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Chapter 91: Who Is This Thief?

The four of us, not including Fireball although he was with us, ran after the strange guy. I could see him in front of us, running. He kept taking turns and I did the same, determined to catch this thief.

"We don't seem to be gaining on him. Is there a way for us to go faster?" Draco asked.

"Many," Mehrunes said.

"And those are…?" Draco asked as we kept running. "We kinda need to do something soon or else we may not be able to catch him."

"I HAVE AN IDEA!" Fireball suddenly shouted.

As we ran, Fireball leaped onto some machines, and started to rip things apart. I had no idea what he was doing.

Suddenly, the floor became ice, and we all slipped and fell. The guy was getting away! Then, Fireball appeared in front of us with a big board.

"Get on!" Fireball shouted.

The four of us got on, and Fireball was blasting fire in the back. That got us way farther up, it was like sledding.

"Man, even doing this he's still ahead of us. He's really fast!" Draco said.

"Fireball, can you go faster?" Saturo asked Fireball.

"Yep!" Fireball replied.

Then more fire appeared behind us and we sped up some more. The guy had reached a wall, it was a dead end for him. We can catch him! We were ten feet away from him!

"LOOK OUT!" Saturo yelled.

Uh oh. We were about to run into the wall!

We all jumped off and the sled crashed into the wall, making a loud sound. The sled blew up into pieces but the wall remained the same, not a scratch was on it. That's a pretty durable wall right there.

"The thief!" Saturo then yelled.

Saturo was pointing at the guy who was on the floor with us. He got up onto his feet quickly, and we did the same.

"GET BACK HERE!!" Fireball yelled, leaping into the air at the thief.

But the thief blasted him with ice and froze him into a block of ice. We were distracted with Fireball and the thief was already pretty far!

"HEY!" I yelled.

I ran after him, past many machines and tubes, and there was a big room that was kind of like a garage nearby. The bad news was that there was a spaceship inside…

"He's getting away!" Draco yelled, as the thief had already entered the spaceship.

"NOO!" I yelled.

The spaceship was already floating above the floor, and the ceiling was opening up. I grabbed onto the spaceship from under. The spaceship was about to take off.

"BAD PLAN ICH!" Mehrunes yelled.

I didn't listen, I was too busy taking off with the spaceship. As the spaceship was about to take off, I felt Saturo grab my legs. And Draco grabbed Saturo's legs, but Mehrunes didn't grab Draco's legs, since he was against this plan anyway.

"WOAH!" Saturo yelled, as the spaceship took off.

It was going fast and it was hard to hold on.

"Ich…" Draco muttered, "whatever you do, DO NOT LET GO."

"Urgh…" I said, struggling.

My hand was slipping. I looked down and I was at least six hundred feet above the ground. I looked up at where I was holding onto, and there was a door.

"Come on Ich!!" Saturo yelled at me. "This was your idea, make it work!"

"Don't rush him! Or else he may slip and we'll all fall off. And keep in mind I can't really fly that well," Draco said.

"Neither can I!" Saturo yelled back, "that's why I don't want to fall!"

My hands were getting slippy… My grip was getting worse, and I was about to fall along with everyone else.

"Uhh guys?" I muttered as my hand was slipping.

Saturo and Draco noticed my grip was getting loose.

"Your grip is slipping, isn't it?" Draco asked in a worried voice.

I didn't want to say yes, because then I would fall. Instead I grabbed the spaceship with my other hand so I am giving my slipping hand support.

"Hey guys… we appear to be almost above the clouds," Draco then informed us.

"Oh no, we can't breathe in space… Soon we would be forced to let go," Saturo said.

"Umm… Saturo, we are still pretty far from space at the moment ,but yes if we were to reach space we would have to let go, or else we die in space. So either way if we don't get inside the ship soon, we're fudged," Draco replied.

"I KNOW! NOW GET US UP THERE ICH!" Saturo yelled.


"Guys stop yelling, because the higher we get, the less oxygen there is. Also fighting isn't gonna help us in this situation at all," Draco said.

"Well, I lost my loud voice so I can't yell anymore," Saturo said.

"Oh and by the way, as we get higher, it gets colder. Much, much colder," Draco said.

Now my other hand started to slip. I was about to fall with everyone else… I also realized we were about to exit the atmosphere and the oxygen was disappearing.

"Guys… it's getting slippery…" I said as I struggled to hold on.

"Oh yay," Draco muttered.

Then, my hand slipped. I was no longer holding on, and we were about to fall. The three of us yelled as we began to fall, but then we stopped falling. I looked up and someone had grabbed me that was on the spaceship. It was Mehrunes.

"Get on quick, we will be in space and you can't breathe in space," Mehrunes said.

He pulled us all up and we entered the door, and there was air in there. I looked through the window in the door, and we were now in space… Just in time.

"Question, how did you get there Mehrunes?" Saturo asked Mehrunes.

"Umm teleportation, duh. I decided to come and I teleported and I saw you were about to fall but I stopped that from happening," Mehrunes replied, "anyway we have to stay low, we can't let that thief know we are here."

"Really? I thought we were supposed to yell at the top of our lungs while jumping up and down," Draco commented quietly with sarcasm.

"I dislike your comments," Mehrunes whispered back. "Just stop talking. We don't need to talk, we need to find out more about this thief."

The area we were in in this spaceship was small. There were other doors, including one that led downstairs. Mehrunes peeked through one of the door's windows, but then he looked back at us.

"He's in there," Mehrunes said, "but he's facing the other way and driving the spaceship so we can look through."

"Well, what does he have with him? He took something but what is it?" I asked Mehrunes.

"I don't know exactly," Mehrunes replied, "but I put a camera bug on him so we can listen to what he has to say and we can find out what is inside that bag."

"Well, let's hope it's something we can recognize. If not, then there could be a problem," Draco said.

"Well, Mehrunes, do you have like headphones or something to look or hear through? Because we can't find anything out if we just look through the window," Saturo said.

"Yeah. But I only have one pair," Mehrunes replies. "It's a pair of headphones, and a little screen in front of one eye."

"Alright well… I'm gonna sneak in there okay?" I said as I motioned closer to the door.

"You sure that's a good idea?" Draco asked with uncertainty.

"Well Mehrunes has only one pair, so what else am I gonna do? Sit and wait for Mehrunes to tell us stuff? Nah, I'd rather go in by myself," I said to Draco.

Draco looked unsure as I slowly opened the door. It seemed the guy was sitting down in his chair, but he was not driving. I realized that he had autopilot on after a while.

The guy hadn't noticed me, which was good. I was walking quietly. The guy seemed to be focusing on something in his hands and I couldn't see it. I decided to get closer so I could see.

As I got closer, I could see it better. It was just the bag, and he was observing it.

I saw that the thing inside the bag was round. So then the thing inside it was round? I assume it would be.

Suddenly, the guy turned around, and quickly, I pushed off the ground using wind and attached myself to the ceiling. I floated up there and the guy didn't see me. Thank goodness.

The guy looked away from me and I floated back to the ground.

"He should be very pleased," the guy then said, "I've got it."

I wanted to ask, "who?" but the point right now is to stay hidden and quiet. But who is he talking about…

"He's going to be really pleased. He should at least, he's always wanted something like this," The guy said. "Hmm… I should probably call him… Oh wait he doesn't have a phone. He's been gone for awhile too, so I'll have to find him."

The guy paused for a while.

"Welp, I just have to go find him. I think I may know where he is, the Ice Planet… I think that powerful Wizard had defeated him. Ahh, well that sucks for him, but don't worry Master Dakres, I'm coming," the guy said.

Wait… did he say Dakres? This is Dakres's student?!

Out of the window, I could see that the spaceship was descending down to a planet that was white and icy, probably the Ice Planet.

"Hey wait a minute!" The guy then said.

Dang it! Did he find me!?

Oh wait, false alarm… He didn't spot me, he just realized that he had arrived and that he should land the spaceship now.

As the guy grabbed onto the steering wheel, I thought about what I had heard… This guy is Dakres's student, and Dakres disappeared when we had gone to the Ice Planet. Then maybe Dakres told this guy to take something that belonged to Glare and give it to him…

What could that be? What is that round thing in the bag? There was only one way to find out, and that's to take it from him… After we land.

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UltimateOsaid UltimateOsaid

And that's the end of this volume. Hope you enjoyed! It gets even better and better afterwards (:

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