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INFORMATIONS... - OMNI - Chapter 5 by MAXIMENTAR full book limited free

Chapter 5: INFORMATIONS...

"Phew!! We finally got out *giggle* …it is really colder here than inside the forest"

[Would you like me to conduct a mana analyzation young master?]

"Hmmm… alright do it"

In order to explain further the details of their visit to Regulus and the kids, Fil suggested that they should get out of the forest first.

"Lord Fil, if you look further straight you will see our village; the Crysty Village!"

"Oooh! You're right! I can see the village… what is your village known for? Foods? Clothes?"

Rian hesitated to answer Fil due to her village being not known for anything.

"…Um so-something like that hehe~"

"…You know I didn't tell you about this but my eyes can also tell if a person is lying"

Rian smiled but averted her eyes toward Fil.


"I'm very sorry lord Fil it's just that…"

"Well, let us just put that aside for now"

Then to confirm what he just heard about his eyes; Regulus burst a word.

[!... Is that true sir Fil?!]

Fil answered Regulus with a smile.

-[Th-thank goodness lying didn't slip my mind phew! it would've been the last thing I think of!]-

"Now… while MINFI is busy in analyzing the surrounding let me ask you about something Reg"

[Wh-what is it sir Fil? If it something within my knowledge, I will do my best to give you the most desirable answer! …*giggle* *sweat*]

"Well, it is something that only you can answer"

[O-oka-y~ …then tell me what is it you want to know?]

Fil grin.

"Then, can you tell me your origin, who made you and what is your purpose in this world?"

[… *sigh* it really is something that only I know *giggle*… first I should tell that I was born 1500 years ago, 1510 years ago to be exact!

Together with the other three, I was created by the goddess of life, Luminous-sama for one purpose only!]

"…Go on"

-[ Agh! H-his not not questioning me… it really is true he can also see lies with those eyes of his]-

[Ehem!! We were created to act as a protector as well as an executioner for this world's inhabitants!

But during those years, so many races have acted against goddess Luminous' will and earn her wrath, so we acted on her judgement and executed those foolish beings…

The execution lasted for 1400 years and during those times, the people have named us the four-calamity beast…

Only a handful of races that live today knows of this story… hmmm if I remember correctly the demi-human kingdom of Baakal still deem us as sacred beast created by the goddess of life.

Well, when the four continents have been united by the four countries, our purpose have been halted since then, …so I decided to settle in this forest for the time being…

Di-did my story answer your question sir Fil…?]

Fil looks serious at the moment, then he suddenly stands up and stares toward the location of the village for a while.

[Hey kids! Did my story acceptable for you two…?]

Rian answered Regulus in a very cheerful manner.

"Y-yes lord regulus, it was very interesting! This is the first time I've heard of that, all this time we have deem you as the incarnation of death and evil…"

[Aghh! Has my reputation had really gone that bad during these thousand years?]

"Um… those were the teachings of my parents so… but!... now that I've heard of it from lord Regulus himself, I-I promise that I will keep it in my mind!"

[…Well, you are still a child, you still have many things to learn from this world, and I can't really blame you because out of all of us I hold the shortest temper

and I will not deny that I laid my claws on innocent blood during my thousand years of living but to be honest I really love humans *giggle*]

Then Ren offered a suggestion.

"Th-then let us siblings be the first step to clean your reputation lord Regulus!"

Surprise by Ren's words Regulus can only laugh, because even though Ren is just a child his mind has many ideas that can rivals that of an adult.

[Fuhahahahaha! While I do appreciate your concern, but I think that you will not be believe by the others for you are but a child!]

"*gloom* Y-you're right… but at least let us try!"

[hmmm… if you insist then do as you see it fit… but remember my warning! and to be honest I really don't care about my reputation that much…]

Then Fil joins their conversation.

"Reputation does not mirror a person… it also applies to the other living things; you can do good deeds as a mask to your evil doings and people will think that you are good person and vice versa"

Then everyone went silent.

"Wh-what? Did I say something wrong?"

"N-no… it just seems to be surprising hearing you say that lord Fil…"

"HAHAHA! Really?! well I may not look like it but I am quite a philosopher you know HAHAHAHA!"



[An-anyway… sir Fil what do you think of my story?]

"Hmmm…? Oh that? Yes, it was helpful, it connected some dots in my mind but let us put that aside for now"

[…O-okay then]

"MINFI is finish analyzing the surrounding natural mana"


[Forgive me for making you wait young master]

"Hmm-mm! so what did you find?"

[Yes, there is a disturbance in the natural mana… there seem to be a foreign mana mix with it and its attribute is changing the atmosphere]

"And that attribute is Ice, am I correct?"

[Yes, that's right… and my analysis concluded that this disturbing only belongs to one individual]

"How sure are you in that remark?"

[ I am 99.89% sure of it, young master]

"Hmmm… well it is safe to say that there is only one or two people involve in this"

[Um… forgive me for asking but how did you know it was the work of a person and not a magic beast?]

Fil looked at Regulus with a smile on his face.

"Well, before I answer that let me first ask you again …what is/are your attribute Reg?"

[…Well, all of us calamity beasts have affinity to all attributes due to the goddess' blessing but my main attribute is ice]

"Then, are you capable of disturbing the natural mana enough to make the season change with your power?"

[…I-if I use all my power… I-I think I can… but there is no merit for me to do so…]

"Then, are your siblings, the other calamity beast capable of this feat?"

[N-no! the other three hate ice attribute because unlike the other three, they only see it as a debuff or a defense type of magic…well although I know that they just suck in using it]

"This is the last question, is there any other magic beast in your level hiding in this kingdom?"

[Well… as far as I know, in all four continents, there is none, but if you add the Dark continent, I believe there is a few there that can rival us four…

or maybe even exceed us b-but! that is just my theory because that continent is still unexplored since the world began…]

"Then base on your answers, you can already draw an answer on your own question" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[Bu-but that is impossible! Although I've met very strong humans before, they still can't defeat us a-and to think that this unusual phenomenon is their works is just unthinkable!]

"Reg, Reg, Reg, aren't that impossibility has already been destroyed when you met me?"

[…! I do admit that but unlike your case! I am capable of grasping the power in this land, someone like that cannot hide himself from me in here, I would know it even if he/she tried to hide it, but before your appeared I have not felt sense such a thing… unless!!!]

"Ooh-ho! Seems like you got an answer… you're right! This might be the work of the key I'm looking for or the work of the other thing that I've been task on…

The beings called the 'BALANCE BREAKERS'"

"B-balance breakers?"

"Yup, Rian! *Sits down* they are beings that has the ability to disrupt worlds with their existence…"

"Wh-what kind of people are they lord Fil"

[I have the same question as this girl sir Fil]

"M-me too!"

Fil stands up and look at each of them then gladly spoke.

"Well, so far in the span of 3 years of my travels, I only met a dozen of them and of course I annihilated them, but majority of them are also people like you and me…

Sometimes they are from other worlds, sometimes they are individuals who receive foreign power that is insanely strong for their world… maybe from evil gods or something like that?

…The others are just mindless beasts who achieve such power by sacrificing something… and the rest are… hmmm.

Not worth mentioning for they are the rarest types of balance breakers and so far, I have yet to meet them"

"Th-then what would happen if they are left undealt with?"

"Rian my dear, are you prepared to hear what my answer to that?"

"I-is it really bad?! for m-me to hear it?"


"HAHA! Well now that I'm here you don't have to worry about that situation… but I will answer you regardless…

If balance breakers are left unattended, the world they are in will fall into disarray and will soon be on the verge of destruction and with that in mind, it will be erased in the face of the universe…

It is still daylight but, when you see the stars above you appear at night, I would like to inform you that those are not just flock of lights but worlds just like this one, however only a few of them hold intelligent life"

[I see…]

Rian's eyes are sparkling upon hearing what Fil has just said.

"I-is that true lord Fil?! No wonder they hold hidden beauty a-and if you stare at them long enough! They gave off this very captivating vibe that is reeeeallly pleasing to the eyes!"

"Whoa, whoa, calm down there, little miss"


"Breath in… breath out…"

After repeated breathing in and out Rian finally calm down.

"I'm very sorry lord Fil, it's just that I really love to stares at the stars at night, it's one of my favorite time of the night… and by knowing what you've just said escalated their beauty a thousand times in my mind"

"HAHA! Well, that is good to hear, after I find my key, I can share to you the past 99 worlds I've been to and maybe if visible I can show you their location from here *smile*"


-well only ¼ of those remains… but let us not mind the small details-

[The-then sir Fil, what is your next move then?]

"For now, let us spend the night in the Crysty village… and I would love to sleep in your mane Reg!"


[Don't worry, it's just that the young master loves these kinds of things aside from other which is not worth mentioning…]

"What did you say MINFI?"

[…N-nothing pay no mind on it *whistle*]

"I-if you say so… then let us march in to the Crysty Village!"

With that They depart the forest and head to the Crysty Village.


"S-sis, if we took the entrance gate, Dad will surely catch us red-handed and will be thoroughly scolded"

"We don't have a choice, the path we took are only allotted to us specifically! lord Fil and lord Regulus will not fit in there!"


"Did you say something Rian?"

"Ah! No, it was nothing lord Fil *giggle*"


A few hours later with a small stop during their journey they arrive at the gate of the village.

During those hours, Regulus took the form of a small cat and hop on Fil's shoulder, he was hesitant in doing it first, but when Fil himself told it he obeyed. MINFI also took the form of a red cat and hop on Rian's arm.


"You look very cute in that form lady MINFI *smile*"

[…O-of course *chuckle*]

Before they ask to open the gate, a tall masculine man rushes toward them.


Rian! Ren! Where have you two been?! Your mother rushes to me here with a very worried look saying that you two disappear all of a sudden!

-Ah! He must be their father and judging by his worried face, these two sneaks out of their home and headed to that forest without them knowing …sigh!-

"Ah… Um… D-dad we just~"

"Excuse me sir?"

The man turns his attention towards Fil.

-Wow, he really is tall… 190? No maybe 200 centimeters? And judging by his built he must've have been a really capable soldier in his prime or a high ranking adventurer maybe?-

"W-who would you might be good sir? *smile*"

-Eek! That was surprising, I thought he will be arrogant, but it seems that he is a nice man *chuckle* maybe I judge too early…-

"My name is Fil, a traveler, I accidentally cross paths with this two on my way here… they seem to be looking for something and they happen to be approaching that creepy forest over there"

"!!! I-i-is that true you two?!"

-Kha! Lord Fil why did you tell that!-

-Were screwed! Dad will totally scold us for hours for this-

-[*sob* Sir Fil called my home creepy *sob*]-

-[As expected of young master, you really know how to mess up someone!]-

-I don't know why but I got this feeling that everyone here hates me for some reason-

"Now, now, sir, I am confidentially telling you that I have wonderfully stop them before they even put a step on that creepy forest *Dazzle*"

With that, the man seems to calm down.

"I am sorry for my previous behavior mister Fil, I am these two's father, Lide Blaze is my name *bow*"

"*bow* please to meet you, I can see that the two of them got their good persona in you"

"*chuckle* I am happy to hear that, and ow! I would like to thank you for preventing them going in that forest, I am very thankful! If you would like, come join us for dinner…

I'm not bragging but my wife's cooking is top-notch!"

"Y-yes that's right lord Fil, mom's cooking is the best!"

"I-is that so? Then I will accept your hospitality *smile*"

The man's expression is bright and cheerful upon hearing Fil's response.

"Ren, Rian?"

They Both answered at the same time with~

"Yes Dad?"

"When we arrive, I will let your mother give you an earful upon your actions, is that clear? *menacing* "


-HAHA! These kids are screwed… it seems that their mother is a lot scarier than their dad-

And so, just like that they arrive at the house.

Their mother greets them with words of complains and worries and it lasted over an hour.

The looks on the children's faces is the same as an adventurer who have been lost in a dungeon for days… it was very exhausted.

After lecturing the kids, the mother greeted Fil and prepare for dinner.

Her name is Layla Blaze, a fair woman that also look like an adventurer before she married her husband. Out of curiosity Fil ask this.

"Pardon me for asking but, are you two perhaps ex-adventurers?"

The two of them went silent in a moment but then Lide lets out a laugh.

"hahahaha! How did you know sir Fil? Well, yes! we both use to be B-rank adventurers, my wife and I use to be in the same party…"

"I see… well I just notice your build and the way your wife handles a kitchen knife is very precise so it made think that she is used to handling weapons"

"You definitely have a keen eye, no?

…you see my wife use to be the assassin in our party and I use to be the tank, as we took on quests we fell in love *sparkling*

…wh-what can I say I just found myself captivated in her charms during those times so decided to court her by always protecting her back *giggle*"

"Oh my! Telling our past just like that honey *giggle* your embarrassing…"

"Oh, sorry my love *mwah*…"

-They are flirting in front of me *giggle* well that just show how much they love each other so it's fine…-

"I see… well I know now where your children's braveness came from *smile*"

The husband-and-wife sigh.

"You can say that again sir Fil, I have told them never to go there ever again especially my daughter Rian due to what happen last year"

"If you don't mind me asking, can you fill me the detail regarding that?"

Lide at Fil with seriousness.

"Sigh! Well, I don't mind since you technically save them again from that forest"

"I see… then~"

"Alright I will tell you… you see… last year that girl got hook up in finding edible mushrooms and she looked at every corner of the village to find those

… I don't know how but she happens to find a path that leads to the forest of doom and got lost there

We look for her everywhere but failed to find her until a good lady showed up on our gate carrying her, she said that she happens to find her lost in the forest near us and saved her from a magic beast

Rian's clothes were torn but no wounds in her body which makes me think that that lady healed her"

"And do you know that lady?"

"Well, sadly no, after handing Rian to me she quickly departed, she was wearing a black armor and has mask covering her face so I can't tell her facial features…"

"I see…"

"The only good thing that comes out of that incident is that Rian awaken her talent in magic which will make her future a lot better"

-That's it, my hunch was proven to be correct base on that-


"Sir Fil, dinner is ready so let us eat first"

"Ah! Yes, if you wouldn't mind having me"

"hahaha! Of course, we wouldn't so come on dig in, my wife's cooking is the best in this village"

And so, they start eating dinner along with Fil…

MINFI and Reg also got their portion and Mrs. Blaze's cooking really is delicious.

After dinner, Fil asks them about information about the kingdom's capital because he is planning to go there.

Lide referred Fil to seek the meat vendor in the market for he is known to be a big fan of the capital and the royal family.

"The meat vendor huh? …very well then!

…As thanks let me give you a piece of advice regarding your daughter, Rian…"

"Our daughter? Is something wrong with her?"

Fil looks at the window and stares at the snow falling outside.

"Mister Lide, Mrs. Layla ...I heard that this winter is abnormal and unexpected~"

"Y-yes that's right! Winter should be coming two months from now but this year it's too early…"

"Then do you know the concept of why the season change?"

Mrs. Blaze answered Fil for she has more knowledge about it than her husband.

"A-ah it is because of the cycle of the four attributes in natural mana; the earth attribute for spring,

the fire attribute for summer, the wind attribute for autumn, and the water attribute for winter…"

"Th-that's right! But what would happen if a foreign attribute is mix with those natural mana attribute?"

Mrs. Blaze stop for a moment to think…

After a few moments she comes to a conclusion.

"The attribute might change! Resulting to unexpected turn of season!"

Fil smiled while thinking…

-Ren must've got his wits from her-

"That's right!"

"I don't get it sir Fil… what is the relationship of that with our daughter~?"

Fil then became serious.

"Rian has the same situation as this early winter"



"I-is that true?! But how can you tell sir Fil?!". Mrs. Blaze ask in a panic

"Well, when I touch her head after stopping them this morning, I felt a foreign mana inside her…

My guess is it was not intentional but it was the lack of option that led to that action"

"You can't mean th-the!?"

"Yes, most likely the woman who save her, gave her that attribute to save her life…

However, if left unattended it will also endanger her life…"

"Let's just say what you said is true sir Fil, but I don't see anything wrong from her, her control over wind magic is getting better day by day, she also recovers quickly"

"Wha-what did you just say mister Lide?!"

"Sh-e also recovers qu-ickly?"

"When did that start?"

Mrs. Blaze is the one that is always watching her daughter so she is the one who knows it.

"Ah i-it started a few months ago, we were astonished that she can recovers quickly after just a

few hours of rest even if her mana pool depleted… a-and just this morning she manage to recover after just 30 minutes!"

Mrs. Blaze wields a happy expression while telling that to Fil but little did, she know that it is not a good thing.

"I hate to break it to you Mrs. Blaze but that is not a good thing"

"Wh-what do you mean…?"

"When a foreign attribute has been planted in a body, it will not be directly connected to your mana pool but instead it will circulate throughout the body…

converting stamina and other things into mana and by doing so, the body's regenerative ability is hastened…

My guest is the woman who save her found her severely injured with just a breath away to death and she has no choice but to inject her attribute to her to close the wounds as fast as possible and save her life…"

The two is starting the big picture that Fil is describing, with it they ask him with fear in their eyes.

"Th-then what would happen if that foreign attribute will not be re-remove…?"

Fil closes his eyes for a moment and answer them calmly.

"If she continues to use her wind magic which is not hers, the foreign attribute will find its way into her inner force, which is the soul and it will convert her life force into mana… leading to her death…"


"Wh-what should we do honey?! I can't bear to lose Rian! I just can't"

"Ca-calm down my dear… si-sir Fil!"


"I-if we just prevent her in using her magic then she w-will be safe ri-right?"

"…I'm sorry to say this but the attribute has already been attached to her soul and that super-fast recovery you witness this morning is the proof of it"

"N-no way…!!"



-…okay fine I will help them, I took an interest in this kind of incident because it has the same vibe with the relationship of balance breakers and worlds-

"Don't cry Mrs. Blaze… I can save her; I can save your daughter"

Mrs. Blaze who lost the strength of her legs and sat on the floor slowly wipe her tears as she stands up slowly with her husband, Lide supporting her.

"I-is that true sir Fil?"

"Yes, I am interested in this kind of cases *smile*… but in her situation I will need her to come with me to my place(world) *smile*"

The two were hesitant at first but because the fear to lose their daughter has overcome their hearts they agreed to Fil's condition.

"Don't worry for now, just like mister Lide said, if you ask her to not to use her magic, the situation will be slowed…

And I have some business to attend to at the capital so I will be there for a week or two…"

With that Fil leave the house.

"Wh-where are you going sir Fil?". Lide highlighted.

"I will go and look for an inn, I bothered you enough when you treat me to dinner *grin*"


"It's okay, I will look around super early tomorrow so I can't bother you in the morning… goodnight!"

"I see… goodnight to you also then… *bow*"


Upon hearing all of that, the parents of the two sleeps with their kids that night…


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