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88.7% Oikawa Tooru • Under Lights Series / Chapter 55: Page 24

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Chapter 55: Page 24

Mei comes out of her room the moment you begin to tackle Oikawa down to fight with his last two brain cells.

"Oh? Tooru!" Mei's voice is so happy and cheerful when she sees that you two have made up, and she comes to grab both of your ears and give a big smile. "Now, now, since you two made up, let's not fight, okay? It won't be pretty if I get mad on New Year's day, would it?"

"Yes, Ma'am!" You and Oikawa reply instantly, look at the creepy smile on your sister's face. You give a pout and you're about to walk away when a tall figure steps out of Mei's room.


Three things happen at once:

One, Sugawara Koushi steps out of Mei's bedroom, hair all ruffled and looking half-asleep.

Two, you and Oikawa scream out a loud 'HUH?!?!?!?!' in unison.

And finally, Mei's eyes go wide, clutching a handful of her hair in annoyance as she marches up to Sugawara and screeches. "KOUSHI, YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!" before she pulls the confused setter into her room and closes the door, horrified.

You and Oikawa exchange a look.

"Well, it looks like Mei-chan got some action, unlike you, Masumi-chan."

"Oh my god, shut the heck up, you little Simpkawa!"

"A new name again? You're amazing, Masumi-chan!" He chuckles. "You should go brush your teeth and take a shower since you reek!~"

"I hate you so much…" You sigh loudly and head to your room to get dressed for the day. When you return, Oikawa has actually set up the table, and you had to admit that, despite him being really annoying, he really was radiating a lot of that 'boyfriend energy' that Mei always gushes about. There's a tall glass of juice and warm bagels waiting for you, and you actually find yourself smiling a little when you take a bite out of your food.

"So? Did I manage to win your heart with that? I'd be such an amazing husband, wouldn't I?~" Oikawa sings to himself, looking smug and enjoying his own food as well.

"Yeah, you really would.��

The bagel in Oikawa's hand - which had on bite taken out of it - falls onto the plate, and you look up to see the setter looking at you with wide eyes. "W-what?"

After staring at you in awe for a bit, Oikawa shakes his head, picking up his bagel and resembling the contents that had split out from it when he dropped it onto his plate. "It's just… I'm still not used to you giving in so easily and admiring things like that. Gah!~" He screeches, pinching his arm. "It's not a dream!!!"

"You're such a baby, Oikawa-san."

"Mei-chan calls me Tooru, why can't you do the same?" Oikawa cries. "And all the girls cheering for me when I play call me Oikawa-senpai, why can't you call me Senpai and blow me kisses and go all 'kyaAaaaaAh!' whenever I give a wink?"

There is silence when the two of you stare at each other, you glaring at him while Oikawa looks proud of what he said.

"Because you're a simp and girl just as simpy as you fangirl over you and you actually have the stupid audacity to respond."

"Ah, I get it now, Masumi-chan! You're jealous!~"

"Am not!!!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!!"

"You are!"


"SHUT UP, YOU TWO!" Mei screeches from inside her room, making the two of you obey instantly.

"Mei-chan is kinda like… Iwa-chan… Isn't it?"

"She really is…" You admit. "That makes me wonder. Oikawa-san, why do you always call Iwaizumi-senpai as Iwa-chan, and not use his first name, Hajime?"

"You… YOU CAN USE SENPAI FOR IWA-CHAN, BUT NOT ME?!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


"YOU TWO!" Mei comes out of her room, and the two of you stuff the remnants of the bagel and take cover for the upcoming fight fest.


"Ah!!! I have so much unpacking and other work to do after I go home, but thanks to Mei-chan, I had to waste so much energy first thing in the morning!"

After the two of you had said bye to Mei and Suga - suspicious yet you said nothing because your sister spared killing you two if you stayed mum and let her explain later - you were heading off to Oikawa's place. He keeps on looking at you with a smug look on his face, and you were sure it was because you had offered to hold onto one of his bags.

You two had passed by Eiko's, the notorious one giving a big wave to Oikawa while insulting him in the same sentence.

During the bus ride, Oikawa holds onto your hand and you let him, and he over-exaggerates this fact as well, gushing about how cute you were and that you'd look even better if you would call him Senpai and said you were embarrassed.

What is this, a shoujo manga?

A few minutes of walking after the bus ride leads you two to a big house, and the family name 'Oikawa' engraved into the wooden pillar makes you get a bit of chill.

"I can't believe I'm going to meet your parents again…" You find yourself saying.

"Are you nervous?"

"Not as nervous as the first day." You admit, looking up at him. "But very much nervous about your Mom. It seems like she isn't fond of me."

"If she wasn't, she wouldn't keep asking me about you each time she calls."

"She does?"

"No, I made that up. But let's go!~"

You kick him in the back with the help of his duffel bag, which makes him yelp and takes a few steps ahead of you while showing a peace sign. So annoying, seriously!

"We're home!~" Oikawa's sing-song voice is not responded to, and the two of you walk inside the house. The setter sees a note on the fridge, then glances at you, waving the note in his hand. "They're out on shrine visits too, they'll be back later tonight, it seems."


"Are you okay, Masumi-chan?"

You give him a nod, when he holds a hand out to you, you take it instantly, which (of course) Oikawa over-exaggerates over again. "One more of that kinda hit, and I'll be a fool for you, Masumi-chan!"

"You're already Foolkawa, so…"

"You're stingy, Masumi-chan!" Despite the pout he has on his face, his grip on your hand tightens, and he pulls you along with him upstairs. "Since we're all alone in the house, we gotta make good use of it, what do you say?" He says, winking as soon as he enters the room.

"Shut up." You say, following him into the room."


A bit minimalistic, Oikawa's room.

There are a couple of volleyball posters, a mini tv, and a large computer system at the side, and the bed looks extra fluffy with a satin duvet over it. The urge to jump on it was real. There also is a study desk and you notice the warm light inside the room just then. It really felt like a boy's room, much more so than Oikawa's place back at the apartment in your building.

Oikawa looks at you with a pleased expression on his face when he sees you looking around, and he points to the bed, asking you to go take a seat. "Do you mind if I unpack now?"

"Not at all."

Oikawa goes outside the room, bringing box after box inside the room and pilling them by the wardrobe. There must have been at least 12 boxes, and when he starts to unpack, you notice that most of them are clothes.

"I can feel your stare, Masumi-chan~"

"I'm not staring! I'm playing on my phone! Look here, I'm calling Mei!" You say feeling flustered and dialing your sister as fast as you could.

"Okay, okay~" He laughs in response.

Mei picks up the call after a couple of rings.

"I hope we didn't ruin your breakfast, Masumi. Are you with Tooru right now?"

"I'm right here, Mei-chan! Tell your sister to call me Tooru as you do!" He wails to the phone while he hangs his clothes in the closet.

"Sorry, Tooru. You'll have to try harder lol my sis is a meathead."


"Can you two not join forces?" You whine. "And what were you doing with Suga-san, Mei?!"

"I swear it wasn't what it looked like! We were out for shrine visits, and Koushi missed the bus by just a single minute, and he had nowhere to go! So I brought him home. No funny business, I swear! Koushi is a gentleman!" She coos in a dreamy voice. You exchange a grin with Oikawa, who smiles back at you.

"Look at the way Mei-chan keeps calling Mr. Refreshing by his first name. Why must I be dating the one that refuses to call me by my given name?"

After more bantering amongst the two of you, you hang up the call and watch as Oikawa finishes all of his unpacking in quite a short while. He lets out a little sigh before taking a good look at his room once, then proceeds to sit beside you on the bed.

"Masumi-chan, you should be feeling good, you're the first girl ever in this room!~"

"What- Really?" This comes to you as a surprise, because he was so famous and had so many girls flocking him around. He even did admit to dating a lot of girls too, so…

"I guess no one liked me for who I am, so none of them lasted for long." He says as if he had read your mind. "You still love me even though I can be quite annoying.

"So you 'do' realize how annoying you are."

"Of course!~"

It's a simple banter like that, one that actually makes the two of you smile. Oikawa's duvet is so soft, just like his chocolate brown eyes are, as he looks at you with such a fond expression on his face. It's the first time you ever felt like the timing was just right, so you move a little closer to him, leaning to give him a kiss.

The sound of the duvet rumbling a little makes you open your eyes as your face hits the bed, and Oikawa has dodged you and is wheezing as you look up at him with a mixture of anger and embarrassment.

"You should have seen your face, Masumi-chan!" That was priceless, you looked like a 'simp' !"

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