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Chapter 18: Chapter 18

Fuyona and his team made their way across the land of water heading towards a ferry that would cross the sea to the land of hot water. Once there they would meet with the hidden stone forces and enter the land of Frost on the border to the land of Lightning. Intel showed that the hidden cloud unit that had stolen the scroll had been tracked to a small stronghold in the land of Frost.

It was believed the hidden cloud had been trying to steal secret jutsu from the other villages and now the Stone had made a deal with the Mist for an alliance.

Fu noticed that the others stayed quiet around him almost like they were a little wary of him. He had gotten used to it by now, his age and reputation tended to have this effect.

Suiren still smiled every time Fu looked at her and he made a mental note that he needed to stop. The other two paid him no notice unless it was about the mission, but Fuyona decided to keep to himself rather than try to force a conversation.

Once they docked in the land of hot water, Fu gave the order to follow in formation; they set off jumping through the tree at a reasonable speed.

After a while, the four of them jumped to the ground in a small clearing.

Fu took a good look around.

"Stay alert. The cloud ninja aren't far."

Suiren stepped forwards with a confident look in her eyes.

"Not to worry, we will have help from the Stone from here on out."

"That may be so but still..." Ganryū said not entirely convinced.

"If this mission is a success, then it will show true solidarity between the Stone and Mist." She turned on her heels, her hair blowing in the gentle breeze of the night.

"And that way, we will get just a little closer to peace." She said with a smile.

Junsai smiled and crossed his arms while Ganryū nodded his head, also smiling. Fu was impressed, to say the least. Come to think of it he had never heard anyone speak of peace in such a way. Especially anyone from the blood mist.

She looked into Fuyonas eyes and smiled.

"That's my wish. And I hope with all my heart that it will come true one day."

Fu could feel the blood rushing to his cheeks and quickly pushed passed the others, so he was at the front his back turned to them.

"All right then..." He said, clearing his throat. "Let's rendezvous with the Stone."

With that said, he made a move and the others followed. As they approached the meeting location with the Stone, they were met by two hidden stone shinobi, who wore the standard red Iwagakure uniform complete with a red hidden stone headband.

"Looks like you guys found us alright." One of them said with his arms crossed.

"Follow us." The other said, waving his hand.

Fu nodded and looked at the others to follow him. They followed the Iwa ninja, who led them to the rest of their group.

"Captain the unit from the mist has arrived." One of them said jesting towards Fu and his team. The captain of the Iwa ninja was a large man who also wore the standard Iwa uniform. However, he had two short sleeves one on each arm and a pair of brown fingerless gloves on. His hair was short and messy, and he had a medium length scruffy beard.

"It's about time." He said, looking to Fu and his team.

"Which one of you is the leader?" He asked, looking at Ganryū. Fu cleared his throat.

"That would be me." He said, looking up at the large Iwa ninja. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Fu had already scouted out the entire area and counted eleven Iwa shinobi, all of which looked to be jounin level. Fu and Ganryū were the only jounin on his squad with the other two only being chunin.

"So you are the leader then eh?" The large man said, looking at Fu for only a second before shrugging it off.

"My name is Ubukata Shunko. I will be leading this operation, any problems with that?" He said, trying to assert his authority right from the start.

Fu could tell Ganryū and the others were watching him to see how he reacted, so Fu decided that a small show of force was in order.

"I will be leading my own unit Ubukata. If you don't mind." He said, letting his aura spread, the air becoming colder around them. Ubukata staired into Fuyonas eyes and wasn't sure he liked what he saw.

"Very well, it's your call." He said, turning on his heels going to attend to other matters. Fu smiled and let his chakra settle as he turned to his squad.

"I won't let anything happen to you." He said with deadly confidence before smiling at them. They were called over to hear the plan that Ubukata had come up with for the mission, so they gathered around while he explained.

"Intel showed that a squad of ten cloud shinobi are camped out at these coordinates. They have been travelling non-stop, our scouts say that they have made camp for the night. Now is the perfect chance to strike. Fu." He said, looking at his unit.

"You and your squad will take out the four guards who are on watch, once you have taken them my men and I will launch a silent assault taking the rest out and retrieving the scrolls."

Fu nodded in agreement but didn't like the part about the Stone getting the mists scroll. He didn't entirely trust them enough for that, but would decide to play along for now.

"Alright then men, time to move out." He said with a wave of his hand. Everyone stood up, ready for the mission at hand following Ubukata to the mission start point.

They arrived hiding in the trees scoping the area out where they could see the hidden cloud forces camped out in an old stable with half of its roof missing.

Just like Ubukata had said there were four sentries keeping watch while the others rested inside the stable. Fu looked over to Ubukata and he gave him the signal to begin.

Fu looked to his team and pointed two of his fingers, giving them the signal to move. They each nodded and headed for their intended target, moving silently in the shadows.

Ganryū drew his broad sword and jumped high into the air piercing the hidden cloud shinobi through his entire body, killing him in an instant.

Suiren was quicker than Fu expected and dashed behind her targets back slitting his throat, leaving not even a sound.

Junsai took his target in a sleeper hold and broke their neck, placing the body on the ground softly taking a crouching position behind the wall. The Iwa ninja were moving in now ready to sweep their remaining forces in one.

There was only one sentry left now, out of nowhere, he decided to turn around yawning of all things. To his terror, he spotted enemy forces moving out of the shadows upon him and his teammates like demons in the night. The cloud ninja was about to let out a yell to sound the alarm. But nothing came out of his mouth; instead, he looked down and noticed blood flowing freely from his neck before he fell to the ground dead. Fu had slit his throat with excellent speed surprising everyone who witnessed it. Now all that was left was to finish the other units off.

"I have to find the scroll before the Stone ninja." Fu thought to himself as he peeked inside the window of the stable.

He could see six sleeping figures and made the hand signals to Ubukata, letting him know. He nodded and gave the order, his men quickly rushing in stabbing each of the cloud shinobi who were sleeping. It was a slaughter, none of them stood a chance at such a well-organized ambush.

"Over here captain!" one of the Iwa ninja shouted as he pulled a scroll from one of the bodies.

Fu noticed it wasn't the scroll for the Mist and he started looking around himself before he saw a bag hidden under some straw. He pulled the bag out, and inside was the mist scroll along with other equipment. Fu slipped the scroll into his weapons holder around his hip and nodded to the others.

"I've recovered the scroll." He said with a small smile. Ubukata nodded and gave the word.

"Mission complete men, return to camp." He said, leading his men back to where they had made camp.

The camp was located on a large cliff face overlooking a river and hidden by a good tree line. It was the perfect place to make a camp.

Once everyone arrived back, Ubukata gathered everyone around and gave praise at how smoothly the mission had gone. He walked over to Fuyona and extended his hand to shake it.

"Here is to the alliance between the Stone and the Mist." He said a smile on his face. Fu looked to his teammates and then back to Ubukata.

"To our alliance." He said, taking his hand and shaking it.

To Suirens horror Ubukata suddenly lashed out slashing Fuyona across the throat with a kunai. Suiren screamed and Ganryū and Junsai suddenly jumped back on the defensive.

Fuyonas body fell to the ground limply, but to Ubukata's and his men's surprise, his body turned to ice.

"A clone?!" Ubukata shouted, confused.

"But when?"

Suiren was also surprised and was suddenly pulled to safety by Ganryū

"Watch out its gonna blow!" He said as he grabbed her, pulling her behind a large rock for cover.

The ice clone exploded sending razor-sharp icicles scattering in every direction taking out a small few who had not been expecting it. Ubukata had managed to avoid the counter-attack as he flipped backward into the air, deflecting the ice spikes with a kunai. As he landed, he signalled for his men to attack.

"Leave none of them alive!"

The Iwa ninja charged, trying to use their numbers to overwhelm Fu's squad. Ganryū drew his sword and charged in prepared for battle.

"Stay back Suiren!" He shouted as he clashed with one of the Iwa ninjas.

Junsai also charged in exchanging in a taijutsu match with one of the Iwa men, his skills not enough to hold for long as he was pushed back. Suddenly another stone ninja jumped in attacking him from his blindside. He blocked the punch and slipped another, but a roundhouse landed to his leg from the left and then another hit him to the body from the right, sending him crashing to the ground hard.

One of the Iwa was about to finish him and the other two charged at Suiren drawing kunai ready for the kill. She pulled her own out, but things weren't looking good.

Suddenly the two men that were charging towards Suirne were riddled by holes and they fell to the floor dead.

Fu arrived in a flash, stopping the finishing blow that was intended for Junsai by grabbing the stone ninjas wrist. The Iwa ninja was taken back but tried to counter-attack with his free hand; Fu caught his punch crossing his arms over one another pulling the stone ninja off balance. Fu quickly twisted his hips, pulling the stone ninjas crossed arms over his shoulder, tossing him over his shoulder, crashing into the ground with serious force.

The Iwa ninja was crippled lying on the floor, helpless. Fu looked down at him and sparing no mercy crushed his skull beneath his foot.

Ganryū noticed what had happened and pushed his opponent away quickly retreating back to Fu's side.

"Nice of you to join us, captain." He said. Fu smiled.

"I had a bad feeling about these guys from the start."

Ubukata was outraged at the loss of five of his men in an instant. Reaching out, he extended his arm to Fu.

"Give us the scroll, and I will let your teammates live." He said clearly, enraged.

Fu spat on the ground. "Why betray us?"

It was silent for a moment before Ubukata spoke.

"Orders from above, you know the drill." He said bluntly.

"I thought the stone wanted an alliance with the mist?!" Suiren shouted, clearly upset.

"This was our chance at creating peace between our nations, why would you do this?"

"The stone cant be trusted Suirne!" Ganryū shouted as he tightened his grip around his swords handle. Suiren shuck her head.

"No... I know that one day we will achieve peace."

"Be quiet little girl!" Ubukata shouted as he made his hand signs exceptionally quick.

"Earth style landslide jutsu!" He shouted as he slammed his hands onto the ground. The edge of the cliff that Suiren was stood on started shaking and collapsed as the earth beneath it gave way.

"Suiren!" Ganryū shouted, reaching a hand for her but to no avail.

Suiren screamed as she started falling, knowing that she wouldn't survive the fall. Fu quickly darted through the air catching her.

"Hold on to me!" He shouted as he made a few quick hand signs.

An ice mirror formed in the air where they were falling and the next thing Suiren knew they were back on the cliff she had just fallen from as they slipped out of a second mirror.

"What in the... Attack men!" Ubukata shouted pissed that his plan had failed.

Fu placed Suiren down and turned to face the enemy.

"Take care of Junsai!" He said as he moved so fast it looked like he disappeared.

Ganryū exchanged blows with two of the Iwa ninja and sliced one of them down the chest, landing a massive blow. The other one was able to land a punch to his face stunning him and went for the killing blow slashing at his throat.

Ganryū managed to dodge the attack at the last moment, and the two of them clashed in a flurry of blades. Fu charged at three of the Iwa forces that stood between him and Ubukata, each of them had their kunai drawn, two of them trying to flank Fu on either side.

"I don't have time for this!" Fu shouted as he extended his arms, bones springing out of his body impaling two of the Iwa ninja, killing them on the spot.

The last one was so scared of Fu that he almost fell to the ground from his legs shaking. Fu had allowed his bones to grow all over and sprouted two horns on his head for effect. His chakra turned the air around him cold; his form becoming demonic.

"I-I...It's him!" The Iwa ninja shouted. He quickly scrambled and started to run away, but before he could even reach the tree line, Ubukata smashed him into the ground killing him in one blow.

He stood slowly and looked to Fuyona.

"So you are the Ice devil of the blood mist... I'm surprised I didn't recognize you earlier. After all, your picture is in the bingo book." He said, cracking his knuckles.

"To think your just a brat. If I take you down, my name will become legendary!"

Fu looked over to Ganryū who had just finished off the last Iwa ninja leaving just Ubukata. Fu turned his head slightly to look at Suiren; the look on her face was what he expected.

"Time to finish the lot of you!" Ubukata shouted as he hit the ground with both of his hands.

"Earth style, massive shockwave jutsu!" He shouted as the earth all around them crumbled as if a massive earthquake had just hit it.

Suiren was knocked flying along with Junsai, but there was nothing Fu could do to help them as vast chunks of rocks were flying at him from all over and it took all his focus to avoid them.

Ganryū appeared behind Ubukata his sword raised for an attack, Ubukata was able to avoid the blow at the last second and stepped on the back of Ganryū's blade snapping it in two. Quickly he spun around slamming a spinning back kick into Ganryū ribs knocking him back.

Ubukata sidestepped, closing the distance rapidly, smashed his fist into Ganryū's liver knocking the wind out of him, dropping him to his knees.

"Eat this!" He shouted as he jumped back making hand signs. The rocks around Ganryū suddenly smashing into his body from all side doing massive damage.

Fu had recovered and quickly pressed the attack to Ubukata spinning and flipping using his body as a weapon. Ubukata jumped backwards trying to use the same jutsu that he had just used on Ganryū, but Fu was to fast.

Quickly using wind style enhanced chakra on his feet, he was able to increase his speed darting out of the way. Forming hand signs, he let loose a water style hitting Ubukata and slamming him against a rock leaving him a winded.

"Why you whelp!" He shouted.

Fu swiped his hand firing his bone fingertips towards the ground, he had enhanced them with lightning style chakra, and when they hit the water, Ubukata was electrocuted, letting out a scream of pain before he fell to his knees smoke rasing off his body.

Fu walked over to him and cupped his chin in his hands.

"You will take this message back to your superiors for me. Tell them that the Mist rejects the stones alliance." He let go of his chin, dropping him to the floor and took the other scroll from his pocket, placing it in his own.

Fu knocked Ubukata out with a quick chop to the neck and allowed his bones to retract into his skin. Walking over to Ganryū who was pretty badly hurt, he helped him up carrying him over to the others who were also in bad shape.

"Are you alright, Suiren? Fu asked as he put Ganryū down next to Junsai, who was also unconscious.

She nodded rather quickly and then looked at the floor, feeling a little awkward. Fu was used to it as his abilities often endured this effect.

"You saved me... You saved us." She said softly looking back up at Fuyona. He looked into her eyes and smiled.

"I have already seen too many of my comrades die. If I can help it, I would see them live."

Suiren stared at him, mesmerized by his words. Fu stood up looking at the damaged terrain.

"We should get out of here as soon as we can, more enemies could show up at any time." He said, checking the area out.

Suiren snapped out of her trance and nodded.

"Y-Yes captain your right."

After a little while, Jansai woke up and he along with Fu, was able to carry Ganryū back to the dock where their ship was. As they sailed across the misty sea, Junsai asked Suiren what had happened after he had been knocked out.

Suiren told him the details of how Fuyona saved them and killed the enemy Iwa shinobi. Junsai was impressed, to say the least.

"Well I guess now I know why they call him that."

Once they arrived back to the land of water Ganryū had woken up but still needed help, Fu and Junsai got him to the hospital once arriving back at the village, while Fu and the others reported to the Mizukages office.

Once inside, Fuyona handed over the scroll and reported the details of the mission to Yagura. He was clearly angry at the betrayal of the hidden Stone but then waved it off as Fu's team had suffered no loses.

"i knew I could count on you Fuyona." He said, placing his hands on his desk.

"Leave this matter to me. I'm sure the Tsuchikage won't be pleased at the news of his men being killed so easily. That old fool." He said with a sigh.

"You are dismissed. Fu, you are to report to me tomorrow, As for you two you are dismissed, report to your unit commander."

They all bowed and left the Mizukages office together.

Once outside Fu decided it was time to bid the others farewell. Suiren stepped up to him, grabbing his hand in hers, taking him by surprise.

"Please, captain Yuki. I want you to have this." She said as she placed her green bangle around his wrist.

"Please accept this gift for saving our lives." She said as she kissed him on the cheek.

This time Fu's cheeks went red for sure and he wasn't able to hide it.

Suiren walked away with a smile on her face and waved goodbye, Junsai bowed his head in respect and also bid him farewell following after her.

Fu placed his hand on his cheek and then watched as the two of them walked off into the village, disappearing into the ever-present Mist for which it was named.

Fu suddenly felt a heavy presence from behind him and turned to face the person responsible. It was Zabuza. Fu couldn't remember the last time he had seen him. He looked very similar to how he looked in the anime just younger.

"Well, well. If it isn't the ice devil of the Mist himself." Zabuza said almost like he was teasing him.

Fu gave a small laugh.

"It's been a while Zabuza. The demon of the Mist." Fu said, looking into his eyes.

"I heard you had a scuffle with the hidden leaf Zabuza. Apparently, that's what everyone is calling you now."

Zabuza scoffed but smiled, exposing his razor-sharp teeth. "Is that so?" He said his hands in his pockets.

With a burst of speed, Zabuza had lanuched forwards his fist just skimming past Fuyona's nose as he was able to lean his head back just in the nick of time.

Zabuza spun around, allowing the weight of his punch to spin his body, throwing a spinning heel kick at Fu's head.

"What are you doing!" Fu shouted as he ducked under the kick.

Zabuza smiled, spinning once more this time dropping to his knee as his leg attempted to swipe Fuyona's feet from under him.

Fu jumped back into a handspring flipping to his feet, his guard up ready for another attack.

But Zabuza simply rose to his feet, slowly placing his hands in his pockets.

"Don't go getting soft on me now, Yuki." He said as he vanished into the Mist, leaving Fuyona alone.

"What the hell was that about?" Fu said as he let his arms drop, relaxing his guard, only a little.

He turned around and started walking back to his house, pulling out the scroll he had taken off of Ubukata's body as he did.

Opening it up and reading it Fu could see that it was a scroll containing information on sealing jutsu also known as Fūinjutsu. Scanning it, he noticed it had information about secret sealing techniques from the hidden stone village.

"Well, this could certainly come in handy." He said as he resealed the scroll and made his way back home.

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