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100% Nothing else but my heart / Chapter 3: The night of shame

The night of shame - Nothing else but my heart - Chapter 3 by Daoist977711 full book limited free

Chapter 3: The night of shame

Shen ki frantically grabbed the blanket to cover her body and wrapped herself up.

As soon as the alluring scene disappeared, Ye Moxan's eyes darkened. His cold voice became hoarse as he mocked, "This innocent persona doesn't suit you." His eyes turned ice-cold as he continued, "If you aren't willing to do it, then scram!" After he finished speaking, he moved his wheelchair to leave.​


Shen ki panicked, seeing him leave just like that. She wrapped herself in the blanket and rushed off the bed. She shouted at Ye Moxan's back, "You can't do it anyway, so why do you have to torture me like this. We can coexist peacefully, and it will save you the trouble of having to find another wife."​

Her words made Ye Moxan stop in his tracks.

His body didn't move, but he turned his head around, his expression turned stony, eyes piercing cold, and his voice reminded Shen Qi of a demon from hell. "Who did you say can't do it?"

Ye Moxan's eyes were shining like a dangerous wild beast. It seems as if he will pounce on Shen ki and bite her to death if she dared say another word.

What's going on? He is a disabled man, so how could his aura be so intense?

Ye Moxan adjusted his wheelchair and slowly approached her. His eyes shone, his pupils dark and penetrating.

Shen ki, still wrapped in the blanket, subconsciously took two steps back.​

But Ye Moxan, who was sitting in the wheelchair, was already in front of her. He lifted his hand, grabbed her slender wrist, and pulled her away from the thick blanket, not giving her any time to react.

"Ah!" Shen ki fell onto his legs naked, with nothing to cover her body.

"Who did you say can't do it?" Ye Moxan repeated coldly, glaring at her with his sharp, piercing eyes.

"Rumors say that you can't do it," Shen ki answered, not knowing where she should cover with her hands. Her face turned bright red as she said, "Let go of me."

Shen ki panicked at his sudden approach, but she couldn't do anything, trapped in his pheromones.

Powerful, overbearing, dangerous.

This feeling...

It reminded Shen ki of the man in the car. His aura was just as overbearing as the person in front of her.​

Shen ki's face turned pale. She could never forget that humiliating night.

A month ago, after witnessing her husband's betrayal, she was wandering in the streets when suddenly a man grabbed her and pulled her into his car. Everything that happened afterward was out of her control.

She struggled and screamed, but her resistance was nothing to that man.

She was used and played with like a doll until she felt like she was almost on the verge of death.

And so she lost her virginity to a stranger on that despairing night. She didn't even get to see the man's face.

"You want to be Mrs. Ye at all costs?"

Ye Moxan's voice pulled Shen ki back to her senses, but immediately, her entire body stiffened because she felt something hot pressing against her.

She had just experienced this kind of thing a month ago. How could she not know what it was?

A layer of sweat appeared on Shen ki's forehead. She covered her chest with one hand and tried to push him away with the other. "Let go of me first."

This situation was too dangerous.

"Ha," Ye Moxan sneered. "What are you nervous about? Haven't you done something like this before?"

Shen ki glared at him with her stubborn eyes. "You're going too far!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I told you. If you want to stay, please me."

Shen ki's face paled, and her lips trembled.

Looking at the expression in his eyes, Shen ki knew she had no option but to do as he said. She took a deep breath and tried her best to put her shame aside while her entire body was exposed to the man. Trembling, she reached out her hand and began to unbutton his shirt.

One button, two buttons...

Suddenly, a wave of nausea hit her.

"Urgh." Shen ki could not help but retch.

Ye Moxan forcefully grabbed her jaw with one hand. His body gave off a terrifying aura. "Did I disgust you that much?"​

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