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100% Of Instincts and Bonds / Chapter 2: 2 Tang Ying Yue

Of Instincts and Bonds Chapter 2 - 2 Tang Ying Yue

Chapter 2: 2 Tang Ying Yue

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Tang Ming Liang practiced foundational martial art steps their father taught them as Ling Hui corrected his brother's posture from the sidelines. Before their father died he taught his children this martial art stances so they can have a firm foundation when they grow up and join a martial art sect.

Martial art sect are schools that teach martial art cultivators to master their martial qi and techniques to apply them in battles.

Tang Ying Yue's POV

Tang Ying yue sits at the side while watching her brother's practicing, the martial art stances they are practicing are not suitable for females because its very aggressive and can harm them.

She laughed softly when she saw Ling Hui tapped Ming Liang with a rod when he tried to slack off.

"Xiao yue" I turn has someone called my name and saw Aunt Mei at the gate.

I smiled and got up to greet her, "Xiao yue I brought some eggs for you children," said Aunt Mei has she pat my head, I smiled and nod thanks as Ling Hui appears telling Ming Liang to hold his stance as he came over to greet Aunt Mei.

"Aunt Mei, you don't have to do that, keep it for Xiao Bai," said Ling Hui as he refuses the basket of eggs. "I want to eat eggs" I thought to myself and pouts then shakes my head, "no big brother is right". Aunt Mei laughed and poke my forehead "that girl why you shaking your head" she pushes the basket into my hand and said to big brother "take it has payment for teaching my xiao Bai to recognize words" I looked at big brother has he smiles and thanks Aunt Mei.

I turn to Aunt Mei and nod thanks, Aunt Mei pats my head again and left, I turn to big brother and saw him return to teach Ming Liang who is now stiff from holding the same stance for too long.

I brought the eggs to the kitchen storage as I think about what Aunt Mei said.

Dad used to be the village tutor, after he died the village haven't found a tutor so big brother volunteered to teach the children three days in a week while they look for another teacher. I sighed as I look at big brother if they find a tutor we will be asked to move out of the house because the house is meant for the village tutor. Big brother made a deal with the village chief to give him time till the Martial Sect Selections that will happen in two months time and while waiting for the selection big brother will teach the village children for free.

The Martial sect Selections occurs once every seven years and are opened for people around seven to fifteen years old. Big brother will be thirteen years old this year and Ming Liang and I are 8 years old, sighed softly and put away the eggs "I hope big brother, xiao ming and I can enter a Martial Sect."

I took a bucket and out to fetch water from the well, "Big brother and Xiao Ming will stop practicing soon, I will bring them water" the village well is located in the middle of the village. As I walk towards the well the villagers look at me, whispered to themselves and moves away. I smiled politely at them as I retrieved water from the well then poured water into my bucket and head back home.

Unknown POV

I watched from the window as the villagers go on about their business, "Quaint little village isn't it, not too shabby village chief Zhao," the village chief bowed slightly at the young man's words. He glanced up and saw the young dressed in silver with blue embroidered patterns, he can't clearly see the face because it's under a hood with a high collared overcoat.

"The young Lord over praises, it is but a simple village," the village chief felt a chill on his body and he peek at the youth, he was clearly looking out the window but the village chief felt that he was scrutinized deeply. He gulped and bowed his head a bit lower, after what felt like hours was but in fact was seconds the village chief felt the gaze left his body and wipes his sweat, "Report" said the youth, the village chief bowed and report the current happenings on Skyfall mountain. The youth listened as he looked out the window, he sensed a change in the air looked towards the village well. The villagers whispered to themselves and moved away from the well, he saw a pale and skinny little girl with a big bucket fetching water from the well then leaving all the while smiling politely at the villagers. He watched her until she went out of sight then said to the village chief "That is all for now", the village chief bowed and left.

"Prepare to move out, we will investigate the disturbance on Skyfall mountain" said the youth, "yes my Lord" the voice came from a young man dressed in black with a tangdao strapped on his back, he bowed to the youth and walked out. The youth looked out the window towards the mountains with narrowed eyes.

Tang Ying Yue POV

I brought the bucket water to kitchen then scooped out a bowl of water and walked over big brother, big brother and Xiao Ming are resting after practice. "Thank you xiao yue" big brother pats my head as he drank the water, "xiao yuuuue" whines Ming Liang "where's my water?" he pouts while giving me a puppy eyed look, I blinked at him innocently. Big brother scoffed and slapped Xiao Ming's head, "fetch your own water don't order xiao yue around" I giggled and ran back to the kitchen to fetch another bowl of water, passing the water to Xiao Ming. "Xiao Yue is the best" xiao Ming smiled and pats my head, I slapped his hand away and narrowed my eyes at him while big brother laughed at us..

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