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Chapter 8: Evolving the Abyss Eyes by 10 times!

Chapter 8


He clutched his eyes as if wanting to pull them out of their sockets to stop the terrifying pain, but to no avail.

He cried hysterically; the pain was heart-wrenching, and he was unable to endure it without prior preparations.

He rolled on the ground as his wails continued; tears soaked his fragile skin.

No one came to check on him either; he lived pretty much alone, and only maids came to clean his house or deliver food. He was technically isolated from the rest of the clan.

"Huff… Huff… Huff.."

After what seemed to be hours of continuous pain, his cries finally dimmed down.

He was sprawled on the grassy floor, not even having the strength to get up, and he felt extremely tired.

He could not even open his eyes, and he didn't know when, but he fell asleep.

It was soon night, and he finally woke up and found himself still laying on the ground where he had fallen asleep.

"Ugh…" he let out a groan as he mustered up some strength to get himself up.

Slowly, he opened his eyes; the world before him was momentarily blurry before it started to clear.

What he saw before him surprised him. Not only was his vision extremely clear, he found out that he could make out even minute details of his surroundings, from the veins on the leaves to the textures of tree branches even in the dark.

'More importantly, I can see it..'

He thought as he saw numerous colorful particles in the air densely filling up the air; these particles were the source of an exorcist's powers.


The source of all supernatural power that exorcists and demons have in common.

Something that also determines the power of an exorcist. It is present everywhere, and those who could wield it could do anything.

The more espera they have, the stronger they become.

When Oliver was declared useless, it meant that he didn't have the talent to properly harness or utilize espera.

Of course, this did not also mean that he was just an ordinary human with no compatibility with it.

That was not possible since the blood of Mystic Purge Clan flowed through his veins, so naturally, he was born with some espera.

But when Ophelia said that he was useless, she meant that he was unable to satisfy even the minimum criteria to be qualified as an exorcist.

He had a very poor aptitude for being an exorcist overall.

"I can see why she said that I was useless now…" he thought as he looked at the countless espera particles revolving around him, but only a very tiny portion of them actually came to him.

'Haah… so useless.' He shook his head in resignation.

"Anyways, I will eventually get the talent too. I need to be patient."

He felt excited as he obtained a 10x stronger version of the Abyss eyes.

"In the novel, the Abyss eyes were one of the 4 mythical eyes and were extremely powerful. There were many benefits Nadia abused, such as,

Providing dominion over the void and shadows, manipulating darkness to create portals, induce fear, and drawing power from the abyss.

It also gave some mysterious and formidable set of abilities tied to the darker elements in the later parts."

Oliver recalled the events and thought speechlessly, he was already content if he just received the same abilities but now he had a 10x stronger version.

"System, display the ability obtained.'

[The Cosmic Void Gaze]

[Ability 1: Dominion over Cosmic Voids]

[Description: Provides control over not only darkness but the vast void between cosmos. Superior form of darkness element—Void unlocked.]

[Ability 2: Master of Interdimensional Portals]

[Description: Possessor no longer limited to the same dimension anymore. Portals can be used for instantaneous transportation. Depends on the level of mastery.]

[Ability 3: Enshrouding of Death]

[Description: Has the power to induce overwhelming fear on a grand scale, affecting entire battlefields or even entire legions.

Fear is no longer a psychological aspect anymore but a tangible force that weakens target and strengthens the possessor.]

[Ability 4: Circuit of the Abyss]

[Description: ???]

[Ability 5: Planar Imprisonment]

[Description: ???]

[Ability 7: ???]

Oliver was quiet for a while after looking at the cheat.

"Fuck." was all he could say.

'Calm down, me. Calm down.'

Oliver wanted to shout that he had finally become a cheat character but forcefully suppressed it. If he made too much noise, he would draw the attention of the clan guardians undoubtedly.

"There are some abilities that have no description. It seems I would need to train this to unlock more information… and there are even more abilities."

Oliver was riled up now; he finally had something to do while he spent his time alone. He was not allowed to leave the clan at any cost, nor was he allowed to use the special training facilities.

He was just too miserable in the clan. His teachers wanted to nurture him into a battle-strategist and make him serve his siblings in the future, and it seemed the supervisors responsible for training the direct children of the clan also agreed.

While his other brothers and sisters were learning powerful weapon techniques and exorcism skills, here he was learning theory and schemes.

'Well, I have the system so I have no complaints.'

Oliver got up and whistled as he made his way back to his courtyard.

But he forgot one thing in this whole scenario.

The awakening of mythical eyes always triggers a lot of disturbances. And he, who had awakened something 10 times stronger was bound to make a tremor.

This meant that such an anomaly happening inside one of the strongest exorcist clans was hard to go unnoticed no matter what.

It was one of the major places in the world that no one dared to easily step into. A place where the most crazy and insane exorcists of the generation lived and practiced their bloody techniques.

And now, such a huge disturbance had occurred.

"What was that?"

A figure in the dark exclaimed…

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