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Chapter 5: A blessing To A New Start

I let my conscious take a deep dive into these memories as I started to filter them according to priority all while most importantly integrating them into my own memories, the process all take place naturally with most of it being driven by the game system's control, I only understood what was happening so I simply tried to aid it so that I could move on to the next step.

It didn't take that long before I was finally done, barely more than two hours, which I could tell because my perception of time was somewhat good due to my life's nature in reality, the process itself felt like it lasted much longer as absorbing memories was almost similar to watching several tv series...

'Now for the moment of truth…'

Opening my eyes once more, I started trying out the main perk of this game for me… having a normal body! 

Since my entrance to the game till this moment, I have been simply focusing on the task in hand according to the game system's order, so I hadn't been fully awake, but now that I started up my brain like one did to his PC, I started feeling certain things that I have never felt before! 

The feelings that have never reached my brain thanks to my dead nerves who were almost completely useless, that was probably what I was receiving now…

Trying the same thing I tried everyday, simply moving my hand… actually worked this time!

The mobility functions that I had been deprived of since the day I was born were finally given back to me, it felt as if I could finally breathe after living on the moon for my whole life! 

Opening up and closing my hand, waving my arm, leaving the bed I was laid at, and even walking, I was able to do them all!

Though I wasn't basically able to move like a normal human from the get go due to my life experience as a cripple, I could tell that I was already past the point of rehabilitation.

Unlike normally recovered cripples who needed a period of rehab starting from one week to a few months, I was just lacking some control and had some few slips, this was all thanks to one thing, the memory integration!

The whole integration process itself only became more meaningful to me as I found moving actually familiar to me, who shouldn't have moved his whole life, it wasn't actually as simple as just giving some background information, though one of them was mostly vague, I could slightly feel as if I had lived two lives instead of one…

Moving around the room, a simple action like this being possible to me almost made me cry, I had lost most of my normal emotions due to my circumstances, but I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by happiness for the first time…

'All this time…'

When I was still little, I still had hope of finding a way to function like a human being as I grew up…

And even when I almost lost that hope as I started waking up to the cold hard reality, I didn't lose faith that I would receive my own chance to at least to make a difference even with my crippled body.

Yet, just a few days earlier even that dream was crushed, everything was almost broken to me and I even my steel hard resolution was already cracking…

However, in the end, God didn't give up on me, he gave me the chance that I desired deep inside my heart, just a day away from me reaching a helpless state…

To me, it was already a blessing even if it was just the chance to experience this inside the game for the agreed upon period, but that wasn't the case, I was even given the opportunity to make this become reality!

Thus, it was a must that…

'I shall not let this chance go to waste, I will grasp my own future with these moving hands!' 

[ You have received the Title 'He Who Overcame A Life Of Difficulties' ]

[ Achievement 'He Who Overcame Desperation' recorded ]

[ 'He Who Overcame A Life Of Difficulties'

Title Effects:

- All Stats +1

- ??????       ]


As the transparent notif screens showed up before me, I wondered if this was supposed to be a triggerable event set by the game, it was a bit scary that it was timed this perfectly but this game's earlier surprises already made me numb to it by this point.

'...and what are these question marks supposed to mean…'

I could somewhat understand the value of the full stat boost, in fact, I did feel the effect of the title as soon as I viewed the notif, the body I was currently in which felt quite fragile earlier became a bit more sturdy, showing another realism factor of 'The Lost Realm'.

On the other hand, the second effect seemed like a complete mystery, I didn't know if it was supposed to be an error or something, trying to ask the system about it wasn't fruitful either.

'Well, I can always put it aside for now, and start with what I can do.'

It was obviously a given that I had to work hard if I wanted to survive in this realistic death game that was already the reason behind the death of a few humans, so as to not waste the chance that was given to me, I had to focus on my target and start planning as soon as possible!

As of now, and according to the knowledge I had about games, the main way of getting stronger was by raising stats and leveling up, I still had to know about the full mechanism of leveling up so I put it aside, and decided to try asking about the stats first, since I had a stat point to assign already, hoping that the system would give me an answer this time.

'Can I get an explanation for the stats…?'

[ Searching for 'explanation for stats… ]

[ Result 'Stat Knowledge Module' found! ]

[ Would you like to receive the 'Stat Knowledge Module'? ]


Once again, I found information being injected to my mind, albeit being a bit smoother this time as I already went through this once, it didn't take me long to go through the detailed explanation of each stat and the overview included in this 'Module' before I came to a quick realization.

Apparently, it seemed that my original physical stats were really low, basically being similar to a child's, in fact the normal stats for a person of my age range should have stats varying between 3~5 in most stats aside from Intelligence, which seemed to be the reason behind the title's effect being so apparent.

Getting to the point of my Intelligence which was another row of question marks, it seemed like another mystery, but it wasn't hard to figure that I should have quite a high value for it, at least it shouldn't be a low value, it was a stat actually defined actual intelligence which was my only boon to begin with.

So overall, after considering all factors, including the fact that my body was underdeveloped for its growth stage, I decided to add the only stat point I could assign to the Constitution stat, which was responsible for endurance and stamina, all so that it would reach the lowest acceptable level for my body to perform normally without hindrance and make it possible for me to train to increase the other stats!

After all, my current body being weak wasn't just represented by the stats, just looking at my pale hands, it appeared like I haven't eaten for a few months or something, so using this stat point now seemed to be worth it.

[ Constitution +1 ]

After thinking about the decided addition in my mind, which was the method of assigning described in the 'Module', the notif screen that indicated my attempt a success appeared and disappeared soon after.

'Status,' I thought wanting to take a look at the change that took place as I again felt the effect of the enhancement, albeit a bit weaker this time...

[ Name: Ian Cloud

Level: Human (other worlder) LV.0 

Attribute: Lightning 

Age: 16

State: Normal


• Stats:

Strength: 2 (+1)

Constitution: 3 (+1)

Agility: 2 (+1)

Intelligence: ??? 

Unassigned stat points: 0… ]

LightningAsura LightningAsura

Note: the numbers in the (+) are already added to the stats, they are just there as a clarification of what is added to the pure stat points.

- The schedule will be about 4~7/week, but I will try to keep up a daily release.

- There will be 3 more chapters today as a mass release to start things up, hope you like it & any feedback would be appreciated.

- This Chapter has been completely revised & edited!

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