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126 - Old Ultimates Series - Chapter 126 by UltimateOsaid full book limited free

Chapter 126: 126

Draco sent out a punch towards Folly, but Folly punched him as well, their fists clashed into one another causing a small wave of air to rush out from the collision.

"Heh, looks like you've been training since we last saw you. But so have I!" Draco exclaimed.

Then, those turquoise armor gloves, called gauntlets, appeared on both of his hands. I guess he learned how to summon a second one since we last saw him, He then punched Folly right in the face with his left hand, causing him to fall back.

"Grr! You're right though, Broshi, you and I both have been training! I had to train alone though! Cause Joss died!" Folly yelled at Draco.

"Well that's unfortunate but I hope you're not expecting any sympathy from me, the person you want to kill for some reason." Draco said, kicking Folly in the stomach, sending him into the ground.

"Oof!" shouted Folly, "grrr… Broshi… You've already done many bad things, you have to die! Or be put in jail, where you belong!"

"Well could you please tell me what all of those bad things are? I unfortunately forgot. So please do tell me." Draco asked.

"You already know, you don't forget just like that!" Folly shouted. "You know exactly what you did!"

Folly then flew right into Draco, giving him a cut on his arms. He then shot out many spikes at him, but Draco deflected them all with his gauntlets.

"Draco! Do you need any assistance? We could all team up and defeat him!" Lavender shouted in question.

"Yeah that would help, in fact I have a plan." Draco replied.

"What's the plan then?" I asked.

"Okay, I need you two to both move to Folly's sides and attack him at the same time." Draco said quietly.

"Well that's a really simple plan, no offence." Lavender said. "Are you sure that Folly is that bad at fighting? Bad enough that simple plans work on him?"

"Fine, Ich, you keep Folly held in place using the wind while me and Lavender attack him then you'll make a tornado and me and Lavender will use our powers to make it stronger then we hit Folly with it." Draco said.

"Umm, that's kind of overdoing it, using my tornado… If I use that in this temple, it would break it…" I said back.

"Then shoot a beam of wind instead of the tornado then." Draco said.

"Okay that works." I then said.

I turned to face Folly, but he was not there!

"Annnnnnd he's gone. Great. Now where did he go?" Draco said before looking around.

"Huh." Lavender says, "he went somewhere while we were distracted."

"I sure hope he didn't take the shard or anything." Draco said. "Wait, I know how we can check! Ich hand me back my phone please."

"I gave it back already, two minutes ago, before the fight started." I replied. "It's in your pocket…"

"Oh. Right, I forgot sorry." Draco said, rubbing the back of his head while pulling out the phone and looking at the screen.

The three of us all looked at the phone. The red dot that indicates the shard's location was still pretty far, past the whole maze.

"Okay so if he is after the shard he hasn't gotten to it yet, so we should get there quick." Draco said.

"We'll need to get past this maze." Lavender responds, "I've got an idea."

Suddenly, water appeared, which somehow lifted us up like it was solid. We were riding on a wave.

"Well we could have used the map of the maze on the phone but this works too." Draco comments.

Then, the wave moved. We past all the walls of the maze pretty easily.

"Oh, well, I sensed something! There is someone, nearby, someone familiar. Who is very likely after the shard." Gemil said telepathically to me.

"Oh well, we're gonna get there first, since we already passed the maze." I replied.

Then, the wave disappeared, and we had passed the maze. We were now in a hallway, an empty hallway, with doors all over.

"So there are multiple paths,well according to the phone, the path to the shard is through that door." Draco said, pointing to one of the doors on the left wall.

"Well then let's go!" Lavender exclaims.

We entered the door Draco had said the shard was in, and after that, it suddenly closed on us, and we heard it lock.

"Oh great." Draco said as he then looked at the phone screen before a slight scowl appeared on his face. "Guess what?"

"What…?" I asked nervously.

"Not only is the door locked on us but also, the real path to the shard was behind a different door that has a path that goes under this one, that's why I thought this was the way. Also according to the map the walls of this hallway are starting to close inwards." Draco replied.

"Well that's just great." Lavender comments.

"Well there is one thing we could do to get out of this dead end as well as get on the right path." Draco said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Yeah, but before that…" I said, as I then spotted something.

I spotted what seemed to be a lever. And it was hanging on the wall.

"Ohhh. I wonder what that does." Lavender said, as the three of us were now all looking at the lever.

"Well do we want to find out? We don't have the slightest clue about what that lever does. So if we are gonna press it we better be ready to do what I was talking about." Draco said.

"Well what do you think?" Lavender asks Draco, "should we activate it or not?"

"Well we can but once you do be ready to make a hole through the floor in case something bad happens." Draco said.

"Well, here we go then." Lavender says.

She then flicked the lever, and the place began to shake a bit. Then, it suddenly began to shake A LOT. It was like an earthquake!

Draco said something, but the shaking was too loud for me to hear it.

Suddenly, the floor began to fall! Like stones, they all fell down, and we fell along with it. For some reason, none of us even screamed. We didn't feel like it.

Soon, we then made it. We landed on the floor, and got up right away afterwards. I looked around. We were now in a cave. But there was no light at all, but I had night vision so I could see, but Draco and Lavender can't.

"Huh. Well that was convenient. That lever solved both problems. Now we're on the right path." Draco said. "Since the path that led to the shard was below the one we fell from."

"Yeah, now you guys need a source of light though so you can see." I said, "maybe you could use your phone."

"Well I can see when my Draco Eye is on but I could also do this." Draco said before he made a small ball of plasma in his hand.

"Well that helps me. Let's go." Lavender replies.

We then walked through the cave, and I heard the sound of water dripping.

"Got to admit, if it weren't for the phone, you probably wouldn't know there was anything in this cave." Draco said as we walked, "since there are no signs of the people who built the temple doing anything in here."

"Yeah." I agreed.

We kept walking, and then we reached a part of the cave. There was light, from the torches on the walls. I looked in front of me, and that's where I spotted it. The shard.

It was just lying right on the floor, waiting to be picked up.

"Hmm… let me check something." Draco said, a suspicious look on his face as he picked up a rock off the ground.

"What?" I asked.

"I'm gonna test something." Draco said before he picked up a few more rocks and tossed them all near the shard.

We all watched to see if something happened, but nothing happened.

"We're good. There is no traps." Lavender says.

"Okay well then let's go pick it up." Draco said.

I headed toward the shard, and just when I was about to pick it up, it disappeared.

"Ha. I got it first." said a voice.

The three of us turned, and we spotted a guy our age wearing black clothing. I looked closely and I recognized him… It was Dander.

"*SIGH* I had a feeling something like that would happen." Draco said.

I watched as Dander looked at the shard.

"That's two." Dander said, as he then took out what seemed to be another shard. "And Glare has the other five."

"And we would appreciate it if you could give us that one." Draco said.

"Huh, you want it? Well, you're gonna have to fight for it then." Dander replies, as he then floated up into the air.

He also was surrounded by huge black skeleton heads with red glowing eyes. They were familiar, I've seen him use them before.

"Well, we're gonna have to fight." Lavender says, " so sure. Let's see what you've got!"

Mehrunes and Listy walked through the forest.

"How long have we been walking?" Listy asked.

"Not long." Mehrunes replied.

"Do you think Saturo can pull off his plan?" Listy asked another question.

"Well, kinda. It's not the worse thing, but also has a decent chance of failure. About fifty percent." Mehrunes replied. "As a middle ground."

They were both silent for a while, just walking.

"This galaxy is being torn apart." Mehrunes said.

"What do you mean?" Listy asked.

"Well, Hindro is denying that Ultimates exist, there is a massive war going on. A whole lot of planets are getting worse than they already are, and space isn't safe to name a few." Mehrunes replied. "It's terrible really. Most of the people in this galaxy seem to know nothing if not very little about war."

"Yeah…" Listy replied.

"And the war kinda popped up, it was unexpected. Whoever did this did it decently." Mehrunes said.

"Well I mean they attacked places so some people must have figured it out." Listy replied.

"That's kinda the problem. I don't think this galaxy ever had any wars, at least documented, and so everybody was pretty unprepared. Not really anyone could see the signs." Mehrunes replies.

"That only kinda makes sense." Listy replied.

"What does?" Mehrunes asked.

"Most of that." Listy replied. "How have they not had a war?"

"It's kinda hard when a whole bunch of people can fight back effectively, and other attempts were snuffed out by other means." Mehrunes replied.

"Like what? The Ultimate Council?" Listy asked.

"Probably in part." Mehrunes replied. "Typically wars need to be supported, or else they… One, doesn't even start. Or two find a solution quickly. Or the events leading up to war were quieted, and nothing happens with it."

"So how did someone pull it off this time?" Listy asked.

"I dunno, they probably just kept at it until war started." Mehrunes replied.

"What do you think they want?" Listy asked.

"Probably war. Maybe something else." Mehrunes replied. "It's hard to say. Maybe they wanted to make history."

"Where are we going?" Listy asked.

"I don't know." Mehrunes replied. "We should find a way to get off this planet without space…"

"So teleportation?" Listy asked.

"Probably." Mehrunes replied.

"Where would we find that?" Listy asked.

"I dunno, where would you?" asked a voice.

Mehrunes and Listy looked around them, trying to find where that voice came from. But they couldn't see anyone.

"I dunno either." Mehrunes replied.

"Exactly. Wink, wink." replied the voice.

"Nudge nudge." Listy replied.

"Ha! I like you." the voice said.

"Because I'm not a buzzkill?" Listy asked.

"Yeah basically." replied the voice, "well, it seems you guys need help, am I right?"

"No exploits!" Mehrunes replied. "Yes kinda. But first who the heck are you?"

"I don't know, who am I?" asked the voice.

"Do ya know Gagger and Tenker?" Mehrunes asked back.

"Oh right. Those guys… Yeah actually, I do know them." the voice replied.

"Probably… Dander is really the only person I know that knows them, besides Ich and whomever." Mehrunes replies. "Although you could be someone else… Maybe you are Gagger or Tenker… Hmmm…"

"Heh, am I messing with your mind? Since I just appeared or something?" the voice asked, sort of in a confused tone.

"No." Mehrunes replies. "But I was considering the possibilities."

"Well all of those are wrong. You've never met me before… I'm too… mysterious…" the voice said.

"Okay." Mehrunes replied.

"Heh heh…" the voice laughed.

"Ha ha!" Mehrunes laughed back. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing." the voice replied.

"Then why are you laughing?" Mehrunes questioned.

"Because of reasons." the voice responded.

"What reasons?" Mehrunes asked. "No really that laughter sounds like villainous plotting laughter."

"Heh heh heh heh… I may or may not be a villain… What do you think?" The voice asks, creepily.

"What do you think that I think?" Mehrunes replied.

"I don't really know, I can't read minds." The voice said back.

"Okay. See ya possibly evil person whose name and appearance we might know but don't who tried to offer help and is probably not going to be helpful." Mehrunes replied, walking away.

"Well, do you want some help?" The voice asked.

"Ya know I would if you weren't as likely to be evil." Mehrunes replied.

"But it's not like we've gotten anywhere ourselves." Listy says.

"This guy V.S. wandering for a bit to find someone else. Who do you prefer?" Mehrunes questions.

"Neither. But one is right here as opposed to maybe finding someone else." Listy replied.

"ARGH!" Mehrunes replied. "It still depends. We don't know this guy at all."

"Well he's somewhere. Just ask him to come out or something!" Listy replied.

"HEY!" Mehrunes yelled. "Could you show yourself instead of going all disembodied voice?"

"Well, not really. I'm not able to be seen… You see… I'm a ghost." the voice replied, "you can only hear me, but not see me… My powers allow me to do multiple things."

"Well that's worse than an actual person." Mehrunes replied. "What's your name at least?"

"Well, you can call me Bill." The voice replied, "Cheesy Bill is fine too. I don't really care, call me whatever you want, as long as it has Bill part of it. I prefer to be called Ghost Bill though…"

"Okay Ghost Bill, why should we trust you at all?" Mehrunes questions.

"Well, I can't be killed. I'm a ghost. And I can't kill either. But I can control people when I enter them… Basically I possess people." Ghost Bill replied.

"That… didn't answer my question." Mehrunes replied.

"Well I don't know! Trust is a huge issue nowadays, especially since there is a war going on." Ghost Bill said.

"Eh. Fine. What 'help' are you offering?" Mehrunes questioned.

"Well, you need to get back somewhere… I can take you there." Ghost Bill said.

"How convenient." Listy says.

"So… Are you ready?" Ghost Bill asks.

"Nope!" Mehrunes replied. "But we'll say yes to continue."

Suddenly, Mehrune felt… Weird. The Ghost had entered his body, taking full control of him. Listy looked at Mehrunes, who was no longer really Mehrunes. He looked at her.

"Yes… Now it worked." The ghost inside Mehrunes said.

"Now how will we get back?" Listy asked.

"We aren't going to. So long, Listy, I'm off for the shards!" Mehrunes shouted, before taking off into the air.

"Wait what!? MEHRUNES!?"

"I'm not Mehrunes. I'm the ghost, and I have possessed his body. Yes. I'm not helping you. I'm only helping ME! Those shards will be mine! AND I SHALL BE BACK TO NORMAL!"

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