     She swats my hand away and glares at me, "I'm being serious Amy. He spoke so highly about you last night."

     There goes my heart again, beating in and out of rhythm. Heat started taking over my face as I look down at my hands. This makes her chuckle.

     "But on a serious note, how are you and Justin doing?" She asked scooting closer.

     I lift my head up and bit down on my bottom lip, "We're...ok, it could be better between us," I tell her honestly.

     She nods her head, I see the crease in between her eyes pucker in concern, "No offense Amy, but he's become such an asshole lately. What's gotten into him?"

     I laughed at her.

     I know I shouldn't be laughing cause it's not funny, it's actually true. But the fact that that was the nicest way I know she could put it, made me laugh.

     "He's just, having some tough issues that he's going through right now," I tell her.

     "Yeah anger issues," she bluntly says.

     I sighed.

     "We've been through so much together Sky, I don't even know what I would do if I ever lost him," I say honestly, looking back down at my hands.

     "You would find someone better Am's, someone who will treat you like you deserve and need to be treated," she says, like it's the most obvious thing out there.

     "Justin use to treat me good Sky, he just.... he-"

     She scoffs and throws her hands up in the air, "You're so fucking blind Am's! I just want to bang your head on this desk to knock some sense into you!"

     I smiled and laugh, "I don't understand?"

     "If you honestly think that that's the way you should be treated? Then you were either born ass backwards, or you got dropped on your head baby girl. Cause that's not how anyone should treat the one you're suppose to love," she says sternly, leaning back in her seat with crossed arms.


**End Of The Day**

     "So Aarons throwing a party tonight, do you wanna go with me?" Justin asked, leaning against the locker next to mine.


     Mr.Rogers did say that I'm free to do whatever I wanted tonight. I bit my lip and looked down at my feet.

     "Sure," I say quietly.


     I nod my head and smiled up at him. His brown eyes light up, and he cups my neck, then bends down to kiss my lips.

     My heartbeat didn't skip, flutter, or swell at this kiss. My heart use to swoon over just his touch, and burst open when we use to kiss.

     But now it's like I was kissing one of my old foster parents goodbye. It didn't mean zero, zip, zilch, nada damn thing.

     Not like it use to...

     He pulls back to look at me, "I'll pick you up at 8."

     I nod my head, "Yep, I'll be ready."

     He turns without another word and walks out of the school doors. I wonder why he's always trying to get me to come to a party with him?

     I guess I'll find out tonight.

     "You're not seriously going with him are you?"

     I jumped at the sound of Christian voice from behind me.

     "I swear to fucking god Chris!" I scowled him, "You need to have a fucking cow bell around your damn neck!"

     Seriously how do I not hear him when he walks up?

     His face was hard, emotionless, angry even, "Are you going with him tonight?"

     How did he know?

     My eyebrows creased together, "Uhm, yeah? I planned on it. Why?"

     His eyes clinched shut and I see his hands close into a tight fist. His square jaw was flexing in anger.

     Uhm... yeah, ok?

     "Are you alright Chris?" I asked him.

     Christians snaps his eyes open and started stalking towards me, making me press my back up against my locker.

     He pressed the front of his body firmly on mine, trapping me in by placing each of his arms on either side of my head.

     My heart was beating fast at his sudden actions.

     "Chris what the fuc-"

     "Please do me one favor Princess," he asked, cutting me off.

     He caught me so off guard, that my mind was flooded with dizziness and focusing on his beautiful features. His eyes no longer held anger, but a more softer and pleading look to them.

     Like a dog, when it begs for some food off your plate. Those puppy pleading eyes were lethal and ruthless.

     Dangerously adorable, and impossible to look away.

     "Wh-what?" I stuttered out, a little bit breathless for no reason.

     He smirks and moves even closer, pushing my breast up as he was practically laying on me.

     I could feel the burning heated tingles jumping back and forth between us. That's how fucking close he was.

     Holy shit! What if I burp on his face? What if I forgot to brush my teeth this morning!?



     He brings a hand down to the side of my face, and brushes a thick lock of hair behind my ear.

     My breath caught in my throat.

     "Will you please, please just take care of yourself around Justin," he sleethed out Justins name like it was poison.

     My eyebrows creased together in confusion, "What do you mean?" I asked bitting my lip.

     I watched his eyes zero in on them as he brushed the back of his hand across my cheek.

     Oh god Amy snap out of it!

     But his eyes, that hair! That nicely round perky a-

     "Just know, I'll be watching," he tells me with a cocky smirk, then turns to walk away.

     Letting the heat from his body also leave with him.

     "Yeah, that's not creepy at all!" I yell after him.

     I let out a big breath that I didn't even know I was holding in. Whew...

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