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41.66% OC in Classroom of the Elites / Chapter 5: Zone

Zone - OC in Classroom of the Elites - Chapter 5 by Art07103733 full book limited free

Chapter 5: Zone

(Alright I decided to change his original first name back to Daiki. But too lazy to edit previous chapters so bear with me.)

One week after the entrance ceremony. During the past week Daichi hadn't really talked to anyone, or hanged out with them.

In the mornings he would arrive in class just in the nick in time. During class he will pay attention to the teacher's lectures while fighting off his urge to sleep. Lunchtime eating alone somewhere or play basketball in the court. After school would be cub activities.

His classmates especially the girls who wanted to invite him and hang out had given up.

But despite being alone, he wasn't seen as ordinary pathetic loner. After all his cool demeanor made his classmates admire him.

Daiki: "Swimming lessons huh. I wonder if we're gonna see some girls in their swimsuits. This day is going to be a fun event."

It was decided that today's P.E. lessons would be in the school's swimming pool. Swimming pools means girls in swimsuits, that's just how it is.

As an adolescent boy in the middle of puberty, girls will always be in his mind.

Yamauchi: "Whew, man! I was looking forward to today so much that I barely slept last night!"

Ike: "Ah ha ha! This school is just the best! I can't believe that it's almost time for swimming! And when I say swimming, I mean girls. And when I say girls, I mean girls in school swimsuits!"

And it seems Daiki wasn't the only one who thinks the same.

Daiki heard that they're planning on making a voting poll on the girl's bust size and stuff. He would have wanted to join them too, but getting hated by the girls in class and be labeled as a pervert seems awful, so in the bed he stayed still.

He noticed Horikita coming in from the door as she passed by his desk.

Daiki: "Morning Horikita. You're alone as always huh."

Horikita: "Good Morning Aomine."

Daiki gave a greetings to her. He's always doing this so Horikita was used to it.

Daiki yawned and sprawled in his desk and closed his eyes to doze of for a few minutes. He's the very definition of a sloth. Getting rest anytime, anywhere.




After lunch had ended, it was time for the swim class.

Ike: "Yosha! It's the pool!"

Inside the boy's locker room the boys began to change.

Ike, Yamauchi, and the other boys are now focused on their own while discussing about the girl's breasts.

Everyone's eyes are on Daiki since he stood out even amongst the boys. While the others wrapped themselves with towels, he unabashedly removed his uniform with only the underwear.

Daiki stood there semi nude. His well built body from years of physical exercise were fully displayed like a piece of art. Especially his healthy tanned skin which made him really look like a full fledged athlete.

Ayanokouji: "Aomine, you're pretty bold. Aren't you nervous being around other people?"

Ayanokouji asked him. Though this wasn't their first time talking to each other for the past week so it wasn't that awkward.

Daiki: "Not really. Unless there's someone who 'swings that way', why would I? We're all dudes in here."

He could say that again. In these sorts of places, sneaky guys got mocked.

Then Daiki noticed Ayanokouji's body.

Daiki: "Ayanokouji, did you do sports in middle school? Looking at your muscles you must have trained lots."

Ayanokouji: "I guess my parents blessed me with good genes?"

Daiki: "No no no, come on who would believe that? Did your parents scientist injected you with a super soldier serum or something?"

Ayanokouji: "I only did Calligraphy, Piano, and Tea Ceremony back in middle school. I'm not Captain America!"

Daichi: "Haha. What kind of calligraphy, piano, and tea ceremony could build all that muscles? You're messing with me, aren't you?"

After a while Daiki orderly put his bag inside the locker. He didn't bother continuing the conversation and is going to the pool himself.

Daiki: "All right, I'm going on ahead. See ya later Ayanokouji."

Daiki whistled a tune of an anime song going out of the locker room.

Ayanokouji on the other hand were staring at his back hyper focused.

Ayanokouji: 'What kind of beast raised a human with that body. He's definitely a freak.'

Even in the white room, he didn't see anyone built a body like that in his entire life. Not even in the White Room itself...




Daiki: "Woah! Amazing... This school is really too rich. There's no moss and it's very clean in here."

Daikii recalled how their swimming pool in middle school was poorly maintained. That time to make up for his absences and tardiness, he had to clean a pool full of trash and moss that took him a whole day.

He who is usually bored, is now having an excited smile.

Kushida: "Hello Aomine-kun."

She was clad in her school-issued swimwear, which nicely showed off her voluptuous figure. Her breast, things, butt, her entire body looks very enticing for Daichi.

Daiki: "Kushida-san? Ah yeah, I guess."

He stuttered not because he was surprised by Kushida's body, but since he just don't know how to deal with her.

Kushida: "So you got my name this time! I'm so glad!"

Daiki: "Yeah."

Her angelic smile made Daiki's heart flutter a little bit, though it didn't show to his face.

Kushida is popular with men and women alike. Her outgoing personality made her very likable to most people. On the other hand Aomine is also a bit popular. Despite being mostly alone by himself, everyone knew that he was a celebrity in middle school.

The difference between them was Kushida is everyone's friend, and Daiki was everyone's admiration.

Kushida: "Wow you look very well built. Are you a really good swimmer Aomine-kun?"

Daiki: "I swam in rivers and lakes before. But I couldn't say I'm that good."

He recalled in the other world he had a mission. And he needed to swim underwater for long periods of time and immense pressure. He remembered teaming up with Aquaboy–fishman superhero, that time.

Swimming in the pool without pressure, waves, water current, free of enemies killing out for blood, and you can get oxygen to your lungs anytime seems like a child's play for him. As long as he had the slightest bit of Internal energy, he could even get Gold medals in the Olympics.

After a while students began to arrive in their swimsuits. Though most girls were in the second floor observation deck, decided not to participate.

Ike, Yamauchi, and their friends looked depressed after knowing that. Fortunately for them Kushida was here in her swimsuit. But they saw her being with Daiki, wich roused their jealousy.

Kushida: "Come on Aomine-kun, let's go to the pool."

Kushida invited him and looked very cute. She had upturned eyes that made it look very hard to reject.

Daiki: "No, I'll be fine here. You can go have fun with the others Kushida-san."

But Daiki without a second thought didn't comply.

Kushida: "Really? You seem to like being with yourself."

Daiki: "I'm not really good with socializing. If I'm not good with sports and blessed with an athletic body, I will just be another Otaku who liked spending his days being a loner."

And even in the other world as a superhero, the people he knew were only fellow superheroes. It was more accurate to say they were coworkers than friends.

Kushida: "That isn't true at all! I think you would be popular."

Despite his pessimism, Kushida seems to cheer for him.

Daiki: "Thanks for the compliment, but I'm really sorry Kushida-san."

Kushida looks a little disappointed, but she smiled like an innocent angel.

Kushida: "Is that so. Then feel free to join us anytime Aomine-kun."

She bid farewell as her figure goes away.

Daiki stealthily eyeing her butt and thighs. He felt satisfied with this alone. He could go back to the classroom and prepare for the next period.

He could feel the hostility from the other boys though. He was feeling pressured socially by them.

It's like the eyes of the civilians in the other world, who is scorning him for violating some sort of law. That painful memories of being imprisoned for a hundred year sentence was hell for him.

Daiki: "Ah, the weather sure is nice."

Horikita: "Why the pained expression?"

Daiki saw Horikita examining his face. He stared at her for long examining her looks. She was very beautiful wearing the school swimsuit. Her figure might not be as voluptuous as Kushida, but the slender build and aura made her more attractive in his opinion.

Daichi them recalled one of the manga character's monologue about boobs.

Daichi: 'I preferred bigger boobs, but... the important thing about boobs is not the size, it's the girl they were attached to...'

This time he was quite aroused and struggled himself to not show it in his face. He broke into cold sweat when he sensed his dick down there is reacting.

Daichi: "I'm in a pinch right now."

Horikita observed his body.

Horikita: "You're built really well. You're pretty hard. Also, you're slender. You have the ideal amount of muscle, without being too muscular."

Daichi's body were under the nurturing of Internal energy. His muscles are dense and concentrated to be pink muscles.

We know that bigger is better and all, it can be true to many things. But efficiency is the ultimate goal. Just the right size, but also top notched performance.

Daichi: "Thanks for the compliment, but don't stare too much. That's sexual harrasment right, Horikita?"

Horikita: "..."

Horikita was at loss for words after her own words were fired back at her. It's like when you play a shooting game, you throw a grenade to the enemy but they caught the grenade and throw it back exploding at your face.

Suddenly he could feel his sides getting pinched and a sudden jolt of pain came to him.

Daiki: "Ow! Ouch! What the hell, Horikita?"

Horikita: "I suddenly felt an indescribable emotion, and it lead me the desire to punish you."

Horikita's face turned angry like an ogre eating humans.

Daiki: "I'm just teasing you, jeez! Ouch! STOP IIIT!!!"

His voice echoed throughout the swimming pool making the people around gather their attention on them.

Suddenly the pain in his sides were gone.

Honestly that didn't actually hurt him at all because his pain tolerance is high. But he's a gentleman enough to grant her the satisfaction of revenge.

The people around looked over both of them what happened.

Horikita: "Stop making a ruckus."

Knowing that they gathered attention, Horikita scolded Daiki.

Daiki: "And who do you think fault that is?"

Horikita: "I don't know what you're talking about. You must be imagining things Aomine. You could use some help with a Psychiatrist screaming like you have seen some ghost."

Daiki: "Who are you calling crazy! You pinched me just now. Are you playing dumb?"

Horikita: "Evidence?"

Daiki: "Huh?"

Horikita: "What about the evidence? Did you decide I'm the culprit without evidence?"

Daiki: "Oi!"

Daiki wanted to say something to her, but decided to let it go. His lazy attitude got the better on him and chose not to pursue the matter.

Getting mad on something trivial like this seems tiring and waste of energy.

Kushida: "What are you two doing? That looks like fun."

Daiki: "Kushida? Why are you here?"

As if like a boyfriend who got found out with two-timing, Daiki muttered the line.

His guard raised up and he looked tense compared when he's alone with Horikita or alone by himself.

Kushida: "I just want to talk with Horikita-san. Are you a good swimmer, Horikita-san?"

Although Horikita gave a slightly puzzled look in response to Kushida's question, she quietly answered. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Horikita: "I wouldn't say I'm particularly good or bad at it."

Kushida: "I was really bad at swimming when I was in junior high. But I gave it my all and practiced really hard, and now I think I've gotten better."

Horikita: "I see."

Horikita gave a disinterested response and backed away slightly, clearly signaling that she didn't want to continue the conversation further.

Teacher: "All right, everyone, line up!"

A macho-looking middle-aged man, the kind of guy who apparently devoted himself to sports, gathered everyone together and started the class. He looked like a PE teacher, but also seemed like the kind of guy who was attractive to men and women alike.

Teacher: "There are sixteen of you, huh? I thought there would've been more, but this is all right."

The students who ditched the class were the ones in the second floor. Though it doesn't seem to upset him.

Teacher: "After you warm up, I want to see what you can really do. Swim for me."

???: "Excuse me, sir. I can't really swim, though..."

A lone boy sheepishly raised his hand and spoke up. From the looks of his body, he doesn't seem to be the athletic type.

Teacher: "Since you have me as your teacher, you'll be swimming by summertime. Don't worry about a thing."

???: "Well, we don't really need to force ourselves to swim, do we? It's not like we're going to the beach or anything."

Another student chimed in.

Teacher: "No way. I don't mind at all if you're bad at swimming now, but I'll make sure you guys are winners in the end. Besides, being able to swim will definitely come in handy later in life. Definitely."

Daiki: 'Another foreshadowing....'

Daiki once again picked that minute detail rather quickly. There must be something important happening this summer. And in summer means summer vacation.

Daiki: 'What could possibly happen? Is the school going to test our value even in our summer vacation?'

He shook of any unnecessary thoughts for now and focused on the present.

The students started warming up. Daiki didn't really needed it since he's always in peak condition anytime anywhere.

The teacher then asked students to swim for 50 meters. Students who could not swim were allowed to touch the bottom of the pool with their feet.

Ike: "He he he, that was an easy win for me. Did you all see my super swimming skills?"

He seems to be satisfied with himself, despite his performance being just like everyone else.

Teacher: "Well, it looks like everyone can swim, for the most part."

Ike: "Of course, sir. Back in junior high, people called me 'the flying fish,' you know."

Teacher: "I see. In that case, I'll have you start competing against each other. We'll separate groups by gender. Fifty-meter freestyle."

Ike: "C-compete?! Are you serious?"

When he heard that there was a reward, Daiki felt excited to compete. He's going to surprise everyone with his swimming skills learned through experience living in the Underwater Kingdom.

The skilled swimmers cheered with joy, while the less confident students groaned.

Teacher: "Because we don't have very many girls, I'll split you into two groups of five people, and the student with the fastest overall time will be the winner. As for the boys, I'll look at the top five finishing times and then move on to a final round."

Ike and the other boys are looking at the girls lined up on the platform. All the boys were in high morale seeing the girls in swimsuits including even Daiki. With the exemption of Hirata who avoided looking at them.

Ike: "Everyone, burn these images into your mind! Remember the fap material you see here today!"

Boys: """""""Yeah!""""""

First was the girl's competition.

Horikita was on the second lane and dominated the race. She took the lead at the beginning of the race and kept her distance from the others, maintaining her position at the front of the pack. She swam confidently, effortlessly covering the fifty meters.

???: "Wow! Awesome Horikita!"

Horikita slowly got out of the pool and went to the side, not even appearing out of breath.

To the boys, results were of secondary importance. Their eyes were glued to the girls' jiggling butts and breasts.

Daiki are staring at Horikita too. And her performance just made her look figure even more cool.

Daiki: "Are you confident Ayanokouji?"

Daiki chatted with his neighbor beside him.

Ayanokouji: "Oh, definitely. I just can't come in last."

Daiki: "What? You don't want to win?"

Ayanokouji: "As long as I won't have to attend supplementary classes, it's a win for me."

Daiki: "Come on, you gotta be more passionate than that."

Ayanokouji: "I don't like competing against people. I just like avoiding trouble, after all."

The second race began. The contest ended up being rather one-sided. A girl named Onodera, who had been on swim teams before, won by a mile. She finished with a time of about twenty-six seconds, netting her the win.

Kushida finished at about thirty-one seconds, which was a fairly good time, but only resulted in her getting fourth place.

Horikita came to the corner where Daiki and Ayanokouji are.

Aomine: "Good work Horikita. Looking good over there huh."

Ayanokouji: "You were so close. Second place, I mean. I guess that those guys on the swim team were really tough, huh?"

Horikita: "I don't mind whether I win or lose. Enough about me. Are you confident?"

Daiki: "Of course! Just watch me I'm gonna win that 5,000 points no problem. You too Ayanokouji."

Horikita: "I see."

Ayanokouji: "I'm looking forward to it."

Aomine and Ayanokouji were in lane 1 and 2 respectively.

Daiki reminded himself not to use the webbing technique as it would draw too much attention. Even without using Internal energy, the decades of swimming experience should be enough to dominate and win against highschool students.

When the race started the boys dove in.

Aomine finished the 50 meter race with incredible speed like a fish in the water.

Aomine: 'I gave my it my all without using Internal Energy...'

The teacher loom surprised and double checked his watch.

Teacher: "23.21 seconds!"

???: "Wow, you're amazing, Aomine-kun! You finished the race in 23 seconds!"

The boys were in awe by his performance. He was 3 seconds faster than Onodera in the swimming club.

Onodera: "Aomine, won't you consider joining the swim team? If you practice, you could probably win at competitions!"

Aomine: "Swimming is just for fun. And I already joined the basketball club."

He got up from the pool his well sculpted body made the girls squeal in 'Kya!' cheering up for him in high pitched voices.

Soon it was Hirata's batch turn. Girls of course cheered for Hirata.

Soon the teacher blew the whistle and the race started. Hirata dove into the pool with beautiful form. Every time Hirata's arms cut through the water, the girls cheered by the side of the pool. His form was effortlessly cool.

Ike: "Sensei, what was his time?"

Ike asked impatiently.

Teacher: "Hirata's time was... 26.13 seconds."

The girls cheered for him fawning over him. Despite a much weaker result, the difference between Hirata's and Aomine's cheers were large.

???: "Hey. Uh, why is Kouenji wearing a speedo?"

One random girl asked bashfully.

???: "Wh-what?"

Aomine: "He's just a narcissistic jerk."

Although the school allowed such tight swimwear, Kouenji was the only one in our class wearing it. The briefs drew attention to his crotch, and the girls all looked away.

However, in the third race, all eyes were on Kouenji. The stance he took at the starting line was just like an athlete's. His posture wasn't the only impressive thing, either. He looked to be in par with Aomine in physical shape.

Aomine: "Woah."

Aomine gave a surprised shout in response to Kouenji's unexpectedly aggressive swimming. Hirata also stared in apparent amazement. Kouenji splashed fiercely as he swam, but it didn't slow his incredible speed.

After checking the time, the teacher reflexively looked at his stopwatch twice.

Teacher: "23.22 seconds."

Kouenji: "My abdominal muscles, back muscles, and psoas major muscle seem to be in good shape, as usual. Not a bad performance. The next race I'll beat you, Blue-boy."

After getting out of the pool, he smirked and swept his hair up. He wasn't short of breath at all. It was as if he hadn't even swum in the first place.

He pointed at Aomine and issued a challenge to him.

Aomine: "Heh, I take back what I said Kouenji."

Right now Aomine got pumped up. He forgot the days when there is still somone strong enough to challenge him.

Aomine: "You're the best."

He showed an intense heat of his spirit to compete with this guy.

Even though it was a different sport, the essence of competition and challenging yourself made his heart race. He never met anyone who came close to beating him without using Internal Energy than this guy.

They lined up on the platform and got into their positions.

Aomine closed his eyes to focus on the upcoming match. Shadow covered his eyes like an indescribable force awakening within.




Aomine: 'I can't afford to lose.'

The surroundings changed and he found himself standing in front of a Gate.

The Zone.

In this state of extreme focus, all unnecessary thoughts disappear.

And the athlete becomes absorb in his game.

Only those who practiced and practiced earned the right to stand before the door.

It is the ultimate domain open only to the chosen.

And it only opens unpredictably.

However Aomine's senses mockingly force the door open on their own.




The people outside the pool the boys and girls alike glued their eyes in the race that was about to start.

They could sense the chill in the atmosphere brewing as I'd the storm is about to go down.

Aomine: "The only one who could beat me... Is me..."

His words rumbled like a thunder.

He slowly opened his eyes glowed blue electricity sparked out on his eyes metaphorically.

The look in his eyes completely changed his aura, like he became a different person.

Teacher: "On your marks!"

When the teacher whistled, they started the race.

Suddenly his body launched like a loose arrow from the diving platform.

Swimming techniques were as refined and efficient as a professional swimmer making his moves smooth and fluid.

Aomine's body propelled through the water like a launched torpedo piercing through the waters.

Horikita: "Aomine?"

Kushida: "Aomine-kun look so intense."

Ayanokouji: "He really hated to lose, didn't he?"

The students as if witnessing a spectacle stopped their breathing making them really tense.

Soon enough the gap was seen as Aomine took the lead away from Kouenji leaving him behind by several meters.

In the end Aomine won overwhelmingly. Kouenji next and Hirata followed behind them.

The teacher was shocked that he blinked multiple times at his stopwatch, rubbing his eyes, and pinching his cheeks as if he couldn't believe what he's seeing.

The students looked at the teacher with anticipation for the announcement of the time.

Teacher: ".....20.91 seconds!"

And that is the start of the rumors of a student in class 1-D tied with the World Record during swimming classes.




Ayanokouji who saw all that happened. The teacher was so flustered and was half a second late when he record the time.

If it was a recorded with a special devise, without a doubt Aomine would set a new world record.

Unfortunately this was only a school swimming class.

Ayanokouji: 'Could he possibly... No, it's impossible...'

Ayanokouji could sense it. Aomine didn't have the air of someone raised in a cruel environment like he did in the White Room. He's just like any other teenager with the exemption of his physical abilities.

In his computer-like brain, he calculated their gap in physical abilities and arrived in a conclusion including his potential.

Ayanokouji: 'If I'm Captain America. Then he would be Superman.'

Captain America at the end of the day was still Human. But Superman isn't a Human at all. That's the conclusion he got based on the data he observed.

Even the most genius masterpiece of the White Room who is the only survivor of the notorious 4th generation batch, acknowledged his inferiority on this guy.

(4K WORDS!!! I REALLY DID 4K WORDS IN ONE CHAPTER!!!... I think I need to plan on my chapters more in the future.😷🤕)

Art07103733 Art07103733

What do you think of the chapter? Please comment it will be helpful.XD

Zone is here.

There will be great benefits for his Internal Energy coming from here. We should thank Kouenji for lighting a fire on our MC.

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