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37.5% Omniverse Plot Fate System (Revised) / Chapter 3: Chapter 3: 0 years old

Chapter 3: 0 years old - Omniverse Plot Fate System (Revised) - Chapter 3 by Arata_San full book limited free

Chapter 3: Chapter 3: 0 years old

the roulette spinning with fast speed and I pray and finally! the roulette stop spinning with usual system notification sound like "Ding!" and I open my eyes slowly and Then…!

[Ding! You got obtained new constitution『Primordial Origin Chaos Body—Rank=???』]

YEAH BOIII! that was my response when I saw my new constitution and read the description about my new constitution which is very broken and OP, If my body wasn't a baby, maybe I would scream with joy by jumping up and down while kissing everyone around because I'm so very happy right now

[『Primordial Origin Chaos Body—Rank=???』

Description=The body of all ancestor of all races in any world in this Omniverse, The user can change the appearance,body shape, body size, race, and bloodline into any race if the user have enough information about the race the use want to change. The body produce the Primordial Origin Chaos Energy, the energy who is the most pure,dense,and thick energy in all Omniverse, this energy is the Origin energy that appear before all beginning of the Omniverse,that can create Omniverse and destroy it,because of that this energy can create and destory everything in Omniverse]

So basically I can change my body into any race, if I have enough information about that race, and also the last and not least is the Primordial Origin Chaos Energy that the most powerful energy in all Omniverse, with this energy I doesn't need mana anymore because my body now produce this type of energy right now

This 1 energy is equal to 100,000 magical energy which means with my OD which generates 200 Primordial Origin Chaos Energy I can generate 20,000,000 magical energy!

Just imagine how long i will fight if I use a lot of magic spell that cost a lot's of mana and I spam it to enemy's until they died, and also this energy can convert into all type energy's in Omniverse because this energy is the ancestor of all type energy in Omniverse, Damn I'm so Fucking lucky right now!

Hahahaha! I laughed out loud on my baby's body and made a strange face on my handsome face, which made people around me look at me with worried expressions

「Is he Okay?」

A nurse said that to my parents with a worried face because I made a weird face that a newborn baby shouldn't be able to make, my parents of course worried too, so my mother breastfed me on white and big tits with pink nipples so I can suck them off with my unborn teeth

「Yes he is okay, he just tired because he is new born and he thirsty and need my milk…Ahh~~ Geez he is can't wait to drink Okaa-San Oppai after being born 」

I happily suckle on my mother's tits happily and quickly while playing with her nipples which a child her age shouldn't be able to

(Yes this Tits is mine now hahahaha!)I thought so after I saw my mother's beautiful big white tits with her pink nipples that stood up to prepare my mouth to suck them off, After breastfeeding my mother's tits for a long time, I finally fell asleep, tired because my baby body needed a lot of sleep for my growth




After sleeping soundly for so long I finally woke up still in the hospital, but in a different room, namely I was in the usual room to put a newborn baby in this hospital, in my old world memories this is usually where babies are swapped by their original families because of someone else who doesn't want their child to have a troublesome life

it's kinda pathetic right? maybe parents who exchange their babies love their real children so that they live comfortably but in my opinion they are irresponsible and hypocritical for the reason that their children don't want to live a hard life like these irresponsible parents

The point is, don't think about it, otherwise it will come true, …Oh fuck am I putting the flag right now? because look at that person he kinda sus tho, he just entered the door quietly while looking at his surroundings so anyone doesn't notice his presence and after he sure he is safe he enter the room, after he entered he looked here and there looking at the baby cage with silently, Shit! in this year there is still no thing like surveillance camera so there is no security or someone that look in this room, I hope I don't get his attention because of my otherworldly handsome face

And…Fuck, sometimes the reality is cruel and kinda disappointing, AHHH-- he walks towards me while having that ugly smile, Yamero! don't come close to me you ugly bastard (A/N:Stop in Japanese language)

I need other people attention before he kidnap or swap me with other child, come on my baby body make our might cry that sometimes annoy people and wake them up from their sleep often when midnight

[*Skill『Baby Might Cry』has been acquired]

Eh? isn't that a voice similar to the great sage in Tenshura? well does that mean I just got a weird new skill from the name of it? well whatever,later I'll just ask when this sus guy is arrested

(A/N:Sorry If my naming sense is kinda bad and suck. And also if in this [] conversation the sign of =* is in [] it's mean that is Origin Manas ability speak and not the system itself

and lastly because this world doesn't have Voice of the world like in tenshura world This ability doesn't require Voice of the world to acquired new skill because how high the rank that ability is and also how this ability tied into the system)

*loud baby crying noises*

With my will and might finally my body follows my mind that is crying out loud, it's so loud that one hospital heard my cry and woke up sick people who were sleeping in the hospital and fellow babies around me

*lot's baby crying noises*

Due to the how loud of my crying voice and my fellow babies around me, the man covered his ears in pain while closing his eyes

「Shut Up! you fucking brats Ahhhhh… Shut Up! Shut Up! 」 Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The man screamed but it was not audible because it was covered by the loud sound of my crying and the baby around me, I didn't listen to him and kept crying as loud as possible until finally the nurses came to this room,before arrested and stopped the man before he ran away because how suspicious the unknown man enter this room, they arrest him because this room only allowed for hospital staff only and the man doesn't like hospital staff, so they caught the man

After they came and caught the guy I finally stopped crying but the fellow babies around me are still crying non-stop uncontrollably because they still don't have mature consciousness like me, well finally the sisters tried to silence the crying babies and after a long time the babies finally quieted down and continued their sleep... except for me who pretended to be asleep Ehe!

Well let's go open my status display to check my new status after I open the starter pack earlier


Name= Drav Ryougi [Drav Itsuki]

Age= 0 [21]


Race= Human/Primordial Origin Chaos (*sealed*)

Constitution Body= 『Demon Slayer Body — QualityRank:EX』『Primordial Origin Chaos Body—QualityRank=???』

Magic Circuit=[QualityRank =???]

OD=5 Times of avarage Magus [Still Developing ]

Primordial Origin Chaos Energy=200

Strength 1 —>1 Point is=5 Tons

Durability= 1 —>1 Point is=1 Elephant/7 Tons

Agility= 1—> 1 Point is=100m/s

Ability=『Origin Manas—Rank=???』

Skill= 『Thought Acceleration』 『Parallel Processing』 『Absolute Fusion 』『Separation 』『Chant Discarded』 『Origin of Creation』 『Food Chain』 『Soul Corridor』 『Absolute Analysis』 『Absolute synthesis』 『Absolute promotion』 『Auto battle mode』 『Absolute Prediction』 『Absolute Modification』『Baby Might Cry』

(A/N:For skill I doesn't include rank because I'm kinda confused how to rank all this sub skills from overpower ability, so the only that has rank is just Quality rank and Ability Rank)

Fate Points=10.100

Destiny Points=105

Origin Points=100.000]

After being satisfied to see my full status, I fell asleep with a very satisfied smile

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