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Chapter 19: Butterfly's Return 6:His Lover's Husband

Yunjae woke up with nausea assailing her, and she rolled off the bed with a groan. Her hands feeling cold and clammy, she opened her eyes, only to stop.

Jinho loomed over her with a worried expression. "Are you okay?" he asked as he helped her up.

"Y-yeah…" she answered as he left her side to get her a glass of water.

She drank, conscious of the pair of eyes watching her.

"Jae…" Jinho called, and she turned to him with a questioning look. "I will not bother you anymore," he stated softly and her eyes widened in shock. Before she protested, however, Jinho placed a finger against her lips.

"Don't worry about your job. You can still keep it," he assured her. "I was thinking of going on an extended business trip. We have a branch in Japan anyway, so I can go there."

"But…" Jae started. She felt like crying again, and she could see that Jinho was the same. But somehow, she couldn't ask him why. She had no right.

With a defeated look, she let herself be guided towards the bathroom where she started taking a shower alone.

Was this goodbye? Was this how Jinho would end her punishment?

Her nausea returning with a vengeance, Yunjae started sobbing again. No, she didn't want this to end. Even when she was being punished, she bore with it not just because of her sin. She endured because it was the only way she could be with Jinho again.

Now that things seemed to improve between them, she couldn't bear to lose him a second time. Even after two years, the once magnificent butterfly, no matter how broken it had become still owned her heart.

A sharp pain sliced through her body and she cried as she dropped the soap. Her eyes widening, she watched as the wet tiles stained with blood. "Oh…" she whispered as she realized the pool of red warmth was coming from her and she screamed.


Jinho stood inside the hospital room feeling stiff as ice. The clock ticked audibly from the far side of the wall, and he watched each second as it passed by. His hands balled into fists on his side, he waited in tensed silence for Yunjae's husband to arrive.

Half an hour ago, when he heard his lover scream, he rushed towards the bathroom and found her there in a pool of blood, her face devoid of any color. Without thinking, he wrapped her up in a towel and brought her here.

In those thirty minutes, as he watched the doctors fuss over her, Jinho feared the worst. He also blamed himself, thinking that the pressure he'd put on his lover was the reason she got sick. It was his fault, and he prayed that whatever Jae's condition was, it wasn't grave.

And his prayers were answered. Well, somewhat.

What she had wasn't something life-threatening, though it would make their lives more complicated than they already were.

"Are you her husband?" the doctor asked him earlier, and Jinho didn't think. He just nodded. It was the only way he'd know her condition, and he did.

"Your wife's three weeks pregnant. She's a little malnourished and stressed out so she should stay here for a few days if you want to keep the baby," the doctor said and Jinho was beyond shocked.

Pregnant! Yunjae's pregnant and he was sure – he had a feeling that the baby was his.

This was the reason why he was still here now in this hospital room with the unconscious Jae, in spite knowing that his lover's husband would be here in a while.

Swallowing hard, Jinho recalled the man's face. With his anger, he refused to know his name so he didn't bother checking Yunjae's resume. This time, however, he had no choice but to know, and so he called the office and asked Jae's emergency contact person: Jin Yihan.

Soon, the door opened, and the man Jinho didn't want to know stepped in.

"Jae," the man called and Jinho's jaw clenched hearing the nickname. "Oh," the man said upon seeing him but continued to approach the bed to look at his sleeping wife.

Jinho watched quietly as the man inspected Yunjae, and was somewhat thankful that the other didn't lay a finger on his lover. Husband or not, he didn't want to see her being touched by anyone else.

"What's wrong with her?" Yihan asked.

Jinho studied the other guy, challenging him with his stare. "She's pregnant," he stated matter-of-factly and watched as Yihan's brow rose, his eyes blinking several times as he absorbed the news.

"Y-you're…the father, I take it?" Jae's husband asked him suddenly which threw Jinho off course.

He had been trying hard to find a way to tell the man that he was the father of her baby, thinking that it would be difficult given the circumstance, but then Yihan surprised him by opening the topic himself.

"Yes…Yes, I am," Jinho answered cautiously and got confused when the man just calmly nodded as if it was nothing. "Aren't you…angry?" he asked curiously.

"Well, if you're here it means you're taking responsibility right?" Yihan asked back casually which confused the executive more.

"Yes," he answered. Of course.

"Good," Yihan stated with another nod. "I would hate it if my sister was left alone again," he continued and Jinho's world stood still.

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"J-Jae is your…what?" he asked in a small voice.

Jin Yihan thought his question strange, but he answered him anyway. "Sister. I'm her older brother, the one who went with our dad when our parents divorced…"

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